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Contact Chicken Express: Find below customer service details of Chicken Express, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the restaurant chain and its services. Reach the Chicken Express customer service below for complaints, queries or feedback.

Head Office
940 Highway 156, Justin
TX, 76247, United States

Customer Service
Phone: 817-594-9300
Phone: 940-648-1180

About Chicken Express
Chicken Express customer serviceChicken Express is a fast food restaurant chain in the US, founded in the year 1988. Currently, Chicken Express has a network of more than 200 stores, many operating as franchisees. The restaurants offer both dine-in and drive-thru. The locations include Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. You can locate one nearest to your address on the website.

As for Chicken Express’ menu, it consists of combo meals, family meals, sides, extras, fried fish fillets and drinks. The combo meals include 4 Express Tenders (with gravy and biscuit/roll), 7 Express Tenders, 3 Piece Chicken, 2 Piece Chicken, 6 Piece Hot Wings and 6 Livers. The family meals include 8 Piece Mixed Chicken, 20 Express Tenders, 16 Piece Mixed Chicken and 30 Express Tenders, to name a few. Coming to sides and extras, you have french fries, fried okra, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, macaroni, green beans, corn nuggets, jalapenos, biscuits and rolls. For more information or queries on restaurant locations, menu, or others, reach the Chicken Express customer service.

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  1. The Weatherford TX location is terrible. Ordered 48 hot wings. Drove home 20 miles to find them burnt and dry. Called Kyle the manager and he said to bring them back for new wings. They replaced them. Drove home again to find they only replaced 1 of the boxes with fresh wings. The second box was cold and burnt. Now they will only refund the purchase. How about all the gas costs I incurred due to there neglect? Still waiting to see the credit back to my card.

  2. Justin Daniel Reply

    Stopped by the 3220 E Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665 location. Ordered 2 – 4 piece meals. I got half a dozen cold, dry, tiny pieces of chicken jerky, a solid brick of a biscuit and a container of cold potato putty I could use to fix drywall. Absolutely the worst fast food experience of my life! I passed Popeyes to go here. Never again!

  3. The chicken express in Mustang, OK customer service has gotten even worse! They never get an order right, when you HAVE to take it back, spending time, gas and money, they are rude all the time! They’re the idiots who screwed it up! Train your employees that customer service is THE most important part of THEIR job !

  4. Waited in line 30 minutes after I ordered, got to the window they had no idea what I had ordered. Got it situated and paid for. Waited another 10 minutes for a very rude girl to come to the window and ask me what I was waiting on. I said my food. She rudely asked what I ordered. I said two number 1s with fries. The whole time everyone behind me in line is getting their food. Once I finally got my food and got home there was no gravy, or biscuit I only got 2 chicken strips and about 10 fries in each box.

  5. Been waiting 20 minutes for 4 tenders. After 11 minutes they realized they didn’t put any down to cook. This is ridiculous. Used to be my favorite place. This was the Chicken Express on College in Beaumont, Texas. After more than 25 minutes I received my food. No apology, no have a good day, nothing. Gives very poor service and expect you to take it. I didn’t complain or cause a scene. But, I won’t go back. Too many other Chicken places with better service.

  6. Sheila Smith Reply

    This is the second time I’ve been to the chicken express on 287 @ Avondale Haslet Rd in Haslet, Tx and it’s been a truly crappy experience. I’m Still waiting on my order that I paid for 30 minutes ago!! It was supposed to take 12-15 minutes!! One of the Worst Chicken Expresses I’ve ever had to deal with! May be they need to train their people in customer service.

  7. Tina Jackson Reply

    Friday June 10th
    Went to Chicken express in Burkburnett tx.
    Orders combo #2 (7 Tenders)
    Fries Roll Snd and tea. Get home which is a 20 min drive away and there are only 5 tenders. I called and told them and they took my name and was going to replace it the next time I came through.
    Today I drive through and they were not going to replace the meal. They were going to give me 2 tenders !!
    Are you kidding me , you should learn how to count the first time.
    Very crapy service !!
    Next time I will sit at that window and look through all my food to make sure they give me every thing I PAID for before I drive off !!

  8. I am a frequent customer at C E located at 5345 Sycamore School Rd, Fort Worth TX. I have always been given a 10% discount off of my entire order. Today I ordered Family Meal #20 spicy tenders, small okra & small corn nuggets. Subtotal $39.93. The 10% military discount was $ .44. What?? I asked how this was possible & was told it was a district manager change. Order #2028/1. Transaction ID: 20220612184558

  9. If you visit the chicken express in Burleson, Texas on 130 sw Wilshire Blvd. You will be amazed. They served my wife soured coleslaw and asked for another one and it also was soured. And the manager did nothing. And the person cooking the chicken was burping and you can hear the employees talking crap about the customers. Well if it wasn’t for the customers you all ungrateful people wouldn’t be getting paid. So we will never go back.

  10. I have visited the Hope, Arkansas location many times and any time it’s an hour till closing, we have to pull forward and wait 10-15 to get our food and the people in front of us have to do the same thing which means I’m waiting even longer. You can tell that the people behind us are waiting too. When there’s still an hour, there should be food cooking and not waiting till someone orders. Yes I like fresh food but this is supposed to be fast food, not slow food.

  11. I went through the drive through today 4-12-22, of your store in Plainview TX. I ordered the #5 gizzard meal, half of my gizzards were really good, but I had to throw the other half away they had been cooked and under the warmer for too long. Food is too high to be thrown away. Very disappointed. Ticket #331

  12. I went to chicken express in Weatherford, Ok and my experience didn’t seem professional at all. I was not informed there was a card charge now, I was handed a drink that was a mess and no offer to clean it or a towel so I can. My food was not placed in correct boxes, and argued with about a drink I ordered.

  13. James Messer Reply

    Went to the Chicken Express on Sublet and 287 in Arlington Tx. Went twice and both times no tenders. Went on a Saturday and Sunday. How can you be out of tenders on the weekend.

  14. I ordered over the phone bcuz I ordered gizzards and it takes longer so when I got to the store on Alta mesa Blvd in Fort Worth Texas at 6:53pm the doors were locked so I called back to the store and they told me I had to go thru the drive thru and line was long as heck . I am not understanding why they are keeping the lobby closed during the day! After all I hardly eat here but after this order I will never come to this location again.

  15. Kayla Caldwell Reply

    Weatherford, OK Chicken Express was rude especially being my first time eating there. We came at 10:30 to eat in the lobby and the door says hours: 10:30am-10:00pm nothing else. The manager opens the door and said the Lobby was closed. So we thought literally all day so we went through the drive thru and ordered and then sat in the parking lot to eat then people started pulling up and going inside to eat. Really upset us because that could’ve been handled a whole lot better. We could’ve waited.

  16. First of all, I very rarely leave reviews but feel like I have let everyone know about this experience. I went to the Chicken Express location in Oklahoma for the first time tonight on Penn in Edmond, ordered my food and was going to pay with a $50 bill for a $12 order and the person who took my order who I assume was the manager said that they do not accept 50s. I thought she was joking but she was serious and had a smirk on her face like she was happy to deny my order. I said well, what are people supposed to do that have a bill over $20. She said I can go next door and make some change. I left and went to another restaurant that actually accepted $50 bills. This stupidy was a real experience and I will drive by their locations in the future and never turn in based on this experience.

  17. Michael Harris Reply

    Your stores in Canyon and Plainview SUCK we made a call in order to Canyon Friday and the guy who took the order said 45 minutes when we got to the store 45 minutes later nobody knew about the call in order except to say that we had not called them and Plainview the problem is nobody has any idea how to get a order right we will never go back

  18. As an avid horse and rodeo fan I have supported Chicken Express for many years. Recently, especially at the dripping springs location the food itself is becoming sub par with what appears to be powdered mashed potatoes, unbuttoned corn, and the tea, both sweet and unsweetened, have become virtually undrinkable. Sad to see one of my favorite stops struggling. Regrettably my family will no longer be frequenting this chain until something positive is done.

  19. My son wouldn’t comment on a negative situation but I feel it needs to be addressed some place. He went to the Lockhart, TX location recently. He placed his order, including two drinks – one for sweet tea and the other Diet Coke. After paying for his order he was told they didn’t have Diet Coke since his sister didn’t want any other drink he said to forget that drink. However, they failed to give him any drinks and also did not give him credit for the drinks. Very poor service as far as I’m concerned.

  20. 07/29/21
    I have been to the River Oaks CE many times and customer service has never been a problem until today. The young girl at the drive thru was rude and dismissive, as well as practically dropping my items as she was obviously not interested in the typical “ thank you have a nice day” because all she did was slam the window shut twice as I returned a second time to get an order error corrected. If I see this person at the drive thru again I will not stop to pay and pickup my order I will find somewhere else to eat lunch.

  21. Your store at 4760 College St., Beaumont, TX, needs a refresh. The ceiling tiles around the A/C vents are black with mold. Every one of them, some worse than others. The A/C vents are dripping condensation, also. The light fixtures have numerous dead bugs in them. All in all? Extremely unappetizing. I know this is SETX, and humidity causes these issues, but some maintenance/remodel is needed.
    Thank you for your time and consideration to these suggestions.

  22. John Trout Reply

    Shout out to the manager at the Garland Texas location. We had a hiccup with our order last night but it was too close to closing time for us to head back out there. She took good care of us today!

  23. It does no good to contact the location when the manager is the problem. I have patronized the Sherman location for several years. When witnessing things like employees putting jugs of tea into the ice dispenser for holding, or putting the handle end of a ladle inside of a tea jug and then returning the same to a hook…I have politely addressed those with the previous manager. Their response has always been cordial (maybe because they realize that the health department would not be giving them gold stars for such practices).. New manager…I spoke with about them not dating the tea. I’ve been by several times lately, same issue; I’m tired of them selling me “fresh” iced tea that was made 2-3 days ago (and yes, I can taste the difference). Rude, CONDESCENDING…again, lying and telling me the tea was just made when it is clearly well chilled. CE, you might consider doing a maturity assessment with your management trainees; I had more maturity out of my former middle school students than the sarcastic attitude from this supposed leader.

    • I have eaten at the Longview tx store many times but the last 4 times the chicken has not been hot once the roll was so hard I couldn’t eat it. This last visit I had 1 vehicle in front of me and still waited over 10 minutes to get my food and when it finally got it I asked the girl was the chicken hot and she says yes it’s hot as I drive away I felt of the chicken and it was barely warm. I will drive to the other side of Longview to Church’s chicken from now on Chicken express really sucks

  24. I went to location at 5345 Sycamore School Rd at approx 5:45pm today. I ordered the family 20 piece spicy strips w side of coleslaw. I presented a Valpak coupon ID 2053822-2674698002 on my phone for $5 off. The employee said they did not accept electronic coupons. I ask for manager, Kyle told me the same thing. I showed him where the coupon showed their address as a location that accepted the coupon. He said they did not. How can this happen I went to location at5345 Sycamore School Rd at approx 5:45pm today. I ordered the family 20 piece spicy strips w side of coleslaw. I presented a Valpak coupon ID 2053822-2674698002 on my phone for $5 off. The employee said they did not accept electronic coupons. I ask for manager, Kyle told me the same thing. I showed him where the coupon showed their address as a location that accepted the coupon. He said they did not accept the coupon. How can this happen??

  25. The Decatur Chicken express food Is terrible. The management is terrible. The chicken tastes like it has been sitting all day under the heat lamp, but they insist it’s fresh. I ordered an 8 piece. It had no thighs and four legs. Cold food, old tasting food. Too much money for crappy food and crappy service. It has really gone down hill.

  26. Willow Park, Texas! Awful manager. Argued with me and didn’t do a thing. When I said, “forget it” and started to drive away he yelled out “Well then, forget you too!” Ordered for my daughter. They gave us Sour smelling Mac n Cheese, watered down liquid Mac n cheese. 5 pickles! Shriveled up the size of a penny! No ranch. He said, “Well, I train my employees to give 8.” There weren’t 8! Pretty much told me nothing he could do because he didn’t feel like company policy was violated. I wasn’t going to continue arguing with an unprofessional rude manager knowing he was set on not doing anything about our order. I have been to chicken express countless times in the past and haven’t ever experienced something so rattling! Will not be back!

  27. Visited the Lufkin Chicken Express 5/8/21, Mother’s Day. I went through the drive through at app.10:45 a.m.
    I ordered the family pack that consists of 30 tenders, 3 family sides and 6 biscuits.
    I also ordered an extra order of family biscuits. When I got home the Cole slaw was sour or something. I did phone the store and tell them so they wouldn’t give anymore of the cole slaw out. The biscuits were cold and hard. Appeared to be day old biscuits. I spent $53.26 and felt I didn’t get my money’s worth.
    The staff was pleasant and friendly and the chicken was hot and good but the chicken and gravy wasn’t worth 53 dollars.

    • Sheila Smith Reply

      I Finally went in and asked if I could get my order anytime today. It had been sitting on the counter and is now cooled off. The girl said “oh” That’s your answer for letting a customer wait over 30 minutes for their order and then have to hobble inside to get cold food? Un-freaking-believable!

  28. Every time I go to your chicken express in sulphur springs TX. I have to wait minimum 25 minutes. They never have food ready. I just saw 7 cars drive away after wait 10 minutes to order.When customer want fast food they shouldn’t have to wait half an hour to get. Need new management.

  29. Nobody in line but it takes forever to get your food. I like their food so I put up with the wait. But then I get home and I am missing several things from my order. I open up the fish and one piece looks like it got forgotten in the fryer all day. So the website tells you to call the store but they won’t answer the phone. So I am left with no choice but to complain here.

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