Contact of Chicken Express (US) customer service

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Contact Chicken Express: Find below customer service details of Chicken Express, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the restaurant chain and its services. Reach the Chicken Express customer service below for complaints, queries or feedback.

Head Office
940 Highway 156, Justin
TX, 76247, United States

Customer Service
Phone: 817-594-9300
Phone: 940-648-1180

About Chicken Express
Chicken Express customer serviceChicken Express is a fast food restaurant chain in the US, founded in the year 1988. Currently, Chicken Express has a network of more than 200 stores, many operating as franchisees. The restaurants offer both dine-in and drive-thru. The locations include Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. You can locate one nearest to your address on the website.

As for Chicken Express’ menu, it consists of combo meals, family meals, sides, extras, fried fish fillets and drinks. The combo meals include 4 Express Tenders (with gravy and biscuit/roll), 7 Express Tenders, 3 Piece Chicken, 2 Piece Chicken, 6 Piece Hot Wings and 6 Livers. The family meals include 8 Piece Mixed Chicken, 20 Express Tenders, 16 Piece Mixed Chicken and 30 Express Tenders, to name a few. Coming to sides and extras, you have french fries, fried okra, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, macaroni, green beans, corn nuggets, jalapenos, biscuits and rolls. For more information or queries on restaurant locations, menu, or others, reach the Chicken Express customer service.

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  1. Cindy Elsey Reply

    We love to eat Chicken Express when it’s good, however that’s not to often anymore!! The food is sooo greasy, and fries are old and cold!! ? The biscuits are very hard so we switched to rolls and they are over done and greasy!! I always call and talk to Mgr. She is very nice and polite and She will recook our order but that gets old and it’s still greasy!! We have gotten free food because of bad food!! They don’t drain the fries, they get thrown into a box which steams them. ? We always ask for family size fries, cooked fresh, they are so good fresh!! ? We quit going for awhile, then this Sunday got some food, my husband had to stop, go inside after asking for fresh fries, cause they were cold, so he had to wait on fries which then the rest of the food wasn’t good when he got home. ? We only live a few blocks from there!! The chicken tenders tasted old, old grease or ?? ? Can’t something be done, or the business will continue to get worse!! ? They used to be really busy, now not so much!! Help us here in Muskogee, OK. Please!! The food is very good when cooked right!! Thank you!! ?

  2. Management is so bad here in Snyder Texas. Where are the owners!? Wanted wings but they are low so could only give me partial order if still wanted them! What!! They can sell what they have and be making more? No ice sometimes! Tell me before I order then. Things like this. Employees instead of taking orders or answering drive thru they are in the front sitting down… Mashed potatoes soggy runny. Wasn’t sure if they were potatoes or gravy. Same with Mac and cheese. Horrible I will never go there again.

  3. Whenever I’m in Fort Worth I have to have the fried livers from Chicken Express but this visit and the re-visit was horrible! On 9/28 I went to the Bridgewood location and ordered the liver combo only to get them home and find out that they were too too salty to eat even with the gravy and the bread. Called and talked to a manager on duty and was told he’d replace my meal. Went today 9/29 for my replacement and the GM was rude he only was going to replace the livers which was fine. Waited 26 minutes for an order of livers??. Only to get them home once again and these were saltier than the previous ones!! Talked to the owner of the restaurant and of course he was defending the manager and restaurant saying he hadn’t gotten any other complaints…maybe there are folks that love eating salt but not me! Sent my daughter to take the food back and to get my money back…this will be a location I wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy!!!!

  4. Chicken Express in Henderson Texas needs better management and better customer service. Placed an order in drive through for thighs and breast and was told all they had were wings did I just want an order of chicken wings. I asked if wings was really all they had and she answered yes. I asked would they be cooking any more chicken and she answered yes but it would take 25 minutes. This is at 5:30 on a Sunday afternoon and they don’t seem to be too busy. I am waiting since I don’t want to disappoint my family but not impressed with Manager or staff about how this was handled. Believe it would have been much more polite to start out with we are cooking more chicken but right now all we have available is wings instead of almost insisting I get wings. I will not come back here after today. I can find some place else to eat or go to Cotton Patch from now on. Very Disappointed. Mrs. KS Smith

  5. Ronald Renner Reply

    Went to the Canton location today, Aug 25th at 1:35 PM. Ordered 2 piece fish meal. Was told it would take approximately 10 minutes to cook the fish. This was ok as fresh fish is best. After waiting 25 minutes, my wife finally walked up to the drive thru and asked where our order was. The lady at the window said she would get it right out. Once we got the order my wife checked the fish as we were heading home. She found the fish to be room temperature and so thin and dry all she could taste was corn meal. The hush puppies were rock hard and uneditable. The chicken was cold and dry. I usually get good food here but today was a complete horror story. Be a long time, if ever before I go back there.

  6. Jack stokes Reply

    I went to chicken express located at 2301 w berry st Fort Worth Texas time was 601 in the evening. I wanted the #4 meal and was told they were out of Breast for the day. What type of manager would let the business run out of chicken breast. I ordered okra and they put fries. Ordered 3 peppers and never received them though I wasn’t charged for them. I rate this location a 5 out of 10

  7. I visited chicken express today for lunch. Unfortunately, nothing was cooked enough. The chicken was pink & slimy. The breading wasn’t that crispy like usual, the French fries were hard like they were raw. I’m very disappointed. We couldn’t even eat any of it.

  8. Merla J Elkins Reply

    I hate to complain but If i owned a business, I’d definitely want someone to let me know if something wasn’t right. Then I’d have the opportunity to correct the issue and have a better establishment for my customers. I went to Chicken Express in Tulsa on s.Memorial twice this week. Although we waited 20 minutes for an 18 piece order of chicken livers the quality was great. That was the 1st visit.
    Today I ordered the same 18 piece only 9 gizzards and 9 livers. I only waited 10 minutes.
    When I got home I had 5 livers and 6 of the tiniest gizzards I’ve ever seen. 2 weren’t even gizzards, they were ends that had fallen off a gizzard. 3 of the gizzards were so hard I couldnt chew them. I ordered a large mashed potatoes and a large coke.
    The bill was $14.07.
    That’s a lot for a lady on social security that gets $1073 per Month.
    I feel it’s only right to send me some coupons since I didnt even get the amount of food I paid for. I like chicken express and will go back.
    I will check my order before driving away. Thank you.

  9. Annie Woods Reply

    On Friday July 24th 2020 I visited the Chicken Express in Joshua Texas. Unfortunately it was not a good experience. My elderly aunt and I called in an order for two catfish fillets dinners one order of sides okra one order of corn fritters and the other one corn on the cob and fried okra. Unfortunately when I got home the order was wrong. Since this is the covid I went back to the store with the receipt, not the food. Because I understand that you’re not supposed to bring food back in after it’s left the store because of the Corona virus. I had a misunderstanding with the manager and assistant manager at the Chicken Express in Joshua they wanted to see the food to make sure that I wasn’t lying to them. Why would I lie about food I have no idea. They would not honor what was on the tickets. I explained to them that I was not going to bring back the food because of the coronavirus.I told them we got mashed potatoes and gravy which was not on the ticket the corn on the cob was not on the order and there were three pieces of catfish fillet instead of four. They continued to argue with me and I just left the store. I was not going to bring the catfish back because of the virus and because my aunt is 85 years old. So I will not be returning to that Chicken Express in Joshua and probably not to anymore Chicken Express that I’ve eaten at in the past. I was treated very hateful and disrespected and I didn’t appreciate it. I was frankly told it yes the order was right she does remember and I just said I have the receipt in the order was not correct. I will not be returning to any of your stores. I didn’t like the way I was treated very disrespectful.
    Thank you for your time
    Annie Woods

  10. Horrible experience! Waited forever to get my food and then part of my order was missing. Drove all the way back after calling and still had to wait on my missing items and couldn’t even get silverware! Never going back!

  11. Been enjoying the 2 filet dinner for a while now..all the sudden no hushpuppies…the meal says 2 regular sides and hushpuppies….but was told I had to pay extra….I said the meal has always came with them…still I have to pay extra….and then they didn’t even put my order…and I have to ask for sauces…the Kilgore location has went way down …

  12. David Wittkopf Reply

    I went to the location in Commerce Tx, last Friday night 6/12. It was about 15 minutes until closing and no one answered the drive thru. Figured they closed early, not a big deal. Today I went back 6/19 and it was over half an hour until closing for this location. Again no one answers. I waited for a few minutes then saw an employee exit the building and leave. I work in restaurant management and often close. I understand wanting to get done and go home more than most people would, but 2 weeks in a row and closing over 30 minutes early on a Friday night I think is unacceptable. If I closed my work 30-40 minutes I would be fired immediately. Maybe it’s different from corporate to franchises but I am highly dissatisfied.

  13. I had the misfortune of going to the Kingsville Chicken Express drive though today at 6:46PM. I clearly ordered a number 4 with a bisket not a white roll. The clerk changed it to a Roll. I was very unhappy. Even though this store is very close to my apartment I doubt I will go back to your store. When I get subpar service, I speak with my dollars. At this point you have lost a customer. If you wish to investigate, the ticket number was T#397 on register #3.

  14. Sunny calvillo Reply

    I need the complaint number for the chicken express located here in OKC, OK if anyone could help me out, I need it ASAP…. I had a horrible visit. Ordered two dinners and when I got home the chicken looked dry and not fresh, the okra wasn’t fresh and when I called the store they told me that I was fresh and I mentioned that their tenders were bigger with my last visit and they stated those weren’t their tenders they borrowed from another store. The fact of the matter is if someone’s order is messed up or doesn’t look fresh, they should try to fix the issue.

  15. Michael D Nix Reply

    Who in the world charges you for dipping sauces when you spend 40.00 on a 25 piece meal and extra sides. I’ll tell you Anna Tx. did. I won’t be giving them my money any longer. I can go to Raisen canes or golden chick. I love chicken express but that was too much.

  16. Today, March 1, 2020, at 12:30 pm, I purchased the #1 meal: 4 tenders, a single-serve coleslaw and beverage for $8.00 from the Kingsville establishment.

    The chicken tenders were literally only 2” to 3” long. The coleslaw had an “off” taste. When I checked, the coleslaw dressing was slimey, leaving a strand as the spoon was pulled out of the slaw.

    This is the second time I have received half-sized tenders from the Kingsville store. My $8 meal was a waste of good money. My family eats at CE regularly in other locations and we are always satisfied. The Kingsville location appears to be cutting corners. I will not return to that establishment.

  17. Horrible visit this time. February 26th 2020 at 2:08 p.m. order the three piece fish an extra tartar sauce. The receipt shows 3 tartar sauces there was only two in the Box. They were completely out of coleslaw and mac and cheese. In the last three months I’ve had to return twice coleslaw that had gone bad. This is usually a good place to eat but then there’s a lot of times they really dropped the ball. Just like they always put cold items in with the hot instead of separating them. But here lately this place is gone straight down hill. I wish they would quit cooking fish ahead of time, once it’s put underneath that warmer is not worth a hoot

  18. AletheaGarza Reply

    I visited a chicken express in Clifton Tx, and they refused to give me my food after the credit card machine approved and charged my account. The lady that checked me out never asked me for a signature or give me a receipt for my transaction. I showed the manager my account where the purchase was placed, and he still refused to give me the food saying that I didn’t sign for the transaction. Not only is this not good customer service, but its stealing my money.

  19. All the food was way over cooked. This was to go, five minutes from the store. MOD was rude after I asked when my order would be ready after serving 4 orders behind mine. Cashier did not have a clue about the menu. The gizzards were hard as a rock, the popers had no filling left and the tenders were small, dry with really hard coating. I travel frequently and patronize your operations frequently with much better finished product and service. Shame on the location on 3514 I-40 east in Amarillo, Tx.

  20. Want to commend on the wonderful service I received the week of September 23-29. I needed to place a large order for our church’s special service coming up that Sunday. I spoke to the manager, Alaina, on Tuesday, 9/24, to place our order of 100 chicken tenders with rolls and gravy. She was very helpful and polite. Sunday morning between 10:30-11, I went to pick it up and Gabby and her coworkers were kind enough to take it out to my car. Everyone was so helpful and polite. The food was great! Our church will use you again. Thank you

  21. Went to the Burleson store last week and had my family with me. My granddaughter and I went to the drink machine in the lobby and there was no ice in the machine. We walk up to the counter and ask the employee named Blaze if we could get some ice from behind the counter, he said “No, that’s for drive through only”. He then yells at the employees in the back the lobby needs ice and walked off. I was so pissed that he was so rude and had a major attitude but I was more upset that my granddaughter had to witness such poor customer service.

  22. I visited the store on University Dr in Nacogdoches Texas last night and ordered a large sweet tea and a Gallon of sweet tea. I get home and give my 5yr old granddaughter some of my large sweet tea. During her drinking it a large piece of slime came through the straw. We pour it out and go to the Gallon of sweet tea. It was full of slime. I called them and they told me I had to have the receipt to get more. No they will be getting their slimy gallon of tea back and I will be asking them to let me see if the tea machine is clean before I EVER buy Anything from there again. If they refuse I will be turning it over to the Health Dept. Those tea machines need to be broken down and cleaned EVERY night. If they don’t know how to break them down and clean them I will Gladly teach them. I have pics and will be going live on FB today when I carry it back so I’m really hoping for a good outcome.

  23. I visited the S. Bossier location twice this week. Earlier in the week, I waited 20 minutes for food that I paid for and ended up driving off without it because of the wait time. Today I waited 15 minutes for 2 drinks. I don’t know what happened with this location but the service is starting to go downhill.

  24. Terrible excuse for service!! I just went to the location on Timberland on Keller and ordered wings. There’s NO ONE on the parking lot. Employee said it was going to take more than 20 min to cook. It’s 8:27pm July 14th and there are no other customers.
    How do you expect to provide service for fast food. Won’t return because this is the 3rd occurrence of poor service at this location.

  25. Jo Ann Allen Reply

    The Athens location is not up to its service. I placed an order with the gentleman four times and still did not get all my food. I ordered two of the specials and only received some of the chicken not all and did not receive a side order. I told the guy who took the order four times what I wanted but they still did not give me all the food that I paid for. I would check my order before leaving this location especially if you stay a distance away. If I had to rate the service at this location with 10 being the best and 1 the worst I would give it 3.5. When dealing with people you have to pay attention.

  26. I need some to contact me ASAP!! I had a visit with your Midway location this evening and ordered a kids meal for my son and a 7 piece tender meal for myself, which happens to be more than I normally eat, however I am pregnant and I was starving. We received our food and went home, mind you we live 5 minutes from this location. I sit down at my dinning room table and open my box to find a LIVE SPIDER IN MY FOOD!!! I immediately grabbed my phone took a picture of it, grabbed my 2 year old son’s food and put it back in the bag along with mine and tied the bag tight. I brought it to the exact location I received it from and informed the manager of what I discovered. I VERY politely asked for my money back whiling handing the tightly sealed bag to them. The so-called “manager” refused and proceeded to tell me that he didn’t see the spider and that I was lying. I immediately pulled out my my phone and showed him the picture. He STILL DECLINED to give me my money back as well as took the food away. I informed him that this was terrible customer service as well as I will be calling the coroprate office and the city health inspector with my proof and telling them about my experience. He said that he didn’t care because he packed the food himself and disbelieved of the fact a spider was in the food. As I walked to my car searching for the coroprate number I saw the manager take the exact same food and handed it to another customer! That is fucking discusting and I will never be eating here again. I just want my damn money back.

  27. Well! I’m a bit upset. I go to this Chicken Express often. I took my child to get a few sweet teas since they are cheap and usually delicious. I’ve never had an issue before until today. I ordered 2 large sweet teas. Thats all I ordered. The was $1.99. I’m between checks right now but that doesn’t matter. I got a text from my bank as I do with every purchase that my card was declined for $6.32. They tried to charge me for $6.32 worth of food I didnt order when all I wanted was 2 sweet teas. I will not be back and will be taking my business elsewhere from now on. We go to this Chicken Express a few times a week and spend $50 or more each time. I’m so upset right now. Avoid the San Angelo, Texas chicken Express on Southwest!

    • I usually eat at Chicken Express in Bridge City, Tx . However within the past month or so I have noticed that the food is not hot and if they forget to put an item in the box. The lady ordering my food is nice but she talks fast and almost throws your food at you before you barley get your money in your wallet and she talks so fast you cannot hardly make out what she is saying. Today my food was hit and I clearly ordered a 3 pieces of fish as it states in the receipt, get to work and only have 2. Food was cold as usual.

  28. Kim Powell Reply

    Was here yesterday at the drive through and Bonnelle hoping I’m spelling right was working. My Mom and I were exhausted from a long day and getting hangry lol. Bonnelle was amazing and made us smile. Please tell her GREAT JOB for us. Oh the food was fresh and super good too. ? the restaurant we visited was on North Main St in Cleburne Tx.

  29. Gina Winnett
    Tue 4/9/2019 10:47 PM
    Excuse me??? I have no idea what you are talking about! I can assure you, sir, that we do neither of those things. And, exactly what is the name of YOUR business? I will repay you in kind and ask my employees to not do business with you. Now, back to the accusation, we will pull up our store video and look at that day. I am quite sure that the employee was unaware of who came in first. But, I can assure you, sir, that I will not tolerate an email like this. Again…what is the name of YOUR business? I’d like to know who it is that I am dealing with.

    Also, I will be quite happy to meet with you at the store and discuss this matter further. I do not appreciate your accusations…at all. As to an apology? You will not be getting one.. If this is the only thing you have to be mad about, then I do hope your life gets much happier.

    Gina D. Winnett
    Office Manager

    Nice to see your managers do not care about losing business but encourage it. I will be posting this email and forwarding to everyone.

  30. Janis Leffel Reply

    I frequent Chicken Express in Irving, Texas on Airport Freeway. I went through the drive through and ordered my usual, gizzards dinner. I know that they are always cooked fresh which I prefer. I was told to pull forward while my order was being cooked as I always do. My order was placed at 4:42pm. It usually takes 12 minutes to cook the gizzards. I am waiting, and waiting and no one came to bring my order, it was 5:03 by this time. I back up to the window and not one single person came to the window. I set there for a good 5 minutes while workers inside just look at me and never came to the window. Mind you I have already paid for my food. So I’m getting really pissed now. I pull forward, go into the store and asked to speak to the manager. She is one of the people inside that I saw who looked at me through the window and never came to asked me if I needed help. So very unprofessional and unacceptable.

  31. Sonia Rangel Reply

    I’m sorry to post this, but I just went into a Chicken Express in Mesquite TX off of Town East. the inside of the restaurant is an embarrassment to any food establishment. It smells, the walls are dirty, it is very poorly maintained. My daughter got sweet tea and it had green stuff inside of it. This needs to be addressed ASAP!! THIS IS NOT OK!!!!

  32. I had the same issue as KristaF. The Grand Prairie store on 360 does the same thing every time I order a lunch meal. They upsize my drink to a large and charge an extra .50 without asking or telling me about it. When I asked to see a manager he basically said that’s what they always do per the owner. This is not only a shady business practice, it’s illegal. This sounds like it must be a corporate edict since it’s happening at multiple stores.

    • Happens in Bedford TX Hwy 157 location all the time. The menu clearly says upcharge your drink for 50 cents. I have never once asked for that upcharge and yet it is done and charged every time. This is illegal Chicken Express!

  33. John Elliott Reply

    Why is it every time I order chicken tenders and I get the country gravy halfway through it to country gravy turns the water, like once it starts to cool off a little bit it just breaks, thins out like white water with black specks in it that’s not cream gravy.

  34. We went to the Chicken Express in Clyde, TX about 8 PM. They had a paper on the counter with a special of 3 thighs, fries, etc. fo 4.99. Customer in front of us ordered then an older lady came and pulled it off the counter and told the cashier not to sell any more of them. Later as we were leaving the lady had a barefooted baby with a diaper and a green tshirt on standing on the counter next to the cash register! That was totally inappropriate. That child should not have even been behind the counter, much less standing on it! Please address this issue. To me it was worse than yaking the special off. There were other customers in the store throughout both incidents!

  35. Just went to the one in el Campos Texas which has become consistently bad lately . Tonight cold chicken strips cold okra and lukewarm gravy and the girl at the window was not friendly at all . Was the last chance for me . This place wont make it in this small town with that kinda customer service I hear lots complaints from friends and family all the time . Sometimes they make chicken and forget to season it at all it’s terrible good luck chicken peeps I wont go back

  36. I have gone to the restaurant in Yukon, Ok many times and do like the food but I never seen seen a place run so badly. They never get the order right. Most of the time we get home and just don’t want to go back but we are really disgusted. Last time they messed it up and tonight it was totally wrong so we had to go back out in traffic and take it back. As I was bringing mine back another lady came in to say she didn’t get what she ordered. This is pathetic. To have to drive back almost everytime just to get what you ordered is absurd. You will be losing a lot of business the way things are being handled now. Someone just does not know how to fill orders. It was correct on the receipt but they just put whatever they want in the boxes. We like the chicken and we even stop to buy it for our cat but we will go elsewhere because it’s just too much trouble.

  37. Do not eat at the Chicken Express on Highway 377 in Benbrook Texas unless you want greasy food thrown in your box a biscuit with a bite taken out of it and a fried pickle with a bite taken out of it and three gravy’s and no mashed potatoes. Wow haven’t been there in over 3 years and I will never go back to this particular one they are the absolutely the worst!

  38. Darien Mack Reply

    I placed an order here through UberEats (where I left a specific number for the driver to call upon reaching my location). I monitored their location prior to their arrival and they NEVER arrived, thus, canceling the order. The driver NEVER called, but I was still charged for the meal (which was $14.22) and was told that I would NOT be receiving a refund. I paid for a service that I did NOT receive and I demand that I get my $14.22 refunded as soon as possible.

  39. Customers beware!! I have visited your store in Irving, TX 3 times in the last month. I usually order a 4 or 7 tender meal, which comes with a medium drink. When I got my receipt (and drink) I noticed all three times that I was given a Large and charged .50 cents more without even asking if I wanted the Large with the up-charge. To me this is dishonest. I asked the associate and he said this is what he was told to do. I talked to the manager and he said he didn’t know why but this is what they(?) told him to do (he offered a refund, but that is not the point) . I know this doesn’t seam like much to each customer and most wouldn’t notice, but I can see where that would be revenue to the restaurant itself, and that adds up per day. To me that is being DISHONEST to your customers. Is this your normal practice? Most other restaurants that ask if you want a S,M or L (up-charge), so they (your customers) make that decision themselves.

  40. I just ordered a 2 piece chicken dinner from store in Clyde, Texas.
    Both thighs were tiny and burnt on one side, the cheese sticks were dry and cold, I was not given a receipt, Heather Name on receipt on the box) took my card, swiped it handed it back to me and shut the window. She didn’t tell me how much and it took 7 minutes for me to get my meal, which was not worth the wait. I will not visit this store again and will tell my family and friends about the bad food and rude service.

  41. Joe Delrie Reply

    I usually order coleslaw when I can at chicken and fish restaurants. I have had several bad experiences with the coleslaw at Chicken Express. Sometimes it smells and tastes like it is past its expiration. This has happened at least 4 times in the last six weeks. If I ask for some fresh, sometimes it is fresh but usually it is bad also. One day I had to exchange it 3 times and it was still bad. When I complain Management says “Thanks for letting us know.”

    Next step will have to be reporting to health department before someone (me) gets sick.

  42. Mary mendez Reply

    I frequent the Chicken Express in De Soto and used to get a teacher discount,which was changed to only De Soto teachers so then I asked for a Senior discount because I am 63 but she said you had to be 64 and today I asked about the Senior Discount and the manager said the age was 67! So who regulates the Senior discounts?

  43. Jonathan Wallace Reply

    I have always been turned off by your signs and store appearance (bright yellow and red, with what looks like a rubber dead chicken), but tried your food a while back and not bad. I hear you are opening a store in my hometown of Weatherford, OK, which is good since KFC closed, but I am deeply offended by your heartless decision to make the deal right before Christmas, so all the managers and employees of the current restaurant (to be bulldozed) on the property you bought are all suddenly informed Christmas Eve is their last day before kicked out on the street. I will never forget this move by your Scrouge management, and I’m not the only one. I don’t plan to set foot in this new restaurant.

  44. Lost customer Reply

    Why does different stores give you ranch with your order and others charge for it? I went to the chicken express store in little elm and order family order of poppers and another side and only got one ranch with my order so I asked for 2 more and was charged .25 cent each. Every store I have been to has always gave at least 2 ranchs without charge. I ask why other give out more without charge and the GM Scott was very rude about it. I will never visit this store again which is sad because it the store that is closest to my home. I guess customer service doesn’t matter to this store.

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