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Head Office
940 Highway 156, Justin
TX, 76247, United States

Customer Service
Phone: 817-594-9300
Phone: 940-648-1180

About Chicken Express
Chicken Express customer serviceChicken Express is a fast food restaurant chain in the US, founded in the year 1988. Currently, Chicken Express has a network of more than 200 stores, many operating as franchisees. The restaurants offer both dine-in and drive-thru. The locations include Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. You can locate one nearest to your address on the website.

As for Chicken Express’ menu, it consists of combo meals, family meals, sides, extras, fried fish fillets and drinks. The combo meals include 4 Express Tenders (with gravy and biscuit/roll), 7 Express Tenders, 3 Piece Chicken, 2 Piece Chicken, 6 Piece Hot Wings and 6 Livers. The family meals include 8 Piece Mixed Chicken, 20 Express Tenders, 16 Piece Mixed Chicken and 30 Express Tenders, to name a few. Coming to sides and extras, you have french fries, fried okra, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, macaroni, green beans, corn nuggets, jalapenos, biscuits and rolls. For more information or queries on restaurant locations, menu, or others, reach the Chicken Express customer service.


  1. I had the same issue as KristaF. The Grand Prairie store on 360 does the same thing every time I order a lunch meal. They upsize my drink to a large and charge an extra .50 without asking or telling me about it. When I asked to see a manager he basically said that’s what they always do per the owner. This is not only a shady business practice, it’s illegal. This sounds like it must be a corporate edict since it’s happening at multiple stores.

  2. John Elliott Reply

    Why is it every time I order chicken tenders and I get the country gravy halfway through it to country gravy turns the water, like once it starts to cool off a little bit it just breaks, thins out like white water with black specks in it that’s not cream gravy.

  3. Just went to the one in el Campos Texas which has become consistently bad lately . Tonight cold chicken strips cold okra and lukewarm gravy and the girl at the window was not friendly at all . Was the last chance for me . This place wont make it in this small town with that kinda customer service I hear lots complaints from friends and family all the time . Sometimes they make chicken and forget to season it at all it’s terrible good luck chicken peeps I wont go back

  4. I have gone to the restaurant in Yukon, Ok many times and do like the food but I never seen seen a place run so badly. They never get the order right. Most of the time we get home and just don’t want to go back but we are really disgusted. Last time they messed it up and tonight it was totally wrong so we had to go back out in traffic and take it back. As I was bringing mine back another lady came in to say she didn’t get what she ordered. This is pathetic. To have to drive back almost everytime just to get what you ordered is absurd. You will be losing a lot of business the way things are being handled now. Someone just does not know how to fill orders. It was correct on the receipt but they just put whatever they want in the boxes. We like the chicken and we even stop to buy it for our cat but we will go elsewhere because it’s just too much trouble.

  5. Do not eat at the Chicken Express on Highway 377 in Benbrook Texas unless you want greasy food thrown in your box a biscuit with a bite taken out of it and a fried pickle with a bite taken out of it and three gravy’s and no mashed potatoes. Wow haven’t been there in over 3 years and I will never go back to this particular one they are the absolutely the worst!

  6. Darien Mack Reply

    I placed an order here through UberEats (where I left a specific number for the driver to call upon reaching my location). I monitored their location prior to their arrival and they NEVER arrived, thus, canceling the order. The driver NEVER called, but I was still charged for the meal (which was $14.22) and was told that I would NOT be receiving a refund. I paid for a service that I did NOT receive and I demand that I get my $14.22 refunded as soon as possible.

  7. Customers beware!! I have visited your store in Irving, TX 3 times in the last month. I usually order a 4 or 7 tender meal, which comes with a medium drink. When I got my receipt (and drink) I noticed all three times that I was given a Large and charged .50 cents more without even asking if I wanted the Large with the up-charge. To me this is dishonest. I asked the associate and he said this is what he was told to do. I talked to the manager and he said he didn’t know why but this is what they(?) told him to do (he offered a refund, but that is not the point) . I know this doesn’t seam like much to each customer and most wouldn’t notice, but I can see where that would be revenue to the restaurant itself, and that adds up per day. To me that is being DISHONEST to your customers. Is this your normal practice? Most other restaurants that ask if you want a S,M or L (up-charge), so they (your customers) make that decision themselves.

  8. I just ordered a 2 piece chicken dinner from store in Clyde, Texas.
    Both thighs were tiny and burnt on one side, the cheese sticks were dry and cold, I was not given a receipt, Heather Name on receipt on the box) took my card, swiped it handed it back to me and shut the window. She didn’t tell me how much and it took 7 minutes for me to get my meal, which was not worth the wait. I will not visit this store again and will tell my family and friends about the bad food and rude service.

  9. Joe Delrie Reply

    I usually order coleslaw when I can at chicken and fish restaurants. I have had several bad experiences with the coleslaw at Chicken Express. Sometimes it smells and tastes like it is past its expiration. This has happened at least 4 times in the last six weeks. If I ask for some fresh, sometimes it is fresh but usually it is bad also. One day I had to exchange it 3 times and it was still bad. When I complain Management says “Thanks for letting us know.”

    Next step will have to be reporting to health department before someone (me) gets sick.

  10. Mary mendez Reply

    I frequent the Chicken Express in De Soto and used to get a teacher discount,which was changed to only De Soto teachers so then I asked for a Senior discount because I am 63 but she said you had to be 64 and today I asked about the Senior Discount and the manager said the age was 67! So who regulates the Senior discounts?

  11. Jonathan Wallace Reply

    I have always been turned off by your signs and store appearance (bright yellow and red, with what looks like a rubber dead chicken), but tried your food a while back and not bad. I hear you are opening a store in my hometown of Weatherford, OK, which is good since KFC closed, but I am deeply offended by your heartless decision to make the deal right before Christmas, so all the managers and employees of the current restaurant (to be bulldozed) on the property you bought are all suddenly informed Christmas Eve is their last day before kicked out on the street. I will never forget this move by your Scrouge management, and I’m not the only one. I don’t plan to set foot in this new restaurant.

  12. Lost customer Reply

    Why does different stores give you ranch with your order and others charge for it? I went to the chicken express store in little elm and order family order of poppers and another side and only got one ranch with my order so I asked for 2 more and was charged .25 cent each. Every store I have been to has always gave at least 2 ranchs without charge. I ask why other give out more without charge and the GM Scott was very rude about it. I will never visit this store again which is sad because it the store that is closest to my home. I guess customer service doesn’t matter to this store.

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