Contact of Cell C Customer Service in South Africa

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Contact Cell C: Find below customer service details of Cell C in South Africa, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new Cell C mobile connections, billing or cancellation, internet plans, prepaid / postpaid subscriptions, or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also offers links and information on Cell C products in South Africa.

Cell C Head Office
Cell C (Pty) Ltd,
150 Rivonia Road,
Gauteng 2196, South Africa
Phone: +27 11 324 4000

Cell C Customer Service
Phone: Dial 140 or 084 140
Phone: 084 145 (new contracts & upgrades)
Phone: 084 145 (Cell C Direct)
Phone: 084 143 29 (SMS support)

View Bills Online
To view your Cell C bills online click here. You need to register before using the services.

Cell C Stores
Click here to locate a Cell C store nearest to your street. You can visit a local store to subscribe to new services or to make payment for your past or current bills.

About Cell C
cellc-contactCell C was founded by Saudi Oger and CellSAf in the year 2001. It is the third largest cellular network in South Africa. The telecommunications company had over 8.2 million subscribers (as of 2010). Cell C’s network covers close to 92% of the population in South Africa. Cell C was the first to operate on a dual band network. Owned and operated by 3C Telecommunications, CellSAf and Lanun Securities SA, the company has about 570 roaming partners in 194 countries. Cell C reportedly has spent over R5-billion on its state of the art HSPA+.

Cell C offers both prepaid and postpaid connections. There are several recharge options available for prepaid connections. For contract connections, there are BlackBerry packages, ControlChat, Casual Chat, ActiveChat, BusinessChat, ValueChat, Telemetry, and more. Devices on which Cell C subscriptions can be got include BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Red Bull Mobile and Sony Ericsson.

Cell C subscribers enjoy a range of services that include voice mailbox, faxmail, directory enquiries, call barring, call waiting, call holding, call forwarding, per second billing, SMS packs, minute collection and more. BlackBerry users also can activate value added services such as SMS, MMS and wireless data services. Cell C subscribers can also enjoy international roaming around the world. Cell C has partnered with cellular networks worldwide to facilitate roaming facility.

For high speed internet, Cell C operates on HSPA+ network. There are Smartdata bundles for prepaid connection, with bundle size from 100MB to 3GB. One can also get a 3GB, 12GB, 24GB and 60GB SIM cards valid for 365 days for a one-time payment. There are also USB speed sticks and routers for internet.

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  1. Pedro Pretorius Reply

    I have upgraded my contract on the 22nd Of October 2021.I am still waiting on the device (IPhone 13) . On the 6th November I received my statement. I’ve been billed for the new device. I lodged a complaint but up to today nothing has happened. The said debit has gone of. Since renewing your je contract I had to call numerous times. No updates whatsoever and every time I hear from the agents..We are working on it. Service is beyond pathetic

  2. I have never experienced such imcompetence with any other supplier. I am now struggling 5 months to sort a payment problem out but with no luck. I have cancelled my debit order at my bank and making manual payments every month and then also sent the proof of payments through but Cell C accounts department is so incompetent they cannot even allocate the payments and then my service gets suspended. Every month it is a fight with no results. I’ve had it with Cell C and now that I have read through all the comments I now realised that I have made a huge mistake when upgrading my contract. The next step would be to cancel my contract and I will take this matter to the highest level as I will not take responsibility for any cost as I have proof that I have tried everything possible from my side to get the matter resolved but it is very clear that Cell C has no idea of customer service.

    Does anybody know who to contact next or is the alternative to go to their Head Office and insist on somebody sorting the problem out. This is so typical of a big company with no intention to keep their customers happy.

  3. I am very much disappointed with the treat we got from the consultants at the CellC branch in Rustenburg water fall mall. The consultants gave us unnecessary attitude when we came to make a sim swap and when we answered back they decided not to assist us in making a sim swap. Now we are inconvenienced because we can’t withdraw money from the account to pay our monthly rent just because we stood up for ourselves. A manager has to be appointed in that branch because the treatment and attitude from the stuff is pure trash. We were told to leave the store and we were not assisted just because we answered back to a rude consultation. This is damaging CellC as a brand because whoever you guys place at your stores represents you

  4. Cell c suspended my service. I did pay send them proof of mayment. They acknowledged that they got it but them told me they changed their cell c account. After 2 months of paying ect still no service! So I’m paying for 3 contracts but can’t use them. I had enough and I am contacting Carte Blanche!!

  5. I was loaded with the incorrect package an it seems impossible to rectify because every time i call i am told someone will contact me never happens but debt goes off every month. Whenever i call they ask so many questions and then say they are gonna transfer me to the correct department but the call cuts.

  6. I live in Namibia and wasn’t able to access my banking pins on pre paid with cell c so I was told to fly back and take out a contract so my roaming would work ! I did this plus I called to make sure my roaming was activated! Got back to Namibia and boom back into the same position phone not working and after emailing cell c my roaming wasn’t activated! How do I get hold of Cell C from Namibia. They also will not help me via email.

  7. Good evening
    I have a contact with cell c which ends next month and took an upgrade but now the problem is that, when I took the upgrade I was told to cancel the insurance for the old device before I can take a new device now that was done the old device disconnected the network and I was told that they have migrated to the problem Vodacom network. I went to the cell c shop with the problem and they could not assist me

  8. I agree with all of you, Cell C support is non existence. I have been trying to get hold of them for the past 2 years and still waiting for any response from them. It is about a fraudulent account that they claim i have opened with them. I have been dealing with multiple debt management companies from March 2019 and all of them close case and send it back to cell C because there is no proof.

  9. Ren van Heerden Reply

    People should stay away from Cell C, I bought a phone online (device only) and paid via the Portal, got a Payment Id and Order number; login into the website to track my order and it went missing.

    They say they’ve escalated the case and I should hear back between 24 and 48 hours, so now I wait; but still why should customers suffer so much just to buy a phone?

    Check the reviews on Hello Peter as well, they are now by far the worst provider and people shouldn’t buy devices or take out contracts with Cell C, only pain and bad services await you.

    It was once a great provider, but now just a den of thieves.

  10. Hello, I’m new to MTN but I realize one thing I’m not happy with your services provides, and I do try to speaker to a customer sercteam but nothing is working only the voice not that telling me what to do, But my problem is that the voicemail want fix it I do have have 300 minutes cellc to cellc and have 1.45 gig on data but I can’t use any of even if I call the MTN number they said I do not have airtime but why I do have 300 and same with the internet 1.45G but I can’t use it may someone explain to me please I want to know what going on thank you I’m gonna wait for your feedback.

  11. They have suspended my service without notice and I pay every month I have no source of communication but to use this platform may you please reactive my line use my email for communication since you have suspended my contract.

  12. Taking your debit order money every month on time, but asking for service is out of the question.
    Since July I complain about my wifi pocket router that only work for short times.
    And every time I phone customer support the technical team tell me the same story.
    They are more interested in getting there service rated than trying to fix my problem.

  13. Wellington Reply

    Worst to be interms of customer service from some of their staff. I have just left the Cell C Shop at Boulders Mall in Midrand i tried to ask a lady named Emily for Help, she ignored me for over 5 minutes then i walked out and when i can back to be assisted with registering for a cell c data contract she called me all sorts of names and spoke in her native language.

    I asked why she would be soo rude and sbe said its because i shud have come with all requested documents and im wasting her time but i was there to enquire and be assisted on how to register

  14. I tried to call customer care with 084 135 but I can’t get a consultant is only useless options Cell c give customers a direct contact for customer care please

  15. Please to Contact Cell C is it free of Charge? I tried contacting the customer care lines above but it wasn’t going through. I cannot make any call because the message pops up that I can only make emergency calls.

  16. Chris West Reply

    CellC after sales account queries suppert are utterly useless to non existent. They keep deducting stop order against a closed bank account and refuse to change payment method to EFT. I an a pensioner and everytime I manage to visit CellC is a waste of time. The story of what to do changes everytime. Yet they keep on billing extras which must be paid. Now I am contemplatibg stopping payment on both my contracts and go to Telkom. Never ever have I dealt wit sucb incompetence. Cal centres are just thete to turn away their problems while milking the cows. Shame on you.

  17. I have asked Cell C to please forward my account in a PDF format, I have asked over and over again, this was done once for me only. I have sent a request AGAIN a few days ago: Incident: 190424-000220 & Incident: 190424-000211
    two different queries and not one answer. I use my work computer, I cannot download what is needed for me to view your account, I can only do this in PDF, WHEN WILL CELL C FINALLY DO WHAT THE CUSTOMER ASKS AND ASSIST. When my contracts are finished, I am finished with Cell C. That is a promise. I have already got Vodacom Wifi. One contract finishes this year it will be cancelled. My main contract finishes next year, it will be cancelled.

  18. Magdalena Ekman Reply

    Please I need some assistance. I have an Cell C router that was sent to me via Courier. I do not have the password how can I get a new password so that I can use the router. I have the IMEI and Serial number.

  19. Good Day

    I have cancelled a contract with cell c a month ago. they disconnected my number on the 7th and took all data and airtime they loaded on them. now my concern is the billing it came to the same bill i get every month. i was with the impression that it will be a pro rata as i never used all the benefits for the whole month.

  20. I will be terminating my contract with Cellc with an immediate effect, regardless of the penalty I would have to pay. the worst service of my life. my phone screen went blank after phone fell, I took the phone in at the Kempton park store, I have been sent from pillar to post, fought with the insurance, now that the insurance part is over, my phone was returned twice saying that I have to log out find my IPhone, I went to the Istore twice to confirm that I have logged out find my IPhone. I call the repairs centre this morning only to be told that the phone has been sent back to the store. I have never felt so helpless in my life..

    • Your experience is exactly like mine and the consultants on the phone are so confident of the rubbish information and answers they give you. My phone has been booked twice for repairs and I’m told the same story about the FIND my iPhone. To make matters worse my devise did not fall or anything I’m disgusted by Cell C’ level of customer service

  21. Riaan R. Marais Reply

    Unauthorised deductions from my account.
    If no satisfactuion is received i will and shall take tjhis matter futher

    Pleaae contact me ASAP !!

  22. Lateefa Adams Reply

    I did a credit score check a few days ago, only to find out that i was handed over by cell c for a contract that ended in June 2017.
    I called cell c and was transferred by a consultant to the legal department because my account details cannot be accessed due to the account being handed over. I waited 20mins on the line but no one answered, tried calling the num given by the consultant and im told the num does not exist. I am extremely angry with the fact that my account was paid in full but my name is blacklisted by cell c for r69 which was settled in august 2017.

  23. Mr G.J. Schoeman Reply

    Cell is one of the worst networks when it comes to billing.
    We have trying to sort out the account since June 2017 but to avail. C Cell is quick to suspend the line when payment is not made but is not as quick as resolving its query which is pathetic. I sent them an email last year June and still no reply.

  24. Donovan Malgas Reply

    MY contract expires on the 18/02/2018 and I do not wish to upgrade to a new contract. Can please change my number 0842538795 to prepaid from the 19/02/2018. Thank you in advance, Donovan

  25. R J Esnouf Reply

    I operate a CellC data bundle on my Ipad. This morning I was in the Somerset Mall and was advised that I would be able to check data balabce on my Computer. To date I have not succeeded. Please would you advise how one goes about this ooperation.

  26. I am totally frustrated with Cell C. Have been a loyal customer for 8 years and have 2 contracts with Cell C. However just before my one contract had to be upgraded, I was contacted telephonically and offered a Citrus as an upgrade. I made it clear that I am an elderly lady and would like to stay within my budget. Firstly the Citruss phone was a disaster, and firt one was sent back as faulty. A second one was given in its place…still a most unsatisfactory phone. I hate it in short. BUT my whole package seemed to have been changed I now receive bills far in excess of what I wanted, or can budget for. Despite phone calls and visits to the local cell c shop. My data runs out after the firt week, the ponone jumps from app to app, battery lasts as with firt one a few hours. I am loathe to deal with cell C again as this has become a burden in my life. I am almost 74 and really am at my wits end.

  27. This is a query. I just spoke to a lady named Thandiwe from your Legal Office regarding SMSs that I kept getting receiving saying I owed them money and was told that this was cancellation charges for transferring from a contract to a prepaid. I explained to her that I was NOT TOLD when I requested this that there would be cancellation charges of over R300!!!!! I would not have changed it as the charges are enormous, and also as I was under a debit order contract, why was it not paid out automatically as was done with my account every month. This account is apparently from 2012. I also told her that I do not recall receiving any invoice mentioning this, otherwise I would have queried it long time ago. I am a pensioner and definitely cannot pay something that I very emphatically feel I am not liable for.
    I would appreciate your looking into this matter urgently please.
    Many thanks and kind regards.

  28. GP Havenga Reply

    COMPLAIN ID 75590, POSTED ON 15 NOVEMBER 2015 has still not been resolved. I also sent the complain to your legal department with no feedback! I am going to the papers if no feedback and payback of R1732 illegal taking of my account is completed by 1 December 2015!!

  29. Im struggling to get emails for a few month now and my sim card keeps showing that its full

  30. Good afternoon

    I was told by a Natasha today to email my complaint through to you. Please would you be so kind and advise what it is that I can do to find out who is accessing my phone via whatsapp. I have gone to the police station and they advise me to get proof from Cell C before they can open up a case. Could someone please call me urgently. I do believe that someone has accessed my account and is whatsapping and god alone what else please call me urgently.

  31. Please read the below correspondence and advise. After contacting my service provider via email and receiving no response and then contacting them on their CellC Facebook page and receiving no help, I am now desperate. I’ve contacted Leaf, CellC and the HTC call centre. I have not received any sort of customer service!!! Someone needs to take responsibility, make a plan, and help me!!!!

    HTC TICKET NUMBERS: 12USCW22ENA002810; 12ZACW22ENA000069; 12ZACW15ENA000068; 12USCW22ENA002810

    DATE: 1-06-12:

    I don’t know what to do about this handset:

    • PURCHASED on the 6th of April 2012 at CELLC
    • IMEI: 357805044241025
    • S/N: SH192TR13672
    • P/N: 99HMM047 – 00 B
    • PG76100 5VDC —-1A
    • FCC ID: NM8PG76100
    • TA-2011/127

    The specs advertised were not what I received on the phone.

    It says there is 512MB internal storage on the phone, I only have 140MB, after installing ONLY Facebook HTC Sense, Whatsapp, and a Volume+ which cannot be moved to SD card, I have 17MB free.


    I cannot delete any of the pre-installed apps that were on my phone when I bought it, apparently they cannot be removed or moved to the SD card.
    I have deleted all contacts from my phone and have them saved on my sim-card and don’t allow contact linking. Even this does not help with the memory.
    I have no other apps installed other than the 2 listed above which ANY smart phone should be able to accommodate as everyone uses these applications, and Volume Booster – see below.
    Any time I want to do anything on my phone, I’m told the internal memory is low and have to go through the process of cleaning up the memory before I’m able to do what I want to do, even though the clean up does nothing.
    It’s all very well that the advert of the phone says “BROWSE THOUSANDS OF APPS!” What it doesn’t mention is that you cannot install any of them because the phone has pathetically low internal memory.


    The volume levels on this phone are a joke! I could not even play songs or videos for friends until installing volume booster (204kb) which improved the volume a tiny bit. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PHONE MEMORY WAS ALREADY CLAIMING TO BE LOW AND THE PHONE WAS HANGING BEFORE I INSTALLED THIS APP. It’s not a speaker problem though, even when using headphones, the volume level is ridiculously low. I have missed messages and phone calls because of this problem.

    I guess it doesn’t matter though as the phone is so slow that when I “pull the ring” to unlock it, it hangs for up to 5 minutes before I can do anything. This isn’t a touch screen problem. The phone just hangs.

    When I have an incoming call, I unlock the phone and it will continue to ring, but the phone hangs, so I cannot answer the call. I can just sit and stare hopelessly at the screen as the person attempts to call me.

    The same thing happens with my alarm. It will go off and I unlock the screen and then it hangs so I cannot select “dismiss”. I have endured the alarm going off at sleep intervals for over an hour because I cannot dismiss the alarm. I eventually have to go and deactivate the alarm setting so that it will stop going off. If I forget to activate it again though, I miss appointments because my alarm doesn’t go off.

    The camera also boasts great shots with the 5 MP camera with flash. If the phone doesn’t hang when attempting to capture a special moment, the picture it snaps is almost always grainy or blurry. It appears like a good picture on the phone, until it is loaded onto a computer or social site. This is extremely disappointing as I have lost out on loads of wonderful picture moments that I could have easily captured forever if the camera did what is promised.

    I am currently unemployed and have missed several job opportunities due to not being able to answer calls as listed above and therefore not being booked for interviews.
    This is causing copious amounts of depression and stress in my life and as I am unemployed, cannot afford to do anything about it.
    Why not book interviews via email? Well, my phone no longer downloads email because the memory is too low.
    How about getting job updates via the twitter application peep? The memory is too low to load peeps.
    And Facebook? Well it continues to freeze and the force close option comes up.

    I have sent though an email about this phone already, and received a call from the international call centre telling me to take the phone in to be repaired.
    So now I must sit without a phone for several weeks (even though I’ve only had the phone for 7 weeks) to see if there is an error with it?

    I don’t think this is at all fair to me and is certainly not good customer service.
    I truly believe that I should be given a new phone that delivers all the features promised by the website.
    I paid for a service I have not received and the error is on HTC’s side. I want what I paid for!

    I haven’t even had this phone for 3 months, it’s still brand new and would either like a full refund or given a new phone.
    Please could you get back to me and advise what I should do?


    DATE: 04-05-2012

    I received an email from William at HTC that said:
    “Your HTC Wildfire S was originally built for ‘mild’ to ‘moderate’ users. It was created for those who wished to make calls, send texts, and occasionally surf the web. The internal memory cannot hold several high memory applications.”




    I didn’t bother replying as the email is a no-reply address and I wasn’t going to go through the website again and get ANOTHER person who asks me to do everything again and ANOTHER ticket number.

  32. I took out a contract with Cel C 2 years ago. End March I am supposed to do an upgrade.

    I have already approached Cel C Waterfront and they provided me with a Galaxy Ace. I sent the Galaxy Ace back to them twice already because each time the phone had battery problems. Eventually I told them that I no longer wanted to do the upgrade with their store.

    I have since cancelled my upgrade with Cel C Waterfront so that I can go to another Branch of Cel C and finalise my upgrade but Quinton (Manager at Cel C Waterfront) has not yet provided me with my cancellation forms. Yesterday I received an sms from Cel C thanking me for an upgrade that I cancelled and another sms indicating I have just received R175.00 airtime and 100 sms. I don’t even have an upgrade phone!!!!!!

    I went into Cel C Waterfront last night to collect my R100.00 upgrade fee as Taariq (consultant) called me and told me that I must collect it as my upgrade would be cancelled with that particular branch at the end of the business day which was 23/03/2012 at 9h57am.

    I called the owner (Ferooz Mohammed) yesterday and he told me that he can’t give my R100.00 via EFT I must come into the store to collect it as I need to complete the cancellation forms. I went last night and then Taariq (consultant) told me that I must wait for Quinton (manager) as he is the one who was supposed to do the cancellation form.

    I just want you to know that Cel C Waterfront is giving Cel C a very BAD name and that I am not leaving this situation like this because I am not a very satisfied customer and I want to know what further action can be taken out against the Cel C Waterfront.

    It has taken alot of petrol for me to go back and forth to the Waterfront from Pelican Park every week for the past 2 months since I approached Cel C for my upgrade.

    In the beginning Ferooz Muhammed (owner) told me that I cannot cancel my upgrade with them and do it again at another branch and that I can’t get my upgrade fee back but last night I received my upgrade fee and now I am just waiting on my cancellation forms so that I can do my upgrade before the end of this month. This only took place once I contacted a Sipho Sithole (Cel c Upgrade consultant).

    I only have today (28/3/12) and tomorrow (29/3/12) to do this as I will not be available this week-end as from Friday.

  33. A.P. Slabbert Reply

    To whom it may concern,
    I’m trying to contact Cell C Customer Care via phone but with no luck. Maybe you can help me this way. My cell no. is xx and for the past 2 weeks I cannot make any call because the message pops up that I can only make emergency calls. This is a contract phone and I do have no outstanding balances on this account. Also please noyify me when this contract expires because I need to top up.
    Thank you in advance. A.P. Slabbert

  34. I wish to cancel my Cell C Contract which expires on 31 March 2012. I will not choose the option of upgrading but would like to keep my cell number as prepaid. My number is xx and the banking details you deduct from monthly are as follows:

    Acc. Holder: xx
    Acc. Type: Savings Account
    Acc. Number: xx
    deduction date: 25th of each month.

    your kind consideration to my request would be highly appreciated.

    yours faithfully


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