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Contact CBS: Find below customer service details of CBS TV Network, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
CBS Corporation
51 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019-6188

Customer Service
Phone: 1-888-274-5343 (CBS All Access)
Phone: 1-212-975-3247 (program related)
Phone: 1-212-975-4321 (corporate)

About CBS TV Network
CBS, which is the short for Columbia Broadcasting System, is a leading American television network founded by Arthur Judson in 1927. Operated by CBS Corporation, the broadcasting giant was formerly called United Independent Broadcasters, Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System, Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. and CBS, Inc. The company is headquartered in New York City. CBS’ operations span cable publishing, radio, TV, Internet and film.

The company’s portfolio include CBS Television Network, CBS News, CBS Television Stations, CBS Studios Intl, CBS Home Entertainment, CBS Films, Showtime, CBS Sports Network, CBS Radio, Simon & Schuster, CBS Scene, EcoMedia, CBS Sports, CBS Television Studios, The CW, Smithsonian Channel, CBS Interactive, CBS Sports Radio, Watch! Magazine and Pop. More than 1 billion users visit CBS’s properties every quarter. They include,, Cnet,, Gamespot, ZDNet and

To see the TV schedule, the shows and timings, you can visit the CBS website. There is also Live TV for whose who want to stream episodes and have access to all CBS All Access Originals. You can stream live TV on smartphones, Apple TV, Chromecast, among other devices. You can sign up for a subscription on the website and pay using major credit cards. For more information or queries on schedule, TV programs, live TV, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the CBS customer service.

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  1. Would like to express our overall displeasure with network programming, especially via air antennae. Many folks have already and are continuing to unplug from cable services due to its high expense, especially during this pandemic. We expected to get mostly decent, family-friendly network TV via air antennae. But such is not the case.

    Thank Goodness for broadcasting via LAFF, ME TV, PBS, Think TV, E/I etc. We are not prudes but unfortunately, the majority of network programming is blood and guts, stabbings, killings, murders, people sporting all kinds of weapons, shooting everyone up, illicit sex, assaults, adultery, fornication, drugs, stealing/robberies, kidnappings, beatings, uncontrolled anger, a myriad of extreme violence and rampant profanity. And this is during prime time!

    You may say cite ratings are high for these programs. But consider perhaps you have desensitized people to what is right and wrong through them. Even some prime time game shows are highly risqué , full of distasteful and disgusting (to us & many) profanity (e.g. potty mouth Mom/Tell The Truth) and obviously suggestive questions asked. Some female game show hosts (e.g. Press Your Luck) ;wear extremely low/almost no necklines and show way too much cleavage. It’s more like a peep show than a good, clean game. One can dress attractively without being burlesque. It certainly sends a wrong message to our young women that being overtly sexy is okay.

    My question to you is: How are you influencing our society and our children? Yes, parents should govern under age viewing, but many children watch these shows on their own and are not supervised. Are you influencing for good or not for good? What do you think your moral responsibility in programming truly is? When a populous receives a steady abundance of violence, profanity, overt sex, etc., impressionable, unstable, immature people see a steady diet of this garbage and they emulate it. (e.g. translated into violent (vs. peaceful) protests, daily uptake in crime & murders on our city streets, rising sexual diseases, etc.).

    Bad network programming is only surpassed by what is probably your most lucrative but disgusting drug sponsors. First, you see mostly bad shows, then you hear about hemorrhoids, COPD, blood clots, psoriasis/skin diseases, diabetes, heart disease. athletes foot, cancer, and on and on it goes. (Not to diminish anyone’s problems/diseases whatsoever, but one usually has to see a Dr. for these things in most cases, who will prescribe medications appropriately). Out of a half hour, you get more depressing ad nauseum commercials along with political ads, than the actual programs themselves. In fact, we have noticed actual programming seems to be cut shorter and shorter to allow even more commercials.

    How about all the networks start looking at your industry , upping your standards, and consider what people want – good, clean family friendly programming with good values (there are a few) that give hope?

  2. Love CBS This Morning, Gail is a good at what she does but she over talk everyone. It’s not the Gail show. The rest is just settling there while Gail babble on. Share the air time with co-workers!

    • Debbie Cantril Reply

      I’m commenting on “The CBS Morning Show”. This has been my favorite for years my go to morning coffee show. Nora was my favorite but I really enjoyed Gails input. But the last few weeks if you are going to talk about being prejudice that would be Gail. She is totally one sided, takes over every conversation. You can see Anthony and Tony sitting there feeling very awkward. CBS has become so one sided I can no longer watch. What ever happened to just reporting the news without a slant either way

  3. Debra Smith Reply

    Why does CBS have that stupid distracting needless background music for every show? It’s basically the same dumb theme with variations, like for survivor it sounds tribal, but just as annoying. You think it helps magnify tension, or suspense or whatever. IT DOES NOT. It just sucks.

    • David R. Patterson Reply

      Sirs, We have noticed that since Nora O Donnell has moved to the Washington DC office her presentations and tone have become very shrill and aggressive. Although she has always appeared to be slightly left leaning politically she also displayed the marks of a trained journalist in presenting story’s in a fair and unbiased manner. She was probably the closest thing CBS had to a true journalist. No more in fact we have come to believe that all news personalitys on your network are Left biased, or encouraged by management to be left politically, This is against your code of ethics your national news presentation does not and should not be biased to the left or right. Reporting statements by various politicians as untrue, wrong, or lies is not a requirement either. Give your viewers at least minimal credit for intellect, if you must refute a statement have an unbiased expert if you can find one do so. At least expect viewers to think and make decisions from evidence not from your reporters opinions.

  4. Craig Anderson Reply

    Please do not cancel Tommy. It’s a good show. Believe me there are not that many good shows on network tv anymore. Eddy Falco is a brilliant actress. You would think CBS at this time would encourage a show with a strong female lead character.

  5. Jerry Fowle Reply

    So sad that your show is ending, God Friended Me. I couldn’t wait for the Sunday evening show. Is there a book that I can read from the point you ended the series that goes on?


    • Melinda Byrne Reply

      Tommy is one of the most sophisticated and intriguing dramas on television today. Edie Falco is superb as the first female police chief having to make difficult and courageous moral and ethical decisions in the “all-boy’s club” she oversees. Add in the talented and diverse cast of characters in this show, and you have one of the best shows CBS has ever delivered. This show is on par or exceeds other CBS dramas with strong female character leads, such as The Good Wife, The Good Fight, and Madame Secretary. Tommy is an – on the edge of your seat nail-biter in almost every episode. The season finale was absolutely jaw-dropping. Please give this show more time and opportunity to allow Edie Falco to demonstrate that women are more than capable of being a strong, intelligent and courageous leader in a man’s world. Please reconsider and renew Tommy for another season. The season one finale made it clear that even bigger challenges full of intrigue and suspense still lied ahead for Tommy. Do this show justice by letting it deliver.

    • Geoff Brown Reply

      I have never contacted a news organization in my life and I’m 64 ,
      I would really suggest you step back and look at your reporting it truly is not very good .
      Your manipulation of facts is quite troubling please take to heart the fourth leg of government is the media and I truly think you’ve reached a point where you’ve neglected your responsibility ,
      I would not care if it was done out of ignorance but I know that most of you are smart enough to know exactly what you are doing and it is wrong ,
      Thank you

    • Lori LaRocca Reply

      I have watched CBS Morning Show for years and have always appreciated the more “neutral” political opinions. In fact it was the only station I would watch because of this. Unfortunately, over the last few months, the opinions are obvious and have tipped, way over to the left! You are now forcing me to watch Fox! Sorry Tony and Gale, you have ruined it for me! Fox News here I come!

      • I watched the St. Jude tournament today (Sunday) and I was disheartened by the political statement made by Amanda during the broadcast. How does rational people “keep the conversation going” with a group that seeks to undermine our government? In all honesty, every life matters, not just one race or ethnic group.

  6. Today was the final blow. Watching PaulaReid disrespect and talk over the President of the United States. Then to make her report on the Morning Show was so bias. Please fire her and please do not let all the anchors show who they like as our leaders. Be fair and most of all honest. Lost another viewer and all respect for CBS .

  7. Andrea Chinchilla Reply

    I would like to know why you do not broadcast the President’s daily speech/update on the Coronavirus.
    Your bias is absolutely unbelievable. I no longer watch anything on CBS, and have lost all respect for your channel.

  8. Peggy Krainman Reply

    I am an AT&T UVerse customer and am frustrated that AT&T is threatening to take off CBS from our station lineup here in the Austin, Texas area for some dispute they are having with CBS. In July they took off NBC for over 2 months with a dispute with Nextstar, so we had no access to the summer programs. Since they got the biggest tax break in corporate history from the Trump group, they are just acting like the biggest bully and trodding all over the primary networks. Amazing that all of a sudden the dispute stopped when football season entered the picture. Will you please intervene and let AT&T know they don’t own the networks. Contacting them is like walking up to a wall and talking to it.

    Maybe fining them might help? As we all know, it’s the almighty $$$$$ that speaks volumes.

  9. Your journalism has lost all of its professionalism. You do not report th news but instead report your opinion as news. Americans are too smart not to see what you are doing. President Trump is in no way a racist. He may not pick and choose the best words to use but he has the citizens of America at heart in every thing, he does. Twisting what he says, raising your eyebrows as if questioning what he did (Nora) and constantly slamming him is only making people turn away from your network. I will not watch one show you air anymore!

  10. Priscilla Point Reply

    I can’t believe you took off CBS from ATT/DIRECTV. They blame you and you blame them. Stop this childish behavior! How could you put customers in the middle of this travesty? It’s outrageous and stupid! Now you are dumping my favorite shows. Unbelievable!

    • Why do you guys keep interrupting good stories on CBS morning news for the stupid annoying special report for unemployment. If you want to report the numbers of unemployment just put a quick segment in the broadcast that shows the numbers or a banner on the bottom of the screen. There were a couple segments/stories on the news that I missed out on for a special report that has mediocre information.

  11. Bruce in California Reply

    Please give my regrets to Gayle King, Norah O’Donnell, Stephen Cobert and all the others wasting away their talent at CBS while we can no longer watch them due to the ridiculous black out on AT&T by their greedy management. The audacity of the network trying to get more money for content that is loaded with paid commercials is really too much! I miss these seeing these professionals, but there are so many other choices. And one of the best is just turning off the TV.

    • I find it aggravating that we are told three times what news segments are coming up and when the segment is reported it has NO more information . What happened to real reporting with in-depth facts? Less commercials, more facts, and more story reporting. I assure you there is plenty to report on. Boots to the pavement, phone calls, reporters doing their job.

  12. Pat Cannon Reply

    I cannot believe how stupid CBS programming is on so many levels. You have revamped the news in a wrong direction. Bring back Jeff Glor or Scott Pelley. Nora O’Donnell is not the right person for CBS news. Also, bring back John Elliot in the morning. With the exception Chris Wragge, the morning news is horrible. You are idiots for taking John off. Your programming in the evening is horrible. You are not bringing back The Red Line, one of the most critically acclaimed shows in recent times. This is idiotic!! It’s one of your best shows and you cancel? What is wrong with you people? I am switching to ABC in all respects – morning, afternoon and evening.

    • I personally am glad that Nora is not on CBS in the mornings. She is so disrespectful and condescending. Did not hate to see her go. She shouldn’t be on the air at all. Way too arrogant. Now, as far as programming goes, what the check is this Love Island garbage. I won’t even be able to sit down and watch this kind of garbage with my young grandchildren. Seems all they care about is getting more smut on the air. Certainly proves they aren’t a Christian based company. And five nights a week no less. PUKE!!!!! Bye, bye CBS.

    • Can CBS and AT&T ( directv) please get on with some serious talks. there is already a overdose of commercials on every show that I’m sure brings in enough money to pay for the show. Also the consumer pays a enormous fee for show that use to be free. Please get it together and stop greedyness on both sides. Before people realize they can live more productive lives without most of all your shows

  13. I feel like CBS pulled the coverage of the 4th of July celebration that has been going on for many years out of disrespect for the people. I understand and have understood your bias against Trump and anything and anyone associated with Trump. However, celebrating the 4th is not about Trump it is about the USA and it’s citizens. By using big brother tactics you have insulted and said the US is not worth celebrating and it’s citizens are to stupid to be able to think for themselves, after being exposed to a speech. I resent the news networks acting like they are the arbiters of how the peon masses ought to think or be allowed to be exposed to. It is so sad that a generations long celebration of the US is now considered to be harmful for the American people to see and so you feel you need to be “big brother” to insure the US citizens are not exposed to wrong thinking.

  14. andrew mcneela Reply

    I would like to take a moment to thank you for televising the Big Bang Theory for the last 12 years, this has to be my most favourite TV show of all time.
    I would watch it every week with out fail, also watching the re runs on a daily basis weather that be on E4 the UK TV channel, or my DVD box set which I’m due to update following the unfortunate news of the last episode which is still due to air here in the UK this Thursday 23/05/2019.

    The news that The Big Bang Theory is coming to an end is so upsetting and a lot of emotion is building this week on the lead up to the last episode I would like to thank all the cast for playing the characters so well and making The Big Bang Theory what is was and also a big thank you to the creator and directors also all the staff members behind the scenes keeping the show and set running.

    to summarise just – THANK YOU!!!!

  15. Jane Meckley Reply

    I would like to recommend that CBS air weekend soaps. There are so many elderly, disabled and housebound people in our country that I think weekend soaps would be a popular hit.

    • Patrick Keane Reply

      I wonder if in the wake of the Jeremy Kyle scandal, some thought would be given to the Judge Judy show. I am thinking in particular of comments such as ‘ are you on some sort of medication’ ? and ‘have you been in prison?’ At other times unfair remarks about people on social welfare such as ‘Byrd and I are paying for that’. I suspect there are occasions when people feel particularly gutted and humiliated by such remarks. I am just curious as to whether recent events will cause CBS to review the format of this show, with a little more caution.


    I can’t believe you are televising the Michael Cohen testimony live – but since CBS is just another liberal media network it really shouldn’t surprise me. I’m old enough to remember when anchors reported the news rather than their personal opinions – that used to be left to the editorial page. Walter Cronkite must be turning over in his grave with what has happened to the news media and reporters today.

  17. So I guess I want to thank you for slowly but surely taking away my favorite shows. CBS is my favorite network. Scorpion, Code Black, Life in Pieces and soon The Big Bang Theory and my all time favorite, Criminal Minds.

    Now, with the shortened season of Criminal Minds, I am able to catch up on shows from other networks. I work Tuesday evenings so no tv for me. I watch NCIS but also This is Us and New Amsterdam.

    Good shows are ending, being pulled. I wish that Big Brother and Survivor would go extinct. Not a fan of either. I know that pleasing all people is not possible but ending Criminal Minds on top of the others really hurts. And to add insult to injury, shorter seasons.

    Not much more I can say. Decisions are made and like it or not, I’ll have to learn to survive a future without Criminal Minds. It’s just hard to imagine it without Prentiss, Rossi, Garcia, Reid, JJ, Tara, Alvez and Simmons.

  18. CBS,
    I am an avid watcher of 60 minutes.
    I think your journalism investigations are very questionable / politically motivated with regard to the our President of the United States.
    Your favoritism toward the democratic party is a disgrace to professional journalists

  19. I am trying to find the phone number for “Call Kurtis.” I would appreciate your sending it to me, as I’ve tried everything, and haven’t been able to find it.

  20. joseph mercurio Reply

    I am very upset that the S.W.A.T. Episode of Los Huesos was at leat 75 % English subtitles. We are in the U.S.A. and watching an English program we should not be subjected to a foreign language telecast. I am actually sick and tired of this happening more frequently. if you live in this country you should speak and learn OUR language

  21. Charles Deininger Reply

    Again I am asking why the so called background music is now frontground loud, no reason, annoying stuff that drowns out the talking. Don’t understand the sound people. Are they just learning or what? Shows are good but will stop watching if the music doesnt stop. Same for other viewers I talk to. Give us a break.

    • Sandee Clark Reply

      We love most of your shows but can’t hear what the actors are saying because the background is soooo loud. Any chance you can stop the music during dialogue. Thank you for your consideration.

  22. Rick Spence Reply

    Just a fan of CBS Sports. So very sorry CBS left many of us “in the dark” with the ending of the Cleveland Browns/Baltimore Ravens NFL football game. The broadcast team advise the reason for leaving us in the lurch was because of “NFL rules.” Is that reality? if so, fans could not be more infuriated. I recall the “Heidi” game of the last century…of course, that was long ago. Surely, CBS has a better way of providing viewership with a way to realize the end of a fixating game. Am I wrong? I am just a little disappointed. Oh yea, wish you could have held onto David Ferhgety. Peace – Rick Spence

  23. Jerome Steiner Reply

    I can’t believe you cancelled Scorpion. It was my favorite show. I was so looking forward to the new season. I had even, easily, figured out how the “team” would get back together. PLEASE reconsider.

  24. So let me get this straight. The government is catching people filling for passports with fake birth certificates and your news station has a problem with that. Tell your reporter that there are many ways to prove citizenship one would be a birth certificate that is real. Why would anyone believe the news specifically your station. Wasn’t it you guys that outlawed USA flag lapel pins to show you were unbiased. You just can’t make this stuff up….

  25. Judy Michaaud Reply

    What are you thinking? Code Black is the best medical drama on TV. I like to watch medical shows and none of them are as good as Code Black. In my opinion, it is comparable to ER. Please reconsider cancelling the show.

  26. Joanne Parrish Reply

    I am very disappointed that you are cancelling Code Black. Their stories always have a lesson to be learned. I would rather watch a show that changes lives than all this super natural. Please reconsider.

    • Jim Worley Reply

      YES YES YES thank you for NOT canceling Code Black The early seasons were a little slow and boring but the shows now are just great the writing has improved 1000% I was crushed as were a lot of folks I talked to that you were going to cancel this fine show.Thanks again and my wife and I are looking forward to the upcoming season.

  27. Maureen DeRouin Reply

    Please do NOT cancel the show “Code Black”! It is a terrific show, one of the few I watch, and should be renewed. I don’t understand why you would take this show off the air and keep all the other crap! There must be 900 channels and nothing good is on. We were better off in the 50’s when there were 3 channels and terrific shows! And Code Black is a terrific show!!!!

  28. Nancy Kranovich Reply

    I am extremely disappointed that Living Biblically was not renewed. There are so few shows that I watch because so many are politically driven – I’m sick of the drama and the hate. This was such an upbeat show. I loved it! I hope that all the episodes (includes those unreleased) will be out in DVD form for those of us who loved it!

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