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Contact Captain D’s: Find below customer service details of Captain D’s, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the restaurant chain.

Head Office
Captain D’s, LLC
624 Grassmere Park Drive,
Suite 30, Nashville,
Tennessee 37211

Customer Service
Phone: 800-314-4819 (consumer info)
Phone: 877-635-6502 (franchise info)
Email: [email protected]

About Captain D’s
Captain D’s is a seafood restaurant chain founded by Ray Danner in 1969. Headquartered at Nashville, Tennessee, Captain D’s operates in more than 500 locations across 20 states. You can locate a Captain D’s restaurant using the search tool on the website. You can search a restaurant by city, state or zip. Popular for its hand-battered fish fillets, Captain D’s goes to great length to serve fresh fish, seafood, poultry and vegetables.

The menu at Captain D’s includes Fish/Shrimp & Crab Shell, Grilled Crab Cakes, Fried Green Tomatoes, Key Lime Pie, Butterfly Shrimp, Southern Style Fish Tenders, Catfish Fillets, Country-Style Fish, Shrimp Skewers, Wild Alaskan Salmon, Grilled White Fish, Wild Alaskan Salmon Salad, The Captain Sandwich, Popcorn Shrimp, Kid’s Grilled Fish Tenders, among others. The sides and desserts include Coleslaw, French Fries, Side Salad, Green Beans, Okra, Broccoli, Baked Potato, Sweet Corn, Mozzarella Sticks, Clam Strips, Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake and Funnel Cake Stix.

Regular Captain D’s customers can join the D’s Club to receive exclusive offers and promotions. Interested in partnering with Captain D’s? You can now be part of the family by opening a franchise. About half the restaurants are currently owned by franchisees. New stores are averaging $1.4 million in annual sales. Information on the cost and formalities can be read on the website. For more queries on restaurant locations, menu, online ordering, or others reach the Captain D’s customer service.

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  1. I go to Captain D’s every Wednesday specifically to get the senior citizen discount. Today I was told that the discount wasn’t available anymore. When I asked why the employee told me the system was being updated and he didn’t know when or if the discount would be available again. This is very disappointing . Most seniors live on fixed incomes and appreciate the discount because every little bit helps. Not sure I’ll be going to Captain D’s now .

  2. Martha Mitchell Reply

    Visited store number 3571 in Gardendale, Alabama on 9-13-22 @ 16:54 pm. Upon arriving with my family, both of the front doors were locked. While we were deciding what to do an employee unlocked the door and informed us if we were going to stay it would be a 10 minute wait before we could order and another 10 minutes before we could get our food. She was very rude and did not explain what was going on and did not apologize for the inconvenience. After receiving several eye rolls and huffs she wouldn’t take our money andwhen she finally did,I had tell tell her to give me my change. I finally had enough and told her as a team lead at panera Bread I would never treat my customers that way. She stated, well this is not panera. she said she was wearing a headset and couldn’t wait on me and drive thru. I told her to wait on the customers in front of her. That is when she told me to leave. I had already paid plus my husband, who is a diabetic was needing to eat. If she had said something like we are short staffed and our wait time might be a little longer than usual. Please be patient for we are doing the best we can, everything would have been OK. Personally I feel she needs more training.

  3. I went to the Captain D’s when they open at 1030 and waited at speaker for 5 minutes and no one answered, drove around and they lady was standing there looking at the window and would not try to stop me or take my order! This has happened to other times and it really made me upset, I wish I was a secret shopper I was rate this store bad.Workers like that cost company’s money!

  4. Walking into a restaurant and hearing music with the lyrics involving indecent words should never happen. Then being treated extremely rude and having to hear how the cashier has “to pee” makes for a disgusting experience.

  5. The food at the Bluefield West Virginia was old and nasty, the floors and tables were dirty, cooks screaming at each other in the back, also cussing. It has never been like this before, the person in control did not care about what was going on in restaurant. Manager was not here. I don’t know what’s going on now with management the new supervisor is not controlling his stores and I have pictures to prove it.

  6. Claudie Reply

    This comment is for Captain D’S #3577 Dalton Ga. Guest #046. My husband and I had seen the advertisement for the new Cajun (spicy) flavored fish so we drove to Dalton to try it. It wasn’t really busy but the young lady that took our order didn’t seem to understand English. My husband pointed to the wall a couple of times for choices, 2 piece spicy fish with all that comes with it for $5.99. (x2). He ordered one more piece of fish. When we got our order we looked at the ticket and realized that we had been charged for food we didn’t really order. Mine was $7.29 for two pc fish ml and my husbands was $8.69 for 3 pc fish ml plus they added a med drink for $2.59 we did not order. We ordered 2 waters. Our total bill was $19.97. We could not get the girl to understand that it was wrong, leaving us frustrated. We vowed never to come back. The person at the counter taking orders needs to be able to understand English.

  7. I stopped at your location in Summerville SC. I waited in drive thru for 35 minutes. If service continues this way, you will be closed shortly. More people left than waited. Poor service.

  8. I went through drive thru and order the okra. It was awful and I got another order, the same thing. I asked for the manager and he stated that the okras were frozen. I work In food service so I know that wasn’t true. I order sweet tea I got unsweetened tea. I got very poor service. And employees should wash hands after handling cell phones. Captain D’s on Deanbridge Rd Augusta, Ga.

  9. Paul Crecelius Reply

    Captain D. At Bedford,In. Food was cold. Another customer got cold fries. The counter was too busy and I was ignored. Some guy she was talking to and he had been behind the counter also. He was not in business attire. Sloppy dressed. Please remove emails to me. I do not plan to return and receive cold food again. It was a dine in.

  10. Went to the Lynchburg Captain D’s for supper last night and was greeted and waited on by a very nice young lady…she was very helpful and double checked everything and i did not have to keep asking her is everything in the bag and she gave great customer service…thank you Captain D’s for Megan.

  11. Kathy Turner Reply

    Visited your location in St. Louis on the corner of Grand and Chouteu. While waiting for our order we had to clean our own table no problem. When we returned to the counter there were no trays available. I am a disabled senior citizen with mobility issues in hands and arms and was in my brace but we carried our own food in our hands and it took;2 1/2 trips to bring it. A couple minutes later a white shirted employee escorted another customer to her table after messing up her order. The customer offered to carry her food herself, the white shirted employee told her it was against the law for her to carry it herself and didn’t tell the customer that nicely. I asked the white shirted employee if I could have a complimentary soda for my trouble since I had served myself. She berated me and the new employee saying he was new and admonishing him in front of the other employees. My food was cooked incorrectly and I asked for a replacement she continued to berate me, told me since someone else had paid for my food she would only be addressing her. Not once did she offer to replace my food offering instead a partial refund for food I never ate. She ended up bullying me and started to physically harass me trying to remove me from the store even though I was leaving on my own. Telling the person who I was dining with to get the receipt so that we could call the corporate office. I sat in my car in 90 degree heat while my dining partner remained inside for another 10-15 min trying to get a refund for the food I never ate. The receipt given was for a voided order with no real identifying information. Which is why I am contacting the corporate office, never in my whole life have I ever been so hurt and embarrassed in all my life. No matter how I tried to deescalate the situation explaining that to her all she wanted to do was escalate the situation until the whole crew was behind the counter watching what was going on, as she practically shoved me out the door.

  12. Visited summerville s.c.location today. The prices are way up and quality and quantity way down!! Fish looked terrible, pieces very small like cut into 2 pieces for each one, fries not very cooked not crispy at all. This restaurant was always very busy but not any more and now they have lost more customers since we will never come back!!!

  13. I won’t be going back to the Burnet, Texas location. Not even if the food was free and I was starving. I got violently ill after eating the Tilapia special a few weeks ago, it was good poisoning. Today is a Sunday, not much to choose from locally unless you want cheap burgers or tacos. I went back to Capn D’s in Burnet, got the catfish special and I should have checked the order before I left. I got items I didn’t order and the items I wanted were not there. Only thing right was the sweet tea. Fish under cooked and spongy. Sides Luke warm, and not what I ordered. I paid for funnel cakes, none were given. The big boy working the window hates his job and doesn’t mind telling you. He’s not getting any sympathy from me. Three orders in a row, he’s either given me the wrong items, or undercooked food. I’m not done yet with my complaints. You’ve ruined too many of my meals that I bought in good faith.

  14. Visited Captain Ds for lunch today at 9335 Kingston Pike, Knoxville TN with my teenage granddaughters.—dine in. We had: whitefish, baked potato and fries – fries and baked potato were cold and hair found in hush puppy. We had catfish and shrimp with fries – again fries were cold. We had white fish sandwich and coleslaw. Sandwich was saturated with tarter sauce and cold. Let guy behind counter know that the Pepsi dispenser was empty we were told they were out of Pepsi and to choose something else. When the girls asked for tarter sauce for their meal they said they would bring some to the table – which was not brought. When to front counter and asked for some and was told they would have to make some and would bring it to the table – which they finally did. The meal was not enjoyable at all. As a person who owns a business, just thought you needed to know what is going on in your stores.

  15. Just left the Captain D’s in Dickson TN, Just wanted to give a big thank you to the staff that was working tonight, there was only 4 of them but they was doing a fantastic job.

  16. Angela Callens Reply

    Visited Millington location tonight and sat in drive thru line for 25 minutes just to order and then had to confirm order of 2 4 piece fish meals, one with green beans and okra and one with green beans and Mac and cheese with extra order of fries and extra order of Mac and cheese, which cost me $35. We got a 2 piece chicken with corn and slaw and a 4 piece chicken with green beans and Mac and cheese with stale, cold fries and Mac and cheese.. This location needs to be shut down and I am guessing maybe someone else got my order.

  17. I will be calling customer service on Monday, our experience was awful. Fries were raw, order called in to pick up, arrived 15 min after call in, husband went in to pick up, waited in line, to be told that it wasnt ready, didnt start order till he paid. Waited 25 min to get the order. Order was wrong, coleslaw 2/3:full. Fries cold, left coleslaw off the 2 piece also. We had a family pk 10 piece also, but only 8 pieces, a handful of fries that weren’t cooked completely.

  18. Went to Captain D’s tonight. Sat behind cars in drive thru because inside was closed for 15 mins. After I got to the speaker to order I sat another 15 mins waiting on someone to take my order. The car in front of me was the last one they waited on. They just closed up the restaurant. No sorry we are closing, NOTHING! One little sign over the pickup window said they closed at 5. It was 6 when I got there and like I said every car in front of me was waited on. Why not put it on the main sign that it closes early. SOMETHING!! This was just rude and inexcusable. Won’t be going back there. Needs management bad.

  19. I visited the Starke, FL location a few weeks back. I had ordered a fish sandwich and the sandwich was horrible looking when I opened the box. I was unable to go back at that time due to being on the road and having time constraints. Was going out of town the next day. I did call the store 3 times and the phone was never answered. I returned to the store later to either get an acceptable, fresh sandwich or my money back. The manager asked the cashier if I had my receipt, I did. She came to the front and went to give me my refund and states that it had been too long, she couldn’t refund my money. Also refused to give me a new sandwich. The manager needs some serious training in customer service. When I asked for her name, she refused to give her name. She asked me what was my name, I told her that wasn’t a concern for her. She promptly told me that’s what her name was too. I have never seen such ghetto garbage be in management.

  20. Went to Captain D’s on sunset in Charlotte today and the young lady working the drove thru with braids already had a attitude and rushing me to order and I did and drove up to the window and she refused me because I pulled on up to the window while she was still talking. And at the window she had a attitude and said I’m not serving you. I have paid anyway so what she was saying at the drive thru mic don’t matter. These young people shouldn’t pick fast food to work if they have attitudes. Do better captains D’s with who you all hire.

  21. The last 2 times I went to Captain D’s in Dickson, Tn, I sat in the dining room hearing the staff complaining that they had had enough, couldn’t take it and we’re going to lock the doors. Some people, like me go into the restaurant instead of spending 45 minutes in the drive thru. I understand times are hard, but if staff want to complain about the customers they should do it where all in the dining room can’t hear them.

  22. Cheetara Walton Reply

    Went to Captain D’s in Belleville, IL at about 8:20pm on 11/6/21. We sat behind another car in the drive thru before realizing employees had not addressed car in front. I called to see if they would answer. No response. The lights are then shut off for the menu board/outdoor. We decided to leave and on way out of drive thru we saw people cleaning/prepping for close. I called again once home just to see if someone would pick up and they did. I proceeded to ask if they were open and he stated no, closed early due to short staff. I get it, especially with the times. I stated my concern on why they just didn’t address the customers waiting to let them know they were closed early due to staffing, especially since the website suggests closing time is 9. The guy responded with “the district manager told us to just shut the lights off and don’t say anything to the customers.” Having worked in customer service for most of my work career, I find it odd and inconvenient to simply not address the waiting customers with anything. There should be no problem in letting the waiting customers know that the store is closed as opposed to just shutting the lights off. We are in a different time and so it’s understandable, however every store does not operate the same so some customers could be uninformed on changes. Communication goes a long way. I would love to know your thoughts on how it should be handled or should have been handled.

  23. I ordered the ten piece family fish meal. I wanted loaded baked potato, but was told they only had one so I could order other items. I ordered coleslaw and Mac and cheese. I also ordered green beans extra and told them I would like to get the baked potato also. Order came to over $38. It all came in two bags so I didn’t check it all before I left. Got home and had no green beans or baked potato. I gave tried to call several times but always get the voicemail say not available try again later. It takes approximately 20 min. To go back and I do not want to travel again tonight. I will not visit here again.

  24. Went to captain d’s in Tucker Ga last week. Went to the same one again today it took 2 minutes before my order was taken in drive through and 17 minutes waiting for my food…thought maybe they’re short staffed but when i get to the window finally its 4 crew members standing on line with drinks and the cashier walking around getting orders and drinks. This is awful for a business i spent my whole lunch break in a drive thru. I will not return to this location I will starve before i spend my money because after waiting all that time the only thing that was decent was my damn coke fish was hard, mac and cheese was watery and breadsticks was burnt.

  25. I am writing to make you aware of Captain D’s located in Union City, Ga. This location is the absolute worst! What happened to my husband and I tonight just takes the cake!! Once we got home and began to take our food out of the bag to eat, the most disgusting thing occurred! Not only did my corn look hideous, but it was covered in debris, as if it fell onto the floor and was swooped up, bagged and handed to us as if nothing happened! Quite disgusting is an understatement!

    Our stomachs turned upside down at the sight and the thought of what else may have happened to the food we just ordered. An entire meal for two had to be trashed. We could not trust eating this food, after what we just witnessed! I have photos I wish I could attach them here. We would like a complete refund. Maybe someone from your corporate office should make an unknown visit to this location. This is not the first time we have received this type of service. Enough is enough, at this point.

  26. Rose Swain Reply

    Recently visited store in phenix city alabama. Very unhappy. Order was wrong and employees were rude. Went back and got reorder. Shrimp was raw Cole slaw was warm and spoiled. Also was told I would get a complimentary dessert. That didn’t happen. Very bad experience.

  27. Went to Captain D’S in Winder, Ga today for dinner. I have never had a problem. Today I asked for a large water with my dinner. I got a medium. Now I know this shouldn’t be a big deal but I want what I asked for or I wouldn’t have asked for it. The drive thru attendant told me that’s the largest they could go without charging for it. I told her I would pay for it. Another woman working there shouted out the window just give her the damn thing and send her on. Then someone from the kitchen wanted to know if the person with the double fries was causing problems. I told her to forget it I didn’t want the water. I got my food and left. I had ordered a 4 piece batter dipped fish meal. When I opened the plate there were 2 pieces of burned fish, raw fries, and hush puppies covered in something I don’t know. I will never go back and I hope they close down. All over a stupid water.

  28. Today 4/18/21 I placed an online order from the Dallas Ga Store. After submitting the order and paying for it I logged off they sent me the confirmation email and I saw I had ordered one of the sides wrong. Since I wasn’t going to pick it up for about 2 hours I thought I would call the and get them to change it. I made 10 attempts but never got anyone to answer the phone. So I told my Granddaughter to get them to change it and they did. However when she got home I found not only some items missing but the whole order wasn’t what I had ordered. Tried to call 3 more times but again no answer.

  29. I went to Captain D’s today and requested extra tarter sauce with my $16 plus order. I was told I would get what they allowed. I ask what was allowed and told the lady at the window if I didn’t get what I needed I would have to come in to the self serve and get more. She told me to pull ahead and to wait please. She came out with my order and told me I should be nicer to the fast food workers fixing my food or someone could do something to my order I wouldn’t like. I told her if that happened I would call the police! She said I wouldn’t know it! That’s a interesting way to manage a business don’t you think? Threatening to ruin the food you just paid for! What an attitude! And that was at the Mount Juliet Store!

  30. Waited in drive thru line at Captain D’s In Marianna, Florida for over an hour. Finally we were served food that was not freshly cooked. There were vehicles parked in parking lot waiting for their food to be brought to them. Vehicles were lined up from Main Street all the way around the establishment. Sounds great but not to the customer! We only saw two people working from the window. People were leaving and we saw some of them go across the street to Wendy’s. Hope this problem is solved right away. This is one of our favorite places to eat.

  31. Gail Callaway Reply

    I went to the Captain D’s in Stockbridge, Ga. yesterday. The prices have gone up and the quality has gone down. I waited about 30 minutes for dine in. Fish was round strips and the batter was tough, not the usual Staff were arguing and manager getting on to them. The whole place was a mess. Food was not up to standard and people were asking for their money back This place will never survive with food and service like it was yesterday.

  32. Shanika Jones Reply

    I visited Captain D’s in Portsmouth , Virginia to order a White fish dinner . The young lady rushed me through my order with a attitude. I ask for manager when I got window because young lady was on her cell phone. The manager on duty was rude stating I couldn’t add to order at the window. I explained that I was rushed and could I speak to store manager which is Freda no last name given. Ask for contact information she said google it. She refused to serve me ask me if I would like refund . This store is very unprofessional a lot of Young people being disrespectful… I had to call Newport News store to get assistance.. still waiting for district manager to call me

  33. Mike Sawyer Reply

    Just as the majority of reviews, my experience was dismal at best. My order was shorted had to go back and then had to wait for them to cook the food I was shorted. The service and employees are substandard. The building needs to be bulldozed and rebuilt. This is the Fayetteville, Georgia store.

  34. Hollis Rich Reply

    Having eaten at Captain D’s ever since the store opened in Portsmouth, Va., I went there today to order two lunch specials of popcorn shrimp with coleslaw and small drink. I had a gift card that I had been using for previous meals and wanted to use up the balance. When I went tp pay for the order ,it was more than the usual price. I found that the person taking the order increased the size of the drink to large. I questioned the difference and got no correction. Then they said the gift card didn’t have anything left on it and gave it back to me. When I got home I called the toll free number and was given the balance on the card. Also one of the shrimp dinners had dark brown over cooked shrimp. Had to throw some of it away because it was not fit to eat. The store was #0207 at 3911 Victory Blvd, Portsmouth, Va. 23701. This is the WORST experience I have ever had at this store. If this is the best they can do, I don’t recommend going there for seafood.

  35. Debby Sisk Reply

    I Visited your Alcoa, Tennessee Captain Ds restaurant on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020. I was treated with a smile & “Tasha” was very informative for every question I asked. She also displayed a smile and patience, as well as respect and it encourages me to return more often. She displayed friendliness and gave me information promptly and even complimented me (which at 65 years of age, I appreciate ALL compliments?). I hope this compliment is forwarded to Tasha. Thank you for your time?

  36. Captain ds only hires lazy people. Most managers are either seating in the back on their phones or sitting outside with their phone and a cigarette. No one wears gloves or masks. The employees get as many smoke breaks as possible. Mold grows in the Tennessee locations and the roofs leak inside the building. Most the equipment is old and rundown. I recommend no one go to these places. They are hiring drug addicts, thefts, mainly people right out of prison to work at the locations in Tennessee.

  37. Toni Crooks Reply

    I’ve been to captain d’s twice in the last month, I ordered a shrimp and fish meals both times, and both ttimes I have been shorted the fish. I tried calling back both times and no one answers! Will not be back for a LONG TIME

  38. Clarissa Glover Reply

    I ordered 2-2 piece dinners and got 1 fillet cut in half. I was charged $20.xx. Captain D ‘s is ripping people off for the amount of fish in the plate. They got me this time but never again. They have lost a customer.

  39. Ricky Chandler Reply

    Yesterday I stopped by our local Capt. D’s in Dickson TN. Normally I go through the drive thru, but It was backed all the way back to the road. I went inside to get my to go order. I forgot to get my mask when I went inside. I was informed by a staff member that in order be “inside the building” I had to wear a mask. I went back out and got my mask. My issue is that once back inside I noticed the staff handling the food did not have on masks. I don’t have issues with companies requiring masks. My issue is requiring a mask on customers, but not on employees. Especially by saying “inside the building”. I did take a picture of one of the staff members not wearing a mask.

  40. I’m so disappointed in the East Reynolds Road location in Lexington, Kentucky. I use to brag on them. They were the best. Never had anything wrong and so nice. Well, something has gone terribly wrong. They never get the order right, and they always forget over half of the order. I’ll have 6 orders and will receive under half. I’ll order the lemon pepper fish, and will get some Cajun/red spice. What’s really terrible, is when I send it back to be fixed it’s obvious they scraped the Cajun off and topped it with the correct seasoning. This isn’t one or twice. This has happened multiple times. Needless to say, I want the old employees back, and I will not be returning.

    • My wife and I went to the Dallas Ga store and ordered a couple of plates in the drive thru. We asked for extra tartar, cocktail and some honey mustard. We look in the bag as we were driving off and NO honey mustard. Didn’t turn around! We got home and the popcorn shrimp was so hard I could have used with mortar to pour concrete! The fries were warm on the outside and frozen in the center. This was the worst thing I have wasted 24 dollars on in a long time; should have starved and bought 24 dollars in scratch off tickets. This place has been going down hill for a while.

  41. Savannah Gail Woodard Reply

    I visited the DS yesterday, and ordered 21.00 worth of seafood, I ordered a side of clam strips, it was like trying to eat a deep fried rubber band! I’m from Boston, so I know I made a bad choice here in the south.

  42. JONI NELSON Reply

    My husband and I visited Captain D’s (Normandy location) on Wednesday December 4th. The whole experience was TERRIBLE. The front counter person was very rude (more interested in visiting with co-workers than taking orders). We waited patiently for 40 minutes (along with the other people who were also waiting for their food). When I went back to the counter and asked to speak to a manager, the same front counter person tells me that “he’s somewhere around here”. I noticed that the drive-thru was moving , but I am sure that they didn’t want the drive thru backed up for 40 minutes.Then informs me that “steamers” were down. After waiting to see the manager he finally appeared, he didn’t ask why I wanted my money back and didn’t even make eye contact with me. I will NOT be going back to Captain D’s . Need to learn how to respect the customers.

  43. Patsy Mckinney Reply

    I made a complaint yesterday about captain d’s Reynolds rd Lexington Ky. I received an answer from Tammy Gee . She said if I would send my address she would send a couple of meal coupons. Thank you for a quick response to my complaint. Patsy McKinney 141 Penmoken Park Lexington,Ky 40503. I would hate for that location to get worse than it is now. No excuse for pouty unfriendly workers.

  44. Hello…just had my usual weekly Wednesday meal at the Captain’s D on E. 23rd Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee; we normally go earlier in the day after we get off work but today we went later in the evening after Bible Study at church. We have never had a complaint at this location and the manager, Terry, does a WONDERFUL job but he most likely had left for the day!!!! However, tonight was awful!!! First of all, there were no lids for the medium size cups, our food came to the table in a to-go-carrier box and I said our food was to eat there and was told the dishes were not washed! I look over to the place where the dishes are placed when you’re done eating and there was a high stack of dirty dishes, a lot of to-go-containers stacked high, and the garbage was full to the top. I was so shocked that I took a picture of the mess!! As I stated before, we have always had a very pleasant dining experience at this location and tonight’s experience was highly unusual and I don’t know what the problem was. Sure hope we don’t run into this situation again.

  45. Sharon Galmer Reply

    Today my friends and I were in Captain D’s. The entire front area and tables were nasty! Instead of the girl “Summer” according to my receipt. She was leaning on the counter on her phone, texting, and taking pictures of herself! No clean tables!! Did not see her clean 1 table, and their were no customers to wait on. Where is the manager? Boone said anything to her..This is at 1:08p..Why pay people to text and take pictures at work? Clean your lobby! Clean the tables! I was afraid to go in the bathroom. She grabs her phone between customers. Grab a towel, broom, mop, and clan that nasty place This Captain D’s is in Duncanville,TX on Camp Wisdom..

    • Judy Davis Reply

      I am a regular customer of many years in Marietta GA. The last couple of times, they left off my hush puppies. They didn’t apologize and could care less. This is at the South Cobb Dr location in Marietta GA. They need improvements of better customer service and paid attention to their customers. I would appreciate some improvements. Thank you

  46. Becky Mofield Reply

    My to go order was wrong when I got home so I called to let them know. The female manager was the rudest person.I didn’t get all my food, your employees made the mistake so why is the manager so rude. I’m 63-year-old and I do not except how disrespectful she was. I just got out of the hospital so therefore I had already had some one to bring me there so nevermind that I didn’t get all my food. Store 3543, order#0186. Jasmine is on my receipt. 18:47 was the time on 12/28/18.

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