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Contact Caffe Nero: Find below customer service details of Caffe Nero, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the coffee chain.

Head Office
Caffè Nero Group Ltd
9-15 Neal Street
London WC2H 9QL

Customer Service
Phone: +44 (0)20 7520 5150
Phone: +44 (0)19 1250 4532
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

About Caffe Nero
Caffe Nero is a popular European coffee joint that was founded by Gerry Ford in 1997. Headquartered at London, UK, Caffe Nero operates in nine countries that include the UK, Ireland, Poland, Cyprus, Turkey, UAE, and the US. Currently, there exist more than 825 Caffe Nero outlets spread across the country. Harris + Hoole is one of the brand’s subsidiary. Click here to locate a Caffe Nero nearest to your address.

The menu includes latte with skimmed milk, latte with soya milk, americano, latte with coconut milk, latte with oat milk, cappuccino, cortado, mocha, espresso, macchiato, caramelatte, frappe latte, iced latte, mocha frappe latte and cold espresso. The food menu concists of croissants, maple pecan pastry, pain au chocolat, fruit salary, honey yoghurt, porridges, and sandwiches.

Introduce your friends and families to the taste of Caffe Nero by purchasing a gift card on the website. The gift cards can be topped up for any amount, and same can be used for purchase online or at stores. Also, Caffe Nero operates an e-store where you can shop for coffee, cups and t-shirts. Interested in a career with Caffe Nero? Filter jobs on the website by post/zip code or location. For more information or queries on store locations, online shopping, menu, careers, or others, reach the Caffe Nero support.

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  1. Ms Caulitte Reply

    The branch in Wimbledon has a rude manager that gives you her version of what she thinks you should have!! Instead of asking if you want cake warmed or not which is weird and has the nerve to have a bad attitude. The manager should have another job and definitely not work with human beings since she’s not a people person.

  2. Colin Stewart Reply

    Just returned from holiday in Llandudno to which we visited Cafe Nero on 3 days as my wife likes the vegan cakes which are delicious.
    Unfortunately on all visits this particular branch was a mess with uncleared and sticky tables on each visit and staff appeared oblivious to this – customers ended up clearing their own tables.
    I’m afraid it’s down to poor branch management and it’s a shame.

  3. Over the years me and my family have spent many hours drinking coffee and chatting in Cafe Nero Walton on Thames.
    Over the past few weeks the service has deteriorated dramatically. The staff, previously fine, have been quite rude at times, when approaching closing time (up to an hour before) the door is propped open letting in the cold – if you ask the staff about this you will most likely get an aggressive reply!!! They close promptly and often earlier than advertised- telling customers to leave, not asking!
    I can put up with the dirty toilets and sometimes stale cakes but when staff are rude it is upsetting and embarrassing.

  4. Never been so insulted by a member of the serving staff as I was yesterday in nero torquay. I was handing an empty cup to a young female only to be shouted at and sworn at. She may not be of British decent but that is no excuse to use insulting language. Never setting foot in that branch again.

  5. Cafe Nero in Hollywood is a disgrace can’t even sit outside now as they take tables chairs in early and tables are stinking. Member of staff today was wearing filthy mask hanging off his face. Sanitation non existent.

  6. Having enjoyed many a coffee at neros king street Huddersfield over the years I am dismayed at the standard of drinks on my last two visits I have left the coffees and walked out very lethargic staff

  7. Unbelievably poor service I’m afraid. All hot drinks served in takeaway cups. (Short staffed)
    So I thought ok it happens. The tiramisu brownie I was served was stale I could say cream was off. The chicken lattice pastry we had was served cold after being heated. This bill with all the rest of the food and drinks was around £29 when I asked for a refund for the cake the staff didn’t know how and couldn’t reach a manager. The toilets tap wasn’t working. Thank god the other toilets tap was. The staff needed a manager for this much money for coffee and cakes you have to do better

    • judith Russell Reply

      Another high volume coffee shop that contributes to our growing problem of obesity. Pair this with poor customer service. No fruit salad no small (overpriced ) breakfasts in Darlington just a growing mass array of high calorie beige food.
      Ive tried to get in touch but to no avail!!!!!

  8. PETER CAUNT Reply

    After been a very regular customer of Nero’s in Melton mowbray for over 10 years I was very upset by the customer service today, my wife and I entered around 4pm it was busy with most of the table’s in use however most of the tabled in the middle of the shop had their chairs on top of the table I walked down towards the back of the shop only to be shouted at “you can’t go down there” no sorry or explanation I enquired where can we could sit the brusque replay “sit out side”. I was left upset and disappointed we go into the cafe 2 to 3 times a week and to be treated so badly was so different from the usual service.

  9. I love Cafe Nero, so much so that I ensure I know where one is in every place I go.
    I often visit the Cheltenham branches and today I visited the small branch on the lower high st in Cheltenham for a quick cold drink and sit down.

    No sanitizer as you entered- it was empty. Glass for my Diet Coke was dirty and had finger marks then to top this off my table had not only been cleaned but when I cleaned it myself the tissue was black with dirt. BLACK!!!

    We are still in a pandemic but the cleanliness of this branch is an utter disgrace. I.drank my Diet Coke from the bottle as I didn’t want to risk drinking from a dirty glass.

    What’s gone wrong? I’ve never known this branch to be so dirty.

  10. I have used cafe Nero Eldon Square Newcastle for several years with my 88 year old mum and sister. The staff are lovely. We were looking forward to being able to go again after lockdown had ended my mum especially as she has really missed it. She wanted to buy the coffees as a treat to us. However was unable to pay for it as Nero is now cashless! Why? This is discriminatory against people who don’t use card payment especially the elderly and homeless and those with other issues. I think this is disgusting. We have decided to go elsewhere for our coffee to a place which accepts cash as payment.

  11. Wont be back after extremely rude staff refused cash stating “Nero policy”. I was buying coffee and sandwiches for myself and my wife on a busy shopping trip into Glasgow. I understood during the nationwide lockdowns for the need for caution but we are back to normal and I dont expect some child looking down their nose at me simply because I wanted to pay cash !! Was extremely embarrassing and the people in the que behind me started huffing and puffing adding to my experience. Just for the record my wife had my bank card..

  12. Eloise lambert Reply

    I visited cafe Nero in Nuneaton town centre at 3:30pm on Saturday the 28th of December with my mum and I’d just like to say that the two ladies that served me were very pleasant and helpful, I’m very grateful for the good service and would definitely call again.

  13. Cafe Nero is our favourite coffee shop. We always look for Cafe Nero what ever city we visit. Today we are in Edinburgh and visited the Cafe Nero in The Royal Mile, a very busy place, as usual the coffee was excellent but sadly my experience was ruined by the totally disgusting toilets, I had to clean the toilet seat with my own wipes, the floor was filthy, hand rails, wood work, sink and even the hand dryer was filthy, this was long standing dirt, obviously it hasn’t been clean properly for some time. I was so glad that I carry antibacterial wipes with me as I had to use on leaving the toilet. I complained to the staff but it seem to fall on deaf ears. I think that given this was in the capital city of Scotland , a major tourist attraction and The Royal Mile, we expected so much better. We may now have to rethink where we drink coffee from now on.

  14. I and two members of my family had coffee in Cafe Nero in Brighton 02/09/2019 about 11.30 am.
    Coffee was like dishwater and the young girl serving had no idea. We tried to complain but soon realised we might as well speak to a wall so we just walked out. I do understand the girl was a new member of staff and not had any training. Not fair to paying customers or the girl.
    Hardly any customers, what used to be very busy cafe. Not surprised.

  15. Went into your Stourbridge branch today as a first time customer. It seemed a pleasant atmosphere inside. The staff though do not seem to be bothered about there working environment. One served me while the other was standing at the end of the counter knee deep in his mobile phone. The tables were dirty and the floor unclean. I wish people realised how lucky they are to have a job and to appreciate there were place. I myself have my own business and thought you would appreciate the input

  16. Glenys Bridge Reply

    On 14th January I visited your Caffe Nero Wigan. I sat on a chair but when I tried to move it close to the table one leg fell off and I ended up falling to the floor damaging my knee. I told Kat Price, manager, who commented that they had known the chair was faulty but were hoping it would last another week. She filled in an accident report form which I signed. I visited my GP later that day and have forwarded his report to Kat Price on 21st January. to be put together with the accident form and forwarded to your head quarters. I am currently receiving physiotherapy for the injury. I have not even had an acknowledement of this incident and I am very concerned that the staff were aware that the chair was faulty yet still left it out to be used. The thought of a elderly or frail person having done what I did does not bear thinking about. I would appreciate you looking into this matter and following it up. Thank you.

    • Dear customer service,
      I often use the Southport store when I go into town.
      I was mid way through a shopping trip when my 5 year old daughter who has an overactive bladder got caught short. I came into the shop and asked very politely if they would mind if my daughter used the toilet. I was told this was against company policy and I’d have to speak to a manager, which I did only for her to reiterate that it was not company policy to let non customers use the toilet. My daughter was nearly crying and about to leave a puddle on the floor.
      When I informed her that I found it unbelievable that she would not allow a 5 year old child who was clearly visibly upset to use their facilities, she asked would I like to buy a cake!
      I have been a regular customer of cafe nerro but I will no longer be using this chain if that is the attitude I am faced with.
      Very disappointing

  17. Dear customer service

    I ordered some drinks today and was attempting to pay using my nectar vouchers which were used successfully in the past. Unfortunately each time we pressed on a voucher it said used today without being scanned by the machine. We tried to do this 7 times and all my vouchers statevused today but no drink!

    We had to pay by other means and wondered if you could help. I am not sure why it happened.

    It was an extremely embrassing situation with the queue slowly building.

    Kind Regards


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