Contact of Bunnings Warehouse customer service

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Contact Bunnings Warehouse: Find below customer service details of Bunnings Warehouse, Australia, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
16-18 Cato Street,
Hawthorn East, Victoria 3123

Customer Service
Phone: 1800 SPARE PARTS (1800 772 737)
Phone: (03) 8831 9777
Phone: 09 978 2200 (New Zealand)

State Support
Queensland: (07) 3452 5600
New South Wales: (02) 9846 7100
Victoria: (03) 8831 9777
South Australia: (08) 8152 6500
Western Australia: (08) 9365 1555

About Bunnings Warehouse
Bunnings Warehouse is an Australia hardware retail chain founded by brothers Arthur and Robert Bunning in 1886. A subsidiary of Wesfarmers, Bunnings is headquartered in Hawthorn East, Victoria, and employs more than 40,000. Bunnings Warehouse operates in over 324 locations across Australia, New Zealand and UK. You can locate a store nearest to your address on the website. The sub-brands include Bunnings Warehouse, Bunnings and Bunnings Trade Centre. The stores have more than 45,000 products to shop from. In 2017, Bunnings posted revenue of $11.5 billion.

Besides shopping at brick and mortar stores, Bunnings Warehouse also has an ecommerce channel where you can purchase products using major credit cards. Product categories found include power tools, hand tools, tool accessories, doors, windows, ladders, decking, building boards, cement products, steel sections, fixing/fasteners, garden decor, garden power tools, garden hand tools, outdoor furniture, coolers, cabinets, kitchen accessories, benchtops, appliances, window furnishings, among others.

On each product page, you have detailed description, specifications and reviews. If you need advise with the right tool or home improvement, the website has a number of resources to browse. If you need a consultant for help with installation, assembly or fitting, you can inquire for the Bunnings in-home services. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the Bunnings Warehouse customer service.

All posts are published by our dedicated team of writers who curate, gather and produce relevant content for public. Leave a feedback or report inaccurate information using the Comments form below.


  1. Darryl Smith Reply

    I recently visited Bunnings store Gawler to get a replacement Gas regulator for our Matador BBQ, 2nd week of September.
    Unfortunately the generic replacement did not fit so we returned with the opened packaging to the Gawler Store today 26th September. All of the staff could not have been more helpful, especially the gentleman in the BBQ area, he explained the issue and went out of his way to ensure product we had purchased from Bunnings was serviced. Unfortunately they did not have a replacement regulator in stock to suit the Matador so he stripped down a stock unit to get the parts required and then with no change over fuss. Bunnings staff at Gawler you get my vote, we have shopped with you for years and that is why we keep coming back, you all understand true customer service, well done again and keep up the good work. I hope this message makes it to the staff as they all should know they are doing well.

  2. Suzanne Jull Reply

    I visited Bunnings Mt Gravatt this morning to pick up what I thought was a plumbing part. I would like to thank Mark who assisted me. The part I needed was in the electrical section. Because other customers put pkts back in different boxes, he scanned the item to make sure it was the correct size rather than just relying on the box. His helpfulness was greatly appreciated.

  3. Just visited the Indooroopilly store in Brisbane. Well done on physical distancing measures. But you might want to reconsider your first point of contact. At the lifts a guy in a high vis vest was glaring at the customers in what my husband said was a f*** off expression. He watched us approach the lift together from our car. We both got in the lift and got a horrible stare And remark from him because we were standing together. Come on Bunnings, use some common sense. We are clearly together and a married couple. If this is your welcome mat and customer service I won’t be returning.

  4. I visited Bunnings at milperra this afternoon and there was a green cross with masking tape at the cashier & was so feint very hard to see and the lady on the cashier told me off because I went over the line . I was looking for some merchandise beside it. I want to know why Bunnings don’t have any written instructions so customers follow up with the new circumstances?

  5. I would like to thank Joyce from your Fountain Gate Store Paint department.. Joyce helped me with choosing the correct paint for a project I am doing.She was extremely professional at her job and so delightful thanks so much for your outstanding customer service Joyce. I hope Bunnings recognise how much of a great asset you are to your Team. Thanks again Joyce.

  6. IAN Wright Reply

    Arrived at the Port Stephens store to track down an unusual size battery and was greeted immediately by Cheryl who asked if she could be of assistance to which i enquired and showed her the type of battery needed.
    Cheryl took me straight to the battery section and found exactly what i was looking for ,all sorted within 2 minutes.
    After getting the required battery I proceeded to the nursery section and again was greeted within i would say one minute by Shaun and he asked how could he help me ,but as I was just looking I didnt require any assistance.
    In this day and age of easy complaints my shopping experience was nothing short of a positive experience with some good old fashioned service at the Port Stephens store

  7. I would like to make a complain regarding the staff members of Crossroads (NSW).
    First of all, no body looks like really want acknowledge the customers. And is also difficult to find staff members when you need.
    Today I went to Crossroads store and I was looking for Moss, nobody asked if I needed help with something. Eventually I got tired of looking around without find what I needed so I asked to a old lady and a girl standing in front of the seeds department (2 people to do the same job); the old lady was organising the seeds packages sitting down in a chair.
    They were so busy just chatting between them that look like I almost disturbed their little talk.
    She didn’t even say ‘hi’ or anything. She was just staring at me while I was asking where I could find the moss. Eventually she send me outside, plant department, to ask there. Outside was nobody to ask. I went back inside and ask another lady who send me back to the department where I was looking earlier and where the rude staff members were.
    So ended up found it by myself. Like, what sort of customer service is this? Too busy to talk to each other to serve the customers??? Ridiculous!!!

  8. Frank La Rosa Reply

    Hello Bunnings Management (BIBRA LAKE WA WAREHOUSE),

    It is with a great deal of pleasure that I take the time to articulate this correspondence to you. Our staff are our greatest assets – beyond doubt. Given the imperative to acknowledge their achievements and in particular, when staff exceed all levels of expectations I would like to represent to you an outstanding individual team member of the Bunnings Family. My wife, Senia La Rosa and I have had the pleasure of dealing with the seasoned professional team member by the name of Anthony Day of your Bibra Lake Warehouse. Anthony resides in the Special Orders Dept and I must say is outstanding in every imaginable sense. Senia recently undertook a house renovation under her wing and the guidance and support provided by Anthony cannot be under-estimated. Through his efforts, patience and understanding, Anthony made an impact and was integral to the successful outcome of the project. If you KPI your staff’s performance, Anthony is clearly off the charts. He is a wealth of knowledge, flexible in his approach, well balanced and flies the Bunnings brand with pride. If Anthony has not been earmarked for Bunnings Management, the Organisation needs to reassess it Succession Management practices!!! Please extend our gratitude to a sensational brand ambassador and a perfect gentlemen. One to which Bunnings should be proud to call a member of the Bunnings Family.

    Kindest Regards Frank & Senia La Rosa

  9. I have shopped regularly at Bunnings for many years, but most recently at the new store in Delacombe. I wanted to say just how great overall the staff are in this store. But, in particular, a young woman who has looked after me on several occasions in the paint and homewares sections. Her name tag says “E”, but I understand her full name is Eleanor. She is always helpful, has a very broad knowledge and has assisted me to make correct purchasing decisions. As a Bunnings customer I would like to acknowledge her professional, patient and friendly demeanour.


  10. Wants to make a complaint and noticed there are no such link or info on the bunnings site for you to do that. Obviously they don’t care about how customers think about their customer service and receive complaints to make it better. Will try contact office again to put through the complaints. Bad customer service and experience received today and also false information was given to me by their staff. Very inappropriate and unprofessional.

  11. Bunnings Belrose. Busy Saturday and one of their popular sleepers is out of stock. There is a pallet full of sleepers but no one on shift for two business days to help fill our large order. Not one person was interested in helping us or even taking our pre order down so we could adequately plan our project. Quite common these days often the greeter at the door doesn’t have a clue where stock is located ! Maybe some min customer standards need to be re introduced!

  12. Elaine Davenport Reply

    To whom it may concern.
    Yesterday 23/11/19 l went Bunnings in Maroochydore Qld. Ipurchased some plants and then went to get two pieces of turf. On paying l asked the woman serving me where the turf was. I had to ask twice as she just vaguely pointed and said Over there,asking again she was very abrupt and again pointed and really was aggressive in her manner. I walked over to where the turf was there was no one there to help at all. I looked around and thought someone might come over but no one came. I have to. Say l struggled to get the two pieces on the trolley and then went to my car. On approaching the car a young man who was a trolley boy asked if l needed some help, lsaid yes l really would appreciate that,he then helped me and was so polite l was really impressed and thanked him as he loaded turf into my car.
    I honestly cannot believe the treatment l received by the woman on the till and the lack of help where the turf was, l guess they think only men get the turf, but women and the elderly need assistance don’t they know that? I work in hospitality and know all about customer Service and certainly would never treat or talk to anyone the way the woman spoke to me. Disappointed with Bunnings as l have always found their service very. Good,needless to say l won’t be buying turf from them again and will think twice about going there. Have to say though the young man was probably around 18 could not have been more helpful,really showing great promise in customer service.

  13. Tried to call Browns Plains Qld store and after being on hold for 45 minutes, I gave up. I called head office and all they could do is email the store and get someone to call me back. I asked, if no-one is answering the phones, why would you expect them to answer an email. The response was, ” I can’t answer that, I’m not at the store”. So, I asked to speak to a higher authority t make a complaint and was transferred to a call centre and, not surprisingly, was told that they can’t help me, they can only send an email. Their phone customer service is just as poor as thier in store customer service. Anyway, called Mitre 10, someone answered the phone straight away, helped me with what I needed and when I went in to the store to make my purchase, they thanked me for my business. They will get my business from now on.

  14. Hayley Hodge Reply

    Like everyone else on here there is no where to actually call or email a complaint through. It is unlikely that anyone from Bunnings will see this or even get in contact with us to discuss the matter further.

    I am just writing this msg in regards to the Cairo gazebo we brought from you back in September from parafeild which we only just got around to putting it up on the weekend and unfortunately the weather turned bad on Tuesday while we were at work. Which meant we came home to 2 of the Cairo gazebos completely distroyed all the frame bent and twisted and the cover torn in places. Now i know they are semi permanent and when the weather is rough they should come down but the fact is we only had it up 3 days at the most and were unaware of the strong winds coming. I explained this to not 1 but 3 of your team members/managers that kept passing the phone call around as no one wanted or could not come to a decision and then finally the answer was its not covered under the warranty and we should have known to take it down. Now i get what they are saying but take in account it was only 3 days it was up for, so would this not mean something and i would not call if it was over a month or a year as time has gone on and i would understand this. But not within a few days of putting it up and the amount of money they cost us (yet again i get that was our decision) but i would have thought there would have beem some common decency from your team in helping us out. As i was planning on spending the money back in the store again and getting there carports instead that we have brought and they have lasted. My frustration doesnt end there as the Gawler store said we could return it as it shouldn’t have done it that soon after only a few days and there could be a fault. So how can 2 stores be so different with the answers.

    I know nothing will come of this and i have come to terms with it and it is our problem to deal with but i just feel you should know and beware of this. Also it actually does state anywhere on the product about pulling it down with the weather l.
    To say i am disappointed and hurt is an understatement and the trust i once had for the company isnt there anymore.


  15. One of the most pathetic policies at Bunnings and one that left me baffled by the stupidity of whoever implemented it is the “no purchasing of gift cards from a voucher”.
    If I have a $200 in store voucher, and it’s meant to be to purchase anything in the store how can I not purchase a gift card?
    I was told the voucher is only valid for in store buys, the gift cards are in store, and can only be used to purchase items from Bunnings stores.
    They have 200 of my dollars, then have the arrogance to tell me what I may or may not purchase from the store with that money, for no logical reason at all.
    Unfortunately it is a clear sign of the lack of intelligence and common sense required to be in a position to make decisions that negatively affect their customers.

  16. Oct 30th. Warm day and springtime. Went to Bunnings to buy hoses and fittings for our garden at approx 10am. Us, along with several other customers milled around the garden aisles which were roped off so some Agent could point out and discuss their products placement on the shelves. You close off aisles during the day for that? Pathetic. Thank goodness Mitre 10 care a bit more!

  17. My concern is health. I have no problem with people taking their dogs to Bunnings, but to be in the trolley. Not my idea of happy shopping, putting my purchase in after a dog.
    You have lost me if this is going to be the standard.

  18. Murray Rayment Reply

    I recently shopped at Bunnings O’Connor to get a sample paint match for some touch up work
    In my Home. On approaching the paint counter the only staff on duty was a young girl with Green,Yellow & Red spiked hair & Tats. Now I’m an old guy (77y/o) & thought , what have I got here, what would she know? WRONG!. She was extremely patient & helpful & came up with a near perfect match. BUT more impressively, she was such a ,pleasant, talkative, helpful & lovely young lady that I felt ashamed that I judged by my first impression.
    I made a point of relaying this story to my 7 grandchildren & hope your company does the same to your employer. Unfortunately I did not get her name.

  19. Ashlyn Ray Reply

    Get your staff to stop abusing customers. Went to Hallam Bunnings and Alex barked at me !What do you want in a rude way. A girl from Bunnings was present this happened on 11/10/19 @ 4.30 pm. You should get quality staff, not rude arrogant people

  20. We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to Bunnings and make mention the names of two people, Victor and Di at the Katoomba store. We had a need and some questions about our AEG Battery powered equipment. They were quick to respond, and we found them very helpful in working out how to get our batteries charged as we had left our two chargers behind in the Tamworth area. We now have our batteries charged and can proceed with our project. We were extremely satisfied with the way they have been trained.

  21. When Bunnings first opened I was so impressed with their customer service. staff members walking around aisle asking people whether they could help. now I find myself not using Bunnings because there is never any one to help and all staff are so busy packing shelves and moving things .rather than take me to an item to assist me, they just say the aisle number . I now go to my local hardware store where I know I can get one on one service

  22. ToMichael Schneider
    CEO Bunnings

    I own a property next to the Umina Beach store on the Cnetral Coast of Sydney. About 11 months ago one of you customers drove their car from your car park through my fence and your store managers have been promising to have it fixed. Cars hitting the fence has been an ongoing problem so the answer was to get a steel baracade installed that would fix the problem that I was told had been approved by Bunnings some time ago. Then my Strata manager had been told the car park was owned by council so they had to approve it as well and now I’m told that is not true. About a month ago I enquired what was happening about the fence with the new Store manager ‘Sam’ that knew nothing about anything, but said he would chase it up. He has sinse had been away at a work conference in the last week or so and now his mother has passed away so is not at work. So what can we do, it seems no one cares about anything anymore

  23. I had the joy of being helped by Catherine in the Gardening section at NSW Greenacre Store whilst visiting Sydney recently. In addition to knowledgable and incredibly helpful service, Catherine kindly corrected some NRL footy final facts and saved me potential embarrassment as Canberran, hometown of the Canberra Raiders!
    Thank you for Sunday morning smile Catherine and I’m glad your team came through on the day. You deserve it!

  24. I have a Bunnings power pass card which is supposed to provide an average of 5% off all goods
    I purchased $341.10 totalling six products and received a power pass total discount of $2.01
    When I complained twice, 3 separate Bunnings counter employees told me that 5% can only be taken off one product.
    None of the goods I purchased were discounted or on special.
    I showed them their web site that states 5% of each and every purchase.
    They ignored the proof and treated me, an Australian, as is if I had just stepped of some boat from overseas, absolutely clueless.
    I have regularly used my power pass card in other Bunnings stores for over 1 year and never heard such unintelligent excuses to screw me out of my legitimate trade discount.

  25. I am extremely frustrated & upset to read this friends post in a private group on Facebook yesterday & this I will keep her anonymous.
    The employees at Frankston Bunnings have caused this poor woman great embarrassment & anxiety & as a result she is bedridden!! This is extremely unacceptable. You should all be ashamed of the staffs actions in this case!!

    Last night I had such an unpleasant experience at the Frankston Bunnings. I had gone in to buy 3 x Japonica Volunteer camellias. Went to the gardening section, found the plants, but noticed that the price on them was nearly $10 more than what was listed online. The 180mm Japonica Camellias was listed at $17.48 on the Bunnings website, but the plants in-store, that was actually 10mm shorter, was listed at $28.98 (Both were exactly the same ‘breed’). Confused by the difference in price, we took one of the plants to the information counter for clarification. And that’s where the unpleasantness began.

    The lady behind the counter was so rude and condescending-we started explaining that we are confused about the difference in the price and she stops me mid-sentence, rolls her eyes and says “Do do you want us to reduce the price, is THAT what you are after?” I don’t react at her tone, and reply by simply saying “Yes, if that’s possible to do, that’ll be great!” I then told her we need to by 3 x plants. She then says “Oh now you want 3?!” As if we are trying to rip her off now because she agreed to lower the price. I still don’t react. She then proceeds to call the store manager (I think) and the conversation with the person includes phrases like “Like… who even would special order a PLANT?!” And “NOW she is saying she wants 3 of them!”. I felt so bad about her behaviour, was feeling so embarrassed for been made to feel like a crook, I could feel my face burning. Anyway, this part of the incident ended with her agreeing to the lower the prices for the three plants. She sending us away with an angry “But this is the ONLY time we will do this! There will not be a price reduction next time! Okay?”.

    I was feeling so bad and upset at point that I wanted to just leave right then, but I needed to pick a few more things for the tasks I needed to go in my garden this weekend, so I decided to power through it. Not 5 minutes had gone by after I go back to the gardening section, when I am approached by a male employee. He starts by asking if I am the lady buying the 3 camellias. I thought maybe he wants to move my trolley so I tell him “Yes, that me. I’m so sorry. Do you need me to move my trolley?”. He then proceeds to dress me down angrily by going on and on about how I cannot expect the front desk employees to reduce the prices of items on my whim! I was SHOCKED at his behaviour! I actually felt physically threatened!

    Anyway, long story short. I didn’t finish my shop and cried all the way home. I never imagined I’ll ever have to come across such unpleasantness in Bunnings. Might sound silly but their gardening section was my happy place. If I had a hard way, or was feeling depressed or anxious bout something, I would ask my husband to take me to Bunnings. I would stroll around the plants, maybe pick up a small flower punnet and some seeds and it would brighten my day. Now the thought of going back there is filling me with dread! Been lying in bed all day feeling depressed. Sorry guys, I don’t know why I am even writing this here… just wanted to share I guess :(

  26. Cannington store service is abysmal. Was told by staff cutting keys mine would be ready in half an hour. Left them and wandered around the store. Came back in half an hour and no one cutting keys. Was informed mine not cut. Waited another half an hour no one came to cut keys even after two calls by lone check out person. Gave up in disgust. Store is a disgrace.

  27. I went to the Scoresby store last week (23/08/19 at approx. 1:50 pm) and was gobsmacked by the attitude of the employee ‘supervising’ the self-serve checkouts. It was a female employee about 45 (but going on 16 by her behaviour!). In the course of my 2 separate purchases (I returned for another item) all she did was gossip to other women employees – both at the entrance and elsewhere – and appeared completely disinterested in customer service. In my first purchase she leaned very closely to me on the self-serve counter I was using (with her back to me, while gossiping). The next time I needed assistance, and she was some distance away at the entrance chatting to a young female employee there. The young employee had to actually alert her to the fact that I needed some help, as my waving towards her met with no response. On ‘helping’ she seemed annoyed that I’d interrupted her chat, and looked sour-faced and avoided eye contact (even when I’d smiled and said ‘thank you’). It was as if I was just nuisance value, and an impediment to the enjoyment of her day of doing very little. It gives you a really negative feeling to be treated like that as a customer, and it’s obviously worlds away from the cheery faced staff on the Bunnings TV ads. As a result of this experience (at what is my closest Bunnings store) I’ve decided to make my hardware purchases locally now as much as possible . The store is a competitor, it’s not as big (who is?) and may not have some items on hand, but the staff there actually treat customers with a basic respect, courtesy and friendliness. The woman I mentioned is definitely in need of urgent training on customer relations, and it was surprising to find this behaviour in a mature-aged person. (With younger employees I tend to be more forgiving).

  28. I would like to know every time that I go to the Munno Para West branch the self serve checkouts are never open. It is an inconvenience that I have to line up behind numerous people and wait, when I can simply use the self serve option and usually be out very quickly. It is not my problem that they cannot provide staff to man this position. If the service is available then it should be available from when the store opens till when it closes. I always pay by card so this option suits me better. Bunnings need to review their policies regarding customer service.

  29. I have done a lot of shopping in my life, and a lot of it has been at Bunnings. Today, I went into the DUBBO Bunnings for the first time ever. I had more greetings than any other Bunnings I have been to. Everyone said HI ! No one actually said can I help you, but that’s OK, I knew what I was after. My issue? I purchased a few things, 2 of them being carpet tiles. The sign above them said $6.00 each. I took 2 to the checkout, and when I asked how much the carpet tiles were, the lady said, $7 each. I told her they were advertised for $6.00 each, but didn’t want to complain about $2.
    When I had to show my receipt, I told the guy at the front to get the boss to change the price on the carpet tiles, to which he replied, have a good night. 2 people, and not 1 of them thought, ” I better go and check”. if you only employ lazy people, maybe my son can apply for a job? he would fit in very well. I expect nothing will be said, or done. I’m not worried about $2, and I know mistakes are made, but when someone brings a mistake to your attention, look into it. pretty simple really.

  30. I ordered a delivery from Bunnings Preston (Victoria). It was booked for morning delivery today, between 7 and 12. By 1 pm there was no sign of it, so I rang Bunnings. They said it was on its way, but running late. I said OK, as long as it gets here today. By 3 pm it still hadn’t arrived, so I rang Bunnings again. They said the delivery company told them there was no one home when they tried to deliver. This is untrue. I was no more than a few metres from the front door, all day, as I had Telstra techs doing work and coming and going at the front of the house. I received no text message from the delivery person (as I was promised). This entire exchange was relayed via the staff member at Bunnings, so I was not able to speak to the delivery company directly, to challenge their claim that I wasn’t home. And now I’ve been told that it can’t be delivered until tomorrow afternoon. So the whole thing has been made out to look like I’m the one at fault for not being at home. And there is no way for me to challenge this. Extremely shoddy, and frustrating to have Bunnings staff unable to act on my behalf.

  31. I have recently ordered some bench tops from Bunnings Mandurah and would like to comment about the delivery service. After paying $90 for truck delivery, a delivery day was nominated and told the service staff that my wife would be there to take the delivery.

    The following day the driver from CTI Logistics arrived and made aggressive comments to my wife (38 weeks pregnant) that he was supposed to have a man from the address help offload otherwise we should have paid even more for him to bring someone extra with him. He reluctantly used the crane on his truck to then offload the bench tops onto the driveway as he couldn’t get them in the garage which had already been organised for the delivery. As a result the bench tops spent the day in the rain and luckily weren’t damaged. I find it strange that I would pay for a bulky item truck delivery to then have the driver arrive and state he couldn’t get them off. Possibly he was trying to get extra cash in hand?

    An extra bench top was delivered by mistake at which point a staff member from Bunnings called to say that they had made a mistake and needed to collect the extra one. I stated that nobody would be available until 2 days later, otherwise they could collect tomorrow but I would have to leave it in the driveway. The staff member stated in an aggitated tone “I know it’s our mistake but this is someone else’s property and we need it now”.

    The following day my wife (now 39 weeks pregnant) heard banging and shouting at out front door from the truck driver at 6:20am. She did not answer and the bench top was taken.

    I find the delivery experience completely inadequate and made to believe that the issues caused by Bunnings were somehow our fault. Extremely rude delivery driver and staff support was poor. Drastic improvement needed in this area.

  32. There is no way to send a personal email regarding complaints / apologies. This should be rectified.
    I had to again return a faulty product. If I lived close to the Frankston store ok but it is a bit of a drive.
    I purchased a garden cart which I had to assemble. All the parts were removed from the packing and laid out. The first item, a bracket, to assemble should have had 2 holes each side to fix to the base of the cart. It was only pre drilled on one side.
    So I have to repack the cart and return it to the store. I was angry as this has happened with another product purchased recently that was faulty and I had to make the same return trip to get it replaced.
    When I spoke to the lady at the counter expressing that I was upset that I have to return the item at my cost in time and money she smiled which normally would have been ok but I was looking for an apology and a look of agreement. My reaction was out of order and to her I sincerely apologise as I did at the time. It was the build up of frustration having to repack and drive to the store.
    However the main reason for my anger was that there does not appear to be any compensation to the purchaser, it appears to be a win win for Bunnings. You get the customer to return it at their expense and then you get a credit from the supplier.
    To be frank this business model should be looked at, Bunnings does not necessarily have to bear the cost of maybe a 10% refund as an act of good faith with their long time customers. Bunnings will get a credit from the supplier so Bunnings is still in a winning situation as the customer is kept happy.
    Bunnings should also realise that eBay, eBay plus and lots of their suppliers offers free return for faulty goods. So the question is why buy from Bunnings and take a chance on the product not being 100%.
    In the scheme of things the dollar value of faulty goods returned compared to turnover would be small so I would ask that you look at giving some financial consideration to the customer under these circumstances.

    • I absolutely agree. My recent purchase of paint, for a time-pressed weekend job, failed. They forgot to put any of the tint in, despite my waiting at the paint-desk and the label placed on the side with the tint name. Nada. It’s more than an hour round trip to get to our nearest bunnings store, at my own time and expense for someone else’s error. I would have liked at least a, “Woops, sorry, here’s a little something for your wasted time, money and effort”, but no such consideration was offered.

  33. Hi,
    Today whilst exiting the carpark at the Gladstone (Qld) store, I was cut-off when reversing (greater than 3/4 out of park) by an inattentive ‘P’ plater. My ire was greatly increased when I realised it was actually a Bunnings employee! We love shopping at your store, but are increasingly frustrated by the carpark (many other incidents). I understand that you cannot control everyone, but I thought your staff may have greater respect for the customers that help pay their wages.

  34. I am a residential builder in Sydney and called Rockdale store twice yesterday after being put on hold and hung up on before talking to someone. I wanted to ask about availability of material and make an order. After the second failed attempt I called my other account holder and ordered $4200 worth of material. Doesn’t really worry me as I have multiple suppliers but I assume management would be interested in knowing the direct cost of staff who can’t be bothered or maybe managers not rostering in enough staff.

  35. Karlie Steedman Reply

    Would like to put a complaint in writing unsure where to do so so I’ll leave a comment here firstly I’m absolutely appalled by on of the male staff at midland Bunnings Perth his behaviour when asked to get a garden arch down from a high shelf was disgraceful I asked for help as it was to high and the one I was after I couldn’t see due to heavy rain in Perth the water must have pooled up on the box as he moved the box water splashed all over him he then threw the box on the ground and kicked it into an elderly man that was standing next to us then very rudely told me they had none in stock when I replied i rang the store before hand and asked and if he could please check if it’s in stock he stormed off to look and comes back and said show me a picture so I did he said well I can’t see it I said it looks like one on the shelf and it ended up being the same one but under a different price he then threw the box towards me and walked off very disappointed in his behaviour towards customers

  36. Ray Kerrison Reply

    Re the Bayswater (VIC) store. On Tuesday 9 July I purchased a quantity of turf; two loads between 4-6pm. Two of the staff, Ben (Garden) and Trevor were extremely helpful in assisting me load the the turf. A great example of customer service. Well done guys.

  37. Michael Sulikowski Reply

    I was at Bunnings Nunawading store this afternoon about 3.30 pm to purchase wood and some other things, I wanted to cut the the 90 x 35 x 5.4 m pine length into 3 pieces at 1400 to fit into my car, when I approached the young team member who was authorized to operate the saw and asked if he would cut the timber for me he replied he was busy and would take a few minutes so I said I would get the length of pine and wait for him to come. After waiting about 15 or so minutes standing there watching him overseeing the forklift move loads he walked towards where I was waiting, I called to him asking him if he would cut the pine lengths and his reply was that he was busy. By this time there was another person also wanting the cutting service we just looked at each other with disbelief. After a short time two other team members came along and asked if I needed help, I told them what was going on and one said he was not permitted to operate the saw but offered to hand cut the pine, the other team member hailed the young lad and said he would be with me in a moment. After waiting a short while I decided to do some shopping. When I came back to the timber yard the young fellow was still with the forklift driver so I waited again where he could see me but to no avail. I decided to leave after waiting a further 10 minutes and proceeded to the exit and spoke to the attendant about what had happened, he also was not impressed.
    I am a PowerPass customer and I do my shopping at your warehouse but won’t be for much longer if you look after your customers this way. I understand the importance of safety but for the sake of a few minutes he could have asked the forklift driver to pause while attending to a customer or use safety barriers around the work area, another option would be to appoint two operators for the saw at any time if one is operator was unavailable.

  38. On Thursday June 13th I visited the Bunnings Crossroads store in the morning.
    I exited through the garden register and the staff member sitting on the seat at the exit was extremely rude. She spoke loudly and of inappropriate conversations and further more ignored the customers coming and going including myself. I felt extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed for the lovely lady at the register who provided a great service.

  39. I must shop at various Bunnings stores at least 3 times a week. Today 8/06/19 travelled to Batemans Bay Bunnings rather than my local Ulladulla store as I knew they didn’t have in stock what I wanted to do my long weekend project. At between 4.10 – 4.25 pm ( in case you would like to check your security cameras) I arrived at the registers to pay for my purchases (1 flat pack kitchen cabinet & 1 exterior retractable blind $400-$500+ sale) to find NO register is open only the Key cutting returns register open whilst 3 team members standing at the tool section maybe 5 metres away chatting away doing nothing and the front door lady at the door looking embarrassed. Don’t normally mind waiting to be served but the current person being served was getting a key cut which was taking forever and the lady in front of us in the cue had a return so that was going to take a while and she was not happy with the slow service! We turned to the “holiday camp” team members at the tools section to ask if it was possible to open a register only to be told “take it up with management” by one team member and the other said his login wasn’t working! Such great service I left my purchases behind and won’t be going back to Bunnings in a while!

  40. Douglas Parrott Reply

    I bought a ryobi mitre saw from the Taupo shop it did not work it would not complete the cut.I informed The shop by phone and they did some checking and found the one that was on the floor was exactly the same the store contacted ryobi who confirmed this was the case. I battled to get a refund and even with these facts the faulty saw was still on the floor for sale. The lady at the customer service was un helpful and rude I am afraid that her attitude was beyond poor.I certainly won’t be using Bunnings again as their attention to detail was non existent

  41. I would like to lodge a complaint regarding an Employee if yours at Bunnings Warragul this morning. My daughter and I needed some help to get some material cut and after searching for someone to help I spied a woman coming along. My daughter asked her for some help and she rudely commented that she was busy with someone else and marched off. It would have been more polite to acknowledge us and try and find someone else to help. Instead we were ignored. I went over to the service desk to once again ask for help and by this time the woman Melissa had returned however instead of helping me she ignored me and sat down. I then asked a young man for help he said he couldn’t leave his position. Frustrated I walked back to where my daughter was and after a wait another man came over to help. Warragul Bunnings needs perhaps a refresher in customer service. Not happy!!

  42. Why do bunnings no longer accept Westfield gift cards. I have previously purchased products with them? I recently tried to purchase an item with one but I left the store empty handed . You lost a sale and perhaps many more. I spent my money elsewhere.

    • Regarding the new Bunnings at Lake Haven NSW.
      All too well we know how a trip to Bunnings go, should I pack lunch? Nah, their cafe coffee is great and you can never go past the Aussie aroma of sausages on the bbq. Okay, got my useless shopping list because it’s like sending a child lolly shopping with a credit card with no limit. Oh it’s so exciting, do I park in the underground Taj Mahal of parking or do I park in the actual warehouse, Taj Mahal it is. Beauty, got a good parking spot, on exiting the car the familiar Bunnings aroma hits you, that smell sets of a delusion, I’m not hungry but I am, how do I walk past, I will distract myself with my useless shopping list. Finally I got past without giving in (for now) but that aroma is now imbeded in your soul for later. Riding the escalator you have your plan of attack until you enter and see the enormity, the mind and temptation race with a million ideas, in that split moment we now have become a builder, a fixer of anything broken, a home decorator, the greenest of green thumbs. Where do I begin? While in Aurora of my hopeful capabilities my threenager is off running like we have just entered Disneyland, thank god I wore my joggers because I knew I would be doing a few laps, but dam that boy can run. While on the chase I’m doing the quickest window shopping and memorizing where everything was that I want to buy but don’t need, all while keeping an eye on the next Usain Bolt, but then, his speed and agility he could be a great front row forward as he vanishes down the isle, all i can hope someone might ankle tap him so I can make the tackle. I pause in panic and listen for the familiar sounds of the mini me, I follow the sound and the realization he is crying and going off like a firecracker, I find him in front of a employee pointing the finger and screaming “were are they”, the bloke looked like a dear in headlights, after the devils spawn calmed to a level we could understand him, he said 2 words, 2 simple words “LITTLE TROLLEY” the dramatic high speed chase through traffic to come to an end with the devil himself exposed all because the best part for any little dude/dudet is their own life size trolley, to be told they don’t have them anymore. Bunnings oh bunnings what have you done!!!! It was hard enough on a busy day to find one that was spare, let alone to not have them at all. Bring them back before you alter the minds of your next generation of shoppers, this was the one thing that eased any parents trip to the adult playground. For the love of your parent shoppers, I pray you bring them back and I pray for all the parents about to endure this difficult situation. Yes the sausage Sanga was great

  43. Len Cecchetto Reply

    I find a lot with Bunnings, you look up an Item and go to the store and you get told it’s a promotional Item like this one. Jumbuck 10kg Lumpwood Charcoal
    I/N: 3180853 it was listed today as stocked, got to Rothwell and not there, asked about it and told it was a promotional Item, well then why still have it listed, at 5.42 PM on the same day Thur 28/2/19 still listed as low stock. A while ago I suggested to a manager why not list Aisle Number on the net so that customers can look up an Item and immediately see which aisle it is in, time you go to Bunnings and it’s nearly impossible to get any help, lot’s of my friends have the same problem, you should deliver better customer service. Take a minute to go and adjust an Item to say it’s no longer available which would alleviate customers going to a store for no reason and a waste of time.

    Leaves a lot to be desired lack of care and lack of reasonable customer service, not good enough, this has happened more than once to me.

  44. Noel Barrow Reply

    To who may concern , I think you need to get some sought of air conditioning as yesterday I had to leave the store, as it was stuffy and boiling hot and humid the store was Innisfail FNQ I cut my purchase browsing as I nearly passed out they missed app 200 dollars as I had to go else where watering products pity the poor staff working in those conditions thanks Noel

  45. Linda Verity Reply

    I am very disappointed with the customer service at your Katoomba, NSW, store. Each time I visit there are staff wandering around the store and not once has a staff member asked if I require any assistance, unlike the Jamisontown store where we are always asked if we need help. Today, January 31 @ 1000 we visited the Katoomba store to get building supplies and to also pick up an extra for our worm farm. We bought the “Tumbleweed” worm farm in Jamisontown a few weeks ago. A worker told us that we would have to order an extra “Tumbleweed” working tray through “special orders” as they are not kept in stock. We waited @ the “special orders” counter for a woman named Chris who was very rude & dismissive to us. We were reprimanded for not having the 7 digit reference number from the “Tumbeweed” web site to make ordering the extra working tray “easier” for her ! She could not be bothered in the end to find this special order for us so we left and decided it was not worth the irritation to order through Bunnings, we would rather pay the additional $11 postage to order directly from the “Tumbleweed” website. Bunnings might consider giving some inservice on customer care to their Katoomba staff ?

  46. I have just returned from shopping at Bunnings in Greenfields and am annoyed to say the least. Upon arriving at the garden centre checkout I was informed by the checkout operator that there will be a delay as the customer in front of me was returning a product “without a receipt so it will take longer” in an obvious attempt to have a go at the elderly lady returning the product. Essentially shifting any responsibility to the customer and not to herself or Bunnings. I then begin to make my purchase of 11 stakes, 1 roll of garden edging (which were conveniently in a box being carried by my daughter) and 1 20kg of white sand. The items in the box were scanned effeciently enough and then came the sand. The barcode was not able to be scanned as it was resting against my body so I needed to put the bag on the bench in order to rotate it which was not possible because the box of previously scanned items was in the way. I mentioned this to to checkout operator saying “If someone could move the box because I can’t put this (the bag of sand) down”. I was then informed by the operator with the sarcasm of a 14 year old teenager that “There are trolleys so you don’t have to lug it around”. To which I replied “What would be more beneficial would be the the other Bunnings employee who was engrossed in sticky taping a box back together for for no one in particular could stop doing that and serve either myself or the other customer behind me whilst she did the return for the elderly lady.” I was then informed that the other Bunnings employee was a ‘gate person’. So my enquiry is, what is the purpose of the gate person if not assist customers? What I think is a reasonable solution to todays problem and worthy of consideration in the future is 1. Said gate person assists serving customers if there is a prolonged delay in the service of waiting customers (ie: returns, price check). 2. Ask customers waiting with heavier purchases if they would like a trolley since they are having to wait an expected amount of time 3. Stop sticky taping boxes together while people stand and wait to be served! 4. Save the sarcasm for their teenage children not paying customers!

  47. We have recently retired after 21 years as painters/decorators in Melbourne and many rural houses/shops one hour out of Melbourne. We have seen many ads promoting FROG TAPE. These ads are extremely misleading as, unless e.g., skirting boards are perfect and we mean perfect without even a millimetre or less of imperfection then paint will seep under that imperfection, seldom are skirtings or other that perfect and no tape will be successful. We cut in with top of the range synthetic brushes and never used tape of any kind. We realise that most DIYers do not have the experience to cut in without tape, so it is wrong to tell them that they will get perfect results with frog tape. Ordinary painters (blue tape) will do the same job, and if its removed before the paint has dried, even ordinary masking tape will do the job. This is simply a profit making exercise and Frog tape cannot give the perfect results the ads show.

  48. Jenny Maude Reply

    Just wanted to leave feedback, I went to the North Penrith Bunnings store today and I want to address an issue. I purchased a few clearance items that were marked down, along with full priced items they were all scanned at the check out. When I got to the car I realized that they were scanned at the full price and not the sale price. I went back into the store and explained this to the team member who didn’t apologize and seemed unimpressed to refund the over charged amounts. This team member said that the reduce price doesn’t come up when scanned at the register. I’m annoyed at the fact that Bunnings has items marked down, but the unaware customer is then charged full price when paying for these items with their other purchases. If I didn’t check (as I’m sure a lot of customers don’t), Bunnings is knowingly ripping customers off and hoping to get away with it! And then if is picked up the customer doesn’t even get an apology or a smile from the team member who seemed like it was an petty inconvenience to refund my overcharged money. Now this wasn’t just one item. It’s a disgrace with today’s technology that a large business such as Bunnings are in fact overcharging customers when items are clearly marked down and that the items knowingly (by staff) doesn’t actually scan at the registers at the correct sale price. I also thought staff would have a little better training in customer service. How many customers have purchased these clearance items and haven’t realized they have been over charged? This matter as according to the team member “always happens” should resolved or it will be taken to fair trading.

    • David Banyard Reply

      Today we went to your Mandurah store we purchase a mistint tins of paint. while we were going through the checkout the lady made it very clear that she believed we had changed for the sticker on one of the tins. I can understand that she needed to check the pricing but her demeanor made it very clear she thought we were trying to steal from the store. we regularly attend your store in Mandurah and have never been made to feel so uncfortable.
      there is ways to check prices without making it seem like a shopper is trying to steal from your company.

  49. Dean Hayes Reply

    Would just like to pass on a comment to say how helpful and knowledgeable a member of staff at your Kingsgrove store in NSW has been to me on two visits over the last couple of weeks. Your wonderful member of staff is Darwin who looks after the electrical area at Kingsgrove. Darwin is obviously a great asset to your organisation and I just wished to pass this on in writing.

  50. Dear Sir/Madam,
    As I could not find a place where I can put in a formal complaint in writing, I am writing this to you in the hope that you can forward it to someone else who can deal with this.

    My partner and I went to the Kings Meadows Store (Launceston, Tasmania) today (check out receipt is around 11:46AM) to purchase pots of plants and a screwdriver set. We decided to go to get the screwdriver set first as we did not want to carry the plants around the store. We went to the section where the screwdrivers were, got what we want, and then decide to walk out of that particular section to go to the next aisle. We were stopped by this lady who abruptly says that we need to pay for the set first before leaving. I said to her we needed to get the plants as well as do other shopping in Bunnings. She said to us that because people were stealing tools, we need to pay first. I then questioned her why bother having check outs in the front and said we could pay there and she insisted in saying to ask us to go get the plants we want and then bring them back to her counter and make payments there. I left the screwdriver set in the counter fuming with both her so-called customer service attitude (rude and abrupt) whilst walking to the plant section. There were NO notice whatsoever at that section saying we need to pay there. We got what we want (the plants) and walked past a section. We asked to see the “complaints” person who came and greeted us. We told him what happened and then went back to the tools section to pay for the screwdriver set and plants. After which, we walked towards the exit in search of a cardboard box to put our plants in. Whilst doing that, the “complaints” person walked towards the tools section and talked to the gentleman behind the counter pointing towards our direction and talking to him (obviously wanting to find out what happened). After we fitted the plants in the boxes, we showed our receipt to the lady at the entrance/exit who counted what we bought and put a stamp on the receipt and we left.
    Some questions and comments:
    1. The lady was rude and abrupt to us.
    2. There is no sign which says we must pay at the tools section.
    3. What is then the function of the check out area if we pay at the tools section?
    4. If you want customers to pay at the tools section, then it should be located at an area close to the check out area and customers can then leave the store on exit.
    5. When the lady said what she said about theft, we felt like she was insinuating we were trying to steal.
    6. What is the function of the lady at the exit? You guessed it! She is there to check whether customers have paid or not?!
    7. The complaints person should not have gone to the other person asking what happened and pointed at us, saying we complained. This is not professional.
    8. This will be my last time visiting Kings Meadows Launceston after this horrible experience.
    9. There is NO complaints page on bunnings warehouse website.

    Kind regards,

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