Contact of BayanTel customer care

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Contact BayanTel: Find below customer care details of Bayan Telecommunications in Philippines. Besides contact details, the page also offers information on the company’s mobile and landline products and services. Reach the BayanTel customer care below for complaints, questions or feedback.

BayanTel Head Office
Diliman Corporate Center
Bayan Bldg., Malingap cor. Maginhawa Sts.,
Teacher’s Village East Quezon City 1101

BayanTel Customer Care
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 171 (from any Bayan phone)
Phone: +63 9 449-2200
Phone: +63 2 449-9999 (for business users)

About BayanTel
logo_mainBayanTel is a telecommunications company owned and operated by Globe Telecom. Headquartered in Quezon City, Philippines, the brand began operations in the year 1993 and has a nationwide network providing data and communications services.

Incorporated as Bayan Telecommunications Holdings Corporation, the majority stake in the company is held by the Lopez Group and Benpres. BayanTel has a range of products suiting both residential and business users – whether it is landline, internet, voice, data or managed services. BayanPhone is a postpaid service that enables users to make and receive calls. There is Bayandsl WiFi for those looking for fast internet connectivity with speeds up to 3.0 MBps.

Looking for Bayan’s offerings for businesses? There is Bayan Phone for basic landline service, Centrex Package for central-based telephone system, Trunk Line, 1-800 Toll-Free Service, Regular E1R2 for channels with predefined numbers in a single line connection, E1 ISDN-PRI for digital transmission and SIP Trunk for delivery of wholesale voice service. Other solutions include Digital Subscriber Line, Internet Access Service, Internet over Metro Ethernet, Internet Bandwith On-Demand, Domestic Leased Line, International Private Line, Network Monitoring System, Cloud Services, among others.

Bayan’s services cover major cities in Northern Luzon, Metro Manila, Central Luzon, Bicol, Eastern and Western Visayas, Central Visayas, Northern Mindanao and Southern Mindanao. For more details on the company’s products and service, store locations, offers, prepaid/postpaid connections, payment queries, or others, speak to a BayanTel customer care representative today.


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  1. Emma S. Luminarias Reply

    This is to ask for an assistance because our landline in the guards house of our office in DEPED-CARAGA Regional office has NO DIAL TONE since last week. The office is located in JP Rosales Ave., Butuan City beside LTO office and in front of GAISANO mall. The said telephone has a trunkline number 085-3428207 local number 12. We cannot contact you thru a landline and our only means is thru email or hoping also that this comment will be read and be given an attention. Hoping that this request be given an action the soonest possible because it is really needful for the guards to have a landline since they cannot leave their post. Thank you so much.

  2. Conrado G. Sison, Jr. Reply

    My phone has been out of service for two months already. I cannot contact your hotline number. Kindly schedule check-up service immediately. Thank you. God Bless.

  3. The same case with us. March I called to tell them we don’t have dial tone, they sent an internet technician and so the problem was not fixed. They said they’ll send a phone technician who didn’t come. I called again last April, same reply they’ll send someone. It’s already May, almost June yet same problem with our phone – no dial tone persists, no technician sent. What kind of service is this? We pay our bills monthly but we don’t get any service in return. As much as I wanna call again, calling your numbers are just waste of time. Only voice recordings that doesn’t respond properly. Just now, I’ve been on the phone for over 30mins trying to speak to a customer service but your recorded messages just won’t let me through!!???

    • I have the same problem. We did’t have dial tone for three months and they had the b*lls t continue charging me. We decided not to pay for the monthly charges as we weren’t getting any service but they insist that we HAVE TO pay despite our inability to use the phone. And I quote: “Please be advised that your Monthly Recurring Fees will be billed in full, regardless of any temporary disconnections due to late or unpaid balances.” Wow.

      I agree with you, the hotline is also useless! A total waste of time. It’s a recording that does nothing for you. There’s not even an option that allows you to talk to an actual person.

      We’ve been BayanTel users for years and never had this problem. It all went down when Globe took over. Terrible service and customer care.

  4. Mary Ruth Ferrer Reply

    Our landline was fixed only last March 23,, 2019 after three weeks of having no dial tome. After a week, we found out today that there is no dial tone again and we could not get through the hotline. Service is very aweful and terribly inefficient. We are paying for services we do not get and this company has the temerity to ask for payment even when itis not yet due. Maybe DOTC should look into this

    • I have the same experience. As of now, Bayantel has still needs to service at our place again. They complain that it is the wiring?? Other time I called the said its about the some box in our area?? But we already live close to the head office. Anyway, we didn’t have a dial tone for a month. Service didn’t come when they said they would. Bayantel service finally came to fix it after x follow up over the phone. Not long after some rains… there was no dial tone again. Internet still works but is extremely slow.

  5. You called it customer care but the truth is you don’t even care. Customer having hard time to connect to your hotlines. Internet is very slow. Its like almost daily you come to our office to visit our line and internet. We are very tired of calling your hotline everyday. Still having hard time connect to your agents.

  6. I’m so pissed off with the kind of service Bayantel is providing its customers. Our telephone unit is not ringing (not making any sound) even if we do have dialtone. It’s hard to tell if someone is calling us if the unit is not ringing. I reported the issue sometime in Dec. 2017. No action. Another report on Jan. 16, 2018. Still no action. And another follow up last Mar. 8,2018. They just keep sending me system-generated sms saying that they have an on-going system failure in our area. Hello!!! It’s been a few months already and until now the issue hasn’t been resolved?

    What’s worse…we were disconnected today (Mar. 21, 2018) and they said that we did not pay on our due date last Mar. 19, 2018. I said how can we pay last March 19,2018 when we did not have any billing. They are so quick in collecting dues yet when it comes to solving customer complaints, they are so slow.

    I’m so disappointed just like all the other customers here experiencing the same issue. Why don’t we come out all together and report this to GMA 7?
    I think if we do, maybe our concerns will be attended as quickly.

  7. Piraux Jean Reply

    You are ALL so “”VERY RIGHT”” about the service of Bayantel and also Globe. They are not the least interested in your connection problems. The only thing what is important to them is that you pay your monthly billing. I can`t recall how many times I had to go to the local office here in Maasin. But the result was still the same. Namely : “”ZERO””!!!! Whenever I had internet problems they always had so many excuses for the problem. Like : “”It`s because of the weather””, “” There is a typhoon coming””, “” It`s raining””, “”It`s your line””, “”It`s you modem””, ………………………… One day I had NO connection for 2 days, but when I went to the office, the employee showed me on his laptop that the connection was ok. Sure, while the office has “””DIRECT LINE”””. I was given a job number. I was told the technician would contact me. Never heard from him!!! Sometime later I was notified that I had connection again. But I didn`t see ANY technician at my place to check or confirm that my connection was OK again. Normally when they get a joborder they would have to let me sign for completion. I saw NOBODY!!!!!! Wooow!!! Can you call this customer service?????????????? They always say that “”Customer is King”” . Well, I didn`t feel like a King, more like a hostage. They only care about your money, the service they don`t care!!!

  8. Albert chua Reply

    Worst service ever. My phone lost its connection last 12/1/17 so I called up the bayantel hotline. I was surprised that my phone was ‘for disconnection’ status since I have enrolled it under credit card billing and always pay my bill on time. I was assured by the call agent that it will be recoonected within 2 to 4 hours since this was their mistake. Then came 12/4/17 yet there was still no dial tone. So I called up again their hotline in the morning and was assured for the reconnection within 2 – 4hrs. After 4 hrs still no dialtone so i called up their hotline again. As it seems like all of their agents are recorded machines. They all said one and same thing but none of their assurance was fulfilled. As of today 12/5/17 my phone is still disconnected. Hey bayantel I don’t owe you even 1 cent. You should check your system before initiating a disconnection. You have caused us so much inconvenience.

  9. Please do something about the slow internet connection because it really bothers us a lot. The slow internet connect was already a problem to us before but it seems like Bayan Tel is not doing anything about the ongoing problem.

  10. I have this ongoing problem with our internet connection. This has been a month already, I contacted the customer service of globe to get this resolved, still we don’t have internet connection. It was promised that there is a report sent about the issue, will send also technician to check, but until now this was not resolved. THIS IS VERY DISAPPOINTING, WE NEED THIS TO BE RESOLVED NOW!~!!!!!!!!!!

  11. SERVICE is LOUSY. we’ve been paying for what? for the NON-INTERNET CONNECTION.
    Previous complaints were not recorded from May up until November( Poor service).
    Customer service says the same Crap!( will follow up on this) I suggest the have to do something about this.

  12. mary rose roque Reply

    I am very disappointed with your service…since Aug13 we already had problems with our landline we contacted your hotline and informed us that they will visit on Aug 21 and yet up to now nobody contacted us why they were not able to visit the phone..ive contacted your hotline again today and the agent informed me that you had a problem last sunday but you never had the guts to notify us..the agent told me that the next schedule to visit our phone is on Aug 28 which so frustrating for this month almost 2 weeks that we dont have connections..we paid on time and yet what kind of service we’ve got from you….SO DISAPPOINTING……I WANT ACTIONS ON OUR PROBLEM THE SOONEST POSSIBLE AND IF YOU CANT MAKE ANY ACTIONS BETTER YET CUT OUR PHONE AND I AM NO LONGER INTERESTED WITH YOUR SERVICE….

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