Contact of Avas Flowers customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Avas Flowers: Find below customer service details of Avas Flowers, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the floral company and its services. Reach the Avas Flowers customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
300 Corporate Drive,
Mahwah NJ 07430
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 877-638-3303
Email: [email protected]

About Avas Flowers
Avas Flowers is a leading American flower delivery company. Headquartered in New Jersey, Avas Flowers operates 7 days a week and has dedicated staff working to ensure the orders are met in a timely manner. The company also partners with local shops and florists nationwide. For delivery, it has its own vans and even uses FedEx and UPS.

Customers can place their order online using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express cards. After an order has been placed, they can track the same from the website. You can pick a flower by occasion or flower type. Occasion sub categories include birthday, anniversary, romance, thank you, get well and congratulations. As for flowers, you have roses, carnations, lilies, orchids, daisies, sunflowers and tulips.

When you place your order, you can choose for Deluxe or Premium to include a vase and floral decoration. Along with it, you can add a greeting card, balloons or stuffed animals. Same day delivery is available for most orders. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you can request for a return and refund within 24 hours of delivery. Non-perishable products can be returned within 7 days. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, delivery, or others, reach the Avas Flowers customer service.

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  1. I doubt if this comment will go through, but I’ll try. I had never read ALL these bad comments before ordering today. I won’t go into ALL the details, but by the time John had my order priced, he had ADDED some extra’s that I NEVER ask for! He then came down on the cost. The WORST part, every time I or he would talk, his phone was BREAKING UP BAD!!!. I had to keep “repeating” myself over and over, as well as asking him to “repeat” too. I told him he NEEDED a new phone service!!!

  2. I was so hurt and disappointed when I saw my flowers at the funeral home. They only had 2 colors with a little greenery. It was suppose to be the colorful spray with a lot of colorful flowers mine looked nothing like the picture. Also I ordered large and it was small. I deserve a refund if anyone has a compassionate bone in their body. This was for my brother’s family. I was so embarrassed. Others noticed too and we will never use this company again.

  3. Appalled at the very poor quality of flowers, the incorrect delivery date and the expense. I live in the UK and thought I was ordering from a local (to my niece in Alabama) florist. I have tried emailing only to receive a reply telling me to go to the website; I have tried telephoning to be cut off and so as I seem to be unable to contact them to give feedback.

    • I Am thoroughly disgusted with the poor quality of flowers, the poor level of customer service, and the worst overall experience EVER in a business! I will be disputing this charge with my card company since every avenue to contact this company has been exalted with absolutely 0% communication…email, phone, message, NOTHING! A voice prompt recording then a hang up.

  4. DO NOT USE!!! They tried to charge $40 if FEEs then when I said no they transferred me to a supervisor who gave me a “discount” on fees and guaranteed my delivery by 4pm. Well 4 pm came and went and no delivery. Turns out the shop they farmed the order to had it scheduled the next day. This was my daughter’s 1st birthday away from home and I was trying to surprise her with something special at work. I spent OVER an hour trying to get my refund. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

  5. This is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had with any delivery service. They lied about the delivery and I never talked to anyone who could really tell me anything meaningful. I don’t think these types of businesses should be anexed all over the country because we want prompt quality service. I’m going to the be filing a small claims because I missed a very important day because of the incompetence of this company. I recommend that you just stop by the side of the road to pick your flowers because these people don’t have a clue how to run the business that they are in.

    • Do not order from them. Free shipping as supposedly provided with my purchase. I hit enter to pay and an $18.95 charge was added for service fees. It smells like a scam and I would say it is. I cancelled within minutes on their site, got a message that the time had passed to cancel. Literally the time it took to find their number. I called, got the push 1, push two crap and it was a loop of the same thing instead of a customer serive person as stated. Finally a different button got me a recording of my money will be refunded in 10 days. And it better be. I will call the AG’S office if not and would hope others who have had to deal with this will also.where I live, they actually go after companies that try to rip people off and so do I

      • I wished I would have seen these before I ordered flowers for my sister’s Birthday. This Company in Green Valley Arizona, still have not delivered the flower order. My sister has video cams on her doors and there was not anyone that delivered her flowers. Called the business back in Green Valley, Az. and was repeatedly cycled through all of their recordings.

  6. I have had the most frustrating experience with this company. After ordering a bouquet for my sister’s birthday, to be delivered 5 days from the day I ordered, I received 14 emails from Avas. I tried to contact the company to figure out what was going on and to ensure the flowers would be delivered as ordered. I tried for at least an hour to contact them via telephone to no satisfaction. Tried to connect online via email, but their customer service page offers no options outside the parameters of what they think you want from them, none of which fit my situation. I finally gave up and cancelled the order after which I received a message saying they wouldn’t cancel it (4 days before it was to be delivered) and that someone would contact me soon. Two days later still no contact from customer service and I received an email saying the flowers are on their way. I still have no way to connect with these people and I am stuck paying for something I do not want!

  7. Michael paar Reply

    The worst experience ever ordered for girlfriends birthday paid extra for delivery before 2 waited tell 2 nothing when I finally got ahold of them they apologized and said they can deliver the next day I said no and cancelled they said I would get my money back in 8 to ten days so we will see I’m afraid I just lost 104.00 we will see never again lessened learned expensive lesson

    I ordered the Deluxe version of the Harmony bouquet for my Mom’s birthday. The arrangement she received looks NOTHING like the picture on their website. The arrangement my Mom received had 7 to 10 flowers and the rest is fluffed up with greenery!
    I sent an email to express my dissatisfaction, and they sent me “an email” stating that they would give me a $15 credit towards another purchase. WHY would I buy from you again after this experience?!
    I sent another email asking for a refund and they stated that the arrangement was created within the “guidelines”! Guidelines?! Well, Ava needs to revisit their guidelines as they have very low standards!

    All I’m asking is for Ava to honor my purchase and send my Mom the actual Harmony Bouquet I ordered and PAID for!

    It’s also very unprofessional to address a customer’s concerns via email! Customer Service is EVERYTHING!

    Ava’s Flowers did not show any real concern for my experience.
    I would NOT order from this place again, NOR recommend anyone else to order from Ava’s!!!

    VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I would give zero stars if it was an option!

  9. Annie Dawson Reply

    I order flowers for my bestfriend birthday yesterday. I wish I had read the reviews first. I am so pissed off with the service I received and will never patronize them again. This is what they delivered compared to what it was supposed to look it. Customer Service lady said she could me a 10% discount no that’s not satisfying me as the customer.

  10. I called AVAS yesterday and spoke with Sarah. My order number was 7369556. I specifically ordered an arrangement called, Sun Moon & Stars and did not receive what I ordered. The florist that you AVAS used (Flower Stop) in Springfield Ma was not told that that is what I ordered and sent me all yellow flowers with two white lillies. Sara did not communicate the correct order request, therefore did a very poor job!!! In addition, $93. Dollars was far to much for the arrangement that was sent and it was not the florist fault, but yours because of poor communication! I give AVAS 1 star!!! I will NEVER use AVAS again!!!

  11. I recently ordered flowers from this company and wish I hadn’t. The bouquet that was delivered was nothing like the images displayed on their website and most definitely not worth the money paid. An absolute rip off.
    Like others, I contacted customer service in the hope of resolving my complaint.
    I may as well not have bothered – their customer service is non- existent. Excuses and no willingness to help. I will NOT be using them again. Save your money and order from a company that puts the customer first.

  12. frank maynard Reply

    I agree! similar experience! They are horrible and will never use again! I hope people read these comments! Heed our warnings or prepare to have a meltdown when trying to reach them!

  13. Ralph Giugluano Reply

    Do not order from here . Horrible customer service and wanted to delivery same day flowers 4 days later . Tried to cancel immediately but couldn’t do it in line or by phone as no one answered phone and then left on hold . Do not order from here

  14. Shannon DiCapo Reply

    I really wish I was smart enough to read these comments, but I wasn’t!!! Wrong flowers the ones they did send was crap! Then they sneak that $17.00 charge at the END! Sneaky!!! Wish I could say the words I’m really thinking….NEVER AGAIN!!!

  15. Debbie Jackson Reply

    This is without a doubt the worst florist company I have ever in my life experienced.
    Starting from the ordering of flowers, delivery service to the customer service.
    Your company is truly incompetent in every since of the word.
    Your company advertisement is truly a false advertising and is disservice to the public.
    I am beyond dissatisfied with your company Avas Florist.
    My experience with Ava’s has been a total nightmare from the beginning to the end.

    Debbie Jackson

  16. Deloris E. Fujko Reply

    I placed an order for a plant to be delivered to my daughter and son in law on 2/13/19 . You texted me on 2/14/19 saying it has been successfully delivered on the 14th. They did not receive it. You have my money, as I paid for it with a credit card. I don’t know where you delivered the plant but it wasn’t delivered to where it should have gone. I wish I would have read the reviews about your florist before I ordered from you. They aren’t good and apparently neither are you. I would appreciate it if you would contact me as you have all my information to do so and correct this error.

  17. Steve Wood Reply

    I ordered an arrangement 6 days in advance for delivery to an office address. I indicated that it would need to be delivered within office hours.
    The delivery was not made within the business week and now is useless if they try to make it next week. So I went to the website to try to contact them to work this out. That’s where the real problems begin.
    They make it virtually impossible to contact them beyond website forms. They have not answered these inquiries. They do not respond to phone calls, it is all automated and though they have an option for a live person, it cuts you off after holding everytime.
    They suggest emailing them during the automated call, but do not provide the email address. I found it only after finding this site. I am not expecting a resolution form them and expect to have to contest this with my bank.
    Avoid this business.

    • Monica Junge Reply

      Wish I had read these comments before I ordered flowers for a friends store opening. Stupid me. Should have gone local. Will dispute the charge on my credit card since I have no idea where these went.

    • You advertise “same day delivery”. I placed my order early in the day – plenty of time for the flowers to be delivered the same day. I was told they would arrive when I requested, but they did not. Your recording says you are one of the top leading florist in the country. I don’t know how you earned this title because I found your service to be very unprofessional and was talking with people who didn’t have any idea of what was going on. I suppose it is too much to ask that a company who advertises itself as “one of the best in the country,” would actually live up to their word and not only take my order but deliver it on time. Instead I have been tracking this order for two days now with no results. Perhaps you should change your “so called designer” to one who works for a living.

      I am very displeased and have requested my order be cancelled immediately. I will be sure to tell others NOT to use your service if they are placing an order for Fortville, Ind.


      LOIS FAY

    • WOW, I too wish I had read these reviews beforehand. I placed an order to my daughter, as she was being released from the hospital after a four day stay; she is pregnant with my first granddaughter; I thought this would be a nice gesture to cheer her up; she loves flowers. The flowers were delivered at midnight; who does that;? but that isn’t all. The deliverer, got out of truck, placed the flowers in front of the door, never rang the bell and drove off; maybe he called himself being considerate due to the hour! All of this was observed from the upstairs bedroom window, as the security camera went into action, once he pulled up to residence??; had that not been in place, the flowers would have been there all night/morning, until someone exited the house; even then who knows how long they would’ve been there, as they usually leave via their garage.

  18. On Wednesday, February 13, I ordered the Bloomin Romance 12 stem red roses for delivery on Valentines Day to my wife. The picture in the web site was just what I wanted. I asked if what would be delivered would look like the web site picture and was told that it would look just like it. On Wednesday afternoon my wife called and said she had just received a dozen red roses for Valentines Day. First I was very disappointed that the order sent to the florist in Louisiana stated to deliver BEFORE 7:00 p.m. on February 13, 2019. This is NOT Valentines Day.
    When I got home, Secondly, what I paid $112.91 for is not what I received. I could have bought the arrangement from Walmart for $35 and I would have been prettier. The roses were already wilting and the vase was a plain clear vase not a really stylish red vase as shown on the web site.
    Needless to say I am very disappointed and will not be a repeat customer to AVAS Flowers, nor will anyone else I can talk to.

  19. Bernadette Reply

    Just yesterday I filled out a customer satisfaction survey after placing an order with Avas Flowers. I gave the Avas website high scores for efficiency, ease of use and variety of available options. I stated I would highly recommend them. This was BEFORE I saw the flower arrangement that I ordered for my sister who is currently hospitalized. She sent me a photograph of the arrangement and I was appalled at what the ‘substitution’ was. It was sparsely filled with cheap fill and did not resemble the picture that was advertised online. To say I am disappointed with the pathetic representation of what she received is an understatement.

  20. Carol Whitley Reply

    I believe this florist is running a scam on orders by long distance phone. I placed an order on Sep 13, received a text that the order was delivered, spoke to the individual that flowers were intended for and addressed to….she never received the flowers!!!! I will never use this floral service ever again….just as I will never use “Just Flowers” again. They are not dependable. I am reporting them to BBB. They advertise as if they are local florists when in fact they ARE NOT. They obviously do not screen the florists they use to deliver their orders. So tired of unscrupulous businesses!! I called to complain and was told they would have to wait until they heard back from the delivery service they used, that was two days ago…I have heard nothing back……real jerks!!

  21. Patti White Reply

    DO NOT USE AVAS FLOWERS if you need or desire on time delivery! I called on 8/20/18 at 11:00 am for same day delivery. The customer service person called the florist to make sure this could happen, which was confirmed… all good!! My sister didn’t receive her flowers. So, I called Avas again at 5 pm to inquire about the delivery and apparently they scheduled the delivery for 8/23/18! 2 days later! I called customer service and they fixed it, confirming a 8/21 before noon delivery. Guess what? No noon delivery! Apparently Avas just emailed the flowers after hours and went about their business, never confirming their screw up would be fixed!! So, here I am again a day and a half later later… the florist gets on the line and she’ll make sure they’re delivered. Don’t waste your time w/Avas Flowers!!! Go directly to the source!! My mistake for thinking they knew what they were doing!

  22. Jann Allison Reply

    I ordered an arrangement for same day delivery. The arrangement totaled more than $60.00. Although the delivery arrived in a timely manner the flowers delivered were NOT what I ordered and looked like a bundle of flowers I could get from WalMart for $20.00. After listening to the recording for customer service for 15+minutes without speaking to a person I gave up.Needless to say I won’t use this service again. The service star indicator on line was a lie based on all the comments posted. Wish I’d read them first.

  23. I got up early today to order flowers for my best friend’s birthday. I have used your company with good results previously. I use your company because it is same day delivery guaranteed. I gave all the information and then 1 to 2 hours later your company calls me and tells me they can’t deliver today but THEY CAN call my friend to wish her a happy birthday and tell her to expect to see a surprise tomorrow. well that would ruin the surprise, right. I said you promised same day and I expect same day. She was very sorry blah blah blah. I cancelled the order and searched through Williston. I found a florist IN Williston that are delivering it TODAY, what you promised.

  24. Lois Bloom Reply

    I ordered flowers for Mother’s Day for my daughter. They were never delivered and I have been given the run around since Saturday. They have my phone number and my daughter’s number and no one has called about delivery problem. I called to check and was told to call back during Hawaii time!! I asked for them to solve the problem and CALL ME BACK OR DR. BLOOM for delivery. Confirmed they had correct phone numbers.
    If things are not resolved by this afternoon, I will cancel this order since it is now two days late.

    • Joe Warren Reply

      By chance did you get this resolved? I have been dealing with the same thing and I haven’t been able to cancel order or anything. They have not called or emailed anyone, and now delivery shows pending. You can’t get them on the phone or anything.

  25. Rebecca Mastri Reply

    My daughter purchased , what she thought was a beautiful bouquet for me for Mother’s Day. She paid extra for a ” deluxe bouquet, medium size florals.” And extra pay for the delivery to arrive before 1p. It arrived past 2p. She paid $83 in total. And we got, 4 wilted roses, 4 lilies, 3 carnations and a few pieces of leather fern. It came in a 8 inch x 2 1/2 inch vase with the entire floral was only 14 inches tall . Does this sound like a DELUXE to you?!?! All the lilies we unopened and dead. I feel so bad for my daughter who is a teenager and paid with her babysitting money to give me a lovely gift. She cried when it came to the home. Shame on you, you ripped off a kid on Mother’s Day!
    Your satisfaction policy states that you must hear of the problem regarding the produce within 24 hrs, and if I am not happy, you will give a full refund. Consider this your notice and I have called 5 times to your customer service and get nothing but recordings promising to call back tomorrow by 11a. That is the only option , I hope you keep your promise.

  26. Irene Speck Reply

    I ordered a plant to be delivered for a funeral
    I cancelled this order on 5/4/18 at 5pm central time and spoke with Eddie and Steven. Told both to cancel this order. I cancelled the order because I was not happy with the service and information I was getting.

  27. maggie tinney Reply

    I ordered flowers on 3-30 to be delivered to 2 different people. At that time, I was not informed that there would be a $24.00 service charge for each. I was never given an invoice number. I gave my phone number, e-mail address and phone numbers of the recipients. One was delivered on time, but the other was not delivered until the middle of the next week. No one bothered to notify until the next week.

  28. On February 7th. 2018 I called your shop to see if I could have a birthday arrangement made and delivered to my Granddaughter for her birthday. I was told yes, we discussed what I would like to have in the arrangement. I said she loved Callas Lilies. I did not know what color so I was told they would mix colors add a rose and maybe an orchid with a red bow and if I let them made it their way it would be more flowers and much prettier. He came back and said delivery would have to be on the 8th. because to late for that day. I said ok, they would get them there about noon at the Apple Store at Tyson’s Corner shopping Mall . She called me about 5:20 PM and Said they had not been delivered but as soon as she said that they were there, My problem is that the arrangement cost me $91.00 a 10 percent discount. I left town and did not see the arrangement by photo until I got back from a funeral and it was nothing as we discussed and sure did not look like a $91.00 arrangement. I think confirmation number was 4962431 It was all green leaves and 4 white callas lilies and a red bow. She sent me a picture on my cell phone. if I can figure it out I will send you a picture.

  29. On Sept.6,2017 I ordered Sympathy basket for my niece memorial in NM to be delivered on Sept. 9 because I live in southwest Fl and Hurricane Irma was expected Sept.9 & 10. Not only was delivery NOT made but my order was CANCELLED! Having no Internet, I was unaware of problem. You can not redo a MEMORIAL!-You only die ONCE! I am 86 and this is the WORST FLORAL SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED.CAUTION-NEVER USE THIS FLORIST.

  30. Michael Wangsgaard Reply

    28 Sept. 2017
    Never in my life, and certainly not in my experience in customer service for forty-eight years,have I EVER experienced such poor service! I could not, in good conscience, recommend your company to anyone. You failed to deliver my order; then you failed to contact me to notify me of the failed delivery; then when I followed up on my own and called and you apologized for having not contacted me (after four days) you PROMISED to deliver the flowers the next morning to my sick granddaughter, and NEVER DID —EVEN WITH A CORRECTED AND ACCURATE ADDRESS!!! After two more days (almost a whole week now ) you have still never delivered the flowers. At this rate my granddaughter will be married and the mother of three children before she receives my flowers — if ever. Such incompetence is ridiculous. I have put a stop on my credit card payment and will report you tomorrow to the BBB. No wonder you have no rating with them. Michael D.Wangsgaard

  31. On Monday June 26, 2017 I ordered some flowers from your company online AVAS Flowers. These flowers were to be delivered Tuesday June 27, 2017. I received an email at 12:48 on June 27, 2017 telling me these flowers had been delivered

    I searched all over my organization for approximately 20 minutes looking for these flowers that clearly had not been delivered. I then called AVAS Flowers. Upon standing outside of my place of business me and several co-workers see a car pull up quickly into the parking lot and a man jumps out with a vase of flowers that appears to be my order. I had to tell this individual several times I purchased the flowers before he would let me get a look at them. The woman who works in the delivery section if our organization pointed him to the delivery room so we could sign for the flowers. Upon him handing me the flowers I recognized the condition of them.

    Keep in mind this driver did not show up in a flower van nor do I believe the flowers had proper refrigeration or storage.
    If you look at these flowers the appearance of fresh is not evident and the orange ones are all wilted. Some of the purple ones don’t look great either. I mentioned this to the delivery driver. He too agreed the flowers did not look well. So he waited as I proceeded to call AVAS Flowers customer service back on the phone after 3 failed attempts I finally reached someone. The driver as well called someone on his phone with regards to the flowers. He said he would tale the flowers back with him and to request a refund. He took the flowers and left. There are several professional colleague witnesses to this account.
    I am now on the phone with AVAS Flowers and I inform them of the situation and advised them the driver agreed and he has taken the flowers with him. I asked for a refund and was in turn met back with a candor that felt like bullying to me. They insisted on delivering new flowers tomorrow. I said no thank you the individuals’ birthday is today and tomorrow is pointless. I would rather a refund and do my business elsewhere. They kept insisting telling me how much the recipient would appreciate the flowers although I had already stated my position. They offered a 10% discount and $10 toward the next purchase. There will not be another purchase. I turned this offer down and again asked for a refund. The coercion persisted. I eventually asked for a supervisor. A man named Alex gets on the line and says he is manager and persisted with the same propaganda. I advised him this is not what I want and I want a refund. He still pushed his ideology off on me about this delivery. I refused. He then hung up on me. In the course of a few hours I spent so much time on the phone with these people being hung up on, placed on what seemed like endless on hold sessions, being bullied and disrespected.

    The one of the last calls I receive back from them that I missed so this text and email were to follow.

    This again is coercion and bullying. Philip did not purchase these flowers I did and I have chosen not to do business with this company and mind you thin comes after I already speak wo another manager who have agreed to give me my refund. The audacity of these people. Where do they find the nerve to even go this far. Also this is a lie a conversation had not been had with Philip and like I advised them even if they I had I made this purchase not Philip and to do business with them was no longer my desire. Do you know on every call I made here every person I spoke to attempted the same tactics? This is redundant.
    I anticipate a refund in full for this purchase to what I paid INFULL.

    It is not my fault as the consumer that you all attempted to deliver a product to me that was not as advertised. I have experienced deceit, trickery, lies, coercion, bribery and bullying throughout the duration of this single purchase. I am devastated at the degree in which these people have gone and frankly exhausted. I have video recorded the 49 minute conversation with these people if you would like to hear it. I am outraged and was pushed to a point of irate. No one should be conducting business in this manner. I anticipate this issue will be resolved sooner than later in hopes of no additional actions to come. I took a chance on doing business with your company to be treated like such. Please do not deliver anymore flowers to my place of business all I want from you is my FULL REFUND that is it.
    Singed by a very displeased ex-customer

  32. PEGGY FOSTER Reply

    I have tried repeatedly to get a refund for flowers not delivered to my Aunt Velma in Pleasant Garden, NC in February. They were ordered on February 10th for Valentine’s Day. I have spoken to several representatives on the phone, all promising to fix the problem. The last one I talked to said he would credit my charge card within 2 hours. I never received that credit. I will never order from you again and will make sure my family doesn’t either.

  33. Marilyn Elaine Rollins Reply

    I have NEVER dealt with such incompetence with a business. I ordered flowers for a family friend who lost their daughter, gave name, address, and phone number of the family and the person (I guess it was a human being) told the family they could not deliver the flowers, that they would have to pick them up. What a crock! Then to try to get this resolved, I have had to talk to people in New Jersey who are sincerely sorry but don’t give a care. I seem to be getting a royal run-around and NOBODY cares. They do have my money though. I would NOT RECOMMEND this florist to my worst enemy.

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