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Contact AutoNation: Find below customer service details of AutoNation. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the leading auto retailer and its services. Reach the AutoNation customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

AutoNation Head Office
200 SW 1st Avenue, Suite 1600
Fort Lauderdale, FL33301
United States

AutoNation Customer Service
Phone: 954-769-6000 (general)
Phone: 855-240-9561 (AutoNation Express)

About AutoNation
AutoNation customer serviceAutoNation is America’s leading automotive retailer founded by Wayne Huizenga in the year 1996. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the company boasts of over 290 vehicle franchises across 15 states. The automotive retailer has over 50 million customers and has a selection of over 100,000 new and pre-owned vehicles. The Fortune 500 company also offers financing and insurance services, besides new and used cards of over 30 brands. Every used car comes with a 3 day/150 mile Money Back Guarantee. The local AutoNation brands found in the market include Maroone, AutoWay, Fox, Champion, Desert, Power, AutoWest, Appleway, GO, and Mullinax

Locate a AutoNation dealer nearest to your address here. The AutoNation website allows shoppers to look for new and used vehicles with brand, year or body style. The brands found include Acura, Bentley, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Scion, Subaru, Toyota and Volkswagen. Customers can apply for financing online, whether it is to buy or lease. AutoNation has partnered with hundreds of banks across US to offer a wide range of finance and lease options.

AutoNation also boasts of vast parts and collision repair network. Internet users can schedule a service appointment easily online. The parts used are genuine factory parts and accessories. The service locations further have state-of-the-art facilities, trained technicians and low-priced maintenance and repairs. To get appraisals, make appointments or to pay monthly payments click here. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, service centers, repairs, financing or others, reach the AutoNation customer service.

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  1. Kim e Lobdell Reply

    AutoNation Ford Marietta, received a recall notice on 2015 Ford Edge from Autonation and per their instruction called and set up appointment to bring the vehicle in for inspection and repair if needed. When I called service department number, they verified that parts were on hand, so with that schedule appt for today. When I arrived I was informed that parts needed were not available and a complete dealer bulletin would not be out until 4th quarter of 2020. Representative was wanting to know what other services the vehicle needed since I was there. My contention is that Autonation is dealing in unethical business practice on getting you to bring vehicle in even thou parts are not even available in order to sale you other services as a way to boost their sales. If that is not the case then they are guilty of being very bad at what they do and cannot be trusted.

  2. I wanted to know of there was a remote for my model of Toyota Camry so I called AuthoNation Toyota in Winter Park Florida and was informed by the Vin number there was one and that they could order the part and have it there next day. I was also informed they would call when it came in for me to come and have them set it up with my model. First thing of my complaint the next day they did not call me. I called them and they apologized for that. So when I got there I was greeted by someone who told me. You will have to walk to parts and pointed somewhere. I was able to find it then was told I had paid for the part only that the service I had been told was included in the price was separate. I checked in with service and was later told my model would not work with the device. So I got a refund and left the dealership. I was able to find a place to install a security system and they did so in a couple of hours. Yesterday the 28th of August I received to my e mail account a survey that I could take on Google or FaceBook. I took it on FaceBook and was told all day someone from the dealership would reach out to me by phone if I provided them with the number. The never occurred. In fact the FaceBook person sent me a request for my e mail address. I finally told them hey computer generated whatever that I was assured was not but a person that I would hear from the dealership that has never happened. Instead a new Messenger message came in several times saying I had to to to AuthorNation and call the number and later the dealership. I finally told off the FB person by saying Computer Generated whatever take if you have one your finger and stuff it up your ass and I called the dealership and was told I could talk to each department so I told the receptionist she could do the same of stuff a finger up your ass. All in all a very bad experience and sorry they represent Toyota.

  3. I flew out to Las Vegas after finding a used Honda on line at Auto Nation. I purchased a 2017 Honda from the Audi in Las Vegas. It was a cute car, but had to drive it back to Phoenix, AZ. The sales lady picked me up at the airport and was very sweet. She showed me the car that had a few minor scraps that she wanted fixed up before she let me take the car. I asked to have the “Huggins” sticker taken off. The repair guys were not willing to do it at all. They were trying to make me keep it. She took her acrylic fingernail and started scrapping it off. They guys finally went to get a tool and took it off the rest of the way.
    The process was pretty painless with Eveilynn. Then they took me to finance. The guy in finance kept reminding me that the car may have electrical issues and I really needed to get the 100k mile warrantee. Literally said that at least 25 times. No exaggeration! I excused myself to the bathroom so he could save a tree that he kept printing off and hopefully get him off the offer he was annoyingly offering me.
    Well I drove home with the car. Surprisingly had a 6th speed I didn’t notice before leaving the lot. I got home and it got 40 miles a gallon. The next day I went to my appointment. Halfway there the car started de-excelling. I had not taken my foot off of the gas or anything! I coasted into a CVS Pharmacy and put it in gear. The car kept rolling! It slowly ran into the curb. I called my sales lady and she said I could get it towed into the nearest Auto nation dealership so they could check it out. I called and the tow company stated I would have to pay extra to get it towed to the auto nation in Chandler. I refused! I just spent more than I had to fly, down payment and drive it back to Phoenix!
    I called the sales lady back and she refused my call. Repeatedly! So I called to speak with the General Manger, Darren. I told him I just wanted my money back and he could have the car back. He told me that he would get back to me the next day with details. So I sat in the middle of the ghetto in Phoenix waiting for the tow truck to get the car and still feeling sick from Chemo.
    I called the General manager the next day, I asked him what was wrong with the car because I may want to just keep it if they can fix it. He said he would have an idea of what was wrong with the car by the end of day. Well it is weeks later and I still have no idea what is wrong with the car and I an so frustrated with Auto Nation and Audi at this point! Worst experience ever!

    I forgot to mention that the sales lady called to see how my purchase was yesterday and wanted to insure I was happy. I told her I still have not been told what is wrong with the car so I still am not taking it back! Seriously?

  4. Esmail Shahrezaei Reply

    I brought my car into the autonation center in WInter Park due to the airbag recall. Since bringing it to you fuses have suddenly been blowing out and there are no overhead interior lights, and the key fobs cannot open the door. I brought the car back in today for a scheduled appointment and after a 3 hour wait they said it’s not their fault it’s the fact that the car is 7 years old. First of all , there has never been any issues with this until the airbag recall. I was to make another appointment for 7 a.m. tomorrow and there will be an initial $135 charge for diagnostic test plus whatever the charges are for the issue. My problem is that we never had any problems with the interior lights, fuses and the key fobs until after your shop serviced the vehicle and it frustrates me that you all won’t accept responsibility for the issues that have been happening. It’s feeling a lot like Toyota doesn’t car about the customers ( especially after the car is paid off!).

  5. I received fantastic service today for my 2020 Tacoma in Buford, GA.
    Unfortunately, that was overshadowed by the lack of masks worn and/or not wearing them properly by employees ( masks below their noses and mouth, hanging off to one side, above the forehead or around the neck does not constitute wearing a mask)
    I will not be returning for future services.

    thank you

  6. Ronald Powell Reply

    First time and last time I will use AutoNation. Saw car online, drove 140 miles to purchase. Was told AutoNation was one big happy family. No problem getting service at my home town AutoNation dealer. Was complete bull. I purchased Gold warranty because of what I was told. A broken taillight assay. was the only thing I noticed and was told to take it to local Autonation and no problem getting it fixed. When local dealer looked at it technician noted that the broken taillight also was connected to a broken trim piece on trunk. Everytime it rained the trunk flooded. So while car sat at dealer (I’ve actually been able to drive it 2 days out of 2 weeks) the local dealer couldnt get anyone at the original dealership to approve the repair. After 2 weeks I paid over $700 to get it fixed, and while they had it, somebody dented the driver’s door, so now I have to go back to get that fixed. Tried now for 2 days to get Gnerall Manager at original store to return a phone call, and so far cricket’s. Always leave a message. Somehow, some way I will finally talk to a live person and cancel the warranty plan I bought. And oh by the way I didnt get a loaner car per the Gold warranty because the local dealer said the warranty didnt apply for 30 days. Never in all my years have I been so misled. Carmax has it all over these people.

  7. hailey jean Reply

    So I went here with the intention of looking at a truck they had posted online, when I got in I was informed that the truck hadn’t been through inspection, cleaned, didn’t have the keys, and was truly not ready to be sold. I was quite irritated to have driven down there without knowing any of this event though a sales rep had called me about my interest in the truck. I was very interested and wanted to buy it, ready to take off the lot that day so long as it drove well and had no issues, I came in twice with the intention of purchasing. The truck still hadn’t been through inspection and I had to put down 500 on this truck I could not even test drive to get them to put it in for quick inspection, very frustrating. I came in to drive the truck for the first time 2 days after it had been inspected and took it off the lot that evening cause it was a great truck. The check engine light came on the next day and I had the manager call me because even though on my paperwork it said emissions had been done, it was skipped, they say that’s why my engine light came on. I had a great sales person Svetlana and she was wonderful, helping me get the truck quickly. I love the truck, and the sales team but the organization could definitely be a little better..


    I’m having a horrible experience at Autonation located in Santa Clarita, CA. Their service is terrible. I had a appointment today and soon as I arrived they told me my appointment was actually for next Thursday March 06 2020. So I spoke to the manager and he told me they would take my car today since it was only regular service and oil change. The manager called Phil Even asked me to wait 15min for a advisor. After 1h waiting and no contact from any advisor I returned to the front desk to ask them and the lady (Robin) was really rude so I asked to speak to the manager and she said he was busy. After 5min I asked to speak to the manager again and she refused tp call him. Finally after 1:30h someone came to talk to me to start the procedure to take my car to service. My oil change was already paid off so they did not care too much about me as a customer. For this reason, I’m not doing any business with this dealer anymore.

  9. The Doral Location Chevrolet auto nation unfortunately is one of the most disorganized dealers in south florida that I have visited. My family and I have purchased 3 brand new cars from this dealer. The Service Department has to be one of the worst. I do not ever leave reviews or even submit complains but, I really feel someone needs to know and unfortunately no one in upper management at the dealer returns calls. I took my car in for a recall service. I booked the appointment via your app , when I arrived I was told by both the receptionist and the service technician that the app is garbage and doesn’t work and they would try to fit me in. I am giving you the short version here of the incident. 3 hours later after I leave- I get on hwy and car starts to squeak from the rear . I called to inquire about this because , it was not doing that before and they said it wasn’t there fault to bring it in but make an appointment. so the time I wasted there and the time I took off from work did not matter? The service representative approached me as if he was doing me a favor. Please know that even to schedule an oil change at this location is a nightmare. They have no professionalism nor do they have the customers time or interest in mind after you purchase the car .
    I had previously referred a friend to purchase a car there a month ago and she mentioned that it was chaotic. Hardly anyone spoke proper English and there was zero customer service and I have to agree with her.

    • joe frederick Reply

      DO NOT BUY FROM OR HAVE YOUR VEHICLE SERVICED AT AUTONATION USA KATY IN HOUSTON TEXAS. I bought a certified 2016 GMC SIerra here a couple weeks ago and it was the worst buying experience that ive ever had, then the rear door locks stopped working after a week. i took it in for warranty work and was told it would be ready in 2 days. today is day 9 and i still dont have my truck nor was i offered a loaner. its impossible to get anyone on the phone so i went to the dealership. i was told they would take the parts off another used truck on the lot and use to fix mine. thats not only an insane suggestion but im sure its fruad and deceptive. used parts are just going to fail as well. i brought this to the general manager of the dealerships attention thinking he would be as outraged as i was by that suggestion. instead he ( his name is Kyler) said ” thats a fantastic idea, we do that all the time! ” so be forewarned that this place is staffed by people who get excited about cutting corners and screwing over their customers.

  10. Tracy McIntosh Reply

    **** customers Beware Audi Spokane ****
    Reference Artie is G.Mgr. I have yet to hear from him directly after requesting he call me. Six days later I receive a generic email from him asking about my experience with the dealership. I’m wondering now if he the GM or the King of Audi Spokane or he just feels it beneath him to reach out to a customer who has requested direct communication with him. Regardless, Below is my customer experience I shared with Artie In my reply to the email I received. For the record, Artie has not replied or ever called. He instead had his Multiple Sales Mgr’s who were part of the problem, reach out in his place.

    (E-mail reply)

    I’m surprised to hear from you and even more surprised your not aware that I had requested that the sale be canceled and my money returned. Since the issues were apparently not brought to you attention. Please allow me to provide you with my customer service experience in dealing with your dealership.
    On or near 11/1/19 I called and requested a service appointment for my A6. I set the appointment for 11/15/19. After setting up the appointment I asked to be transferred to sales. I’m fairly positive that I spoke with Spencer as sometime over the course of speaking with him he mentioned he was the sales Mgr. I explained I was looking for a preowned Audi for my Daughter as her birthday was just around the corner ( 11/25/19). He mentioned and I believe it was on this call a 2011 Q5 that had just arrived and it was priced around 12,500 with 68k miles. I told him I was really interested and asked if he could send a few photos and he said he would later that day as it was being detailed. He also mentioned when I was in for service to ask for John Ward. 1st problem. I never heard back nor received any pictures. I called back on the 4th and spoke with another sales rep on 11/5/19. I do not remember his name but his number is ( 509-714-4458. I explained what had happened and he said he would go out take some photos ( I have included a screen shot of our text exchange). He followed with photos and I inquired if the front had rock damaged or was it just bugs. He said car needed to be cleaned up ( I was surprised as I was told a few days earlier it was in detail shop). I asked to send pics once it was cleaned. 2nd Problem.He did not reply until after I called him the next day. He then sent a picture around 3pm and said it was sold.
    On the 15th I showed up for my appointment and while there spoke with service advisor regarding the lack of follow up regarding my experience with the Q5. He came and found us and said he believed the car was still available. He had Chris Diggs meet with me. We looked at car, took it for a test drive. I told him I wanted it and to get paperwork prepared as I would pay cash. I wanted to put it all on my Amex and he came around a bit later and said he could not take Amex for full purchase but I could put $3,000 on card. I told him to move forward. I also told how excited my daughter would be. I met with finance Mgr and signed all paperwork and as we were running very late on our return trip. I asked him to email me the information to send check over for balance. I needed to whom check was to be made out to and an address. 3rd problem never received any information regarding check. A about a week later I reached back out to Chris to get info to send check and reached out a 2nd to get vin# to put on check. I told him I would come by prior to the 25th to pick up car.
    ******Then we arrive at the major issues.*******
    I receive a call from Spencer on either the 20th or 21st. Spencer tells me he is has good news. He going to have the car delivered Friday. I told him perfect as he could just pick up check for balance with he dropped off car. He the calls on Friday afternoon to explain the General Mgr ( I now assume is you) will not allow vehicle to be delivered until check is received and cleared. I’m a little confused at this point because you all knew the check had not arrived as I had just received info on check and information needed. So as not to screw my daughters birthday surprise (11/25/19). I told Spencer I would same day wire money. I requested your wiring info. He called back with bank info ( we both Bank at Bank of America. I proceeded with same day wire. I sent confirmation to Spencer as did Bank of America via email that Wire was made. After wire was sent Bank of America sent me a text via banking app that wire had missed cutoff time for that day and wire would be sent Monday am. I called Spencer back and informed him if the cutoff time. Spencer assured me Car would be delivered on Monday as he had received email from BofA. At 3:22am my time 2:22 am your time on Monday I received and email from Bank of America stating that wire was sent successfully. I reached out to Spencer via text around 10am my time to check on car delivery. He assured me car would be delivered between 3-5pm. I replied the closer to 3 the better as we had plans for Dinner. Around 4pm I texted Spencer following up on Car. He never responded. I call your dealership and spoke with Michael. He then broke the news the car was scheduled for Delivery on Tuesday. It goes without saying I was upset. I asked for YOU/ General Manager to call me an explain how this could happen. When I did not receive a call back. I sent both Spencer and Michael a text stating I wanted to rescind the sale / Did not want vehicle. I HAVE HEARD FROM NO ONE SINCE THE 25th. No one. To be clear, I want all money refunded. I will sent you wiring instructions in the am tomorrow and please Credit my Amex card the $3,000.00.
    I’m not sure what type of operation your running but, I have had to pleasure of working with other Audi dealership ( I also own and 2016 A5) and have never seen such a lack of professionalism and lack of communication and customer service in my life. With any dealership. I well versed with Autonation. There headquarters is in Jacksonville,FL.
    I look forward to you giving this matter your full attention now that your up to speed and resolving it quickly.

  11. Leonard Mitchell Reply

    The complaints listed here seem to be mirror copies of my experience. I have called Auto Nation Customer Service many times and each time I have been told that someone would call me back. Of course, I never received a call back. Why deal with Auto Nation if their customer service is so bad?

  12. The NICEST people to talk to, GREAT deal, WORST Customer service. Got my car from LandRover Encino location and do not get a car from this company. The inside cooler compartment went out, and I ask for it for be fixed while getting annual service (the car is less than a year old), they had the car for a week, didnt get call back on status. Didnt fix the cooler, said they looked into and was working..basically they are backed up and have been and it took a week to do a 2 hour oil change. NOT HAPPY nor would recommend. Trying to contact LR to see if I can get service at another location. Huge headache and not great first experience. Call the branch again to have someone call me, no response!

  13. Nikolaus Baethke Reply

    To AutoNation, customer support
    I feel I need to tell this story based on what occurred to my 83 year old mother from last Friday 10/4/2019 to yesterday 10/7/2019.
    My mother and 84 year old father went to AutoNation Honda in Des Plaines Illinois Friday 10/4/2019 with the intent of looking to potentially trade-in their 2015 Camry with 4068 miles on it, for a brand new Honda CRV
    While it was a long process it seemed to work out ok. They received what I believe to be an ok trade-in value for the Camry and a very nice new car. On Saturday my mother was having second thoughts about the trade-in because she wanted to sell the Camry to her granddaughter, my niece, for a discounted price. She called and left a message to their Salesman John Ruberry asking him to hold off on the trade-in because she may want it back.
    While she did not receive a call back we found out Monday that it was to late by Saturday because everything had already been processed.

    When my mother arrived Monday and asked to have the trade in back. The salesman and the General Sales Manager Mike Yorty at first came back with a $14,990 price for her car just traded in on Friday for $11,500. I understood there would be several cost including taxes and license plates, title transfer etc. in this trade-in including what I would have considered an added fee to AutoNation Honda for their time and the work involved to make it happen, maybe $500.00 additional. People need to be paid.
    However, in order to make this happen my 83 year old mother had to agree to buy the car back for $13,399 after several exchanges of words. This obviously does not include the taxes, license and transfer fees. So in other words my mother had to pay $1,899 additional dollars to receive her own car back for the 3 days on AutoNation Honda’s lot, plus a cleaning and nothing more. I understand any dealership is in business to make money and while nothing was done that was illegal, I believe morally taking advantage of a senior citizen in that manner is classless and frankly unbelievable act.

    In this particular case I believe it is my duty to inform people how a car dealership is willing to treat anybody including the elderly, to make a buck.
    On a positive note, rest assured, thanks to your General Sales Manager Mike Yorty, the AutoNation Honda Ohare will continue to have financially sound books.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience at AutoNation store. I think it is very important to let all customers know what traps would be in purchasing process. You cannot trust these 5-star reviews on AutoNation website because the company built the website. The true experience can be only got from customer words.

  14. False  and misleading advertisements. We submitted a request online for a Jeep at autonation jeep pembroke pines and we were given details and the (Autonation price) and when would we like to come in and test drive it. A day later we attempted to make an appointment to go into the dealer. we were than told that the jeep was not available and it’s a loaner which was something that wasnt previously disclosed. we were also told that the price that was advertised was not it and it has additional options (also not disclosed). Online listing dosen’t says anything about accessories or upgrades or that it’s a loaner and it’s not available for the next 2 months. 

  15. Over two months to repair my vehicle, They put mix match tires on my car, the Car is a 2020 Range Rover,,, No response from anyone from Autonation…..Shameful..

  16. Gail Roberts Reply

    My who is 8 months pregnant brought a car from Doral Chevy the sale went great a set of brand new tire were to be put on the car we have been here 5 times and know new tires so many times now the last time we are here right now and they are saying it is the wrong SIZE!!! After 5 times you would thing they would have it right and they say this a great dealership the manger told me I can do whatever I want like he didn’t CARE if she had been there 5 time for a set of tires what can of customers service is that do whatever you want! And he is not beginning apologizing at all! Sorry for the inconvenience are anything! Very hurtful about the hold process I wonder if we would have been treated differently if we were Cuban that’s the way I feel about the whole process!

  17. When I purchased a car in 2017 the finance department offered a loaner any time I needed a repair or an oil change if I bought 10 oil changes and tire rotations with the car. For the first two years things were great. The sales department gave me a loaner for one repair and three oil changes. Today, I went in for an oil change… The service department didn’t have a loaner, I went over to the sales department and was told NOPE! They said we only do loaners for repairs. When I told them that the finance department offered the loaner for oil changes as well, and I received loaners four times previously from the sales department, they said they couldn’t risk the liability and basically called me a liar… So, I said they are basically reneging on a promise. They told me they didn’t like that word and to basically take a hike. This dealership reneged on a promise, called me a liar and told me to take a hike. I wouldn’t trust the sales department at AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM North Fort Worth… They are only looking out for themselves… Poor customer service…

  18. For this to be the largest retailer in the country one would think this company could afford a few customer service representatives to answer a phone call or have a company representative to call back, but maybe selling autos is the only thing that matters here. I’ve stood in the service department at Autonation Ford in Mobile Alabama for 45 minutes before the service provider asked if he could assist me in any manner. When I told him what I needed he asked if I could come back on Monday to drop off my vehicle because now was not a good time. I’ve driven Fords for over 30 years and I’ve watch this dealership go from bad to incredibly stupid. Jack Falls should not be writing any customers up, please send this employee back through basic customer service training or move him from your new air conditioned building before he runs all your customers away.

  19. Charles Brant Reply

    I’m curious what constitutes someone showing interest in a vehicle. My wife and I went to a local store and talked about a Honda Pilot. We were told it couldn’t be held while we went home to make a decision. We were informed what we would need to be emailed for the credit check to run and we told them we’d think about the car and send in the information. We discussed it and the car seemed right so I submitted all the necessary documentation THHAT NIGHT.I called the agent we were working with in the morning, I got ahold of him at home but when he went in at 11 he would work on it.
    Apparently someone RESERVED IT online and now we may not get the vehicle. And no one saw my emails with the documents showing my interest.

    My question is why are people able to hold online but I’m in the store and just wanted one night and nothing can be done for me. It wasn’t even mentioned I could hold it online, which I would’ve, is it policy to withhold that option from potential customers!?!

  20. Dominique Faneitty Reply

    I purchased my vehicle in 2017, since then it has been totalled. I cancelled my vehicle protection plan and was supposed to have the check sent to my lein holder to finalize my payments and it has been since March and I am getting the run around from the dealer. I have tried to contact the corporate office at 954-769-6000 but have had no luck with anyone calling me back. I am so disappointed I just want to get this resolved.

    • We are going through the same situation. Our car got totaled and was advised by honda financial services to get a refund on the vehicle protection plan since we have 90 days to pay off the left over amount due to the extended warranty. We just purchased that car last November 2018. They answered our call once and since then we were unable to contact them.

    • Patricia Curbow Reply

      I purchased my 2015 Ford Escape in April, the finance guy talked me into taking the extended warranty, but the next day or so I called and requested it to be cancelled. He said, sure I will take care of it. Nothing happened. I had to go to dealership and asked about the cancellation of the warranty, he said again “oh, I will take care of it”. I waited and waited without anything happening. I called and the finance guy doesn’t work there any longer so the general manager said he would get it taken care of but it would take a few weeks to be credited to my loan. Didn’t happen. I have been in contact thru text with the warranty text number and keep getting the same, someone from customer service will contact you as soon as possible. No contact. I have contacted them 5 times! I am still trying to get this resolved. I am really disappointed in AutoNation.

  21. Jermain Wiggins Reply

    First and last time buying with Autonation. I called to see if the vehicle I found online was still available and the salesman told me yes come on in. So I came in and the vehicle was in the mechanic garage. He said that they had just received it as a trade-in and the mechanics were checking it out. I liked the vehicle and said that I would purchase it after they finish all their inspections. The sales manager told me that I could go ahead and lock in the deal and that they would do repairs to the things they find. And said that they have a return policy within a certain amount of days. So I made the purchase. They called me a week or two later to pick up my vehicle and the day I drove it home I had to turn around and bring it right back due to my steering vibrating roughly. They said that the rim was bent and that control arm needed replacing. They said they would take care of it and call me when the vehicle was ready. About 2 weeks later I received a call to come pick up my vehicle which I did and the steering was a lot better but slightly pulling to the right. So after a month I finally took my new purchase home. I recently went back to the service department to complain about the steering wheel still vibrating and the wheel pulling to the right. 2 days later the service manager called me and stated I had a bent rim and needed an alignment. She stated that I must have hit something and could take it up with my insurance company. So that tells me they didn’t replace the rim that they new about the first day I brought it back, and secondly when they replaced the control arm they didn’t do an alignment afterwards. And now they want me to pay for my own repairs. Me nor anyone I know will purchase from Autonation again, and we purchase vehicles quite often.

  22. I bought a truck on Sunday and Tuesday morning had to take it back to an AutoNation dealer to get everything fixed that there missed at the dealership before putting it up for sale. It has been 3 weeks and still don’t have my truck. I own a business and I can’t even understand how this is ok. Truck should not have been sold in this condition broken windsheild bad brakes misfires crack exhaust manifold bad door lock and other things that still need done. But you got my down payment and bank payed you so who care about the customer service never again will I buy from AutoNation.

  23. I spent seven our driving to and from the Miami Mercedes location to look at a car that was rated a 99 on a scale of 100. The car had been in 3 accidents, which were not disclosed in the inspection or carfax, it had a broken light in the bumper, and scratches on every panel. I have saved the inspection report and plan to post it on facebook and other sites so everyone knows to avoid this dealer and any dealer owned by Autonation

  24. I have never been so dissapointed in my life I purchased a vehicle at Autonation Ford of Bellevue 2 months ago and have been trying to no avail to get them to assist in getting it fixed. The phone is on a continuous loop and the only way you can talk to someone is by pressing the button for sales. This company is a scam and should be shut down.

  25. Went to buy a VW at Mall of Georgia location and was closed at 4PM on a Sunday. Hours posted are until 6PM. Not very professional! I have other choices, so will go there instead.

  26. Jean Mazza Reply

    Ford Margate should simply shut their doors and admit they have no business being open. Since I bought my cursed lemon in June 2017, 100% of my dealings with them have resulted in some sort of additional mistake, issue, or problem. They either employ the stupidest people on the planet or they simply don’t care. The most recent eff up pertains to a rental car return during yet another service event (8 total since June 2017). We are unable to get our deposit back because the car rental agency says the dealership did not complete the paperwork correctly. I have left 6 messages with the dealership. No one will return my call or deal with the situation. These people have caused so much unnecessary stress in my life. If I have a stroke or a heart attack, I want someone to sue Autonation on my behalf.

  27. Bonnie luster Reply

    I am very disappointed in the Sahara Honda . We asked for a pre own car and they did not have this and said they see if any others auto nation had any and said there was nothing. There isa big sale Wednesday on what we wanted at Henderson.Also told us there was No car dealerships open on Sundays . Well the TV shows that they lied to us now I have a leased car higher then I wanted with the sadness of knowing that I have to deal with unhonorble people. I will let others know how you lied

  28. I have been trying to get in contact with someone in regards to my warranty for over 3 weeks. I have left several messages on the 954-769-6000 phone number. I have also utilized the chat feature and I have been told that I will receive a call back within 24-48 hours but I have yet to receive any contact from anyone from Auto Nation. The dealer I purchased my 2017 Nissan Titan from is no longer associated with Auto Nation and is unable to help me and the local Auto Nation stores are unable to help me so I need to have someone from Corporate contact me.

    • Now it seems that the customer service option on the 954-769-6000 number is inop. Whenever I press “0” the system hangs up on me. I would really appreciate it if someone would please email me a proper contact number or set up a time when I can contact someone in regards to my warranty. This is a fairly easy issue to fix but impossible without assistance from you.

  29. Is it common practice in the automotive industry to have an appointment in order to get a repair estimate? I do not care if this inquiry gets posted but I really would appreciate response

  30. Kindly advise how to “call off” your salesmen. We went to test drive a vehicle and they basically told us they weren’t interested in dealing with us and now won’t stop emailing to try to get us back in to attempt to make a deal. This is really harassment especially since they weren’t interested in dealing with us old people and obviously not people who spoke their language. Not the way we were treated at other Auto Nation dealerships but of course not an Orlando location.

  31. Jim Jaggers Reply

    Why do you keep sending me recall notices? My VIN does not seem to be included in any NHTSA vehicle recalls.

  32. sarah jarman Reply

    I just had a very bad experience with your Toyota dealer in Irvine. I was given a description and pricing on two cars that I was helping my daughter purchase. My daughter chose a Corolla Hatchback. After I asked about how to wire the money, they can back with another description of pricing that included a “black out” package that was the same car as before (the one my daughter chose) but costing $3,000 more. I was shocked. It was disappointing to us both. We thought we were avoiding these bait and switch games.

  33. Deceptive sales practices by finance person @ AutoNation Toyota, Lithia Springs, GA. Requesting a refund for over payment of $1348.00 for vehicle purchased on 7/11/18. Changed selling price of vehicle from $23,499 to $24,847 on purchase agreement. Please contact me for more detailed information and for a quick and fair resolution.

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