Contact of Angie’s List customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Angie’s List: Find below customer service details of Angie’, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
Angie’s List
1030 E. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 888-888-5478
Email: [email protected]

About Angie’s List
Angie’s List is a platform that lists and reviews service professionals in multiple areas across US. Launched in 1995, the directory is part of ANGI Homeservices Inc and operates from its headquarters at Indianapolis, Indiana. The home services website provides ratings and reviews on more than 720 different services. Angie’s List claims more than 6 million households benefit from the listings. The members on the platform contribute more than 60,000 reviews each month. Members have full access to ratings and reviews, enjoy live support, access to complaint resolution team and receive exclusive deals from top service providers. The website claims it is facilitating transactions worth $10bn-$15bn between members and service providers.

When submitting a review, users can rate the company’s response time, price, professionalism and give a rating from A to F scale. All ratings and reviews are verified by Angie’s List. Home owners can access the ratings on companies for free. The basic green membership offers access to more than 10 million verified reviews. Upgrade to Silver and Gold membership to enjoy a personal assistant and help with selecting top rated providers, scheduling your job or getting estimates. Users can upgrade their plan using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or PayPal.

To search a professional for your project, users can use the search on the homepage by entering a category and a location. Popular services you can look for include plumbing, roofing, heating/AC, electrical, landscaping, housecleaning, remodeling, painting and masonry. Angie’s List has nationwide coverage. Top cities include New York, Houston, Chicago, Indianapolis, Boston, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, Las Vegas and San Antonio.

The listings of companies and service providers contain their grade, services offered, reviews and contact information. If you are a service provider, create your business profile with details of name, address and services offered. Business owners can also advertise coupons, discounts and other promotions to members. For more information or queries on registration, payment, cancellation, or others, reach the Angie’s List support.

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  1. I called 1800- roto rooter and they hooked me up with Angie and Home Advisor.They set me up with a plumber the next day at 7 am I live in Port Orange Florida.At 630 the next morning the plumber called to say he couldn’t make it because he lives in Pennsylvania.They don’t even try to get some one local .Then they have the nerve to take $245 out of your account and never do the job.So inept . Would never recommend them.Then you have to fight them for a refund.Horrible service

  2. I should have read the available comment before making an appointment for a “PRO” to provide housekeeping for me. My experience with Angi has been a S#@T show for the last week. Angi has made appointment commitments for a set time for the PRO to show up and do the work. Sometime later that day the PRO calls up and tells us they cant make it a the time Angi schedule but can com at a different time or a different day. In the last week this has happened no less than 4 time. So we coordinate our schedule with the time Angi committed to only to have that time changed by the PRO. So we are inconvenienced by these changes and we wanted the housekeeping completed before our company arrived. Well they have arrived and the housecleaning has not been completed.

    What is happening is Angi has a list of PRO companies that they call on to do the work and make a commitment to the customer to have the work completed on that day and time. Once the PRO get the lead from Angi they call the customer and tell use they can’t make that date or time and schedule another date and time that fit their schedule. The PRO doesn’t communicate these changes with Angi because Angi keep texting me that the PRO is going to show up on the original commitment date and time. Angi doesn’t know that the PRO is disregarding the commitment Angi made and rescheduling appointments to their availability. If it were done correctly they should not have accepted the job if they don’t have that available date and time slot and if there is going to be a date and time change they should coordinate that through Angi as Angi is the party that made the commitment to the customer.

    The first PRO’s that were suppose to show up to do the work were scheduled to arrive at 9:00 AM. At 9:30 PM the night before the PRO manager texts that they are unavailable at 8:00 AM and can arrive at 1:30 PM the same day. The 2 house cleaning ladies showed up at 3:30 PM when we were preparing dinner for company and I had to send the away because I didn’t want the cleaning while we were eating dinner. I called and Angi said they would reschedule another PRO company to come out 2 days later to clean our house. Two days later one young woman (21) shows up with a small bucket with 4 cleaning products. I show her around the entire house asking her to clean this and leave that alone. She’s going to use our vacuum cleaner, mop & bucket and rags. She wanted to know where she should start and we said the back bedroom and she did. She cleaned 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and stopped. I asked when she was going to clean the other half of the house and she abruptly told us she wasn’t and if I wanted her to she would do the work for $16 per hour. I asked her to mop the kitchen floor which she did and we wrote her a check for $16 and she left.

    So we have half our house cleaned for $185. After frustrating discussions with their call center in the Philippines they said they would be happy to reschedule my appointment. At this point I said no and asked for a refund of my $185 which they agreed to return to my credit card in 4 to 5 business days. Based on past performance and promises I’m not counting on it. I’ve probably spent more time bitching about this than it was work but it is cheap therapy!

  3. I am a contractor and I do you use Angie’s list sometimes to get leads. I used to use home advisor before it was switched over. Andy’s list charges us to get customers that looks for specific construction tasks. I question if the leads are even real. They are a big waste of money and when you try to get refunds all they do is give you credits. So you’re still billed the full amount. It is just a way for them to keep your money because it is easier for them to give you credit. Anywhere you go they will give you a refund. I have never given a customer credit and they make the contractors pay for everything even though cost of their business and what risks they take on. The quality of the leads is terrible and they have the audacity to raise their prices. These are about $50, so it’s not even cheap enough to continue with them or risk.

  4. I decided to pay the fee and see if we could find a reliable contractor. Soon after I was contacted by a man whom works for Angie’s and from the start was very unprofessional asking me over 10x if we would have the money to pay for the services we were requesting. He also said and I quote “I hope your waiting for your insurance money” mind you the damage was about 30k-40k and honestly I was very taken back he kept insisting we pay out of pocket. Still I followed through and set up for someone to come give an estimate so we set a appointment. Then he reached out again and said that the appointment needed to be changed and I also agreed. About an hour or so after I received a call that my private adjuster and my insurance company adjuster would be coming at that same time. So quickly called to reschedule and the guy literally freaked out on me. So shady and I ended the conversation with letting him know how unprofessional he was and that I would no longer be in of Angie’s service due to his behavior. Still I’m at a loss for words how not professional and rude I was treated.

  5. I am a lucky one, because the serviceman came and did door installation within a week. Here no comment on the service provided, only talk about $295 that changed by Angilist. I thought this this the charge for the service, but the serviceman had his own change of $500. From the company’s website, it states “You can use Angi and the Angi app to book home services, request project quotes, and research local pros and pricing, all for free. ” This is how it hoodwinks consumers.

  6. I enrolled on Angi’s List website and submitted a request for interior painting for my residence on 09-01-21. The process was easy to do. Literally minutes following I started receiving bids from various service providers. Days later, I responded to Phillips Home Improvement located in Plano, Texas and the receptionist was great and scheduled a consultation for 09-13-21 for 10:00am. I received several reminders via phone calls, text and a final confirmation via my email. Unfortunately, I received a phone call from Phillip’s HI the morning that a consultant was due to come out to my premises. A service manager by the name of Natalie called me at about 08:09am indicating they do not travel to my zip code area 75241 and they were canceling my appointment. I called back to speak with a manager and the Sales manager called me back and he eluded that at this time they were only making consultation visits in the Lewisville area and in my direction not pass Lemon Ave. The Lies kept shooting out. I expressed Racism for the simple fact, they never had to respond or reach out to me because my address was included on Angi’s List. So, highly disappointed and the lack of professionalism was completely absurd by canceling my appointment the day of. At best, a 24-48 phone call beforehand because they didn’t know how that impacted me to avail my time that I can’t get back.

  7. Kendra Allen Reply

    Used Angie’s list to look for a contractor. I figured I would get someone reputable since they have to meet certain qualifications to be on the list. I did get a call from someone and set up an appointment to meet for an estimate. One hour later, still no contractor. I too, will be unstalling the app. First and last time using Angie’s list.

  8. Repair person was 2 hours late. Said he needed to go get parts but was out of gas and had neither cash nor credit card and asked me for gas money. Bought him a tank of gas. 35$. I bought parts then back to job site. He did not have tools and needed more parts and asked me to advance him 200$. I gave him 100$. He never returned to job site and would not even answer my text. I am done with Angie’s list!

  9. I hired a cleaning service though Angie’s list. They were to be here an hour ago. Now I have to call my bank. This is the third time someone hasn’t shown up. I guess this isn’t the way to find what you need. Very disappointed.

  10. I had a company that is on your list and they were to provide a free estimate and without any work being done and no estimate provided they charged me $185 dollars for a service call and time and travel. What kind of company does a bait and switch?

    • I had a similar experience with a plumber. Requested quotes so that I would be able to secure the monies needed. It was listed approximately how much my kind of job should cost. I hit submit and I swear on the good book, my phone rang and a man named John called, said he would take care of it. Sure enough, next morning, I woke up to noises out side the door and there was john. wasn’t soon after I realized he was there, when he presented me with a bill of $375.00 to replace my outside spigot. I admit, if I was 20 to 30 years younger, there might have been some discussion, but I wrote the check and sent him on has merry way. Now was he with Angie? And if not, how did he get the information?

  11. I went on trying to find a contractor but did not realize it was Angie’s list. There were 6 contractors and only one contacted me and there was one who sent me an email saying “you just cost me 30.00″. When I sent a message back he informed me of the situation very rudely. I had to install Angie’s list to get a quote well after the experience I immediately uninstalled the app. I will not use them again yet I keep getting emails “we have a new contractor” but then the contractor can’t even get my request right.

  12. Let me first start by saying how disappointing I am with your sales rep (Jacob), we spoke for almost 2 hours on the phone. He assured me and my wife that he was booking a paint job for our home, and when I received the Booking ID# with the price and a brief description of the job, he booked us a handyman and stated someone would contact us and that never happened.

    If I as a consumer didn’t review the email from Home Advisor we would have had a handyman come to our home for no reason- we were expecting a pain job for 6/1/2021. Spoke with another home advisor today and he stated it is our responsibility to contact the paint company and set up an appointment and go over prices.

    I am confused what is the purpose of your company putting a hold on my credit card for payment if I have to do all the work. Not a Happy Potential Customer.

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