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Contact AMC Theatres: Find below customer service details of AMC Theatres, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the retail company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
AMC Theatres
11500 Ash Street
Leawood, KS 66211
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 877-262-4450 (feedback)
Phone: 888-440-4262 (online tickets)
Phone: 913-213-2000 (corporate)

About AMC Theatres
AMC Theatres is an American movie theatre chain founded in 1929. AMC is short for American Multi-Cinema. It is headquartered at Kansas City, Missouri. AMC’s subsidiaries include AMC Loews, Loews Cineplex Entertainment, The Cafe at AMC, Odeon Cinemas, AMC Red Kitchen, among others. The theaters boasts of all the popular formats of viewing, including Real D 3D, Dolby Cinema, and IMAX. AMC Theatres is owned and operated by Wanda Group.

More than 200 million guests are welcomed at the AMC locations each year. There are currently close to 380 AMC Theatres across the country. You can find a theatre nearest to your address on the website. The website also has showtimes and the current movies playing. You can play the trailer and purchase tickets using major credit cards. Tickets can also be purchased through the official AMC smartphone app.

Some of the AMC locations offers premium amenities such as reclining seats, a dining area, a variety of food and drink options, among others. Besides the comfortable AMC signature recliners, you will find touchscreen ticketing kiosks and Coca-Cola Freestyle. The Dine-In has fresh, handcrafted food. You can have food delivered to your seat or order at the dine-in express pick-up counter. The menu includes sandwiches, burgers, salads, bowls, boneless wings, nachos, pretzels, milkshakes and gluten free snacks.

Tickets can be purchased online using Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover cards. No refunds are offered after printed showtime. Passes accepted include AMC ReAdmit Passes, AMC GuestFirst Passes, AMC Guest Passes, and AMC Gold Experience. A birthday or wedding coming? Pick one of the AMC gift cards to surprise your friends or family. You can opt for virtual or physical gift cards. The balance can be seen online. Become a AMC Stubs Premiere member to earn reward points every time you catch a movie. Other perks include upgrades on popcorn and drinks, discounts on tickets and much more. For more information or queries on locations, payment, refund, or others, reach the AMC Theatres customer service.

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  1. Nicole Chase Reply

    I was at AMC in Methuen,MA on 10/16/22 and halfway through the movie I saw a couple mice running around. I had to leave and couldn’t even finish the movie!

  2. My fiancé and I came to see “Pearl” in Bensalem, PA on 9/28/2022. We took a couple bites of our popcorn and set it down in the next seat for maybe all of 5 mins and next thing you know we hear a noise, my fiancé looks in the bag and there is a mouse in it! I’ve had mice and they usually won’t come anywhere near people! But here, they come up right next to you.

  3. What a disgrace your theater is. Every time we visit we have to wade through trash in parking lots well as uncut grounds with litter embedded in shrubs. A real black eye compared to virtually every other AMC I go to in other communities. It’s almost like management has lowered standards of cleanliness knowing there are few other options. Next time check out the stains and whatever is ion the front doors. Try this. Employees all take a walk outside for ten minutes to clean their work space. Have some pride please. New Orleans theater doesn’t have to be as dirty as Bourbon Street to make us feel at home.

  4. Someone in corporate needs to go check the activities taking place in the Essex Green movie theater in West orange NJ. The supervisors and general manager are rude and not professional at all. I’m not sure what kind of training is provided, but they need to learn how to speak to staff and how to manage their staffing.

  5. We just got here in Bluefield wv to see a movie and the room we were put in is so so nasty. We used to come alot and stopped for awhile because of the filthiness of each theater. The seats are black. Most of the seats are broken. All the seats are black and nasty. Our clothes are dirty when we leave. Something needs to be done.

  6. Honestly I was excited about going to a movie theater after 2yrs of not going. I downloaded the AMC app since it’s the closet place to my new home and bought my ticket, food, candy and even joined one of the perks programs. I ended up spending $50 before I got their. I arrive no line, when to pick up my express food and sat down in my theater. Sanitized my hands and started to eat my food and watch the previews. I thought it was just me but it was hotter than I expected inside. I gave it a few minutes and decided to go to the customer service desk and as of the AC was on and if not can you turn it up. They asked my theater number and I said 10. I sat back down long enough to see a few more previews and finish my pretzel. I couldn’t do it, I had to leave.

    I went back to the customer service desk and while waiting in line to request a refund, I started to notice everything. There was an employee sweeping and wiping things down in the lobby and stopped to go to the bar and assist the customers in line since no one was at the bar. He didn’t wash his hands before he prepared their beers and cocktail. Then I get to the desk and girl has I guess her lunch of chicken strips and fries on the barstool next to her eating. I politely asked for a refund due to the uncomfortable temperature in the theater. I was actually surprised you usually need a jacket or sweater. I attached my proof of purchase to show proof. Good luck I’ll be going back to Regals and ending my perks at AMC. The employee didn’t even apologize or try to retain my service.

  7. Drove an hour to pick up my 80 year old mother to take her to the movie. After we got there, spent $30 on concessions and waited another 30 minutes they CANCELLED the showing of the movie we had come to see. There were about 30 people in the theater with us. Adding insult to injury they wouldn’t even give us our money back and told us that the best they could do is to give us coupons to return on another day. The Orchard Theater in Westminster Colorado… do not go there! Didn’t really even apologize. Unbelievable I will never step foot in this theater again.

  8. Today I bought tickets for the dine in Hackensack location. There was no dine in service. What is the point of saying you have dine in service. Had to wait in line for 30 minutes for food. I’m never coming here again. What a waste of time. Disgusted.

  9. AMC Palace 10 in Houma Louisiana.

    I don’t usually complain on here about stuff like this but me and my mother went see Elvis today at the Palace, really loved the movie but as for the palace and so called renovations we were really disappointed. The “new” seats were smaller than what I remember the old seats being. I agree with earlier comments they did the bare minimum in renovations to open back up. And having to pay $32 for 2 medium drinks and 2 regular popcorn, and having only 1 of the 4 soda machines working, it was absolutely ridiculous. With the theater in Morgan City 20 to 30 minutes right down hwy 90 viewing the same movies for cheaper and cheaper concessions you would think the palace would do better, like lower their prices tickets & concessions, or make the movie experience worth paying more with better seats and upgrade throughout the whole theater, I will be going to Morgan city to watch movies from now on.

  10. So yesterday, in Gaithersburg at the RIO location, we send our step daughter to the movies with a friend, we order her food ahead of time because that’s a service you offer.

    We ordered the food at 140pm, it says it will be delivered at 155pm, it was not delivered until 231pm, now to a child that is a big deal. She is 12 so she felt nervous about going to the concession stand to check on the order, and she didnt want to miss Minions. But she reluctantly went, there was a line and she didnt want to wait in line and really really miss some of the movie. Luckily the food was delivered to her seat, her friend texted her and let her know that the food came.

    The point is, what’s the purpose of having the order food service, give a time, and then not deliver the food on time, 40 minutes late? We didnt receive an email or notification that the food would be late, so we have a 12 year old child hungry worried about the order. Unacceptable. If u cant deliver on time, or notify u will be late, what is good us ordering ahead of time?

    • Sorry but first of all, why in the world would you send a 12 year old to the movies without a legal guardian? Even if she was with a friend? I am assuming her “friend” was the same age. None of my business but this is concerning and unacceptable. On the other hand, anything serious can happen to her without adult supervision. She ain’t even a teenager yet. As you said she felt worried and nervous, think twice before sending a minor to the movies ALONE.

  11. I was at the AMC309 in North Wales On Saturday the 22. I am disabled and a chronic pain sufferer. When my wife and son asked me to join them at the movie I said only if you can reserve the three back center handicapped seats. It’s a shorter walk and more comfortable for me. I fidget a lot and move around because I have difficulty getting comfortable. We were able to get those seats. Before the movie started a young lady from the theater came and asked us if we could move down to the next row, there was someone in a wheelchair with two companions and they wanted to sit together. Obviously they didn’t make reservations. We politely said no which made me feel horrible. When they brought the family in they sat the wheelchair and another person next to us. It was very uncomfortable. I felt so bad I wanted to leave and give them our seats but I felt bad for my wife and son because of my condition we don’t get out together much.
    The young lady from the theater was very polite but we should never have been put in that position. It wasn’t fair. After the movie I found out my wife felt just as bad as I did. If I was alone I would have asked for a refund and left so they could have those seats that’s the type of person I am. You need to let your employees know that it may have seemed like a minor request but those things can make people uncomfortable. Hopefully you can learn from this.
    Thank You

  12. AMC Evansville 16, 5600 Pearl Dr, Evansville, IN 47712.
    It was extremely hot in #8 a week or 2 ago. I was sweating just watching a movie. I talked to a young employee and she was very professional. She stated it being extremely hot lately they have had issues keeping it cool. She said she would report it to her manager and could offer a refund. I only paid $5 for the tickets, as they were only $5 and I had $5 dollars off through my wife’s account. The last 2 movies I’ve seen their the soda machines were down. This last time one out of the 4 was working.

    It was gross. The entire tile area around the Coke machines was so sticky, the butter and salt was even worse. The food all over the floor behind the concession area, the women’s bathroom had a giant red slushy that had been poured all over the floor as you entered that had been there a while because it was so sticky. The counters around the sinks I’m not sure what was smeared. Just blown away. It used to be such a nice place. This place definitely needs some Corporate oversite

  13. AMC 12, Springfield, IL

    We haven’t been to the theater in a while. We were dismayed to see so much trash in the parking lot (not the theater’s fault,-hard to understand people throwing their trash in the ground-but it does need to be managed). Most unsightly were the weeds everywhere. I don’t ever remember it looking so seedy. If there weren’t cars there, we would have thought the theater wasn’t open anymore.
    Thank goodness the inside looked ok.

  14. We went to Amc Springfield 11 theatre in Springfield Mo. The place was filthy, and hardly any staff. There was only one lid left when I filled my drink, and paper straws! Do you know what happens to a paper straw after a little while in an icee? It collapses! You can’t drink through it after just a few minutes. The bathrooms were disgusting and had soap dispensers pulled off the wall, and only a few drinks that worked. Probably the nastiest thing though was the filthy carpet! This used to be the place we chose for watching movies, but it’s NOT an AMC quality theater any more! Someone should monitor and maintain their theaters better!

  15. I looked at the reviews for the Rapid City AMC theater and the reports of foul odor and filthy facility have been ongoing for years so I decided to try to reach corporate with my comments. I see that the same comments are being made about all AMC theaters.

  16. Yesterday, July 5, 2022, I went to AMC Festival Plaza 16 in Montgomery, AL. The cost of my ticket was $7.14. The ticket sales are at the concession stand. After handing the young lady a $20.00 dollar bill, she handed me change in the amount of $12.00. I told her she shorted me $.86. She said there were no tills in the drawers for change. The friend who was with me handed her the correct change, which the lady had no problem accepting. NOW, 86 cents is no big deal, but say 200 people can to the theater in one week
    That is a $172.00 haul. That, in my opinion is stealing. I do wonder that with concessions and movie tickets, just how many AMC movie goers have been ripped off. I do repeat, One person or 10 is no big deal. The question is how many people has she refused to give them their change. I know you are a good and honest company, but please have someone watch this employee before she keeps doing it.

  17. I recently attended a movie at your theater in Grand Island, NE. You need to know that it was filthy. The doors, carpets, theater seats, bathrooms, everything needs updated and cleaned. I didn’t even want to touch anything! This is the main theater of a town of 50,000 people. Is this the best you can do? I am sure AMC does not want this type of image or they will not be in business long. It really appears that they are only interested in money and not realizing how many more movie goers they would gain with a destination type theater. Please consider renovation of this location. Until then, we will be streaming and traveling to nearby towns for our movie experiences.

  18. I had a complaint on my movie visit 6/25/22 in the Wilson NC theater. I made the complaint to the CHILD manager at the theater, there was really no concern about my dissatisfaction or no concern on his part to resolving the issue. When you have children running your business and the General Manager of the theater does not have a name or will not communicate with you when your phone number for him to call shows poor management on the AMC Corporations part. Movies should not be scheduled to show in theaters that have no air especially when the General Manager and the Manager of the theater know the air is broken when they sell the tickets. Per the CHILD manager when questioned about the air not working in the theater the response was “we knew it was broken and they had been trying to get it fixed”. Why would a movie be scheduled for a broken theater???? Better yet….why does the General Manager not have regular work hours like most jobs. The CHILD manager had no idea if and when the General Manager planned to work since he “made his own hours”. Movies are an expensive venture that customers choose to pay for and customers do not expect to have to suffer through with no air. With the customer service I received I understand why people choose to wait for movies to be streamed and not pay the astronomical cost of going to a movie. Was my first one in a long while and will be my last one going forward!!!

  19. Richard Spruit Reply

    We were at your Grand Rapids facility last night. It is dirty, messy and lacks basic housekeeping. The staff has a “don’t care” attitude approaching rudeness. There were 10 people in line for refreshments with only one server. Other staff members were laughing and conversing at the desk. Overall, it was a bad experience. We will go elsewhere for our next movie.

  20. Keith Butler Reply

    Similar problems as other folks. Have tried to cancel wife’s a list several times. Without luck. They’ve gotten bunches of our dollars and we haven’t been to a movie in over two years.

  21. I thought AMC was in the entertainment business and when I go to a theater it would be to relax and enjoy my experience there. They are not in the business to promote their political views and ideology, ie support for blm and what their views are on the environment. This was done in the pre movie viewing. AMC has chosen to offend people who do not share their views. I am all for people supporting what they believe in but there is a time and place for it and when I spend my money on what is supposed to be for my enjoyment, that is not the time or place.

    • annie phillips Reply

      I recently went to see a movie in an AMC theater – first time in over two years. I was surprised and encouraged to see the PSA featuring the dinosaur addressing the United Nations about extinction, among the trailers and ads before the movie. If this is what Pamela is referring to, I’d like to take the opportunity to praise AMC for its visionary courage and true public service. The very short PSA, which was very well-done, brings the point home – as did the movie “Don’t Look Up” – that we don’t have any time to waste denying the climate change that will soon wreck the lives of our descendants unless we act swiftly and decisively. Thank you, AMC!

  22. River Side AMC in Hackensack NJ always gives us some kind of issue we attended the new Batman movie last night at 9:15, we arrived at 9:35 we didn’t want to sit through the previews. Even though we are Premier Member who get free refills and such, the manager “Anthony” refused to sell us any kind of food / drinks for a 3 hour movie!!! He said they were closed which is absurd since their last movie was just starting, he said their last movie had started 45 minutes prior which was a downright lie! We were so annoyed by his attitude there was still a thing full of popcorn behind him, all we wanted was popcorn and two drinks! He continued to say no! We offered cash in case he couldn’t process cards and still a no! We could not understand, we are hospitality workers and we would never just upset guests just because in my restaurant I would’ve just given my guests free cups and a popcorn if I couldn’t charge them. He simply didn’t want to help us. And we are paying members! To make matters worse he justified it by saying he has 16 yr olds working who have work in the morning as if that’s an excuse or my problem! He simply lacked guest handling experience. Even worse! It was 45 minutes into the movie and their staff were still passing food around so clearly we weren’t holding anyone! Lastly my friends tried getting refills and everything was shut down! Why advertise that we get free refills if the theater is going to close everything early ruining the experience for those who go to late movies. All in all that guy was a terribly manager who chose to ruin our night just because.

  23. The Lowe’s theatre in Cherry Hill, NJ is down right disgusting. The floors, chairs, bathroom and concession stands are filthy. The popcorn was stale. The seats are worn and uncomfortable. The theatre is understaffed. They did not have straws for the beverages. The soda was flat and watered down. I used to love coming to this theatre years ago. Today will be my last visit. I should have known from the look of dirt running down the building as it could use a good power washing, the overgrown landscaping and trash In the parking lot before I entered the building.

  24. I can’t imagine why anyone would go watch a movie at an AMC theater. If I want 23 minutes of commercials I would have stayed home and watched a movie from my house. I go to a movie theater for the entertainment experience and this was a waste of 30 minutes of my life. I can’t imagine ever going back to an AMC theater again until I was assured that it was no longer a commercial fest. A truly disappointing experience

  25. I have been a loyal customer of AMC ever since I can remember. I really enjoyed the Stubs A-List and didn’t cancel the app when the pandemic began because AMC stopped charging monthly fees. I looked forward to rejoining. I was away in Austria for the year 2021 and imagine my surprise when I returned and found I’d been charged $165.20 for the last 7 months I was away. I thought, that can’t be, I didn’t receive a notice otherwise, I would have canceled the service until I returned. I contacted Facebook support and got nothing. They said notice had be sent out and that was that. No respect for be a long-term customer, no passing it on to a supervisor to try to correct this error. They wouldn’t even try. What kind of company treats its clients like this. No recourse to try to correct this? Just, “we’d be happy to help you cancel the service if you like.” I find this unfathomable. I’ve been using A list since 2018, surely some customer support is worth retaining a loyal customer and his family? All I seek is a refund of $165 since, as i said, I was out of the country when I began being charged again last July and NEVER RECEIVED A NOTICE. So seven months of charges while I was away and NO email? Shocking.

  26. I canceled my AMC A-list program back in August, but keep getting charged for it. How do I get it stopped and get a refund? I cannot find a phone number to call. Every phone number I try has a recording you are not taking phone calls.

  27. My husband and I went to the AMC Tech Ridge in Austin Texas on 1/21/2022. We were very unhappy with being interrupted with cell phone rings, cell phone notifications, talking and loudly leaving and returning to the theater. My husband and myself are both 64 and were both afraid to notify anyone because of possible retaliation. This was a 5-7 member group. If we left to report, then returned they would know it was us.
    Why is there not a employee to randomly check on activity in the theater? This behavior last night was on going and could of been spotted easily. We were even afraid to contact a manager after the movie because we didn’t know the identity of the group and they might see or hear us.

  28. I am a military member produced my military ID and AMC manager Montez refused to give me my discount. I told him he is incorrect but refused to apply my military discount. I even should the girl at counter the amc website that shows a military discount. But was still refused. The location is in the Indian river mall in vero beach Florida. I have been to amc movies all over and have always gotten my military discount.

  29. The A-list one dollar monthly trial is a scam and should be avoided. They hide in the fine print that it is a 3 month commitment and you will be charged for canceling. I was charged over $40s for canceling early and AMC should be ashamed of this shady practice. I have been going to AMC theaters my entire life and you have lost a customer.

  30. I took my wife on her birthday to see the new Spiderman movie by the Grapevine mills mall. We thought we were going to a movie that you can order your food from your seat during the movie. When we arrived there was only a vague sign saying no in theater service. When we asked the employee was very rude to my wife. We then tried to order some food at the concessions and were told that they didn’t even have half of what was listed on the menu. Then to top it all off there was popcorn spread all over the floor in the lobby area with employees standing around with their thumbs up their butt. I have never had such a disappointing time at the movies and lazy rude employees. If you don’t have service or will be without food then that should be on your website not wait till people buy tickets online and show up to the movie expecting things and are told oh well.

  31. Amc Mall Of Louisiana 15….Worst experience I have ever had at a movie theater. It was absolutely filthy! Had a total of 3 employees working and the place was packed. Got there 45 min early and was almost late for the movie waiting for snacks. They only had one type of candy and it tasted old. Popcorn was mostly burnt and stale. Everywhere you walked the floor was sticky and the bathrooms reeked even if you were just walking by it. Just felt like it hadn’t been cleaned in a month. Just ruined the whole movie experience for my family and I.

  32. $60.00 for two adults, 1 child, 1 popcorn and three drinks, at matinee showing? Unbelievable AMC. You wonder why people don’t go to the movies anymore?

  33. We went to The AMC Superstion East theaters today to see the first showing of Spider-Man Far from Home. Being the first showing you would expect the theater to be clean. It was just filthy! The cup holder was so bad we didn’t put our bottle Of water in it very disappointing!!

  34. I was going to take my family to see West Side Story this weekend at the MD Rio Center.However when I saw the prices of $22.00 and &20.00 I decided not to go, even though I could afford it easily. I don’t like being ripped off. I am a premium member.

  35. My wife and I planned to attend the 9:00 am showing of “Licorice Pizza” on Sunday, November 27th at the AMC Lincoln 13 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Long story, short, I inadvertently dropped my wallet while retrieving my vaccination card. I didn’t notice it until an hour and a half later, but the wallet was found by the manager on duty at the time — a sweet young man, whose name I unfortunately didn’t get — who held onto it, thereby “saving the day.” The wallet had $500 in cash, all of which was there and, despite my best efforts, he wouldn’t accept a reward.

  36. Samantha Smith Reply

    This evening my fiancée and I went to a movie. After the movie we realized he dropped his wallet. We tried to call that amc and contact them through customer service. It was of no help. There was no one around an no one to help us. It seemed as if all people who worked there left and just left customers alone to their own devices.

  37. on Sunday 6/6/2021 my wife my daughter and myself went to amc 24 at deerbrook mall humble tx 77338. We didn’t enjoy movie because people kept talking and besides that I cannot believe amc is letting their customers sit on such filthy seats. I have video of these seats. Hopefully someone will fix them soon.

  38. Mothers Day especially during these times shouldn’t be such a hassle. I took the chance and rented a private theater through online. I originally tried for 5:45 pm showing but after entering my card info an error messages popped up stating my CVC code was incorrect. So yesterday when we arrive I go to retrieve the email to scan so we can enter & I see TWO confirmation emails!! So I see that I’ve now been charged for both private theaters 3 & 5.45. So I take it to management & they see themselves that I’ve been charged twice & it’s quite obvious I won’t be sitting through the same movie twice back to back. She shows me how to cancel. I was going to step outside and manage the cancelation but the movie was set to begin so I figured I needed to wait mind you the manager did not provide me any info on a cancelation time frame. So moving forward we are sitting there and 15 mins past movie time previews haven’t even begun.

    Again we have plans to meet after the movie IMMEDIATELY after the movie. So we bring attention to the issue and they move us to a different theater. We have two young children and both our hands are full with snacks & drinks. We get to the other theater & sit down right away previews start. Then another couple walks in sits down!?!? This is a private theater rental that we paid for ourselves. I address the couple & the woman shrugs me off. Now we are moved again to another theater! By this time I went ahead and cancelled our dinner reservations and could not reschedule due to the fact it’s Mother’s Day!! So a quarter way into the movie ANOTHER couple walks into our private theater!!! At this point we’re over it!! We leave & I try to cancel the additional charges for the obvious mistake on AMC’s part & guess what….. REQUEST DENIED!!!! I’ve now paid twice for a private movie theater, saw half a movie, missed dinner & had a frustrating Mother’s Day in which I had to hide from my little ones because this entire unnecessary experience was by no means their fault.

  39. I went into the Destin location theater and was towed very rudely that I needed to put on my mask by someone behind the counter. I was not standing close to anyone I have had my Covid shot and I wasn’t sick. And I told them that I couldn’t wear a mask they called a man and woman out from the back and the guy comes out and says you have to put a mask on I told him that I couldn’t wear a mask. Basically it turned into a Nazi standoff with him telling me that I have to wear a mask or I would have to leave. I did put the popcorn that I had in my hand and the empty cup back on the counter abruptly I’m sure some of the popcorn spilled out of the bag. He was telling me to leave and I was not getting a refund. I told him I was getting a refund and that I would be glad to leave. The situation could have been handled just a little bit differently. But the guy that was talking to me meet at playing that he was large and in charge. After 20 years of so I’m going to the Theater I will not be back. I understand that it will not close the Theater down but the way I was treated was uncalled for.

  40. You used to have a great system. For some strange reason, you do not recognize my account. When I try to re-register the account, it won’t let me. It will not let me change or add any information. My GF and I tried to see a movie last week. We spent an hour at the theater trying to get my Alist to work. Never got it to work and we never saw a movie. My GF has her own account but we like to see movies together. Here it is another weekend, another two hours wasted online trying to get my account to work. And no movies. She is going to cancel her account. AMC: You need human beings to answer your phone 24/7. You’ve lost two paying subscribers.

  41. We traveled to AMC Fountains 18 AND AMC First Colony. Both theaters were CLOSED! If you look online at the SMC website, both theaters show they are open and even pos upcoming showtimes!!! What a way to loose an afternoon and STILL not see a movie. False Advertising!

  42. I tearfully wite this post when I state how sad and disappointed I am. At a birthday party over the weekend the kitchen manager here at the Columbus GA location took my son’s chicken tender away from him and put it in the trash. I said nothing to her because I assume that he probably should not have had the food in that area. Unfortunately I was unaware. Despite that, my son is only 4 years old. No one wants their son to be treated that way.

    • Columbus Ga AMC theaters need help! There’s something not right here always! Today 06-07-2021 I was forced to buy an adult ticket for my 12 year old child at the Columbus park 15… they also didn’t apply my amc reward to my order even I kindly asked to…. the odd explanation was that I should split payments into 2 different orders, food and tickets should by paid separately in order to use amc stubs rewards? Really? Was also suggested to buy tickets online next time with $7.40 convenience fee added.

  43. Last night my boyfriend and I went to the Thousand Oaks Ca location to enjoy a night out. I bought our tickets online earlier that day and was lucky to get 2 end seats due to what was left in the theatre due to social distancing guidelines.
    Was so disappointed when we arrived and the place was packed! Our row and the row below was full of teenagers! We thought at first they must of snuck in. They then told us they were invited by their friend because her mother was a producer for the film. We contacted the manager who told us the mother had come in and bought all the seats together. We asked him over and over what that meant due to social distancing guidelines. How when we buy our tickets online assuming we will be seated accordingly someone can come in and buy up all the empty seats that are supposed to be empty in the first place!

  44. I have been a loyal supporter of AMC theatres since my Parents first took me to see Jaws in 1975, at now gone Amc Cerritos. I had the Moviewatcher program when it was the original white card! Before, the cool black one was used! Then, I had the Moviepass, also now gone, but preferring to use at local AMCs. AMC has always been the best in value to me so, this week I have been heavy hearted inside! You see, I have had the A list program ever since, Jan 2017! That, is a lot of money I have invested for, I usually have hit the concessions with friends! Plus, too many movies to remember! Lol. Now, due to some issues with your website this past week, updating my primary card- my AList is now cancelled I am reading on the app? I have tried to update all debit cards I use into ADD card! It did not work!! I went into AMC 16 Burbank earlier this week, and talked to a “Day manager” who did not know much sorry, to help me! She said, THEY do not store our information, only Corporate does? Lol. Then, why use our phone and app, if Theatres cannot help us in person? Why is there a Guest Service desk? And a number that says: we currently are NOT taking phone support?? You guys are now known as the King in the movie theatre business and have lasted 100 years? And, yet you cannot help someone who wants to continually give you monthly money??

  45. I pay for two A-list memberships and have not been able to book entourage seats together. It must be a glitch in the system. I am also a regular at Marina Del Rey dine in, Ca. in theatre. I also possess an annual popcorn bucket. Is there a way to place the annual bucket’s purchase on your stubs or a list number. We take the bucket for the discount but, they never use it. In fact, No AMC has ever used the bucket to fill my order.

    Stubs# 1109000000500759

  46. 4/2/21, 7pm showing, we went to the Selinsgrove, PA AMC to watch Godzilla vs Kong. My son is a HUGE Godzilla fan and bought the tickets for the three of us to see. We have HBO Max and could have easily watched it at home, but he wanted the “Theater” experience and we try to support local businesses. For about an hour of the movie there was a Father/Son a few seats down (Social Distancing) and yet we could hear them talking the whole time. My son (who was closest to them) went over and asked them if they could not talk and just watch the movie – you know common courtesy which AMC asks of in their preview before the movie starts (silence phones and no talking). Dad didn’t like that and went into a yelling tirade using profanity in front of his 8yr old son being disruptive to the entire theater. He stopped and sat quietly for about 5-10min then got up and was walking out, again using profanity.

    Round and round with two “managers” who really couldn’t validate their actions, couldn’t show where it’s written to contact them for ANY issue no matter how trivial. After the managers really couldn’t justify their position and we all knew it, they offered a refund, which they were unable to do. They could only say they were unable to provide a refund, even though my son had the purchase email receipt and they scanned his virtual tickets on his phone to let us in. After a bit he was offered “free” passes and was told they were good until July. So they lied AGAIN as later we looked at the “passes” and they were stamped to expire the end of this month!

    So apparently their solution is for the viewer to leave the theater to report the problem to the “manager”, so now I’m inconvenienced anyway to go and report the problem, to which when I return, so now the “manager” will approach the individual in question … isn’t it still obvious who complained anyway?

  47. Davis Cottam Reply

    On March 26, my wife brought out twin 17 year olds and 16 year old cousin to a rated R movie. My wife purchased the tickets and gave the tickets to the kids. The kids went into theatre to watch the movie. As the credits came on, a theatre represtative came into the theatre asking the kids for their age. When the kids gave their age, the representative asked for their license. The boys explained they did not get their license yet because of COVID delay but explained my wife bought the tickets. They were told to leave the movie before it started. I asked to speak to the manager after going to theatre to pick them up to ask for a refund. We were told we cannot get refund due the fact the kids violated their R rated policy which is 17 with ID. Is this really how you treat your paying customers after being shut down for a year for COVID? This is horrible. I asked to speak to general manager who explained to me the kids were not eligible for a refund due to violating policy. This is disgusting and not the way you treat your loyal customers. I will never go to a movie at the Morristown NJ AMC theatre again. None of the employees or management has enough sense to do the right thing by their customers. You got our money this time but never again

  48. Davis-williams Reply

    Business only survive if it has the will and know how to do so. My experience today, November 11, 2019 at the AMC theatre in Largo Maryland was the worst. 1, The movie was originally listed on website to start at 11:30am, get to the theatre list to start at 12-noon. Only one lane and only one person working at the register. As the line grow the one person at the register said one line for reward member and one line for all other. Note before line are growing, I stepped out of line and asked the ticket taker for a manager. The person standing beside the ticket taker said I am the manager. I went on to ask the said manager if they would open another register since there is only one person working the register and both lines are growing? After asking twice they stated point plank “NO” you can stand in line like with everyone else. I also stated as the manager you mean to tell me you can open another register I am waiting in line with my 89 year old mother at least you can offer her a place to sit. Again point plank “NO”. Because they did not have on a name tag I ask their name and they replied Dallas. I ask Dallas what, “you do not need to know that”. They were very rude and disrespectful. I did get back in line with the other complaining customer waiting 7-10-mins to purchase my two Harriet movies tickets. After finally getting my two tickets for Harriet 12-noon show we went to purchase popcorn and other items. Note the floor in the concession area was sticky, dirty with old popcorn and other food items. We get the counter and was told by Vince “we are out of popcorn, all we have is what was left from last night which is not much”. At this point my 89 year old mother and I decide to leave. We asked Vince for a refund and he told us we have to see the person at the register. I go back to the register to ask for my refund and was told I had to get back in line to receive my refund. Now by this time two people are at the ticket register. I replied that was not expectable, my experience today here at AMC was not pleasant and I am sure not what AMC promotes. I ask the second person their name and she stated she is the general manager, I stated I requested her name and she replied rudely and with great attitude Jen and went on to spell it J-E -N. After I went on to tell Jen that I would be making a complaint she told the gentleman to get my refund so they can leave. I experience was of horrible, let alone having to deal with the poor customer experience and unclean theatre with my 89-year old mother witnessing this. Please we are not your only customer, however we would like to feel as though we are. I will not be returning to AMC theatres and will share my experience with my family, and social media.

  49. I live in Big Rapids, Mi., and our AMC theater needs a TON of love! About a year ago, we understood that the theater was going to have extensive remodeling done. So far, nothing. This is a college town, so it supports a “Nicer” theater. The price of tickets and refreshments do not justify such a run down place. My husband & I love to go to the movies, but we have not attended this particular theater in quite a while because we want better conditions for our money. Also, the AMC theater on Alpine Ave., Grand Rapids, Mi., is not kept up well at all! The pop stations, lobbies and bathrooms are dirty most of the time, while staff are just standing around chatting. This theater was just completely remodeled and it’s a shame it’s not clean.

  50. On 06/21/19 my wife and I went to see a movie at the Market Fair 15 theater in Fayetteville NC. After the movie we thought that since we are both retired it would be fun to join the “A-List.” We decided that before we left the theater we would to use our cell phones to try and join. We are both 66 and after several frustrating minutes of trying Ms. Britt Cross came to our rescue. Using our cell phones; Ms. Cross also found that the process did not go smoothly for her. But, she did not give up! She used a theater computer, remained diligent in her efforts and in just a few minutes we became new A-Listers! Ms. Cross not only helped us but was genuinely caring and displayed the utmost respect to both my wife and me. In a time where we often hear that this country is divide along lines of color Ms. Cross, a young African-American lady, demonstrated to this old Caucasian couple that this is not true. While we thanked her many times for her help we hope that you will also find a way to show Ms. Cross that she is appreciated and is a positive glowing example for all who work in the service industry.

    Mel Proffitt (Acc. # 1101-0004-0790-8330)

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