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Head Office
Amazon EU SARL,
Niederlassung Deutschland,
Marcel-Breuer-Str. 12,
80807 Munich, Germany

Customer Service
Phone: 0800-3638469
Phone: +49-941788788

About Amazon Germany
Amazon is one of the largest ecommerce companies in the world founded by American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos. The shopping giant began operations in Germany in the year 1999, when it opened its first distribution centre. According to reports, Germany is Amazon’s second largest market after US. The platform currently boasts of more than 50,000 active sellers. Apparently the German market accounts for 10 percent of the company’s revenue. Amazon has offices in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, among other cities.

Thanks to Amazon, internet shopping has never been more fun and convenient. Just like on the US and other international versions, shoppers in Germany can purchase through keywords or by exploring the categories. Products that can be purchased on Amazon Germany include books, Kindle ebooks, smartphones, laptops, cameras, clothing, shoes, home appliances, furniture, home decor items, auto accessories, sporting goods, snacks, cosmetics, among others.

Shoppers can make purchases on using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards. Net banking facility is also available. During checkout, you can opt for standard shipping or expedited shipping. Return policies vary according to product. All related details are available on the product page. There is a Sale section for those looking for discounted items. If you are an Amazon Prime member you can enjoy a range of benefits, including free audio/video streaming, faster shipping and much more.

If you are a manufacturer or retailer, you can also use the Amazon Germany platform to start selling products. By listing your item, you get wider exposure and can reach out to a larger audience. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, shipping or others, reach the Amazon Germany customer service.


  1. Asef Karimi Reply

    I have ordered a suitcase and it was supposed to arrive on 18 but not have received it yet. They email me and also write false information on website telling me it will arrive. they do not want you know you do not receive it. I contact DHL they say it is lost and i will not receive it anymore at the last moments. I am traveling very soon and the only option Amazon is giving me is a refund. I am supper unhappy about their service.

  2. israel Koren Reply

    According to your website it was expected to be delivered today Wed 15/05/2019. I specially stayed at home all day until 7PM and it did not arrive. The contact for I-Parcel does not appear on your delivery contacts page
    the tracking information does not show any attempt was made today
    Delivery By i-parcel
    Tracking ID: AEILCY20000204501
    Sunday, 12 May
    12:38 PM
    Delivery attempted

    Please advice

  3. Dear Sirs,
    I am generally very happy with the services of and I am a fairly regular customer.
    Amazon de suppliers have sent parcels to me frequently and with success.

    This is not a complaint about your services but a suggestion that you do not use the services of STD for the province of Umbria in Italy.

    STD claim that my address is incorrect. They also claim that they have attempted to deliver to me which is not true.
    They obviously do not know their geography because at some point I traced the parcel to Tuscany!.
    Seeing as I get messages on my phone from them, why dont they call if they can’t find me?
    Knowing that my house is not the easiest to find, other services always call me first and sometimes deliver to a nearer more accessible point.

    Any attempt to contact STD to tell them to deliver to that bar has been without success. Their website is hopeless and the help line phone number is a recorded message suggesting you contact them on line. That I tried to do, but the web site claims I have registered with them already, which I have not. When I tried to re-register the site says I have already registered. A password is obviously required but I have no idea what this could be, seeing as I never registered with them in the first place. There is no button on their site to find or change a forgotten password if that would be the case. So in consequence one goes around in an endless and useless circle without finding a solution.

    With all the understanding that STD is an Italian problem, my advice to you is not to use their services in the future. DHL and BRT express are couriers that know their geography. STD does not.

  4. Cindy Foster Reply

    I checked online today to see where my Amazon delivery was. It said “delivered to reciepient”. So I checked in my mail box. Nothing. I live in a house that is divided into flats. There is a stairwell near the main door and the letter boxes that leads to the underground garage. As I was passing it to go to the lift, I saw a large Amazon package on the second step down. It was addressed to me. The driver obviously just left it there. This is not okay. I could easily pretend that I never received the package as no-one signed for it, but I am more concerned at the dishonesty of the driver.

    • I placed a order in January and it said despatched 11 Feb – 1 March I have sent a number of e-mails to Supplier Yoins asking where my order is and have not had a reply I am very disappointed with the service and want a refund

  5. Ingrid Casey Reply

    On 1/21, I ordered streaming of “Rescue Dawn” for 48 hours for Euro 2.99 but was billed Euro 9.99. I am sure I clicked on the right button. Please credit the difference.
    Thank you.

  6. Konstantinos Bouras Reply

    Tracking ID 227405441790

    I have not yet be refunded on damaged product that hasnt been delivered.

    In the description of my order it says that the product was damaged on transfer and can not be delivered so if im not refunded i should contact you

  7. I bought a samsung s9 plus; on the website is 599 euro but amazon charged me 604.03 euro plus delivery.
    Why amazon charged me 5.03 euro more?
    ORDER # 303-5548469-1066763

  8. Lieven De Vrieze Reply

    11/30/18 10:16:47
    Your Name: Lieven De Vrieze
    I notice my bankaccount is charged monthly 5,99€ for Amazon Prime-membership
    This was after a free membership promotion period; although I ended this memberschip direct after promotiontime
    meanwhile I have funded already more than 1 year
    without any profit and checked several times noting I was no member of Prime

    If I go in prime membership management to cancel memebership again amazon indicates I am not a prime member.

    How comes my payment of 5,99 is than charged each month?

    Please adjust and refund

    Lieven De Vrieze
    Answer from

    Thank you for contacting us at (US) Customer Service.

    I certainly understand your concern regarding 5,99€ charge for Amazon Prime-membership on your bank account for every month, and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    I checked and see that you were registered for Prime on your (German) account, but not on (US) account. I do not have access to cancel the prime from that market place. If it is in my hands, I would have done this for you by this time. I’m sorry for any inconvenience. I hope you understand our limitations in this regard.

    Please know that for privacy and security reasons, all Amazon International website accounts are linked internally with each other even though they operate independently. If we create account in one country, accounts will be created automatically with the same email address and passwords in all other partner sites ((

    In this case, I see that you created account on (German) and accounts created on all partner sites automatically. Due to this, you’ve mistakenly checked on (US) account and also contacted (US) customer service.

    As international websites linked each other and operate independently, to resolve this issue, I request you to contact (German) partner site customer service by visiting the below link. I assure you that our partner site customer service will issue refund for these charges. Please do not worry about this issue.

    I’m sorry for the additional delay and we hope to see you again.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding. We hope to see you again soon.

    We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.

    Best regards,
    Shahanaz S.

  9. Markos Tzoumas Reply

    Dear amazon, I made an order on 4-9-2017 with the number 305-5963612-8321902 and I didn’t get it anytime. I’ve been communicating several times since October 2017 across amazon, but I didn’t get anything clearer about my problem. I tried also to the Greek customs to see with the number given to me by the supplier (95961797734) but they didn’t recognize anything. Please what should I do?

  10. I have returned an item on November 21, I have a tracking number which indicates that the item was received by Amazon on November 21.
    The item is: Homelody Pull-Out Tap Kitchen Mixer, sold by KaLuo Euro 79,99.
    I would like to know how come I didn’t get a refund yet? I am a returning client, so far I am very pleased with the Amazon service.
    Best regards, Judit Fulop

  11. Chandrasekharan Nair Santhosh Kumar Reply


    This is regarding my Amazon order: # 028-6423490-3893935 I placed in
    I have following concerns regarding this order ;

    1) The Total invoice amount is was EUR 308.5
    2) This total invoice amount EUR 308.5 was deducted from my Visa card on Nov 12th
    3) But on 13th Nov, additional amounts EUR 34.11 and EUR 9.99 were charged
    I would like to know why these amounts were changed.
    4) Also, Amazon tried to deduct amounts EUR 62.21, EUR 52.22 on 13th November, which was reverted due to lack of funds.
    I would like to know what are these transactions?
    5) Since the amount above transactions was declined, the above order: # 028-6423490-3893935 got canceled.

    I would like to know why my order was canceled even after deducting whole invoice amount.
    Why additional amounts were changed on my card.
    Why Amazon is deducting additional amounts which are not mentioned in the invoice.

    Also, I need a refund of the EUR 308.5 and EUR 34.11 and EUR 9.99 wrongly changed on my account.

    I am not sure about the emailId for Amazon Germany. Appreciate a reply in English.


  12. Good afternoon,

    I am inquiring about the possibilities of working for from my home. I am a US citizen, currently residing in Herrieden, Germany.

    I have tried to contact Amazon Jobs, as well as research on how to apply for vacancies where I can work remotely, but unfortunately I have only hot a dead-end.

    I believe in the ethos that Amazon possesses, as I experience it every single time I have to contact the company, regardless of the reason. Therefore, I believe it will be fascinating to be part of such company, especially if I could do it for the individuals abroad that cannot speak the local language.

    I appreciate your time with this inquiry.

    Very respectfully,

    Madeline Martell

  13. Michael Gal Reply

    Hello Amazon
    I just noticed that a sum of Euro 69 was deducted from my credit card for AMZNPrime DE.
    Maybe it was my mistake, but I don’t recall requesting the Prime feature.
    Please return my Euro 69 to my credit card. I already unmarked myself from this feature.
    Thank you very much for understanding and sorry.
    Michael Gal

  14. Maurice Ash Reply

    The Einhell 230 MM Angle Grinder has developed a Fault, & I now need to return it to have it repaired under it’s 2 Year Guarantee. Unfortunately, AMAZON on this ORDER combined 2 Items purchased from 2 Different Companies under ONE individual Order number, even though the ANGLE GRINDER was NOT purchased from the Company RENDECH!

    Because Amazon combined the 2 Separate Items, I now have no way of contacting the Company I purchased the Item from as both Items were listed on the Same Order number, and I do not know which Company to Contact??????
    How can I now sort this out,so the Item can be Repaired or replaced please?

    Also, how can I download or Obtain a Pre-paid Postage RETURN Label to allow me to send the Item back to you for Repair or Replacement at no cost to myself please, because the Defect is NOT of my making, I fell I should NOT have to pay for Postage on an Item which has developed a fault?
    I am an Englishman living in Germany, so please allow an ENGLISH speaker to eventually answer this E-mail, so I make NO mistake in Returning the Faulty Item, & at the same time receive another Fault free Item to be sent back to me ASAP please? PLEASE REFER THIS PROBLEM TO YOUR COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

    Awaiting your reply.
    Maurice Ash

  15. Harinder Makkar Reply

    My laptop (mentioned below) is under guarantee. I have been in contact with you because it is giving problem. I received an email to print the label and send it back. When I print the label, I get the following. BUt there is no address at which I should send the laptop. Please provide address. Thanks.

    Lenovo Yoga 710 35,56cm (14 Zoll Full HD IPS) Slim Convertible Laptop (Intel Core i5-7200U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Intel HD Grafik 620, Windows 10 Home) schwarz
    Order # 304-3709560-2494710
    Sold by:

  16. Inquiring about order# 302-4099838-2161109

    I am in the process of an audit and they are asking about the taxes paid on these purchases.

    Would you be able to provide me the final invoice and the taxes that was spent on this order.

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