Contact of Amazon Canada customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Amazon Canada: Find below customer service details of, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the ecommerce company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office, Inc.
P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 1-877-586-3230
Phone: 1-866-216-1072
Phone: 1-206-266-2882 (international)
Email: [email protected] (feedback on personalized ads)
Twitter: Amazon Help

About Amazon Canada
E-commerce giant Amazon began doing business in Canada in 2002, when it launched the The American internet retailer sells a wide range of products that include books, electronics, home and kitchen items, among others. Amazon operates numerous retail websites and country-based ecommerce portals, with all operations managed from its main headquarters at Seattle, Washington.

Amazon reportedly sells more than 3 billion products across 11 marketplaces. Product categories found on Amazon Canada include books, music, movies, kindle, computers, laptops, smartphones, cameras, home audio, software, home decor, tools, hardware, outdoor furniture, toys, cosmetics, clothing, automotive items, and furniture. The Deals section on the website lists tons of great offers for up to 50% off and more.

Purchases on can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Amazon gift cards. Upon payment you can track your package by signing into your account. Shoppers can also manage their orders from the user dashboard. Standard shipping within Canada takes 3 to 6 business days. There are express, priority, two-day and one-day shipping options available during checkout. Shipping rates vary according to item and location.

Items ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ are directly shipped from an Amazon Fulfillment Centre. Also note that the Pickup Points delivery option allows you to choose a Canada Post retail location as a shipping destination. Not just that there is Amazon Locker if you want to receive your Amazon packages at secure locations. Most purchases on carry a 30-day return policy. It however varies according to item and seller. The details are revealed when logged into account.

Become an Amazon Prime member to enjoy fast and free shipping on millions of items. Prime membership also gives exclusive access to watch Amazon Originals and access to stream over one million songs. Other benefits include free unlimited photo storage and early access to hot deals. Prime membership can be started with a 30-day free trial.

Are you a business owner? You can now start selling on Amazon and reach hundreds of millions of customers across Canada and the US. Through Fulfillment by Amazon you can also leave all the picking, packing and shipping of products to Amazon. That is not all, you can even increase product visibility with Sponsored Products keyword-targeting advertising. For more information or queries on payment, cancellation, return, refund, selling on Amazon, careers, or others, reach the Amazon Canada support.

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  1. I have had this happen with a few deliveries recently and just wanted to bring it to your attention. With many deliveries being taken from peoples porches via theft or missing it general, I have a small concern. Two of my more recent orders say on the website after they have been delivered “Package handed to resident” and this was not the case. I watched the courier driver put it on my front porch and leave. I was home at the time, my concern is if I did not receive the package for whatever the reason and I contacted you regarding my missing order you would look up the order and tell me that is was handed to me when it fact this would not be the case. Many drivers take a picture after they have put it on my porch which is perfect. However to say “was handed to resident” kind of puts me at a disadvantage should there ever be an issue with one of my orders regarding delivery.

  2. Angelina Pauline Reply

    I left a message on here yesterday and it’s been deleted. so again, I’ll ask, where are my orders? I waited 2 days at home yet no deliveries. even with two supposed GUARANTEED delivery dates, nothing was delivered. when I contacted the company who does the deliveries I was told that the one order hadn’t even left the terminal. the second order was shown as being delivered, yet I was home and nothing arrived. I didn’t even get an email notice or the phone call right before delivery. not to mention, I have to buzz people in, which means they have to call me. this has got to be at least…at least, the 5th time that my orders haven’t been delivered on time. never mind the orders that were refunded because of no delivery at all. I’ve spent a lot of money on Amazon…I expect better service than what’s provided. Amazon also makes it extremely difficult to contact anyone. I did once and it was like talking to a brick wall. really poor service.

  3. My problem was unusual, I purchased a generator, and extended warranty, next morning received notice out of stock and no idea when back. at the same time noticed the identical item for sale at about $100. cheaper, from same seller and shipper, amazon. and they had 3 in stock. called to ask why the discrepancy, was told nothing could be done, suggested that i cancel first order and place order for second at lower price. I put the second item in cart, and then cancelled first order. I was called away but an hour later went back to my cart to find the item had gone from $368. + tax to & $894 + tax., good news still the same 3 available however, once again called customer service who again could not do anything as ‘prices change’. I then went back to the original add to purchase only to find it now would cost me $738 +taxes, and extended warranty would cost more too, but now there was one in stock. I again called back and was told amazon would pay $100 Toward purchase of this item only. not a great deal I had to say. Eventually amazon gave me a promotional card for $100, that could be used on any amazon shipped /sold item, and confirmed cancelling the original generator and extended warranty but my bank says no notification from amazon, perhaps I should call amazon to confirm —wow hate to think what would happen if I wasn’t a prime member. Having two different but identical item listings at widely different prices, jumping the price by over 100%, and misleading about availability and all the time shipped and sold by amazon is nasty, and following customer service suggestion that really turned into a bait and switch but for the same product, very annoying. I know things happen by coincidence but this is very poor sales practice that I would not have thought possible.

  4. Hi,

    I made an order (#701-5863148-7521043) from Rack Trendz Canada and the product that they sent me did not correspond with their product description. I have screen shot proving otherwise. Now the only thing that they are offering is to return the product. I hate wasting my time and needed the item rush. I don’t have the time to wait for another one.

    What are your policies with situation like this?

  5. Anita Choi Reply

    Hi ,

    First I must command the efficient shipment of all my orders even though they are the free shipping” items . Never there was a long wait.

    But over the two weeks , I was very upset with the packaging of my orders
    1. The Linenspa Reading Pillow which was delivered on November 14 wrapped in a dusty , filthy , looked used plastic bag . Up to now I haven’t opened it and I should . Maybe the merchandise inside is worse than its package . For technical reason I am unable to download the pix to show its horrible outlook.

    2. Another order came yesterday , and I was horrified by the state of its Amazon box . Both ends were not sealed and in fact, one side was loosely half open . The children story books and the box of dog bow ties were fortunately not crushed nor ruined .
    Again I took the pix for your reference , but cannot do the attachment .

    So the purposes of this email is to draw your attention to the problems that I believe they are not isolated . Truly hope the quality of the goods would not be compromised by the speedy service or other elements .

    Thanks for your attention to this matter.


  6. Barry Martens Reply

    I want to cancel my STARZ subscription. Instructions for cancelling a subscription do not work. It’s almost impossible to find any customer support or help. For a company as big as Amazon, there should be a readily available Live Chat option.

    Amazon made it very easy to add a subscription but extremely difficult to cancel a subscription.

    Not happy!

    Barry Martens

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