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Contact A&E: Find below customer service details of A&E channel, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the television network.

Head Office
A+E Networks
235 E 45th St
New York, New York
United States
Phone: 1-212-850-9317 (corporate)

Email: (general)
Email: (technical support)

About A&E
A&E is a US pay television network founded as Arts & Entertainment Network in 1984. Jointly owned by Hearst Communications and Disney Media Networks, A&E’s programming is available in the US and 85 countries around the world. Related brands and franchises include A&E Indie Films, Crime+Investigation, A&E Investigates, Cold Case Files, A&E Real Crime, to name a few. Part of A+E Networks, other channels that belong to the family include History, Lifetime, Viceland and Biography. The channels reach more than 335 million viewers globally. A&E alone reaches more than 96 million homes. The high quality and inspiring documentaries and reality programs have won several awards in the past. Some of the most recognised shows include titles like The First 48, Longmire, Duck Dynasty, Criminal Minds, Cold Case Files, Intervention, American Justice, The Sopranos and Ancient Mysteries.

Television addicts can visit the A&E website to see the current and upcoming shows. The Schedule section shows the title, time and the episode. The Videos and Shows section has the entire list of ongoing epsiodes. You can browse your favourite show or watch a trailer before accessing full episodes. You can sign in with your TV provider to stream the show online. Some of the listed TV providers include AT&T, Bell, DirecTV, Dish, Frontier, Optimum, Hulu, Verizon, Rogers, Shaw and Philo. There is no limit to the amount of video you can watch online. Note that you will need a fast Internet to enjoy high quality videos without buffering.

If you are not before your TV, fret not you can still watch your favourite A&E while on the move. You can watch the gripping A&E programming anytime on Apple TV, Roku, Android TV and Chromecast through the A&E app for iOS and Android. Available to stream in the US, users will need to sign in with their TV provider. The app offers access to full episodes and clips from all A&E shows. Registered users can continue watching where they left off, use one profile to access History or Lifetime, and add their favourite shows/specials to watch later. Dont forget to sign up for newsletter to receive email updates on new episodes and sweeps alerts. For more information or queries on schedule, upcoming shows, subscription, advertising, career, or others, reach the A&E support.


  1. I’m watching neighborhood wars on channel 831 of Xfinity on December 20th 2022. The information on my television says this is a new episode but that’s not true. I’ve seen this before more than once. I’m expecting to see customer wars at 10:00 p.m. and I’m wondering if that’s going to be new as it is presented. Please stop jacking your viewers

  2. I recently watched Love Actually on the A&E network and as a lifelong cinephile, I was seriously disappointed that a whole storyline was cut from the movie! I suppose the network didn’t find it a relevant enough piece of the scheme of things but I’ve watched this movie at least once every year for twenty years and it was a missing piece in a holiday classic! I’m TRULY bummed!

  3. I have the History channel downloaded and installed and now it wont open. I know I don’t have to buy its so I”m not sure what to do. Is there a website or something I have to go to to fill out something to let me open it with my Fire TV?

  4. Can you please post release date for Rescue Cam season 2? We love the show because everyone lives and are rescued. My grandchildren love it and cheer when they are saved. It helps to instill respect for first responders from firefighters to police officers.

    Thank you

  5. I have been watching two shows you currently run called, I survived a crime and Monsters in my family. I am so intrigued because I myself survived my father shooting me when I was 12 years old. Three times that day I could have died, but luckily I didn’t. Both my parents covered it all up and threatened the lives of my brother and sisters if we said anything to anyone.

  6. I like a lot of shows on A&E, my favorite is The First 48. I’ve been taping reruns to watch on weekends but my receiver only holds a small number. PLEASE PUT THIS SHOW ON A DVD SET! I would pay for a full DVD set of all the episodes. I do not like to watch via streaming, internet service is not always reliable.

  7. I totally agree with all the previous comments about Live PD being cancelled. Sure there’s a pandemic going on , but if the History Channel can continue to air that stupid Alaskan Bush People show , which by the way is a pile of BS , then why the hell wouldn’t A&E air a show that’s true to life and genuine instead of a bogus pile of crap .

  8. PATRICIA Wilt Reply

    I am very disappointed that Live PD was cancelled. Please bring it back on. My husband and I watched it every weekend faithfully. Please dont torture us anymore. It was a very educational show. Please tell me its coming back on

  9. Neil Dukes Reply

    I am a huge fan of the network. I love the first 48 and court cam. I am very disappointed that the network has decided to cancel live Pd. I think the show put the police in a positive view and showed the humanity of some officers and how the work they do are essential. I really hope that A&E decides to bring live PD back.
    Neil Dukes

  10. Nancy Oetjens Reply

    I am writing to express my extreme disappointment in your network’s decision to cancel the Live PD series due to feedback from a small group of people who feel they are not respected or treated fairly by law enforcement. Your series has always shown fair, ethical and equal treatment to all portrayed on your episodes. Instead of standing behind your quality series, Live PD and Rewind, you caved. You gave that small group who thinks rioting, looting, and destroying private and public property, will bring change and respect what they wanted. But you have done it to the at the price of our law enforcement officers and first responders who were always shown in your series treating every person with the utmost respect on camera. I ask you to seriously reconsider your decision and bring back the live PD series is shows.
    Nancy E. Oetjens

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