Contact of Acorn TV customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Acorn TV: Find below customer service details of Acorn TV, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Acorn Direct,
8515 Georgia Avenue,
Suite 650, Silver Spring,
MD 20910

Customer Service
Phone: (855) 739-2859

About Acorn TV
Acorn TV is a streaming television service that was launched in 2013. The streaming service is operated by RLJ Entertainment and features programming from the UK and other countries. Acorn TV streams dramas, comedies, crimes, documentaries and feature films. There are over 1,800 hours of programming, including 60 shows. You can browse the shows and all the latest on the website. There is also a Schedule section to spot the new and upcoming.

A subscription costs as low as $5. Supported devices include Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, iPhone, and iPad. Members get unlimited access to thousands of hours of the best British TV. Subscriptions can be paid using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. The credit card will be automatically charged at the monthly rate. You may cancel the membership any time. You can also start a free trial. For more information or queries on payment, cancellation, refund or others, reach the Acorn TV customer service.

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  1. My access to Acorn tv keeps going out and can stay out for 2 or more weeks.I use Roku and I cannot figure out why this keeps happening or how it begins working again. How can this be fixed?

  2. I cannot cancel this ‘service’, which I had no idea I had signed up to in the first place, I signed up for Amazon prime and somehow ended up with acorn tv too. It is impossible to cancel as the all important web pages will not open.

  3. Karen patton Reply

    I’m trying to cancel Acorn TV on my Roku and there are no options to do that. I’m very frustrated and I think you are a disreputable company.

  4. Carrie Anderson Reply

    There is no customer service.
    We asked for the yearly subscription-they started charging us monthly (which costs more). Each time I log in-I am asked for a new password.
    I’ve emailed the contact us on their website and almost a week has past by and have received no response. I should have services for at least a month-but now they service has completely kicked me out. I have canceled and still have no response from customer service. We have to now dispute the charges on our credit card since Acorn did not even give us one month of service

  5. Donna Tallent Reply

    I would like to cancel my membership. I do not watch Acorn Tv. I have not watched it in 5 yrs. If you could get in contact with me I would appreciate.

    Thank you

  6. Gloria Barnstorf Reply

    Recently switched to a yearly subscription instead of a monthly one. Since then I have NOT been getting emailed updates or the newsletter. It was helpful to plan viewing .
    PLEASE resume the both to my account

  7. I am so upset that I have to be without my acorn service again I have no idea what you want from me I entered the same password and email and you keep telling me there is an error but it is not explain to me what I’m doing wrong or how I can correct the problem.

  8. Amanda Vallery Conley Reply

    Oh my God, I am so mad right now I don’t know what to do! I clicked on the just ask button and now after using my credit card to, I thought, secure an answer to my question, I will be charged an additional $48?? Are you kidding me? I have been trying to reach Acorn tv for at LEAST two weeks and I have not gotten ONE response. Now this. There was NO warning about this charge.

  9. Merry L Withers Reply

    I have tried my free trial now I want to sign up but how do I do It. I says cance your account, how do you do that? All I want to do it get your great programs now that you have me hooked and can’t seem to do it. For God’s sake help me sign up??? Nothing I do works.

  10. Priscilla Wolf Reply

    I am not satisfied with your response. I asked to cancel my automatic deduction for my Acorn TV account since I am already being charged through Xfinity, and I’m then sent to a screen that tells me I have to sign up for a service to get any action. I would like this account cancelled immediately!! Without charge. I am paying for Acorn twice.
    Thank you for your attention
    P. Wolf

  11. Hello
    How can I cancel my subscription if I cannot log onto my account ?
    I have moved to Morocco and need to cancel but you will not even let me log on !!
    What am I supposed to do ?
    No more payments better come out !,,

  12. Service response is non-existant. Can’t seem to coordinate with Roku and can’t get it right alone. Multiple contacts have elicited NO response.

  13. joy stewart Reply

    I am a subscriber but have had difficulty in accessing the Acorn programs. Sometimes Acorn will pop up via Youtube but otherwise is impossible to tune in.

  14. Leslie Ringling Reply

    I have been unable to log on in and cannot reset my password since Saturday. I recently switched from paying monthly to paying annually. Please help!

  15. Vicky Guiney Reply

    I’m really enjoying the shows on Acorn TV but being in Canada, I’m very disappointed that not all seasons of certain shows are available in Canada!
    Will this ever change? It’s frustrating starting to watch a really good series but not being able to watch it all!

  16. Eugene Drayton Reply

    I have been attempting to access my Acorn-Tv for several weeks, and I have not been able to do so. I can access my computer account, i.e., watch Acorn via my computer, but using the same computer information (e-mail & password) from my computer, your system will not allow access to Acorn-Tv. My e-mail was compromised, I canceled that e-maill and changed the e-mail. I have noticed that your system did change the e-mail account, but the system will not allow me to change my password. All attempts to change the password has been nullified. I attempted to use your “help” prompt, but I was warned that it was not safe to use because certification was void. In order to try to circumvent this problem, I have cancelled my account. However, it is still effective until Jun 2018. Please advise. Is it possible for me set up a new account?

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