Contact of Ackermans customer service

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Contact Ackermans: Find below customer service details of Ackermans, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Ackermans Building
Produksie Street
Kuilsriver 7579
South Africa

Customer Service
Phone: 0860 900 100
Phone: +27 (0) 21 928 1040

About Ackermans
Ackermans is a South African clothing retailer founded by Gus Ackerman in 1916. Currently, Ackermans operates in over 485 locations. Ackermans is headquartered in Parow, Cape Town. You can use the Store Locator on the website to locate an outlet nearest to your address. Products you can shop include clothing, footwear and fashion accessories. There is a Deals section on the website to help you narrow down on some of the discounted apparel you can find at Ackermans. The listings include pictures, description and price. Members of the Rewards Club can earn and redeem points on all purchases. For queries on store locations, payment, refund, cancellation, or others, reach the Ackermans customer service.

All posts are published by our dedicated team of writers who curate, gather and produce relevant content for public. Leave a feedback or report inaccurate information using the Comments form below.


  1. SI Phuthini Reply

    I am so disappointed with the service I got form Ackermans Ladysmith at the oval shopping center. I will not be forced to buy a paper bag instead of you guys giving us plastic just like every other shop that we purchased items at, I am so disappointed. If you have changed rules please let us know. The lady told me to carry the items I bought with my hands because I can’t puy R1. 00 for a paper bag. A whole paper bag for R1. 00?

  2. Elaine Brown Reply

    Well done to the staff at Balfour Park, JHB. I bought a pair of sandals on Friday morning and returned it for exchange the afternoon. I was received with pleasant service and smiles. This morning I’ve received a courtesy call from the branch to see if I was satisfied with my purchase. Wow, I was blown away! Very rarely do I receive service like this. Keep it up Balfour Park. You set a very good example for other branches.

  3. On the 17th of thus month that is Wednesday I visited Ackermans Store at Boxer Complex Cofimvaba. I bought 2 shorts, 2 t shirts and a pack of 5 briefs for boys. One of the shorts didn’t fit to a boy as it was smaller and thebriefs also. I didnt even asked him to fit them as I realised that they will be smaller. I did open the package so when I returned them this morning I am told that they dont take them back. I’m not happy because I dont what to do with the briefs and the boy doesn’t have any as he has gained weight. Please help

  4. I received the worse experience at Mall of Africa Ackermans.

    So i always usebmy husband’s accoint catdbto pay at the same store, which i hsve been using for about a year.
    This past Sunday i bought things after the sale has been thr cashier says thr signatures don’t match so i explained that its my husband’s card etc. The manager Sipho comes and says that my husband or myselfcan call head office and he waves his hands in my face saying well then what must he do. He then just walked away. I told him please refund the stuff and give me back the card, he refused to do this. I had to leave the mall, fetch my husband and my son to sort this crap out.
    It was the most dismal and horrific experience ever.

    The staff are not trained, the manager is unfit.

    Its overall a terrible store.

  5. I’m so disappointed in the service I’m getting. I took insurance for my laptop hollard Ackermans. It got broken and I informed you people or must I say hollard. They sent Ram people to come pick up the laptop. 3 weeks no response I keep calling they say the laptop is damaged beyond repair. They said they will send sms with a voucher so I can go buy a new one. I’m working with that laptop and it’s a month now nothing no update. Last I called they told me that they captured wrong numbers the claim was paid and closed. How angry I am right now. I contacted Ombudsman people I’m gonna sue Ackermans hollard. I lost my salary for July because of you people. Even now I have to buy my own airtime keep calling like I’m stupid

  6. I would like to lodge a complaint about a staff member by the name of Anna at The Mall @ Reds Akermans (Women Store). Her attitude needs to change. I was shopping at their old store directly opposite the store that just recently opened for women only, i needed a specific product, greated her as she was the only staff member at that time in sight, called for her attention twice and walked right pass myself and my sister. As another staff member walked pass us while trying to catch Anna’s attention, she told then turned around to her colleague and said “those ladies are calling her” with soo much attitude, flicked her hair and walked walked away, Such was not necessary if im a paying customer, regardless of which akermans store you work for, if i see you in uniform, asking a question to me should NOT have lead to that attitude. A simple response to let us know that you do not work in that specific store was not going to hurt her. I felt disrespected & when i asked other staff members about her name so that i can formally lodge a complaint, Anna continued to walk right pass us & flash her name card at me with attitude & continued to give us the same attitude.

    This attitude story of staff members needs to be addressed by the company. As a paying customer, because of that nonsense, next time i visit the shopping center, i feel its best for me to take my money where i will be treated with respect. Your store will have a bad name if you continue to have people such as that serviceing customers, and being your frontlines & brand ambassadors.

    Its a pitty because when one thinks of complaining, we are afraid that someone who could be a bread winner will lose her/his job… but this needs to be addressed asap for the image of your company!

  7. I visited your store at Boulders mall.There were few things that I liked that were marked down, but as I was looking for my size a lady(shop assistant) was sorting by my side, so I felt bad that I’m causing a mess as a result I had to properly take out whatever I wanted. I picked a lovely dress n went to the fitting room, unfortunately it was small so I had to look for a bigger size I got it then went straight to the fitting room. As I was about to enter she shouted “hello,may I please see what’s in your bag?” I gave her my bag n she searched it,then I went through to the fitting room the dress was very nice I liked it. I went straight to the que as I was queuing I saw that lady passed by the tills and went back to where she was working.Minutes after the mall security came and asked people who were working by the till if they mistakenly pressed the panic button because someone did and I saw the lady who searched my bag coming from there.I paid the dress, went out of the store and told myself “I will never set my foot here again”.I know you might have taught your staff to be vigilant but there’s nothing so sad as being treated like a criminal.

  8. Elvena Martins Reply

    I had a very unpleasant experience I’ve made a layby round March 2020 the stores were closed during April because of lockdown I’ve received an SMS apologizing for the inconvenience but an extension would be given for the layby May (month 2) I went and pay and on the slip It showed 2 dates last due date would 9 July 2020 ,and as far as store manager has explained they even give 14 days Grace after expiring date , to my suprise the layby was cancelled and removed from the system without any notification I went to take it out 26 June and this what they told me after saying all of the above I want my money or that clothes Iayby apparently they give you a gift what must I do with the gift I dont have the desire to buy anything there they made it look like as if it is my fault but i have proof of all the till slips and I’ve never seen such arrogance and inappropriate behavior for over the past 20 years I’ve been shopping there from what I can make out someone was maybe after what was in the layby because nothing makes sense at all I’m deeply grieved by this raw deal what do I tell my children now they chose those clothes. I’m really shocked and disappointed by this whole scenario and I want my money back because I paid money not for a gift card their is no such things as I cannot get my own money back I will take it further if i have to things like this that annoys me as customer service sorry mam this how it is accept it bullshit

  9. I would like to file a complaint against Simphiwe Mtshali at Ackermans at Meadowdale Mall. This store Associate has a Nasty Attitude towards customers, he fails to even take 2 minutes of his time to assist customers. I was at the shop today and I have to say the attitude I was given made me to walk out of the store n I told myself never to return, when I asked for assistance he simply said, how can he help when everything is right in front of my eyes. I am so disappointed and failing to understand how one individual who is suppose to be helpful just treats me in such a manner.

    I expect better in the store for other customers.

  10. I was in your Wynberg Cape Town store about 2 weeks ago and had a horrific experience in the store caused by one of the male staff members on the floor who came over to the till when I was in the queue waiting to pay. I recall that it was near to closing time and load shedding. At the time, I was ill, had diarrhea and have not yet contacted Ackermans head office to report the unpleasant incident, created by the male salesperson/cashier – I have been recovering, but the unpleasant memory haunts me and I feel that I need to discuss what happened to me, with a customer care/complaints agent. I am still not well, too tired to elaborate further, but can mention that I am a senior white female, a pensioner, there was a scene in the queue, I told the people in the queue behind me that I would call the police. When I initially entered the store, the male salesman approached me on the floor, asked if he can help. I told him that I was looking for bath sponges; he said that they don’t have, but when I got to the till, a pile of sponges were in a basket opposite the cashier. I asked her to scan the prices as some were less 50% & others identical were full-price; I asked for the manager as that seemed to be a mission. Then the male assistant who had told me that Ackermans did not stock sponges, told me that those round sponges are kitchen sponges and that I had pushed in. If I had, it was unintentional and not to my knowledge; there was a great hold-up/delay & the customers behind me, were complaining and intimidating me and saying condescending things. Eventually, all was sorted out and I left. My cash purchase totalled +- R300. I did not keep the till slip/cash invoice, but .. after being victimised and being treated the way I had been and the DELIBERATE go slow at the tills (I had to prepare for my Shabbat, incident happened on a Friday afternoon), I am sad as Ackermans are an old, reputable company, I love their stock and quality, but the hate is all over. Very bad for business.

  11. I pay my account each month and even pay more than my installment even pay in advance but my interest are very high, i dont understand the unnecessary sms reminding me how to and when to pay my account of which they also count on my interest. I am really not happy about this ackermans account.


    I was in ackermans in Heidelberg Mall and I believe that team has the best to offer. I went there with a visual voucher in which the numbers have faded already but due to their exceptional service I was able to use the voucher to buy. Unlike at lakeside mall they did not even care to try and assist.
    Well done the Heidelberg team I am proud to come and shop again.

  13. We took a lay buy at one of your stores in Kenako Mall in Port Elizabeth. We went to release it today and we paid all the outstanding balance to our surprise they say they cannot find the actual clothes. I mean how is that possible?
    It’s clear as crystal that your staff are stealing you blind. If a lay buy can go missing at the back of a store it means someone opens the clients lay buys and pick and choose what they want and tell the clients they cannot find it and the store refunds the client.

    We don’t want refunds we want the clothes. Those are our children’s clothing for Christmas. What are we supposed to do now?

  14. Naomi Du Plessis Reply

    To all the Top Management of Ackermans: I have tried on numerous occassions to call your offices in Kuilsriver but no Senior management were available.
    I had the most amazing, friendliest service at your one of your Branches N1 City Mall.
    Honestly i think you have the most professional and friendlies service ever. The Branch manager was professional, patient and very helpfull and made sure that she kept me updated on my telephonic request and constantly called me back in order to ensure that i get the best customer service.

  15. Angelique Tressel Reply

    I would like to inform ackermans Secunda branch of the cashier with a bad attitude. Her name is Precious. I was at the store yesterday, 04.12.2019 to do an exchange. Whilst standing in the queue she called me, when i got to her she asked me my method of payment, i than told her that i’m doing an exchange. She asked me do i need to pay a difference, i said i don’t know but she can proceed with the exchange than we will see. She refused to assist me, told me that she cannot check for me, and she will not open her draw just for that because she’s only taking card payments. The look on her face and the way she responds is not is not customer friendly at all. Absolutely disgusting attitude that i have received from this girl.

  16. I just visited AKERMANS at GATEWAY mall. I am very disappointed with the service I got, there was a night dress which I picked off the rail which had a markdown sticker which was R49. 99 and when I got to the check out point the cashier told me that the item was R99. 99…I was told that a similar item was R49. 99 nd not the one I took… The cashiers were talking to each other from end to the other and they refused to give me the item for the price that it was marked down to. I was quiet upset nd left all the goods that I was supposed to purchase… I will NEVER shop at that store again…VERY UNFRIENDLY SERVICE

  17. I was in Ackermans Somerset Mall today (25Nov 2019) and I needed to change clothes for bigger sizes for my kids. The manager Anton refused to assist me and spoke condescending to me. He said his staff is busy and I have to go and look for the article codes of the clothes I want to change myself, and if the clothes is not on his system he won’t help me. I was so embarrassed. I could clearly see that he has a racist attitude because just after me he attended to white customers with respect and friendliness. I then went to Ackermans Strand Main Rd and they helped me very very well. They went out of their way to assist me with friendliness and great customer service. They went in digged in their store rooms to find the clothes I was looking for. To Ackermans Strand Main Rd you are stars!!!

  18. Nozinkosi Sylvia Nyebe Reply

    I tried to open an account at ackermans but they kept on asking me to submit my proof of income which I did more than once till I was fed up I decided to cancel it I called head office they promise they did I even went to the store to do the same thing but no confirmation telling me its cancelled please help me to cancel it because its messing up my credit score

  19. Could you help send me a message on the above email, so that I can make some arrangements with your office, please. I made some arrangements at your store in Centurion, as it looks nothing was done on your system.

  20. Ive had issues with the store manager & cashiers on a few occasions in ballito.
    The one time I bought items to the value off R430.00, using a debit card. I went back the very next day to return 2 items to the value of R99.95 because they were the wrong size and the cashier did not know u cannot do a refund on a debit card he still insisted on taking my card and attempted to do the refund after I told him it will not go through, he continued to ignore me. Anyway just as I knew it did not go through, a week later I went back to the store to tell them I didnt receive the refund they then asked for a bank statement as proof and I gave them one and still they didnt give me the cash they said I should wait 15 days because the refund transaction is still pending and so I did wait and even then I didnt receive the money.The workers are clueless and unqualified to say the least.

  21. I am so disappointed that some Ackemans store like the one in Mall of Africa having bad feelings against foreign customers. Ackermans is a store that need customers and the owners of the store don’t even know what is happening. I am working as an office administrator and have provided all the proof and have met the requirement for opening an account at Ackermans. The people who are working at the store had some attitude but eventually they gave me the form to fill and after filling in the form, they had to scan the form through to Ackermans customer service for new account application but unfortunately they had a problem because i am a Congolese born even though i have a south African identity. when i tried to follow up on the application, I was shocked when they told me by ackermans customer service that the form was missing information and i had to go back to fill another form and after submitting the second form, i was again shocked when Ackermans customer service told me that they only received a portion of the application form. I wonder if people who are working at Ackermans stores mall of Africa are working again foreign customer or what? a customer is a customer despite his or her origin and i think it is stupid to push a customers away for something they are not going to pay for. This is ridiculous and stupid.

  22. The service at Ermelo acckermans is very poor as I went their on the month end and their was one till open and 6 other staff members helping the one till I asked they if the can open one more till and the reply was no i feel this is very bad for a month end. This is the worst service ever and I feel this is not the way of doing business and I feel like taking my business to a difrent shop. Please give attention to this matter as you all losing clients.

  23. Good day

    I had saw I mustard jacket online being advertised by Ackermans. I then went to the store in King Williams Town and did not find it which was not really a problem. But my issue was that the stuff not willing to help like checking for me at the back or at other stores near by where I can go and purchase it. I am an Ackermans account holder for +- 2years already and did not expect this from them. I was just told that they might have it at the back as loading was done but takes time to be placed on the floor which I understood.

    I went on the Ackermans Facebook chat Friday and had said this, my contact details were requested and I sent them my email and phone number. All that I was receiving was automated messages Everytime I sent a message. Then yesterday only they asked me for my size still on that Facebook Chat how unprofessional after so many days with my contact details, but still can’t call or email me. I’m still waiting and irritated

  24. I would like to lodge a complaint against Ackermans Athlone branch. Firstly I want to say that I am 8 months pregnant and I feel that it is utterly ridiculous to have three people running the branch.When I approached one of the staff members. She couldn’t help because she was on lunch.which mean Two people present to assist and 1 on lunch. I was in the queue.Secondly when it was my turn to be served I received the worst experience. I have a laybye and wasn’t sure when it ends, and wanted find out about it, The lady was not prepared to assist me with that information purely because the queue was long, forgoing that I waited my turn to be served, how does one get such kind of service from a Manger from all people……… The lady was also the manager and told me that they did not want to help me because it was a lay bye related issue and it was going to take long and there were people waiting to be served therefore she could not assist me, this is utterly ridiculous. Worst experience ever and no consideration at all for the fact that I was pregnant. Also the fact that my reason for being at the store was being disregard because it would have took long and there were other people waiting. This is not my problem. I feel like the matter should have been dealt with in a different matter.

  25. Sphamandla Mark Godlo Reply

    I have openned an Account 3 weeks ago at witbank but till today they keep sending an sms that requires my bank statement, yet I have submited it more than 5 times now.
    Each and everyyime when they check my status on the till it keeps saying Account is not active I must submit my bank statement, then the one helping will ask my bank statement and scan it after that they call to cornfim whether they have recieved it at head office, they agreed that they have recieved, but they keep sending me sms’s requiring my bank statement. I dont know what to do now since I have asked help from different Ackermans stores but no one can solve this problem.

  26. Angelina mbano Reply

    I am highly dissapointed by the service I got from ackermans cresta, I took my phone for repairs on the 15th of April until now 17th of June still stories after stories, I am so annoyed cos they don’t even inform me about what’s going, I will never buy a phone from ackermans, they don’t have customer service and care, a guy called Mokhele promised to update me but I am still waiting, I am truly dissapointed ,I sent my mother to check for me, she was told that the phone was sent back ,so what am I supposed to do, that’s not on, they have to replace my phone that’s all I want

  27. Masetla Solomon Reply

    I payed R500.00 on April 24 and even today the payment is not reflecting on my account and your rude consultants were calling me everyday saying am a bad payer and on explaining that I payed and its not reflecting no one ever helped me. I submitted the proof of payment at Tzaneen store but also that didn’t help.
    So due to this frustration I decided that until that amount is allocated to my account repayment am not going to pay this account.

  28. Hi there,

    It’s almost midnight but I still can’t get over the poor customer experience at Cosmo Mall. The employees there are so rude, literally not willing to help as the one lady mentioned “Don’t bother asking I don’t deal with clothing “ and they are also intentionally slow. I’m currently heavily pregnant and having to wait in a queue of 3people for over 30minutes was unreasonable.
    I am very disappointed and don’t understand why people who are so evidently unhappy would be in such roles.

  29. Robyn Cowden Reply

    Good day. I would like to comment on the appalling customer service at Ackermans Howick today. At 1 pm I stood for 25 minutes in a line of 15 customers because only two tills were open and eventually a third only. At the beginning of the month at lunchtime I feel it is unacceptable that customers should spend their lunch hour in one store only. This is not new at all and happens regularly. Is it not time now to create better customer service. I am pretty disgusted and sick and tired of visiting your stores. Thank you

  30. I visited Ackermans store in Lilian Ngoyi street in Pretoria on 1 June 2019. The cues where very long I waited close to an hour to be helped at the tills. Also the cashiers they where working very slow as they where chatting to each other. I took a liberty to ask for the manager her explanation was the other tills where not working they are busy fixing them. But to my surprise she didn’t explain to us customers that. For the record the behavior of cashiers at that store is totally unacceptable. They didn’t have their name tags on.

  31. I am annoyed by the service i got at Ackerman at Vaal Mall. My phone just got blank and i sent it to the branch…. for two months my phone was there…. no feedback was given to me. I went the branch to find out what’s going on. I was told that my phone came back from the repairs centre. According to them my phone was tempered with…
    The staff and managers didn’t even want to give me the numbers or email for complaints resolution. The manager openly told me to go to Vodacom. I wouldn’t recommend Ackermans vaal mall for the pathetic service they give…

  32. Totally disguisted and appalled at the lack of service and disinterest in customer retention. Clearly the behaviour stems directly from management (Henry) right down to the staff who are assisting the customers in store, reading through all the previous comments it seems this is a behavioural issue within the Ackermans group.
    I visited the Ackermans Bayside store on Friday 24/05 late afternoon, there was one cashier assisting the queue of 3 people. One of the other cashiers came out carrying a basket, shouted out why havent they called any cashiers to come and assist. She then did, and then went to a till to log in. Once she logged in I went over to her till – No greeting, acknowledgment of me being in front of her – as she was too busy complaining to the cashier next to her about having to come and help out. Kaylen was disinterested in the entire transaction, the only thing she eventually did say to me was THANK YOU – What a freaking joke. Upon leaving the store i asked one of the staff who the manager on duty was – she was standing next to a guy called Henry, when i asked for the manager both of them looked confused – eventually Henry without introducing himself to me, and then basically told me “Log the call with our Customer Service Centre – instead all he had to say to my complaint was “this is a problem we are experiencing” No apology from him or anything. i am so dissapointed in both the staff member and even more with the manager becasue he could have salvaged the situation if he was interested in doing so. instead he opted to blame the matter on known staff issues the store was dealing with. Uhhmmm again not my problem.

  33. I have a account with Ackermans which was handover to the lawyers know i want to settle my account and every number like Ackermans head office say the account are not with them any morw then they give me the number of the lawyer contact them still the same storry is so a hustle to pay your account but when they call you about your account they call, i have call more the 4 landline numbers and the account is not with them very day please help is urgent even went to the store

  34. Siphelele Mkhwanazi Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I bought a phone at Ackermans Pinetown(Hill Street) on the 7th of April 2019. Few days later, a camera started acting weird showing some vertical lines. On the 23rd of April, I brought it back and it was booked for repair. I asked the lady about the normal time it takes for repair. The lady assumed that I should come and look for it after 3-4 weeks. After 3 weeks I went there, the other lady told me to come again and check it on the 23rd of May. Today morning, I went there there to check for it but the lady told me to come back after a week from today. The thing is, this phone is one month old and makes annoys me that I’ve to wait again.

  35. Tshilidzi Ramunasi Reply

    I’m also not happy with ackermans kaalfontein corner, I went to collect my labye which I did not manage to get it today because of signature of my husband and the supervisor didn’t even help with anything beside staying in the phone chatting I waited for almost 15 to 20min for her to finish i am so mad

  36. Nomfusi Tiny Lamani Reply

    I am Kenako Shopping Centre Port Elizabeth returning phone which I bought here has problem doesn’t turn on.Cashier by told me to go by fitting room where Store Manager is at.Went there she ask me where’s earphones and charger told her those I dont have as much child damage earphones and I dont know where’s charger , she then told me Ackerman’s doesn’t take phones with no accessories with..I had to scream then she called Cashier by name Authur spoke In Afrikaans don’t know what .But then cashier was standing there had to ask him is he going to help me where he was standing he just gave me look like he saw Gohst .. after 10minutes he told me to follow him . I mean he was rude his way of speaking, facail expression and all that . even store manager told me she doesn’t do it where she was I must go to cashier but first cashier told me to go to her. feel these employees really don’t care about customers at all.

  37. I would like to lodge a complaint about a cashier named Jessie at President Hyper Ackermans, she was extremely rude and disrespectful. I do not see myself going to that store anymore!

  38. Tshepo Jackson Reply

    i bought a phone at Ackermans , within two weeks my phone screen just went off , so i took it back to the store and they booked it for repair , i kept on making follow up with the store through the phone , so at the store they end up telling me to call MTN costumer care and ask them to put me through the repair department , so at the repair department they have advised me that they dont have my phone and it was never booked with them maybe it might be another service provider.
    I called Ackermans and told them that their service provider doesn’t have my phone they said they will call me they need to verify so few thing, but they didnt come back to me the following day which is today i called again and they told me that the phones were not collected from the store from February till now

  39. Is there actually someone working at the call centres/customer services? High call volumes for a week now… really? I have been holding for over 30 minutes now!!! Call volumes cant be that bad. Oh, Ackermans… *sigh*

  40. I bought a phone in Ackerman’s Cape Gate Mall on 1st of this month it was Wednesday and then the fallowing day I go back asking for an exchanged because I realise that the same day that it was faulty it was freezing and slowly and I was struggling with internet but when I get there I got the most baddest attitude towards a lady called Melissa she was so racism and rude she made me wait for 3full hours only god knows what she was buys doing in storeroom after some time she came and told me there was nothing wrong with the phone so I was not only being ignored this whole hours I was also seen as a liar I couldn’t understand why would I waste my time and leave important things I could have done and gone there to lie…she was also talking in Afrikaans with her manager and when I ask her nicely to talk in English so that we understand each other she just continued and ignore me I’ve never felt so small and offended like that in my life..I almost slapped her that’s how much angrier I was but I kept my cool but I just regret buying there..your service is VERY POOR!!

  41. SARA van der Merwe Reply

    Hi please can you help me, I believe you sold pink resets with a white unicorn on and ribbons on the sleeve, can you tell me where I can get two of these from or if you have any branches who may still have stock, if you can even give me a contact to order some I’d be very grateful
    Kind regards

  42. I always buy clothes for my 20month old at Ackermans, since she was in my tummy. I’ve always loved the clothes & quality of everything I buy, except for your trackpants & tracktops! My God! Low quality material is used, 1 wash & it looks old & hideous. Something MUST be done about that. I’m very disappointed, especially since Ackermans has been around for an extremely long time. I feel embarrassed when my baby is wearing those tracksuits, like they’re second hand or something. And another thing, most of your employees aren’t trained properly on how to treat a customer. They don’t greet, even when you greet them first, they’re too busy talking to their co-workers to even notice you, they don’t say thank you afterwards, they’re unhelpful, like you’re annoying them when you’re asking for help, they’re always depressed about something coz you don’t even get a smile from them. Go to Ackermams in Bridge City, KZN, KwaMashu & pretend to be a customer, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  43. Unacceptable behavior on your part Ackermans orTenacity Financial services. I have received a card from you with my personal home address but addressed to someone that I have never heard of. How on earth did you get my address for someone else and I have lived in my home for 39yrs. Phoning has got me nowhere. Now I am off to the ombudsman.

  44. Very angry for the 2nd time buying mornig shoes at ackermans lambton they get torn after a month without a slip no return funny av got morning shoes in one of the shops last year still in good condition. Am due next month i dont have anything to wear. Last time am buying at ackermans

  45. Nikiwe Nikita Malabi Reply

    Good Afternoon

    I would like you to assist on this because I just receive an sms demanding me to pay a lay-by that I don’t know of and with this number which I think is lay-by no: 100058845007. And I never made any lay-by at Ackermans I always pay cash if I buy anything so please clarify this for me.

  46. The attitudes of the staff at Ackermans – Village Mall, Hartbeespoort is atrocious. They are very unfriendly and don’t seem to want to be there. They are on a permanent go-slow. You wait for ages at the till even when you are the only customer in the store. It’s just such a horrible vibe in there because of the miserable, unfriendly, unhelpful, extremely slow staff.

  47. Danielle Weber Reply

    I have tried to open an account many times and always unsuccessful. I was told i have no credit record now i have taken out a loan and have an account at Mr price. I get paid R9000pm don’t pay rent and i am engaged. I really cant seem to understand the reason for this.

    Would love to get a reply on this

    Thank you

  48. Hi. Could top management please come and see your store in Swellendam. I have always loved Ackermans, always used to find great value for money clothes, but your branch in Swellendam is SHOCKING! The most awful clothes you can imagine! It must be seen asap.
    Surely a little more effort can be made?

  49. Michael Jackson Reply

    I paid for a Connex Slimbook with hard drive for R3299. When I set it up at home, I found it had no hard drive. I took it back. Identical Slimbook without hard drive is R2999. But they said they could not provide a R300 credit. So I’ll have to spend 2 hours plus 500mb of data to set up another one. Wasteful all round.

  50. selekane aletta dube Reply

    To whom it may concern. It is very frustrating to call your head office or customer service line as ,a person holds for more than 20mminutes irrespective of wat time of the day you call.

    I bought girls gold snickers on the 16 November 2018 at Mall of Africa. On the 24th Dec I realized that one was size 9 other one size 10. On the 27th I took them back but I did have the receipt , with the hope that as I had my statement for December and explained to them , I would-be able to get help.

    Young lady checked for me at their odd stock at the back but with no luck she could not find anything.
    I was referred to speak to Sphe, he said he is not able to help as my statement does not have detailed/ item information. I asked if the store is not able to track back sale a month later. Response was I need to call the head office.
    I left the shoes at the store with my cell phone number hoping that someone will contact me.

    I only need to be credited please advise.

  51. Mr Xolile Myeko Reply

    Good morning sir/madam

    I’m hereby to lay a complaint, about customer services that is offered by your shop called Ackermans, there is only 1 cashier at this time while we busy buying our kids stuffs for school can you please guys make a plan for us. Phillippi branch service is poor please do something better for us.

  52. Good day. I am tina tsupe fubesi. On 2018.12.31 I went to gugulethu mall ackermans store. On the cellphone display unit I saw sumsung grand prime
    Price was R1399. I asked for the phone because I had the money. Only to find when I was paying the teller was also shocked because the price was R1700. I took a photo of the phone on display. The Second incharge lady was called for assistance but she could not help us because manager was not at work. She told me that she can’t do anything because that was the price. i argued about the price on display and she was rude and left us. I ended up lay buying the phone. I want to lodge a formal complaint about this. Before I go to consumer complaints and service ombudsman. How are you going to assist me?

  53. I made a purchase for over R2000 at the Ackermans in Ballito Lifestyle and the service was pathetic I dont want to shop there again. Specifically a lady Priska was asked to check for an item and without checking she just said no stock but the item was found by the 2nd in charge who was also on the phone and took so long to find the item. Overall everyones energy was down. I am in retail and if you walk into a store you dont want to see sour staffs faces. I hope you can get to the bottom of this thank you.

  54. I recently opened an account with ackermans. The dat I came to activate my card at Piet retiet, the one by Spar. The light in compilation last I do not know her name she was standing bYou the door. She was on the phone.. So I greet her and I realise that she in the phone the I wait for her to finish,she looked at me and said can I help you with an attitude. I responded and say I wish to activate my card , she responded with the same attitude and said “I don’t work with cards talk to Glenda”. I active my card then buy cloth for R1 015.00 then I was not happy with the clothes. yesterday I decided to exchange few items. I did not have the ackermans plastic so I leave my bag by the door and I went to the lady, she’s dark, she look old enough to be a mom.i tell her that I want exchange few item but they are not in the plastic but in the bag I asked for ackermans plastic, then she said she cannot give me a plastic since I got the plastic the day I bought her response was full of attitude, my hand was on the Gondola she pushed the clothes on the Gondola with Anger, I to remove my hand. Then I went back to the dooR. The light skinned lady told us that we cannot go to the 2-5 department since she was mopping, the floor was still wet, me and my Sister we were waiting for the floor to dry the time was around 17:35. We wait until the floor was dry the start to look for the right sizes, the lady shouted us telling us that the floor was wet. Igot angry and I walked away.
    I am not satisfied with the service I received and I want to return all the items I bought and close the account. I will open a new one to another shop with good service. I can not tolerate such attitudes while I pay.

  55. I want to congratulate the people responsible for opening a shop just for ladies clothing. I happened to stumble upon this special store at Lynbridge shopping centre in Lynwood, Pretoria. It was such a happy and fruitful experience – a WHOLE shop full of beautiful and affordable ladies’clothes. I am in the North of Pretoria and hope that you will follow the Trent. You can just call it ACKERLADIES.

  56. Greetings
    What do you do if a person had an account with you and he/she struggled to pay his/her account and the account was taken to the lawyers, then he/she paid and she/he also received a discount to settle his/her account, but the problem now is the credit is not cleared out from the Credit Bureau, what is the procedure to get rid of this record?

  57. Deon Swart Reply

    I purchased a cel phone from Ackermans on the 10/09/2018 in Johannesburg. Upon my return to KZN the phone stopped working. I handed the phone in at the Howick Ackermans branch in KZN on the 10/10/2018. I was told it will be repaired within 21 days. After 21 days I went to the branch and was told my phone is still at the repair centre I phoned them today 28/11/2018 and was told it is still at the repair centre. This is absolute ridiculous. the phone was a month old surely it needs to be replaced if the repair centre can not fix it in almost 2 months

  58. Denise Forde Reply

    On Wednesday 21 Nov, I received an in contact alerting me that I had made a R 90.00 purchase at your Mbabane Store. I knew I had not made a purchase at your store. I went to verify with the bank before going to your Mbabane Branch. I spoke to your manager on the same day. She told me she was busy and for me to come back later. When I returned she told me she was still busy.
    I returned the next day Thursday and she told me she was busy and to leave my contact details, which I did and she never bothered calling me back. I went back the next day which was Friday, she said it was Black Friday and she was busy and that she will call me back. I am still waiting and I am very upset. How long can it take for the manager to check in which store the purchase was made in Manzini or Mbabane. I am not leaving this one even if I have to make a loud noise, I will. What happened to feedback, keeping the customer informed if a query has been placed?

  59. Mrs Abrams Reply

    I have purchased 2 different tops from Ackermans and wish to make note that you ONLY have tops in ONE colour, per STYLE.

    If you had more colours in the SAME style I would have purchased more tops.

    Your loss

  60. I would like to bring to your attention that your branch at Killarney Mall is supposed to open at 09:30 on a Tuesday. Yesterday, 29 May 2018, I had to knock on the door in order for them to open as they were all standing chatting at the cashiers. When I wanted to pay for what I bought, there was no cashier available to assist me. They were too busy cashing up – is that not supposed to be done before they start in the morning of in the afternoon after they closed? Keep this up and you will close the doors in that mall soon.

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