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Kingfisher Airlines Head Office
Kingfisher Airlines Limited
Kingfisher House, Western Express Highway
Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400099 India

Kingfisher Airlines Customer Care
Phone: 1 800 209 3030 / 1 800 180 0101
Phone: 1 800 425 7008 / 1 800 233 3131

International Contact
USA : 1 866 435 9532
UK: 0 800 047 0810

Rest of the World
+91 20 2729 3030
+91 20 6624 3030

Cargo Contact
Phone: 1 800 209 1222 (Door to Door Cargo)
Phone: 1 800 209 3030 (Airport to Airport Cargo)

Details for Ticketing Offices
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Flight Schedules of Kingfisher Airlines
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About Kingfisher Airlines

kingfisher-airlines Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Kingfisher Airlines is one of the leading commercial airlines in India operating more than 375 daily flights to 71 destinations. Established in 2003, Kingfisher Airlines is owned by the Bengaluru based United Breweries Group. As a matter of fact, Kingfisher Airlines is one of six airlines in the world that has a 5-star rating from Skytrax, a UK-based consultancy. Named Best Airline In India, Kingfisher Airlines has received three global awards at the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2010

“I intend to make Kingfisher Airlines the best in the world and pursue this goal seriously, as I am sure you pursue your goals equally seriously. I have always aimed at delighting you and giving you nothing but the best. It is my passion to deliver a world-class experience,” says the Chairman Dr. Vijay Mallya.

Guests on Kingfisher Airlines can fly in three unique classes of service – Kingfisher First (Business class) Kingfisher Class (Premium economy) and Kingfisher Red (Low fare). Most of the flights have personalized in-flight entertainment system. The domestic Kingfisher First seats have a 48 inch seat pitch and a 126 degree seat recline. There are laptop and mobile phone chargers on every seat. Passengers can avail of the latest international newspapers and magazines. Visit the Kingfisher Airlines website or speak with a Kingfisher customer service representative for more details.




    I had booked tickets from Chennai to Mumbai and return during the month of November under Yatra Ref. No.9835995. I was informed by you that the flights were cancelled on the dates of my journey. Snce then, I had been contacting you, there is no response. Three full months elapsed since cancellation of flights by KFA. Mine is very hard earned money and had paid out of my long term savings. So, please take a sympathetic view on my case and arrange to refund the amount without any further delay.

    SUPRAMANIAN (mobile:09952463252)

  2. Anamika Paul Reply

    Can u update on my refund of cancelled flight (IssueID : 582062 : Re: Flight Schedule Alert – 2012/11/26 – IT 357 DEL-GAU). It was cancelled in November 2012 and now its end of January 2013. Please process the refund ASAP. WAITING FOR A RESPONSE!

  3. My flight from jaipur to srinagar on 7 november and srinagar to jaipur on 12 nov was cancelled from your side. But my money is not refunded till today.I have contacted you 4 to 5 times from 15 november on these numbers 18002009000,02027293030 most of the time these numbers are busy or out of reach or out of service. After many attempts, call was received by your service executive and he said my refund is under process and we it will be sent in 7 working days. Tell me how many 7 working days you will take?

  4. We require charter plane for round trip from Jaipur to Hyderabad and back. Please contact.

  5. I have made a round trip with kingfisher ticket from delhi to dubai. The new ticket I bought, I want to cancel.

  6. subhash Kumar Reply


    My Flight No 090 – 9093270534 is scheduled for 24th May2012. Can i know the VCR status and if the flight is still scheduled or it will be cancelled. I can i be informed in advance i can book another ticket.

  7. subhash Kumar Reply


    I made advance booking for “KingfisherIT-3571” for May24th 2012 almost a month ago from Mumbai to Patna. The booking was done through Now i wanted to confirm if the flight is still scheduled or it will be cancelled. If you inform me in advance i can have another flight booked else i will have to pay heavy cost if i am informed in the last moment.

  8. Dear Sir,
    I m sorry to inform you that i forgot to take my Driving License issued from Faridabad ITO office, in the name of Rajesh from your boarding counter at Mumbai Airport, during my visit from Mumbai to Delhi on dated 27/02/2012 by your Airlines vide PNR OYGOVR AT 08:50 P.M.

  9. javid reshi Reply

    My wife, 2 teen kids and a infant baby where supposed to be flying on IT0337 from Mumbai to Srinagar via Delhi. The flight was cancelled and I was told I will get refund in 5 working days. It has been a month now and no refund at all. None of the customer care numbers too work. I use to fly Kingfisher all the time, sad it now nearing its end.

  10. I want to know whether flight no. IT0310 from varanasi to mumbai is cancelled or still scheduled on 29th march ‘2012. And if cancelled how the money will be refunded. Hope to here from you soon.

    • Hi my flight to from London to Bangkok on 28March has been cancelled as well. Did you try get money back? Fisher King Customer Service are very rude, have you got any Idea how to cooperate with them?

  11. Ganapathy. N Reply

    We have booked a group 34 seats to Srinagar from Delhi on 24th April and return on 27th April, what is the current status of both flights?

  12. anitha srinath Reply

    My brother had booked tickets from mum-blr for 7th mar 2012 ..19.00.hrs flight and the flight had been subsequently cancelled. The airline has given VCR. How to claim the refund? Please advise

  13. I had worst experience with kingfisher. First of all people working with kingfisher are very rude. They have no heart to help people. I flew few weeks ago from ahmedabad to mumbai and from mumbai i had connecting flight for my further travel. I lost my expensive valuable things from my handbag.

  14. M K Meetei Reply

    is there any restriction for pregnant woman to travel by air? how many weeks of pregnant applicable?

  15. Michael Guzder Reply

    My wife, Daughter and myself travelled Kingfisher Airlines Bangalore to Dubai on 1st Jan 2012.
    We had 5 pieces of luggage in all. At Dubai airport I was informed that 2 pieces of luggage had not arrived and would PROBABLY be reaching Dubai the following day. When I asked the young lady who gave me this information the reason she informed that that I should not be angry in the first place as she was not responsible. She then said that as there was some additional cargo the luggage had been offloaded. Is this how Kingfisher works? Is there no concern for a full flight passenger?

  16. Nishesh Patel Reply

    I will be boarding kingfisher airline from ahmedabad to mumbai and then will take Delta airline.Delta airline allows only 1 bag at the time of booking and for the second and third we have to pay at the airport(Mumbai in my case).So my concern is “Whether i will be allowed to carry two bags by kingfisher ailrine or would be charged for it since my ticket shows only 1 bag”.Please reply fast ……………flight on 27th……….. I had talked with kingfisher airline, they had told me that i will be allowed to carry two bags when i show them internatinal ticket…..but this is just verbal intimation and not concrete proof so was just concerned……….

  17. My daughter travelled by your flight no IT-2503 on 14 Apr 2011 from Kolkata to Bhubaneswar. The Boarding pass issued is misplaced. I require a journey confirmation to enable me seek reimbursement from my employer. Would you please arrange for sending a journey confirmation.

  18. Rahul Priyadarshi Reply

    I have booked my ticket in KINGFISHER RED airlines from Ranchi to Mumbai on 18/01/2012.As recent news says that all kingfisher Red airlines has been cancelled forever.Is this news correct?I would like to ask do flight will take off from ranchi 2 Mumbai.
    As i tried my level best 2 contact customer no one is picking up the phone.
    plz help me out from this.

  19. I booked a flight on Nov 8, 2011. The flight has been cancelled. Please refund my amount asap.

  20. Jeril Nadar Reply

    I am trying to contact the customer care but I am unable to do so even after multiple retries.
    Why is no one picking up the call?
    I even tried to call airport office but they are not picking up the call.
    Can anyone suggest what to do next

  21. I was not allowed to board the flight due to delay in reporting and was assured for a refund

    Flight No. : Kingfisher IT-511
    Date of travel: 19th April 2011
    Depart from : Mumbai (BOM) to Kokata

    I am not to sure whether this refund was made subsequently

    • you can check with the customer support if the refund was made..

  22. Hi,
    We are planning to travel from LHR-BOM (09/12/11), BOM-BHUJ (10/12/11) – ALL CONFIRMED.
    Can you please advise our status as to we are ok to travel and have no problems when travelling. Also please advise status on your domestic airlines. I have heard in the news that you have recently cancelled 200 flights. I shall be please if you would be kind enough to get back to me ASAP. Thanking you in advance.

  23. Dear Sir,

    I had purchased a Mumbai-Coimbatore Flt ticket on 21.09.11 thro’ travel agent UDAAN.
    In this flight I paid excess baggage INR 1570.
    After my security check and boarding at 9.30am, I was taken to vigilance dept. to physically check my luggage along with your staff.
    They took long time.By the time I reached boarding gate at 9.50am with your staff, the flight doors were closed.
    Your staff handed over VCR (virtual coupon record) and told me I will get full refund of ticket and excess baggage in 7 days.

    Thereafter I contacted customer care 4 times and spoke to Ms. Seema and others at different time intervals.
    They all say,full refund processed,but regret till date excess baggage amount not credited to my account.

    Kindly look into the matter and credit amount without delay and mail me confirmation.

  24. I am planning to travel from UK-Mumbai on 25/11/2011 returning back Mumbai-UK on 10/12/2011.
    Can you please confirm how much luggage I am allowed to carry including handbag.
    I plan to carry 20 kgs additional luggage with me so what charge I would have to pay for this ? Do I need to call the Airline and update them in advance for excess luggage.
    Awaiting for your prompt reply.


    • there will be a fee charged for additional can see the details for price on the website..

  25. Why has Kingfisher decided to stop its economy flights? It is sad as I have been flying Kingfisher and enjoy its services the best. Please continue Mallya!

  26. Iam from UP state. I just want to know the ratecard of your magzine. What are the rates of your magzine for full and half page.

  27. Hi,

    One of my friend’s wife flew with her three kids from London to Mumbai last month. She did this without informing her husband. According to some information her husband received, she was scheduled to travel back to London on 23rd August 2011 by the 12.35pm Kingfisher flight. However she hasn’t reached London nor can the husband find her whereabouts. Is there a mechanism to find out if she ACTUALLY boarded the flight on that day? Please help. My friend is very tensed.

    • the Kingfisher customer care would surely assist you in this matter..

  28. Abhishek Gupta Reply

    My self Abhishek Gupta..iam a frequent flyer in Kingfisher, but sorry to inform you i will never travel in you airlines again.. I booked four tickets using king miles with My ID and taking two of my friends ID
    I have transferred some points from my points to these accounts and paid also for the same. This was done with consent of my friends and after enquiring with your customer care. Now yesterday my friend calls to your customer care and surprisingly he has been told that his account has been blocked… for this they asked photo id and that was as well sent. But today again he received an email that you need boarding pass also, may i request you to please suggest from where i can have Bording pass.. is it a document that i need to secure…now i call your exective “Shanti”…she was singing the same song that one requires boarding pass otherwise ticket will be cancelled…never heard such sort of demands from any other airline..crazy!!

  29. The worst cutomer service in airline industry. Guess. Mr Mallya should cut his expenditure on “making it large” and hire some more people in customer care and reduce the 45 minute + waiting time on IVR!!

  30. brajraj kumar sharma Reply

    i had undertaken journey to Srinagar(J&K) and back with my family on 12 Jun 2011 and returned on 19 Jun 2011. We have learnt that Airport Development charges are being refunded. May we please be know the procedure to get it back?

  31. Hi,

    Currently I am in UK along with my wife.We came by kingfisher flight on 16th July and will be back on 24th of December’2011. My wife is pregnant and she will be completing 7th month of her pregnancy on 24th of december and will be running in 8th Month. Could you please let me know if kingfisher allow her travel at that time. Request you to send me the detail as soon as possible so that I can prepond her travel accordingly.

    Thanks in advance.

    Vineet Sharma

    • Dear Vineeth, please call the customer care for clear answers. It would be best to also consult a doctor in this regard.

  32. praveen agarwal Reply


    I had kingfisher flight tickets booked for flight number IT 3571, booking reference-22YXAH. The flight was delayed by 25 mins to 3.40PM IST and i reached to collect the boarding pass by 2.45pm. There were two more passengers with me with their connecting flights to Chennai and Bangalore respectively, we were refused boarding pass as the counter was closed however the official in charge stated that they will check with mumbai operations and the captain of the flight for the same. At 3.20pm the official incharge at Ranchi airport allows the other two passengers who had their connecting flights in kingfisher only and refused me. I have two fundamental questions regarding how kingfisher is running the operations here:
    a) If the boarding is closed T-45 mins, why in first place we were not offered the boarding pass when the flight was delayed and i reached 55 mins prior to take off?
    b)Even if that delay was quite uncertain and the counter was closed why the two passengers with connecting flights were allowed inboard and not me?
    The fundamental problem here is if there was any exception it should have been taken care off for all and why was I not allowed to board the flight.
    It is quite pathetic to see the way the officer in charge were taking care of things, it is sad to say but it was completely ridiculous. I have been travelling in Air India, Spicejet, Indigo etc but this is the first time i see such a issue and that the guests problems are not addressed properly

    Its quite sad to see such pathetic state of affairs for one of the world class airlines company like Kingfisher, with this experience I will be the last one to take kingfisher and will advise the same to the ones i know.

    Hope to get a response asap on this and also want to understand how can the company make good the loss for all the inconvenience i suffered and also the loss of my work and business due to the same.
    I also intend to take this case forward to the consumer court.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Praveen Agarwal

  33. ASHOK PADHI Reply

    I travelled with my family by your evening flight to Bhubnewar from Delhi on 12th May,2011.I lost all my tickets and boarding pass after my arrival.Pleae make arrangemnt to provide me the pariculars of my ticket and status.

  34. hi,i am travelling to bangkok from heathrow and there is a 11 hours layover at delhi airport.does kingfisher provide hotel and food for the layover and do i need a visa if i decide to get out of delhi airport?
    please reply soon and thank you.


    • yes if it is over 8 hrs they surely will provide a hotel any case why dont you call the airline?

  35. tribhuvan chauhan Reply

    I booked my ticket on 18th June’2011 along with Mr Pankaj Chandera from Ahmedabad to delhi and delhi to Raipur but mistakenly my name was appeared in ticket is Tribhuvan Chandera instead of “TRIBHUVAN CHAUHAN” now i want to know tht how can i change my name…otherwise i have to cancel my ticket…Please reply urgent

  36. Rajesh Kalra Reply

    ADMs vide numbers 0609062333 and 0609062437 were issued to us for excess baggage.Payments were made in March.We have been sending mails to Audit Dept,your Delhi office and even to your Chairman for refund.But unfortunately we have not recieved any reply.Has any airline ever charged an approved agent for passenger carrying excess baggage?Will this submission yield any result?
    Rajesh Kalra,
    Nam Travels

  37. I have a return ticket DEL-LHR and wanted to clarify my baggage allowance as the Kingfisher website is unclear regarding this – a note marked to the 28 kgs allowance for DEL-LHR says that this is not for flights originating from Delhi but there is no allowance specified for flights orginating from and booked in India. I need to know what the economy class baggage allowance is to avoid problems at the time of check in

      • Thanks for your prompt response! Unfortunately calling customer care was a very frustrating experience – very long waiting and then the call got disconnected soon after someone responded, it happened twice! Was looking for an email ID for customer care but havent been able to find that on the net.

  38. Rajesh Tayal Reply

    Recently there was a news that Kingfisher staff offloaded a blind lady with her two children. I feel that airline shall etend little extra help to the perople with special needs. This kind of behaviour is neither expected nor it is tolerable. When I see Mr. Mallaya personally, I will speak to him on this issue. I wish if proper care is taken before before HATING Kingfisher because of such incidents.

  39. lovely mann Reply

    i have used net to book my return flight from chandigarh to mumbai.
    though transaction took place the web page expired and i hav no confirmation about my tickets.
    KF IT-312 CHD-MUM 10/6/11
    KF IT-3185 MUM-CHD 13/6/11
    CELL NO-09988881345

    • the customer care can email you the could also get the same at the airport before departure

  40. Sudipta Sengupta Reply

    I fly Kingfisher from Hongkong to Kolkata on the first weekend of June. I have almost 20+ hours layover in Mumbai.I reach at 9pm and my flight to Kolkata is at 5pm next day.
    I will be traveling with two young children.
    Will the Airline provide me with a hotel accomodation?

    • Sudipta, usually airlines provide hotel accomodation only if there is only one airline flying in that day to your destination. If there are more than 2 Kingfisher airlines with a less stop over and you chose for this, then am not sure you will get the accomodation. In any case it is best if you can call the Kingfisher customer care and confirm if you can get. You could luckily get a stay :)

  41. John Menday Reply

    I contacted Kingfisher by email a few days ago…no reply.
    My question was …do you have Premium economy on flights to Delhi …I am booked with Saga holidays for May 2012 .
    Saga tells me you do not …your website says you do.
    Please clarify .

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