Contact Kindle: Customer service, support of Amazon Kindle

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Contact Amazon Kindle: Find below customer service, support details of Kindle, including phone and email. You can reach the below contact for Kindle Wi-fi purchases, downloads, ebooks, reviews, discounts, 3G and more. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Kindle services.

Kindle Customer Service
Phone: 1-866-321-8851
Phone: 1-206-266-0927 (International Customers)

Kindle Retailers (If you are looking to buy Kindle or its accessories you can contact numbers of retail stores given below)
Microsoft: 877-696-7786
AT&T: 1-800-331-0500
Best Buy: 1-888-BEST-BUY (800-237-8289)
BJ’s Club: 800-BJS-CLUB (800-257-2582)
Fred Meyer: 1-888-247-4439
J&R (New York): 212-238-9000
Navy Exchange: 1-800-628-3924
Office Max: 1.800.283.7674
Radio Shack: 1-800-843-7422
Staples: 1-800-STAPLES (800-782-7537)
Target: 1-800-440-0680
Toys R Us: 1-800-869-7787
Wal-mart: 1-800-WALMART

Canadian retailers
The Source: 1-866-454-4426
Staples CA: 1-877-360-8500 Head Office, Inc.
1200 12th Ave. South, Ste. 1200
Seattle, WA 98144-2734
Phone: (206) 266-1000 Customer Care
1-206-266-0927 (International Customers)

Purchase Kindle
To purchase Kindle online click here

Download Kindle Reading App
To download a free Kindle Reading App click here

Kindle Store
To purchase Kindle ebooks, whether fiction, nonfiction, biographies or others click here

Manage Kindle
To manage your Kindle online click here

Shopping Kindle Content
For details on shopping for Kindle content click here

Kindle Online Forum
You can post a question as well as search users’ queries. Click here to access Kindle customer service forum.

Manage Subscription
To manage your Kindle subscription click here

About Kindle
kindle-imageKindle is an e-book reader launched by Amazon in the year 2007. Currently, there are more than 900,000 books available for users to download. Over 610,000 books are $9.99 or less. One can try a sample of most Kindle content before purchase. Kindle allows users to search for books, newspapers, magazines, journals and blogs. To make a purchase from the Kindle store, click the Buy now with 1-Click or Subscribe now with 1-Click button. Kindle comes with a One-Year Limited Warranty. Kindle also offers an optional 2-year Extended Warranty. A Kindle owner can store up to 3,500 books. Kindle is Amazon’s #1 bestselling item for two years running. If you dint know, Kindle allows users to also connect to Wi-Fi hotspots.

Technical: Kindle weighs about 240 grams and has a 4GB storage. If you read for one hour a day, you will get battery life of up to one month. Kindle charges in approximately 4.5 hours. It has a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack and wi-fi facility. For more details visit the Kindle website here. To contact Amazon click here.

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  1. debra Rosenfield Reply

    I have a kindle that all of a sudden is not compatible to my I-pad. considering this is your fault I would like to transfer all my books to I-books and then cancel my account for unlimited books.

  2. I have the kindle app on my ipad and iPhone and I’ve had a few different phones now. I can’t read half of my books now because it says that my license expired plus books I bought through amazon never showed up in my library. So basically I bought books that I never got and I cant read half of the ones that I do have in my library. No one will respond to my email either about it.

  3. I have the latest 10″ Kindle. I also have a Treblab wireless speaker. How can I play music on the golf course using both when my Kindle tells me I need a wifi network for it to work? My Samsung phone works fine playing music but not my Kindle. Help anyone?

  4. While I intended to subscribe Kindle Unlimited for my Kindle Whitepaper in non-USA region, I got an error message “Your current digital account setting does not allow you to subscribe for Kindle Unlimited on Please contact customer service to learn about Kindle Unlimited availability in your local Amazon website.” Grateful if you could advise how to fix it. Thanks!

  5. Richard A Blake Reply

    The kindle version of the Isaac Asimov book “The Stars, Like Dust” recently went on sale with a discount along with the other two books in the Galactic Empire novels. While I was able to purchase the other two novels, “The Stars, Like Dust” has the discounted price, but it can’t be purchased. I have never seen a kindle book in the store with a price and then say unavailable. What’s going on with this? I wanted to get this for the discounted price because the normal price is for times as much as this sale price.

  6. Denver Rhodes Reply

    One of the reasons I love electronic books it they can be searched and marked up (Hi-lited) easily. But Kindle has only 4 colors., Red, Blue, Yellow, and Orange. GREEN in critical in my marking system!

    So please consider adding Green and at least 1 other color (Purple is fairly common).


    I bought a book as a gift and sent it to their email. They have the kindle app on there iPad but some how it downloaded to my kindle. Is there any way now I can get it to them?

  8. Judith Robinson Reply

    I purchased a San Disk from Amazon to add more storage to my Kindle Fire as suggested by my screen but it did not come with instructions I do not know how to install it. Please help.

  9. My wife was given a Fire HD7 4th Gen. so now I’m trying to register it. Each time I receive an error msg that states ID or password are not correct. I have double checked my Amazon account ID and password but nothing seems to help. Can you offer assistance?

  10. Bill Roesch Reply

    I accidentally reset my kindle to factory default and of course lost everything I had saved and bookmarked now I am trying to register again and cannot remember the password to match what I used when purchased.

  11. I bought a kindle fire and when i try to register it to my account it says that its already registered but i cant do anything with it. I’ve tried resetting it and its not working i don’t even get the deregister button. and it doesn’t show on my account on my computer.

  12. I am having trouble adding books to my wish list. For the last couple of days I’ve tried to add books and it send me to the page that says Kindle store encountered a problem. My signal is great and I’ve restarted my kindle at least 2 times. Help!

  13. I am unable to play Scrabble. I never had a problem in the past but now I get an Error message advising me to contact customer service.
    I’ve turned the kindle off, and restarted but the game just won’t load. I thought maybe my version needed upgrading but when I tried to buy it, I get a message that I already purchased it.

  14. daniele Roque Reply

    I disconnected my Kindle because the new App/voice appeared one day,and this voice was on driving me crazy !!!.So now its quiet but its no longer connected to anything. I have tried to reconnect but my password does not work. it says must use same as in my account??when I gp to account it says: no account not registered? catch 22 can this be fixed?

  15. Judith Stingel Reply

    I marked as favorite a photo from Silk browser. Have marked other things from various sites as favorites. How do I now access my favorites? Seems there should be a comprehensive way to access ALL favorites at once.
    I have a hr8 6th generation

  16. mike nolan Reply


    My wife bought me a Kindle in 2012. I could never get it to connect at the time after trying numerous times and haven’t used it pretty much ever since. I just bought content again for it, forgetting i could never pull it down, and I’m pretty pissed off now. The password is fine.
    Who’s going to help me with this?

  17. Ronald Friedman Reply

    My first (original) Kindle has been replaced by the newer Kindle paper white. I wish to make a gift of my “original” Kindle. I noticed that the window is split in half, showing two different pictures. The division is diagonal showing a picture and the other half words. How do I correct this situation

  18. Rosie Malezer Reply

    Isn’t it great that the information is only intended for hearing customers?

    I am one of your DEAF customers who is unable to use a telephone and does all of my communication via email. I have received numerous credit card charges under AMAZON SERVICES-KINDLE 866-321-8851 WA, regardless that the only Kindle books I download are shown as 0.00 cost (as in free). Some of these charges are over 10€ – please can you explain?

  19. Fiona Henry-Pinnock Reply

    Hi. I have been delightfully enjoying the Clifton Chronicles series over the past 2 years. However I made an advanced purchase of the book “Mightier Than The Sword” in 2014 and am not able to download it- can you please assist.

  20. Dennis Pierce Reply

    My old time radio app has stopped functioning correctly. It only plays one show over and over again. I have tried tapping the microphone but the kindle goes back to home. When I tap on one of my saved shows then tap play show my kindle goes back to home. My old time radio app has been operating just fine until now.

  21. I have a Kindle Fire HD, cannot turn the Wifi ON, took it back to Dactiry Default (lost everything) thinking that would help; but of course, it didn’t! Does anyone have anyone have any idea what I can do? Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thx in advance.

  22. Lori Morales Reply

    Recently my kindle was returned to me. I contacted customer service and they said that I should be able to register it but it will not recognize my account information telling me that it is invalid, but I can still log into my Amazon account fine from my phone and the kindle over the internet. Am I missing a step or something? Thanks for any help I can get with this matter.

  23. Kay Williamson Reply

    I would like to cancel the subscription I ordered on Sept. 5, 2012 called free books for Kindle, that was on my bank statement, I don’t know of no other way to contact to talk to a person so I can cancell this order. Thank you kay

  24. Dear Amazon Services-Kindle 866-321-8851 WA, We received credit card bills for about $5 $7 and $10 on 1/13 & 1/14, just after my daughter registered their new kindle. We did not expect to receive these charges and have no idea what they are for. Were we mis-billed? Could you please tell us what these charges are? Will we keep receiving unexpected charges? We would like to continue using kindle, but thought that everything we had done after we bought kindle (registering the product, downloading books that were marked “free”) was free. We may have to discontinue use if we continue to receive unexpected charges. We’d appreciate your help clarifying this. Thanks.

  25. Had my Kindle Fire for a few weeks now. All of a sudden it is telling me I need to be online to read an already purchased and partly read book. Tried that still no luck.. There is an exclamation point on the book when I tap it. Help

  26. graham huxtable Reply

    Can I download a book I purchased on KIndle to my Laptop computer?
    If it is downloadable, what format do I copy it to, to make it readable?

  27. Richard Martin Reply

    Amazon showed the book “Intervention” by Terri Blackstock for sale at 99 cents. When I attempted to buy it, it was then listed as $9.99…a nine-dollar difference. Why? Thanks, Richard

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