Contact Hainan Airlines: Find below customer service details of Hainan Airlines, including telephone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Hainan Airlines. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Hainan Airlines services.

Hainan Airlines Head Office
Hainan Airlines Co. Ltd.
No.7 Guoxing Road,
Haikou City, Hainan Province, 570203, P.R. China

Customer Service

Hainan Airlines Email
[email protected]
[email protected]

Baggage Help
+86-898-6575 6087


Fortune Wings Club
[email protected]

+86-10-6450 1462
+86-10-6458 3949
+49-3023-639474 (Europe)
1-888-942-2746 (Canada)

International Support
Australia: 0061 2 8278 7400
Canada: 1-877-916-8999
India: +91- 33-40036088
Japan: +81-6-6447-7786
Russia: 810-800-8768-9999
Singapore: Tel: +65-6438 1161
Taiwan: +886-2-27132112
USA: 1-888-688-8813
UK: 00-800-8768-9999
UAE: +971-4-3595000

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Flight Schedule
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Flight Status
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Baggage Information
Passengers are allowed to carry one cabin piece with weight not exceeding 10kg. Business Class passengers can carry 2 pieces of same weight. For checked baggage, Business Class passengers can carry two pieces with 32kg each. Economy Class passengers can carry two pieces with 23kg each.

Hainan Airlines’ VIP Lounge is found at Beijing Capital International Airport.

Fortune Wings Club
Fortune Wings Club is the frequent flier program of Hainan Airlines. You earn miles every time you fly with Hainan Airlines or its partner airlines. You also earn reward miles on hotel booking, car rental, etc. In addition to that, members enjoy Lounge access and extra baggage allowance. To enrol with the Club click here

About Hainan Airlines
hainan-airlines-pictureHainan Airlines was founded in the year 1989 and operates from its main hubs at Haikou Meilan International Airport and Beijing Capital International Airport. It also has hubs at Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, Taiyuan Wusu Airport and Urumqi Diwopu International Airport. The airline flies to over 90 destinations worldwide and is ranked as a 5-star airline by reputed research consultancy Skytrax. Skytrax also recognised Hainan Airlines as the Best Airline in China. The airline also won the Passengers’ Airline Choice Award for service excellence repeatedly over 10 years. Hainan currently is the fourth largest in China.

Hainan Airlines Destinations:  Hainan Airlines destinations include Beijing, Ningbo, Harbin, Xiamen, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wenzhou, Kunming, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing, Berlin, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Changsha, Wuhai, Phuket, Dalian, Dubai, Budapest, Cairo, Brussels, Zurich, Khartoum, Toronto, Bangkok, Colombo, Singapore, Sydney, Jakarta, Busan, Calcutta, Irkutsk and more.

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  1. Stephen Kelso Reply

    After reading all the negative reviews of this airline, I agree with them. I have been flying for over forty years on many different airlines around the world. Flying on Hainan Airlines from Urumqi, China to Beijing and then to Seattle was by far the worst airlines experience I have ever encountered. There is not enough room here to express my story let alone all the problems I eccountered on this trip. We were traveling with our pet dog, had all the required paperwork and notices for traveling with a pet; and was still denied passage for our pet on the plane. Both my wife and I are grieving the loss of our pet. There is not enough money in the world to replace the loss we face everyday. To all I say Never fly Hainan Airlines, they have the worst customer service of any airlines.

  2. Joe Reply

    The phone listed for Canada is no longer in service. That is all I had to say, but your computer system keeps asking me for a longer message, otherwise it will not be posted.

  3. Gary Reply

    I have been trying to contact Hainan Airlines in Australia for three weeks. They never answer. This is such bad service. If you are going to operate flights to a country you need to provide some service. You can have a great business plan, but word-of-mouth can destroy what you are hoping to achieve.

  4. Ji Jia Xiang Reply

    I hate this airline. Hence, hate. I know that’s a strong word but that’s how I feel. I went to China a few month earlier by myself while my husband was still in US. He planned to meet me there at a later month and we can fly back together. To make the matter simple, we booked two round trip tickets with this airline even though I won’t use the first ticket since I was already in China. But it was the best solution to make sure that we fly back together on the same plane and date. Today, I called the airline to confirm our tickets as we will be flying in two week. We were shocked that the airline has forfeited my ticket. Their excuse was that I didn’t fly the first trip. But for a $200 penalty fee plus the fair difference which is $176, I can reinstate my ticket. What a load of crap. In US, people buy round trip and often only use half for whatever the reasons. It is fairly common. I have never heard any American airline cancel the ticket because the customer didn’t show up for the first trip. I spoke with the customer service people and they offered no help. All they want was the money. I am done with this airline. Their business practice is shady and unfair. For anyone who wants to buy the round trip and only want to use half, be aware! Don’t do it. yes, the airfare is cheap. But its not worth the money. The worst airline in the world.

  5. Kenneth Reply

    I booked a flight with your airline with one stop at Beijing. Contacted your staff to get us to the hotel and we were put on a small shuttle bus push in like cattle. Got to the hotel and after getting checked in I asked if they had wifi. I was told it was a cheap hotel and did not have. I found they had wifi after our return trip. We took the shuttle back to the airport the next day and the driver insisted we were to. Get out at terminal 2 he lied and we had to walk to terminal 1. I am 74 years old and it was a very hard walk and to make matters worst when trying to check in, the agent told us the passport number was wrong, armed with the flight papers in hand they told us we needed to get the number right. Why could they not get things right as they did when we left Chicago. We finally got things straight and we got to destination. When we were going to leave chongqing the agent told us the passport numbers were wrong again. After a lot of work we finally made it and after arriving in beijing we were met with an airport bus and was loaded like cattle and taken to the terminal. After a night in hotel we were herded on an airport bus again. And I am not impressed with the 787, my body hurt so bad I could not get any sleep. In short, I do not think the lower fare is worth the stress.

  6. Janet Johnson Reply

    How I spent my summer vacation – by Mrs. Johnson
    Boston to Beijing, China on Hainan Airlines
    Customer Service Hainan Airlines,

    “Comfort in the Skies…Hardly!” The excitement for the trip to Beijing had been increasing each day since my son’s nuptials on the 4th of July in Salisbury, MA. My husband and I were to be meeting my son and his new wife in Boston for our non-stop flight to her place of birth Beijing, China. Flight # 482 was to leave Boston at 5:00, but after checking the Hainan website earlier that day, we realized there was a two hour delay. No problem I said to myself…not a big deal, we’ll just get a later start. Little did I know that this was the beginning of our problems on the flight from HELL!

    My husband and I found our seats in the Economy section 34B and 34C to be exact, excitement was still in the air and my son and his wife had seats right behind us. As we settled into our seats, the flight attendant came around with drinks. I noticed that my movie and TV screen were not working. I motioned (with my finger) to the flight attendant to come see me because of my ordeal. She tried to fix it, but it was definitely broken. She proceeded to tell me, “So sorry mam, can I get you a magazine? A magazine! You mean to tell me I will need to sit on a 12 hour flight with no music, TV, or movies? No I do not want a magazine!

    As we landed in Beijing I felt the excitement starting again, and to be finally off the flight of no entertainment. But no…my excitement was short lived, as we went to baggage claim, we found that none of our luggage was seen on the conveyor. As we wondered what could be wrong… where was our luggage? We were told that the plane was too heavy in Boston and our luggage had been taken off the plane and was in some warehouse at Logan International. We needed to fill out paper work that provided details of the luggage numbers and our names being told that our luggage would be put on the next flight to Beijing. Not what we wanted to hear, but we would have to make the best of things until tomorrow. Tomorrow came and after many unreturned phone calls to the Hainan Airlines to find out if the luggage was on the next flight. They confirmed that yes 200 pieces of luggage had been put on the next flight. So our second day in Beijing was spent by many hours and money on the phone trying to find our luggage.

    My new Chinese in-laws made an additional 1 hour trip to the Beijing Airport to hopefully retrieve my husband and my luggage. As we arrived with passport in hand to the luggage claim turnstiles…lo and behold there was my husband’s luggage, but again no sight of my luggage! We were told that only half of the luggage had come from Boston. Excitement was starting to wane and depression and stress started to form in all of minds. We would be leaving on a long distance train ride to Shanghai tomorrow. It was plain to see this trip would be taken without any of my luggage and my desperately needed Blood Pressure medicine. A trip to the International Emergency Beijing Hospital was in my future. My symptoms of no BP medicine for two days were starting to affect my health. My BP was taken at the hospital and was read at 192/97, a high reading for anyone, especially a patient that was feeling the stress of no luggage and without her medicine that was placed in her luggage. Luckily, the hospital was able to fill my prescriptions, but we now needed to pay for my emergency doctor’s visit, and the prescription costs. Excitement was almost non-existent for my once-in-a-life time trip to Beijing, China.

    To make a very disturbing trip to Beijing even more intolerable, my luggage was finally retrieved 5 days later! Five days to find my luggage that should have come to Beijing on Thursday, July 30, did not arrive until August 4th. My husband and I find this trip to be the most aggrieves of a customer service nightmare for a couple that just wanted to experience the excitement of our son and daughter-in-laws continued celebration of their summer wedding nuptials. We feel it is the responsibility of the Hainan Airlines to reimburse our full price of our flights to Beijing, China and the price of my hospital visit and medication costs. We shall wait to hear from you and your airlines to rectify this most unfortunate event.

    Janet Johnson

  7. Andrew Levy Reply

    What is Hainan Airlines contact number for reservation confirmation in Bangkok Thailand?

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