Contact EVA Airways: Find below customer service details of EVA Airways, including telephone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on EVA Airways. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on EVA Airways services.

EVA Airways Head Office
376, Sec. 1, Hsin-nan Rd.
Luchu, Taoyuan Hsien
338 Taiwan
Phone -3-351-5151

EVA Airways Customer Service
Phone: 0800-098-666 (Taiwan only)
Phone: +886-2-25011999

International Support
Australia: +61-2-9267 8872
China: 400-886-5889 or +86-21-38613999
France: +33-1-41439111
Germany: +49-69-929-1090
Hong Kong: +852-28109251
India: +91-44-25342261
Japan: +81-3-5798-2811
Malaysia: +60-3-21622981
New Zealand: +64-9-3588300
S.Korea: +82-2-756-0015
Singapore: +65-62261533
UK: +44-20-7380-8300

Evergreen Club Contact
886-2-25017899 (Taiwan)
66-2-2696288 (Bangkok)
852-28109010 (Hong Kong)
81-3-57982811 (Japan)
1-310-3626600 (Los Angeles)
1-201-6264043 (New York)
1-416-5988808 (Toronto)
44-207-3808323 (London)
61-2-92678871/72 (Australia)
64-9-3588300 (New Zealand)
49-69-929109-0/-12 (Germany)

Eva Airways Schedule
To check EVA schedule online click here

EVA Airways Flight Status
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Baggage Information
Generally, Economy Class passengers are allowed to carry 1 checked bag with max 23kg weight. Business Class passengers can carry up to 32 kg. As for cabin baggage, passengers are allowed to carry one hand bag with max 7kg weight.

Trace Lost Baggage
To trace lost baggage click here

Evergreen Club
Frequent fliers and members of Evergreen Club can earn reward miles every time they fly with EVA Airways or its partner airlines. One can also earn miles by booking hotels and renting cars.

About EVA Airways
eva-air-pictureEVA Airways was founded in the year 1989. It is the second largest airline in Taiwan and is managed by the Evergreen International Corporation. The airline flies to over 40 destinations. The airline has its headquarters in Luzhu, Taoyuan County. EVA also has cargo operations in Europe, Asia, and North America. Skytrax has ranked EVA Airways a 4 star airline.

EVA Airways Destinations: EVA Airways destinations include Taipei, Beijing, Dalian, Jinan, Chengdu, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taichung, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Macau, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Hanoi, Seoul, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, Newark, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Vienna, Brisbane and more.


  1. Dear customer Service
    I have just made a booking from London to Bangkok online, the payment has gone through but I got a message stating that there has been an error with the booking and you all are trying to fix it. Today is Sunday so the reservations office in London is closed and there are no email addresses.
    This is not good.

  2. Jeremy Goody Reply

    I live in INdia. I booked Eva Air Bangkok-Taipei-Tokyo-Taipei-Bangkok. I need urgently to change one sector of the tour. I am told that I cannot do it as it is a multiple booking. I tried to call the two numbers given for India. The Delhi number does not answer and the Chennai one is the wrong number. I cannot find an email address to write to . Plesae guide me.

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I applied for a refund of a cancelled flight on February 7th, 2017. It has been more than a year since then and I still have not received my refund. I have been calling the customer service many many times and I could not get hold of anyone. My message was left many times without being returned either.
    Could you please reply to my inquiry as soon as possible.


    Hung Le

  4. Ronald goerge duval Reply

    I have been trying to contact Eva Air customer service on the internet
    both my wife and I have sent numerous emails to various customer services and have not received a reply from any of them and in some cases an unable to deliver notification.
    I am planning a RTW business class trip and are now doing so through Lufthansa and am most impressed with their customer service it is as different as chalk and cheese from Eva air who despite sending both my wife and I birthday cards for years appear to consider customer service as unimportant

  5. Kevin Willey Reply

    If I can’t talk to a human at Eva airways to ask about certain pet policies and where to take my pet at a certain airport and any other question, WHAT GOOD IS EVA???? Why would I want to spend money to book a flight if I can’t talk to a live representative!!!!!

  6. My wife’s flight from Houston to Saigon (Vietnam) transit at Taipei on Aug 29 was cancelled due to hurricane Harvey. New scheduled flight is confirmed on Sept 06. I have sent email to Eva Customer Service requesting an issuance of Flight Cancellation Certificate in order to submit to Immigration Authorities at destination. Feedback from Eva Airways made me frustrated when ask me to contact local Ticketing Office in Houston for resolution. Unfortunately, both contact phones provided unable to reach, only robot answers despite many calls. Time is up (my wife has only 12 hours for leaving). I cannot understand why Eva Customer Service is unable to release that document via email to my wife though all detailed information were provided (ticket number, flight reservation code, etc). Too much disappointed

  7. Customer inquiry Reply

    I would like to talk with EVA customer services inquiring about elite class. The questions which I will be asking are not found on the website. Do you have email address or phone number in Houston that I can speak with.

  8. Virginia Supnet Reply

    I can NEVER reach a human voice to ask a question on both the 800 number and the SF number. How does a company do business with NO customer service? Do they not have more than one person answering the calls in San Francisco? Why can’t you leave a voicemail for a call back? Where is an email address to write a request? This is very unprofessional.

  9. Veronica Voeks Reply

    I recently traveled using EVA Airlines from Manila to Portland, OR in the US and have to say that this was the most unprofessional and disorganized airline I have ever traveled with. On December 27, 2016, there were two delayed flights from Manila to Taipei (flight # 278 was the one I was on). Not only did the airline not communicate to passengers of the delayed flight, but the airline did not answer the phone for the entire day. I called about 20 times throughout the day and no one answered the phone. That’s not even the worst of it. In addition to this the airline completely failed to book passengers’ connecting flights ahead of time. There were dozens of passengers who missed their connecting flights due to the delay and the airline did not book their connecting flights ahead of time. Therefore, as passengers were checking in for the delayed flight, the employees were trying to find them connecting flights as they were checking in. This caused a huge backup of passengers trying to check in which led to hours of passengers waiting in line. I was flying from Manila to Portland, OR in the US and it took four employees over an hour to figure out my connecting flights so I could get home. In fact, they actually asked me if it was OK for my final destination to be in a completely different state than the one I live in! They asked me if my final destination could be in Arizona or Washington instead of my home state in Oregon because they could not figure out how to organize connecting flights to Oregon. After waiting over an hour, they finally figured out the connecting flights that would get me home. Because of this experience, I feel as though EVA airlines is completely disorganized and unprofessional and I do not trust that I can travel with this airline again.

  10. terry chisnall Reply

    hi my membership no is 23014 10183 i am trying to book a flight in February i have 65,836 miles and would like to use my miles towards the return flights from london to bancock in business class your agent said i can upgrade on the outward flight but the return flight is more than the total return flight? it appears that the miles are useless
    terry chisnall

  11. Eva Air’s customer service contact number is the worst in the whole world. No one is always there to answer your call. The management of Eva Air should make a priority to improve this (If they care).

  12. THEFT on board Eva Air on BR277 most probably by flight attendant was completely ignored and dismissed when reported to both Taipei and Manila offices. Still fighting this outrageous injustice. Have not encountered worse customer service than Eva Air. Head of Manila office Steve Wu is a bureaucrat who does not have the guts to address serious issues or even return phone calls and hide behind his staff. Pathetic! I am calling all my family and friends to boycott Eva Air. Your inaction will cost you!

  13. Elizabeth H Bird Reply

    my son who lives in Cambodia has.bought me a return flight from London to Bangkok he has emailed me my E Ticket will I have a problem checking in on self service as I will not have the card he paid with. Please let me know what I should do.

  14. Ju Hsi Chou Reply

    My wife and I have booked a Hong Kong airline flight between Hong Kong and Taipei (confirmation: MEDZOK). In the returning segment (March 22, 2015), the flight is being served by EVA flight 857. Could you help to nail down our seating arrangement while there are still good seats available at this time? We are quite elderly (79) and I in addition have a torn tendon. My wife would prefer a window seat and I, an aisle seat. Thank you. Ju Hsi Chou

  15. How the hell can you contact eva air London, been trying for 3 days now complete joke! One number to call constantly engaged, no email or customer service links, booked direct with eva now cannot contact them to change flight details!

  16. Arneth Tare Reply

    Good day! I have a flight from los angeles to manila on nov 17th. I am asking if ever i wanted to extend my stay here , How much is the cost to rebook my flight? hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  17. William Gaudette Reply

    I returned this AM from Taipai to NY flight BR0032, the seating was fine, but on the way out, near the back and near the window I had such a headache from the flight, it lasted 2 days. Now I depart again on same trip on the 24th of Oct and once again I have been told that there are no aisle nor window seats in the next compartment forward. Can you please check and confirm this information as the engine noise is truly aweful near the back where I am now assigned, 65 I think

  18. Robert W Stanton Reply

    Today I received an offer from your Evergreen Club which asked me to set up a password for additional benefits. I had a stoke in April which required hospitalization and now can not find my Eve Air Evergreen Club card. Can you please provide me with my membership number? Thank you.

  19. I recently flew on on Eva Airflight from Macau to Seattle.

    Upon making my reservation, I stated clearly to the agent that I would be traveling with (2) Service Dogs. I was asked to give the booking agent all of my details for the animals (Name, Weight, Breed, Age) and if I had proof of their service certification. I provided all of this to him.
    Upon asking for the cost of transporting them as access baggage on this flight, I was told that if I had proof of the service certification I would NOT be charged.

    I arrived at the airport at 17:15 on the day of my flight and proceeded to check in at 17:50. I immediately told the agent I was traveling with certified service dogs and provided all the details and paperwork necessary.
    After clearing customs export I was told I “may” have to pay for my dogs to travel because the booking agent did not input the dogs as Service Animals. I asked the agent at the counter to please change it as they were certified and I was able to provide proof. In addition to the standard service certifications I also provided the agent with a doctors note stating that I had a medical condition requiring the use of a service animal. At that time I asked if they needed any other proof that the dogs were service dogs & I was informed that I had provided sufficient proof and I was not required to provide more.

    The agent at the counter continuously was asking me what I was told when I booked the flight and what information I was provided that I would not have to pay. I stated the website and provided the below email.

    The agent and Supervisor both agreed that the website does state that service dogs with proof will NOT be charged for transport at access baggage. So my question is: why was I charged?

    The agent stated that because the booking agent did not note it was a service animal that I would be charged even after providing proof. Your web site DOES NOT state that any of this information needs to be provided ahead of time. However, I had provided it to the agent 2 days before my flight as a courtesy to your airline.
    Additionally, and I told the agent, if my dogs would be required to fly with me in the cabin I would gladly do so to avoid the access charges. They would not tell me if this was ok or not and just looked at me with blank stares.

    By this time it was already 20:00 and the supervisor came out. I addressed the same issue with him again. He did not say anything to me but that I must pay. He was the one that came to address the issue but the counter agent kept talking to me – he just stood there! However after demanding he speak with me, he agreed that I provided sufficient proof that the animals were service certified and that the web site clearly states that I would not have to pay if I could provide the proof. The reason they gave me of being charged was because the booking agent made a mistake.

    I was asked for my contact number and provided a USA cell number. I was told I would be contacted within 24 hours & on the next business day of my arrival in the US. It has been 30hours now and I have not received a phone call or any form of communication.

    To further to this complaint – upon arrival in Seattle, neither dog was given any water. The regulations for their water dish in the kennel for travel is so that the airline can refill the water during transit. This should have happened in Taipei. This did not happen. One of my dogs bowls was completely dry and when I let her out of her kennel she drank over 16oz of water. She is now under vet servaillance for a bladder infection! I will be reporting this to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as animal neglect.
    Finally, upon clearing with the customs officer, I was told a Eva Air agent would meet me at the main terminal baggage claim where I would claim my dogs.
    There was an agent there but she was not there to meet me. I approached her for scissors to cut the seals on the kennel. My dogs were left unattended at baggage claim and ANYONE could have walked off with them had I been held up or even before I was able to arrive at the main baggage claim area.

    I surely hope that this is not EVA Air’s standard way of conducting business. I want my money back!
    (I’m sending an email – so lets see if I get a response).

  20. How I can retrive my forgeoten pasword of evergreen card. I have tried hours on the phone and online. I put all the right information. It just come back said no result found. SOOOOOOOOO frustrated!!!!!! Is the website working or not??????

  21. David Tudor Reply

    I wish to send an email to complain about the service attitude in the London office (surprise surprise – English staff feel they are above giving good customer service or support).

    I’d also like to complain about the extra tax now being charged for a ticket upgrade via frequent flyer air miles. This is apparent on flights leaving the UK.

    I have been saving my air miles for a long time and now wish to utilise them by upgrading from economy to premium economy (elite) class.

    Not only have I been paying extra to get the type of ticket that allows for air miles to be accumulated, I’m now being told I have to pay £75 tax for a seat one row further up the plane.

    I do not understand why I should be charged anything at all. I’ve paid for the fuel tax via my economy ticket and all I am doing is utilising the miles I’ve accumulated over the last 8 to 10 flights.

    If EVA is offering air miles for free upgrades then it must swallow the taxes being imposed.

    It’s unacceptable to have to buy more expensive tickets in the first place and then find out you’ll pay extra to use the air miles.

    I might as well buy the cheapest tickets possible and from the savings I make on those tickets, pay for an upgrade later. At the moment, air miles are a waste of time and money.

  22. Nasrullah Md. Irfan Reply

    Passengers from Dhaka, Bangladesh wishing to trave to UNITED STATES, CANADA, cannot find cheap fares directly on the website. How is this possible?

  23. I have already booked two return flights from london to bangkok,all i want to do is book two extra flights from bangkok to London so a group can all travel home together. It can not be done on the website.

  24. Chi-Feng Wu Reply

    My EVA membership number is xx. I need to update my home address, phone number and email address list below.

  25. Dear customer service,

    I am very much disappointed about recent changes in your flight. I purchased the ticket six months ago. My flight is from NJ to MNL. Iam 15 minutes away from newark airport and the flight was changed and they moved it to JFK new york which is 2hours away. I called the tickeiting/reservation to complain but they cant do anything. I am asking for something to compensate this inconvinience but they said nothing other than asking me if want to refund my ticket. What a nice customer service!!! If this happens in other airlines like singapore airlines, cathay pacific they i am sure they know how to treat their customer very well. Im hearing a lot bad customer service with eva air but im ignoring it. But after this incident i can feel what others have experience with evaair. I will remove this airline from the preferred airlines we normally used.

  26. Dear EVA air representative,

    As a resident from the Netherlands, my choices for choosing EVA air destinations are limited to only Bangkok.
    I am a member of the Evergreen club and every time I book a flight, I always choose a more expensive flight so I can collect Evergreen miles for an upgrade award.
    At the beginning of this year I had enough miles collected for an upgrade award from deluxe to Business class. So I decided to buy a return ticket to Bangkok in February. When I booked my flight I also requested the upgrade award. But from day 1, it only showed as “waiting list” and on the day of the flight I did not receive the award.

    I booked again a return flight to Bangkok in October and requested again an upgrade award for the return flight to Amsterdam. When I checked-in in Amsterdam, an EVA-air employee told me that several seats were available in the business class for the return flight, so I would get the upgrade award.
    But my status on the internet always showed “waiting list” and when I returned to Amsterdam, the award was again not granted.
    At the end of every year, the miles from previous years expire even though I have to pay extra to get the miles.
    Because I made 2 attempts to collect an upgrade award during the past year which were not granted, I request you to cancel the expiration of the miles which I received and paid for in 2007.


  27. Ian Paul Evans Reply

    I am flying to Thailand on January 9 th 2012 with Eva Air but my passport expires in august 2012 thats 7 months.. can you tell me will i be allowed fly to thailand.. Will there be a problem can you e mail me as soon as possible

    • you can visit the Thai embassy website for information on passport and visa..

  28. I’d like to travel from Jakarta to Hong Kong, using eva air, I had opened your website, and selected multi destinations, but it dint ‘t work. The website automatically put Jakarta as departure point, in my case it should be Jakarta – can u help me? Thank you

  29. Wen H. Ko . Reply

    Please give me you email address for SFO branch. I want to report an experience at AFO arrival terminal.

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