Contact Indigo – Find below customer care details of Indigo airline, including the address, telephone, email and website.

Indigo customer care phone
(0) 99 10 38 38 38 or
Toll free 1 800 180 38 38

Indigo address
IndiGo, Level 1, Tower C,
Global Business Park,
Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road,
Gurgaon – 122 002,
Haryana, India.
Tel: +91 (0)124 435 2500
Fax: +91 (0)124 406 8536

Indigo email
[email protected]

About Indigo

indigo-airline Indigo is a low cost domestic airline based in Gurgaon, India. It operates to 25 destinations and it’s main hub is Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. Indigo began its operations in August 2006. The airline is operated by InterGlobe Enterprises. It was awarded the ‘Best Domestic Low Cost Carrier’ in India for 2008. Indigo incorporates the best hardware, software, interface design & personnel from around the world.

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  1. Ms.Richa Agrawal-mobile no.9892084913 Reply

    I and my family is a regular and loyal indigo passenger.I was coming back from Vietnam to Mumbai and my flight was scheduled from Chennai to Mumbai (PNR-OY2JXV)Flight No.6E387 0n 29/04/18 at 23:35 hrs.I reported at Indigo counter for check in at about 22:20 hours but I was told that flight was already scheduled at 22:15 hours where as I was having ticket wherein the flight was to be scheduled at 23:35 hours.I was never informed about the change in flight schedule neither by the travelling agent nor by the indigo either at my mobile 9892084913 nor at my email for the reasons not known to me.I also confirm that I am using the above mobile and e mail for a decade.This has caused lot of inconvenience, enormous hardship,mental agony with a cost burden of purchasing an extra ticket for about 8700/ bearing PNR OY2JXY (FLIGHT NO.6E 654) for next flight boarding time 04:35 Departure time 05:20 and lodging and boarding expenses costing about rs 3500/.This all was incurred because of no fault of me. In view of all above kindly arrange to reimburse me the above amount immediately failing which I will be constrained to take up the matter with the appropriate legal forum for redressing my grievances along with the damages for mental agony and sufferings.which will be entirely at your cost,risk and responsibility to which you may please note.

  2. Jawaharlal Joshi Reply

    I travelled Kolkata to Raipur on Jan.21 , 2018 by 6E-245 .The seat alloted was 23B . There was no problem until I collected my baggage from Conveyor belt . I observed that my bag was damaged , so I brought the same in notice of Indigo attendant Ms. Chandra Sikha Srivas , She took picture of the damaged portion of the bag and also the baggage tag . While returning from Raipur to Kolkata on Jan.23, 2018 by 6E-811 I requested your representative to update me about my complain lodged with Ms. Chandra Sikha . As she was unavailable nearby , I was told that the complain shall be attended . I had called-up your Customer-Care for the same purpose a little while back but merely to get a patient hearing . I wonder if anyone will attend the matter or I have to approach senior executives for their interferance .

  3. Pramod Budhraja Reply

    Indigo the airline of goons and the management should hang their heads in shame. IT COULD BE ANYBODY NEXT. BETTER AVOID FLYING INDIGO.

    What about Delhi’s infamous Police and the DCP who has the cheeks to say the matter has been settled amicably? His SHO is telling passengers wife that he is psychopath? Both the DCP and SHO should be suspended forthwith for dereliction of duty and telling lies.

  4. Y Chandra Sekhar Reply

    I have traveled from Delhi to Visakhaptnam on 7th April 2017, I have rescheduled my flight from 1200 PM to 7:50 AM, while changing the ticket Mr has cancelled the Corporate meal.
    Corporate booking should not charge for rescheduling the flight, charged 994 rupees. While trying to understand these issues with air hostess in the flight i have forgotten my sony ear phones of worth 2500/-. I appreciate Indigo on time services. But this incident has created a negative image on Indigo services. Very much disappointed.
    I could not see my Sony head phones in lost and found list which is another indication that Indigo staff are not trust worthy.

  5. Deep Reply

    I have a flight (6E 529), from Bengaluru to Kolkata on 13/04/2017 departing at 10:55 PM. I have booked with a luggage limit of 7 kg only. However due to changed circumstances, I need more limit. How much extra will I have to pay. Thanks You

  6. Kolagotla Krishnarao Reply

    I along with my wife and mother-in-law have booked a ticket for travel on 30th March from Bangalore to Mumbai by Flight No.6E-5449 (previous No. 6E-934) leaving Bangalore at 18.10Hrs and reaching Mumbai at 19.45 Hrs.My PNR No. is M9PE6M. I contacted you customer care a few days back for a wheel chair in the airport premises for my mother-in-law who is 85 years old.The person on the phone says that my booking is not seen on his desktop and hence cannot help me.How is it possible that the booking of a ticket with specific PNR be not available on the computer. That person is either a novice or lazy to help customers.
    I am now asking you to help me and register my request for a wheel chair at Bangalore and Mumbai airports for my mother-in-law for the 30th Mach 2017 Flight No 6E-5449 and inform me immediately of having done so.
    22/3/2017 Time 17.44.


    I am travelling from ccu to imp. The person issuing boarding pass has no manner in speaking. I book my dad mom and me separately and even carrying a kids. I requested to issue boarding pass together. He simply deny and reply with no respect saying it’s my mistake. Even we made mistake, it’s here to consider our request. Without even trying he deny my request and reply no not possible. OK then I said OK whichever is possible give me the pass. Then he send me back saying it’s too early to get boarding pass. With angry i reply i am not travelling with indigo again in future. He replied no problem dont book, is he learnt abt custmer management or is this away to speak to customer, i am sorry he dont deserve to work. He made embrassing situation. I am still waiting that my boarding pass issue should be 2hrs from flight time. Now it is 7:30 and flight time is 11:15. I don’t know what is the difference. I am promising myself that this is the last flight with indigo. I am a frequent traveller in indigo. I have never made such situations before. Unfortunately my next booking from Imphal to Chennai is also indigo. Here onwards sorry to indigo……. I am traveling with you again…..


    I had booked online Indigo Flights for my travel to Bengaluru and return. My Booking Ref.and other details are as under.

    Booking Reference. JY3M9T

    Dateof travel Flight No. Time

    30 Dec. 2015 6E 437 6.10 am

    06 Jan. 2016 6E 756 18.00 pm

    Total amount paid for to and fro journey – Rs 5109/-

    Due to some personal problems I am required to cancel my programme and therefore need to cancel my air ticket. Please guide me what is to be done. What would be the refund amount that is going to be credited to my Union bank A/C
    What formalities are to be completed.

    Yours faithfully

    Shripad Sahasrabudhe

  9. TUSHAR Reply

    I today accompanied with my wife was traveling by your flight no 6E-285 from New Delhi to Chennai with Ticket no B9TUGD with seat no 9E and 9F.We had reached airport at 12.45 AM and cleared security at around 2.30AM where security people may have forgotten to change the date on their stamps and it was put as dated 07/07/2015. When we reached boarding gate no 14 at 6.00 AM, one of your girl staff checked it and talked to us in a rough manner ,as if we have committed some grave crime, to get the date changed from security staff. When I asked her ” What wrong we have done?” she made a face at me as if I am of no significance. I who is highly asthmatic 58 year old person had all the way to run up stairs to security gate, who were kind enough to realize their mistake and changed the date. This all caused me a lot of respiratory problem and physical exhaustion , but above all the staff of yours who was perhaps even younger to my daughter has made me feel highly discounted.

  10. Rajendra Reply

    I have a concern regarding cancellation refund process. During a long past cancellation forgot to verify if the amount has been refunded or not. When I enquired now, I’m told that I opted to retain the amount with Indigo whereas I remember I did’nt opt so.Even If I did that, what is the procedure to send a credit note or at-least a notification to customer about the same? I could have easily lost the amount forgetting about it. Also, is there a process to default refund credit amounts if not utilized for a certain period?

  11. jaicky kumar Reply


    I have cancelled the indigo flight in airport as the flight was delayed that day.My PNR No is F4QNNS.At the time of cancellation the person at airport told me that you will get a full amount as refund.

    Since I have booked my ticket from goIbibo I contacted them to check my refund status and they said that ticket is not cancelled and it is showing no show.But with me I have the boarding pass where he clearly cancelled it.How come it is possible that i have cancelled the ticket and it is showing no show.

    Please find the attached copy of ticket and boarding pass and let me know the refund status.


  12. R t Reply

    First and foremost you guys don’t inform passengers about gates for boarding. Later if it changes you don’t let us know by overhead paging system or tv monitors. Why are you guys offering such poor quality. Your flight attendants have no idea and the head lady did not give me a customer complaint form. That’s illegal. Such a poor impression on international travelers who unfortunately have to travel within this country called India ( rising ). If you guys claim to have brains. Please use it

  13. Sujata Mishra Reply

    Attn: Mr. Nitin/Ms. [email protected] Bhubaneswar Airport


    I have been a regular and loyal Indigo passenger and I am thoroughly disappointed at the way I and my case has been handled so far.

    I flew Indigo Flight No- 6E 552 (My PNR No-Q35ZSL) on December 09, 2013 from Bhubaneswar to Mumbai. I had an International flight to Toronto (British Airways) in late hours the same night

    Since I had excess baggage (over 15 Kgs) I called up the Indigo customer care center on 9th December at 7:40am from my mobile to book for excess baggage. The customer care executive on the other end informed me that if I have an international flight with in 24 hours of flying then I need not pay for excess baggage. He himself suggested upon sharing my onward international flight details that I have a British Airways Flight which allows me 23+23 kgs of baggage. And since my baggage was way less than that I do not need to book any excess baggage any further. All I needed to do was to show my International Flight itinerary at the Indigo Counter in Bhubaneswar Airport while dropping off my check-in luggage.

    Upon arrival at the Indigo Counter in Bhubaneswar Airport when I showed my International Flight itinerary along with my Indigo Flight details I was told that no such policy exists and that I need to pay for excess baggage. Even after repeated requests and my willingness to pay for excess baggage well in advance I was tormented and had to undergo a lot of stress and embarrassment of being pulled out of the queue and made to wait for a long time almost till the boarding announcements for my flight were made. After all this an Indido representative who works in Bhubaneswar Airport (named- Ankita) came to assist me. She called up the customer care executive over phone (named- Ashutosh) again to clarify.

    Ashutosh after a lot of discussion suggested that I pay excess baggage (Rs. 2000) at the moment considering that the boarding for my flight to Mumbai was to begin shortly and that he would take the responsibility to go back and check the records (telephone call recordings) and will refund back my money with in 2 days and will keep me informed about it the same day. I looking at the paucity of time and pressure of the situation decided to immediately pay Rs. 2000 trusting that my case shall be taken up immediately and settled.

    Its the third day today and no one from Indigo have either called me or send me an email with regards to what is my status. I demand an immediate repayment of my money which I should not have been made to pay in the 1st place. This is really unacceptable that Indigo does not care about its loyal clients and encourages such a carefree behaviour. Also what surprises me is the inconsistency of policy where one representative says one thing while the other is completely ignorant of such a policy or denies it.

    I demand an immediate settlement of my case with a clarification of the policy so that no other passenger suffers like I did.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  14. Balakrishnan Baskar Reply

    I left out my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P5113 16GB, Wi-Fi, 10.1in – Silver color in 6E-288 chennai to delhi flight on 14-7-13. I put my galaxy tab in front seat cover and forgotten to taken back during came out from the flight and same I was realized after reached my hotel room only, then Immediately I book the complaint to customer care officer through over phone and few more clear information as below on this.

    My seat no- 12 C and next 12 B is empty.
    My Tab Details – Samsung Galaxy model- GT-p5113 16GB –silver color.

    continuation of my above complaint,

    Today(15-7-13) I follow ups on the below issue through over phone by two times to customer care officer, one in the morning around 9.30am and 2nd one by 6.15pm. During my second phone, one of lady officer told me that they found my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and same was handover to Delhi airport and ask me to collect the same from Delhi airport Indigo air ticket counter. Based on this information I went to Delhi airport indigo air ticket counter from all the way from my Gurgaon Hotel. Then I met the airport ticket counter staff and enquiry the same thing to them, But I got bad replied from them, they are not aware the above info and they told me that still they are not found any information on this. Immediately I called again the customer care number and talked to customer care officer Mr.suresh and got replied still not found and ask me wait another few more days to get correct info on this.

    Then how one of your officer told me that, they found and ask me collect back the same from airport?.. once reach over with in hour time and another officer says, still it is not found. which information is correct and why ask me to suffered mentally lot.

    Please take this matter as most seriously and investigate all the recorded call from my number –9380648579.

    Expect your valuable reply on this by return mail immediately and try to found my galaxy tab. this was bought from hard earned money, pl support correctly.

    Still I having good faith with Indigo service support, so do the right things for me.

  15. Savitri Gunjal Reply

    I had booked a flight on 18th of March @ 11.45 from Bangalore to Delhi. Due to medical emergency i was unable to fly, hence had to cancel the booking. Kindly help us to refund the amount.

  16. Manesh Reply

    I just tried booking tickets from Dubai to Trivandrum. Currently I am in Dubai. I am not able to complete the payment process. When i enter the credit cards details and press enter its showing that the card has been declined and to contact the customer
    care. Please tell me how to proceed.

  17. gurpreet singh Reply

    I travelled in indigo from kathmandu to delhi on 17/02/2013 via flight no 6E32. It is a matter of great displeasure that your air hostess Bhavya’s behaviour was quite disgusting. She and her other two colleagues didn’t give service to the satisfaction. They passed my seat without inquiring any water or other paid snacks. I asked her to provide me fm radio that cost rs. 450. but they forgot about it. Please ask your staff to mend their behaviour. Otherwise we have to switch to other airlines.

  18. ARUP Reply

    I have performed my both to and from journey by Indigo Flight from Guwahati to Kolkata on 23.12.2012 and Kolkata to Guwahati on 30.12.2012. But the Air ticket and the invoice of the Ticket was some how misplaced after my journey. How to request to obtain the copy of Air Ticket, Invoice and travel certificate through e-mail.

  19. Dhanya R Reply

    I have booked a ticket from TRIVANDRUM TO CHENNAI ON 26TH JAN 2013. I didn’t get the email itinerary yet. I don’t know the Booking Reference number.

  20. A.RAMANATHAN Reply

    I was a passenger to Madurai-Goa. In my travel I used INDIGO from Chennai to Mumbai & Mumbai to Goa. My Chennai-Mumbai flight is 6E 432 my seat no 21F. During the transit, I found other airlines, with the boarding bus, there is a name card with destination. But for INDIGO, there are 3 buses at a time without any name card, one for GOA, one for Nagpur & one for some other destination, I cannot remember. My flight to Goa also delayed more than 30 mins. My UK customer was waiting at Goa to receive me. With this stress, I changed 2 buses, as no proper guidance was given, and I left my blackberry mobile in the coach. Once I boarded the flight, I wanted to update my client on the trip, but found the phone forgotten. I immediately informed the air hostess, that I left the phone in the bus. She told as the aircraft was about to take off, ground staff in Goa will help me. When I landed Goa, one madam CHIMONA assisted me & informed that the phone was available in Mumbai & I can collect. I returned on 17th and spent 4 hours trying to figure out where my phone was. The staff tried to reach CHIMONA but found she was not on duty. The phone is more than 10 years old, but the data was more important. It is sad this has happened during my trip. I will be cautious next time.

  21. ratna Reply

    I booked aticket from Mumbai to Bangalore at 9:15 PM but I want to reschedule it to 8:05Pm. May I know how much do I have to pay for rescheduling the flight ticket.

    Thanks in Advance

  22. karan Reply

    This is regarding the cancellation of my flight booked last month from Chandigarh to Goa
    I had booked two return flight tickets from Chandigarh to Goa in advance 3 months. But now the airline has said that both the flights have been cancelled due to operational issues and i need to either take the refund or have to shift to other flight which will be via Mumbai. For that flight i have to stay one additional night with family in Mumbai and next day flight will take me from Mumbai to Chandigarh.

    But airlines refused to compensate for stay in Mumbai plus I will now miss an important meeting because of them. The Indigo team was so reluctant to support in any way. You dont keep your commitments of confirmed flight tickets. Pathetic service. In future I won’t consider this airline for my travel neither I will recommend anyone to travel with Indigo.

  23. Aditya Ashok Mulik Reply

    Superb airline with professional staff . Much better than other low cost airlines.
    Inflight crew was helpful .

  24. Ramveer Singh Reply

    I took your flight 6E 238 from Jaipur to Chennai on 17th September. I ordered snacks but due to non availability of change money flight attendant refused to serve. Much inconvenience caused to me/traveller. Requested to take necessary remedial measures in future.

  25. Raju Reply

    Indigo is the best air line at present, good cleanliness, fast response of crew, good announcement etc. You have to however improve the messaging facility .As a feedback you need to review the cost of food items . Reasonable cost can minimise bringing food items from home. Sevice at hyd airport is very poor by your representatives. Thanks.

  26. samuel sp Reply

    Recently took your flight from Chennai to Mumbai. My mom and myself were really impressed by the cleanliness, food and customer service of the airline. Your airline is far better than many I have travelled. Keep up the good work!

  27. Ekram Khan Reply

    I had a ticket form Mumbai to Muscat on dated 14/04/2012, due to some reasons we could not travel from Mumbai. I request you to kindly consider to return my ticket back or allow us to travel on any other date. I hope you will be kind enough and consider my request. Regards

  28. RENGARAJAN. R Reply

    Yesterday I traveled with my friends along with all the family about 24 persons including kids from Srinagar to Delhi (6E 551)and Delhi to Chennai (6E 283). I had a very bad experience about the seating allotment. They allotted seat here and there due to which no family member can sit together in both the flights. Even though I request the person who was making boarding pass he never bothered about it also he has repeated mistakes in issue of boarding pass. I don’t know why the person did so. INDIGO should take care of that.

  29. shravni mishra Reply

    I travelled via indigo flight 6E294 on 29 Apr 2012 from Mumbai to Kolkata via Bhubaneshwar. I had a flight same morning but somehow missed the flight due to a minor accident and thus got it rescheduled for 6E 294. I have my pnr for the morning flight “FEVMLF”. I have lost my boarding pass and need the same for reimbursement. Could you please send me the certificate of my flying to my email-id ASAP.

  30. Pradyumna Samal Reply

    Hi i want to know the fare from Dubai to Mumabi on 29th June’12.
    I need to book my ticket as in the site it’s not showing.

  31. Prashant S Reply

    Hi i’v a booking from Dubai to New Delhi on 10th May’12.
    I need to prepone this reservation to 8th May’12.

    What are the charges to get the booking at an earlier time( acc to my case)???

  32. Sureshwara Reply

    Dear sir,

    I was booking ticket from Indore to Bhubaneswar via Mumbai for three persons today on 25-04-2012. The ticket could not be delivered but transaction was completed for Rs 27867 from my account. The order no was 20120415145448322658ee81e0. Please confirm how to get tickets or refund of money.
    Your early response on my e-mail account will be appreciated.

  33. JAY Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I got group booking of 03 persons from Pune to Kolkatta & Kolkatta to Guwahati in flight no. 6E523 & 6E321 on 22.04.2012 vide PNR no ZESBBB.
    During Our checking time at Pune Air port, Your representative gave us two boarding passes which was Pune to Kolkata & Kolkata to Guwahati.In both boarding passes it was written Special Services with VGML.I have asked regarding Special Services from your air hostess at Pune . She told me that my ticket was booked with the Veg meals which were served to me in the Air craft by air crew members.

    But during our flight from Kolkata to Guwahati( Flight no-6E321), I was asked to show my boarding pass to your air hostess (Miss Avita) regarding meal. She told me that she cannot serve meal to us. When I asked a reason of it. . Her behaviour was not at all good. Miss Avita face impression was so rough & looked so rude.

    I am a regular flyer but the way i have been treated was ridiculous.

  34. Dr Reema Reply

    Dear Indigo customer care department,

    Dear Sir,

    I am Dr Reema Bahri travelled by your airline Flight No 6E191 from Delhi to Mumbai on 12th April’2012 departure at 5:10pm

    I faced a probem at the check in counter with excess baggage which contained some liquid fruit juices, so i requested the indigo staff boy who issued me the boarding pass to keep in safe custody with indigo till i can arrange for a pickup.

    He gave me the contact no of duty person which i called several times-9560527773.

    Last night some ? Prashant? picked up, i am not sure of name but he said he will check and revert my call today morning by 9am. I didnot receive any call so i called and spoke to Miss Purnima who said she will revert back within 15 -20 minutes but again i didnot get any call for confirmation. I called couple of times after that but nobody is picking the phone now.

    I have taken this email id from net and am writing to you with hope to receive a prompt response and assurrance that my baggage will be kept in safe custody till i arrange for a pickup.
    i expect an urgent response before u say its lost….

  35. Hemant Sharma Reply

    I travelled via indigo flight 6E 454 on 25 feb 2012 from Raipur to Delhi . My pnr no is OCMYCE. I lost my boarding pass and i require the same for claiming allowance. I request you to send me a certificate of me flying via the above flight to my email id ASAP.

  36. smita Reply

    This is regarding my Ticket Itinerary which i booked on 16-2-12 from lko-Del on 9th April 2012 by using my SBI card. I still havent received the itinerary of my booking and the amount is already debited from my account.

  37. Lisa Reply

    I booked a flight last night. Have not yet received email confirmation and e-ticket. How long does it usually take to arrive?


  38. Saranya.S Reply

    Are pets allowed in domestic flights.If so what are all the requirements

    • customer help Reply

      IndiGo does not permit the carriage of pets or animals on its aircraft (source: Indigo website).

  39. Raju Chavan Reply


    I have booked a e-ticket from Mumbai to Jaipur on Flight 6E-217. While doing the booking i did not add details of my infants. I have booked the ticket through Make My Trip. Now they are refusing to add the details in the ticket. What can i do?

  40. surajit Reply

    I travelled via indigo flight 6E 554 on 29 nov 2011 from jammu to delhi. My pnr no is 6E-JKTYDW. I lost my boarding pass and i require the same for claiming allowance. I request you to send me a certificate of me flying via the above flight to my email id.

  41. chowdhury Reply

    hello, request if you could kindly send me the indigo airfare itinerary for 6E to DEL-BKK-DEL from 4th Nov to 8th Nov’11.

  42. Nitin Singh Reply


    I had travelled on Indigo flight 6E 132 on 10Dec11 from Bangalore to Delhi.
    During the flight, I have dropped a Tata Photon datacard in the airplane and realized its loss only after reaching home.
    How would I be able to check with the Delhi airport counter if the card was found by the staff.

  43. Sanjeev Mittal Reply

    I tried several times to book a one way ticket from Delhi to Dubai through my RAK Bank Credit card (Master card). It is always showing error.

  44. anupam Reply

    I booked a one way ticket on Flt on Indigo Flt 203 (dep 3.30pm) from Delhi to Kolkata for my wife on 12 Dec at around 9.00 pm through my SBI card No xx for Rs 4705.00 but at the end was shown an error report although Rs 4705 was transacted at INTERGLOBE AVIATION LI from my SBI card.

  45. J Lolee Reply

    I booked a ticket on 09 Nov 11 from Gauwahati to New Delhi of 30 Dec 11. My booking reference no. is OJTKBZ dt 09 Nov 11 and Flight number as shown after my online booking is 6E128. But till date, I haven’t received any copy of my ticket in my e-mail account. Is it possible that I can reach the airport on the date of my journey and ask for a copy of my ticket from Indigo counter at the airport? If not, can I get a copy of my ticket e-mailed to my e-mail id? Pl help…. Thanks…

  46. Rajiv Reply

    As requested earlier also through mail to customer care, I am yet to receive the duplicate copy of boarding pass for PNR xx (6E-184, New Delhi to Lucknow on 12th June 2011,) please mail the same as I am not able to submit my bills to my client due to this.

  47. Bijay Sahoo Reply

    I have book Indigo flight from DEL to BBSR for 11/11/2011 at 4.25pm.Could you please inform me from where(IGI,Pallam) airport the flight will leave.

  48. Sudipta Maitra Reply

    I definitely agree with Capt Sonpar. I have travelled on Indigo Delhi/Kolkata sector atleast 16 times in 2010 and have nothing to show for it. We dont even get a sandwich for our loyalty.

    Indigo is not the cheapest airline now but I still prefer travelling on it for reasons mentioned above. Surely you can reward your frquent flyers by way of redeemable points.

  49. shyamal Reply

    we booked three indigo flight tickets of kolkata-mumbai one-way flight –6E-318 dated 1st Oct 05:55. But because of an accident we could’nt reach the airport in time and thus missed the flight.
    Waiting for the refund of the faresince we had to avail a flight of the same airline 6E 404 on the next evening.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      please reach the customer support to see if you are eligible to get a refund

  50. Arun Sonpar Reply

    Indigo is the best airlines as on date operating in India.The OTP , cleanliness, customer facilitation, inflight crew, announcements and just name it is par excellance. I have had the honour of also working in Jet airways for five years. But Jet is no match. I travel at least six days a month if not more and I makre it a point to travel only by Indigo.
    I have been bringing out only one issue in your feedback form and that is you need to develop a frequent flier program now that you are growing at a rapid rate. This would go a long way in your retaining your committed customers.
    Hope to see some action or at least a response to satisfy myself to believe that I am being heard.

    Gp Capt (Retd) Arun Sonpar VM (G)

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