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Contact Booking: Find below customer service details of hotel portal, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for new hotel booking, cancellation, refund, discounts, or for queries on Booking services. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on services of Booking. Head Office
Weteringschans 28
1017 SG   Amsterdam
Phone: +31 (0)20 712 5600
Fax: +31 (0)20 7125609 Customer Service
UK: 0845 0805012
USA: 1 888 850 3958
International: +44 20 3320 2609

Booking Worldwide
Find below phone numbers of Booking in US and around the world. You can reach these numbers for reserving your hotel room, enquiring rates or others.

Argentina: 0800 4441795
Austria: 0810 555 701
Australia: 1 800 058744
Netherlands: 078 1660 92/35
Brazil: 0800 891 1712
Canada: 1 866 492 3245
Switzerland: 0848 101 717
China: 400 120 1340
Czech Rep: 800 143441
Colombia: 01800 9 157346
Germany: 0180 1000496
Denmark: 8088 3044
Spain: 901 988502
France: 0820 600 093
Hong Kong: 800 962401
Indonesia: 007 803 011 0118
Ireland: 1850 930484
Israel: 1-80-9213036
Italy: 840 999 878
Japan: 0120 800 937
Mexico: 001 877 396 6197
Malaysia: 1 800 814611
New Zealand: 0800 451596
Philippines: 1 800 1 114 2126
Portugal: 8008 14307
Russia: 810 8002 5354011
Sweden: 0200 884 717
Singapore: 800 1205159
Thailand: 001 800 12 066 6549
UAE: 800-011-0107
South Africa: 080 0981007

Email Support
You can email Booking support at [email protected]

Manage Reservation
To manage your booking, whether to view/change or cancel your reservation, click here

About Booking was established in the year 1996. It is a leading online hotel reservations company which features over 165000 hotels in 110 countries. is now owned and managed by Priceline. The website  in fact has over 30 million unique hits each month and more than 250000 hotel reservations each day. Through the hotel portal, people can reserve rooms for low rates in 30,000+ destinations. It also has over 10,000,000 hotel reviews from guests who have used in the past. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the company employs over 2200 people and has offices in several parts of Asia and Europe, including Bangkok, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Rome, Singapore, Tokyo and Munich.

Some of the popular destinations where hotels can be reserved are: Italy, France, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Turkey, Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Canada, Argentina, India, Singapore, Maldives, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mauritius, Bahrain, Bahamas and more. Guests can make booking through MasterCard, Visa or American Express. One can also filter rooms by price, star rating, hotel type (eg apartment, motel, residence, resort, bed & breakfast), or facilities (eg wifi, parking, airport shuttle, fitness centre, swimming pool, spa, internet services). You can also get to see the number of rooms available, the cancellation policies, reviews, pictures and more.

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  1. After several failed attempts, phone calls which are impossible to make when you don’t have a booking reference, and emails that got bounced around with the emphasis put on me to work out which person needed to act on your behalf, the problem of a mislead and illegal listing has been resolved. It is not good enough though and I would really like to know the truth behind this debacle. A property remained listed months after it had been sold and rented out on a year long contract to students, but people turned up at the door saying they had booked a room for night. Your website until yesterday still showed 2 rooms available with 25 people looking. This was a complete lie and fabrication and therefore illegal. There were and are no rooms available. Why oh why don’t you fact check before advertising something that does not exist – it is your responsibility not mine to make sure you do not get taken to court. It is your responsibility to the customers who turned up and found there was ‘no room at the inn’ and I think you owe compensation to the students whom had to keep explaining this and turning away your customers. I believe the previous owner did not give you the full facts, in which case I would like to know the full story. I would also suggest compensation is now due to the students and current tenants as well as those people who found they had nowhere to stay. I will not list the property details here, you can contact me and I will give you further information. I am being told this was a rare technical glitch and am slightly appalled that a company of your size and stature doesn’t have staff with the technical ability to remove a listing. Not doing so means you have broken the law.

  2. Sheryl Dixon Reply

    Good day
    My name is Sheryl I booked on line with your company on as i have several times before but for some reason the date of the booking was wrong when I pulled up at the hotel i was notified that it was not for that date and I was to call booking .com to change the date seeing that it ws a third party and they coulnt do anything I had to google your company’s number which I get 855-939-8333,the representative told me that if I canceled I would lose the $182 for the hotel but he can help me by me going to target get an ebay or goole pay card he would transfer that payment then the money can be refunded he waited with me on the line for 15 minutes until I got the card gave him the number and he told me that was for the refund and if I needed a card I need to my a new reservation with him and I have to get another card for the room which he gave me the correct quote of 249 with breakfast so I got the card for $250 gave hiim the code I was waiting for the resrvation confirmation and he never came back I thought the call was lost so i called back got another male representative who said he was the supervisor and I told him what had happenen and then now he said to refund me back the $ 683 I should go back to target get another card for $683 and he would refund $1300 in 2 minutes thats when I got suspecious and had him on the line for over an hour telling him I dont have that much money he then said to go get one for a $100 and keep my finger cross he would try to refund the $1300 after he gets the code and when I did response after an hour he had called us back .Don’t know what can be done seeing that I could hear them in the background talking to other people . Please see if you can put out an alarm to other buyers that this SCAM is being run under your name.
    Sincerely Sheryl Dixon

  3. vaughndural Reply

    It is with total regret and frustration that I write this review. I decided to book my reservation on a booking site primarily because they popup on the screen during my Google search for hotels instead of using my regular website so I use their services. While they try to remain professional about the situation they can do very little in assisting to get your monies refunded, even if you have a good explanation for wanting to cancel your reservation .in my opinion it would be best for booking sites to have the serenity near finch station removed from their website listing as it could only ruin their reputation this place is by far DIRTY AND MISLEADING in their advertisement until you get there and discover it’s not what you thought you paid for, the owner lies on his tenants and does everything in his power to keep all of your monies even if you choose not to stay for the time that you pay for, it is so sad that booking sites are not looking out for the customers like in the past, it just easier to put on the website the word NON REFUNDABLE which in my opinion takes full advantage of the customer. My opinion with the websites now a day’s is to book only one night at first and if the place is clean and livable then you can book the other nights that you want after this is confirm to be so, my 5 CENT like we say in the BAHAMAS GOD will deal with the owner of Serenity near finch station because if you have a conscience and you know that the room you rented me was totally a rip off, you would not like it if someone had done that to you or your family. To the booking site I am sorry to say that I book rooms often for work and travel but I will no longer be using your website until you remove horrible places like this that is misleading from your website. It’s totally amazing to me how the owner can only hear you and understand what you are saying on the phone when the booking is in its pre arrival stage and as soon as you pay your money he can no longer hear you or understand what you are saying. GOD BE WITH YOU ALL while $643.00 may not be much to you it means the world to someone else.

  4. Mariette Smuts Reply

    Poor customer service, Fraud, I booked through the portal and the payment for the establishment as done in advance, three months later when we checked in we had to pay again as they have not received any funds from Still waiting for feedback from after 6 days no contact.

  5. I got a problem on the 2nd day I stayed in this apartment.
    The owner of this apartment took the key of the room without any confirmation to me. So, I couldn’t enter the room on Nov 5th. My luggages are still in the room until now. So, on Nov 5th, I checked in at other hotel near Shinjuku because i didn’t have any access/contact to the owner. Owner’s phone number is not active.
    It was uncomfortable condition because I had to back to my country, Indonesia, on Nov 7th without my luggages/stuffs. I only brougth my backpack back to Indonesia. Please, I hope can contact the owner and return my luggages that are still there. I need your answer about this condition as soon as possible.
    my confirmation number : 1923502257
    pin code : 4166

  6. I too will never use again. I booked a room at a motel in Lincoln City, Oregon last month. When it was time to pay, we were charged a $152.00. Our son and daughter-inlaw also stayed the night, in another queen room, like ours. They were charged $99, along with four other couples paying at the front desk. The motel said they couldnt do anything due to reservations being made through The motel was also advertised as having ocean views. All we saw out the window were 80 foot trees and no ocean views. Expedia has always given us excellent service with no problems.

  7. Meena Koka Reply

    My husband and I have traveled to many holiday destinations across the world over the past fifteen years. But we certainly didn’t wager for the colossal scam that was awaiting us on our holiday in Havelock Island, the Andamans, from the 8th to the 11th of December.

    The accommodation was booked as usual on

    Our stay at the Holiday Inn hotel in Havelock, Andamans was a complete disaster from the very moment we arrived at our destination. The photos attached are self explanatory, and the property and its facilities are a complete fraud. Never have I been at the receiving end of a rip off of such phenomenal magnitude.

    Putting things in perspective in brief:

    Shocker No.1: The hotel is run by a local owner, has nothing to do with the international hotel chain Holiday Inn

    Shocker No.2: The property is under construction with hammering sounds, dust and slush on walking paths leading to rooms – please see the pics attached

    Shocker No.3: The reception area & restaurant are nothing but a ramshackle, makeshift arrangement, absolutely the worst spectacle ever seen

    Shocker No.4: Other guests staying there in Room No.110 (just above our room) had paid Rs.4800 per night, while we were charged an exorbitant Rs.8800 per night – in fact it doesn’t even merit Rs.3000 per day/night

    Biggest Shocker No.5: The very day we checked in – on 6th Dec, a snooping cameraman was caught in the act of shooting the naked images (on mms) of one of the inmates through a hole in the bathroom wall while he was bathing. The inmate/guest rushed out and tried to catch the culprit, who escaped. Upon investigation, it was found that all the bathrooms in that row of cottages had a hole cut in the exact same spot to facilitate taking of photos. The police was called in and investigations were underway – we are not sure of the outcome

    I hold Agarwal Tours & Travels entirely responsible for this very serious act of cheating and fraud, and they also compelled me (via to make payment in full one month before check-in date, thereby leaving us with no option but to remain there for all the three days & nights. I sincerely hope there is some form of redressal for this horrible rip off that turned our vacation into a nightmare

  8. Yvette Sandy Reply

    Do not use this system. I booked DOWNTOWN L.A. 36 Story Breath Taking View Penthouse for a few days back in June and canceled two weeks later (over 6 weeks before scheduled arrival in August.) My $1,000+ was taken out IMMEDIATELY! but I’ve been fighting for a refund going on three months. is a sham, they do not care about people who use their site. They are not here to protect your interests. I’ve called and written customer service, but all I get are hang ups. DO NOT USE THEM! They are not responding to my request for name/address so I can go to a court of law to get my money back. Definitely do not book your Los Angeles stay at the Downtown LA space. Do not use booking dot com. Try homeaway instead, more reliable.

  9. Chantal Varnet Reply

    Last July, we booked two rooms for three nights at the B&B San Pietro A Corte in Salerno, Italy via . We arrived at the agreed date and hour in front of the hotel. We rang at the entrance door for more than one hour, getting no answer. We desperately tried to contact the owner and but unfortunately didn’t dial the right country code number. We thought we had been the victims of a fake booking and left. As we couldn’t find any vacant hotel, we had to sleep that night in our car. The next day, we received a no -show e.mail from booking. Since then, I have sent many messages to the owner and Booking to explain our misadventure to them. I’ve joined a screen capture of our mobile phone to prove that we had tried to contact them several times. The owner pretends they were present and that they also tried to contact us. However, we have no trace of their call in our call history. Booking phoned us pretending we couldn’t be in Italy as we had dialed the aera code 33 before their phone number. I sent them my bank statement and a motorway ticket to prove we were in Italy , but they haven’t deigned answering us. The owner is obviously lying as they couldn’t prove they had tried to contact us but obviously, don’t feel concerned . I didn’t even expect a total refund (which would have been of 350 euros) but at least a small part of it. I will never book a hotel via this hotel portal any more and I advise future travellers never to book a room at this Bed& Breakfast.

  10. Booking .com is one of the worst company, in terms of customers service, taking money from people and showing false offers and once you book it, it says no refund or cancels. This website should be banned on the internet, to save public interest and should be sued to court. Further, there is no fucking customer service number on the website–it’s like we got you money now fuck you we don’t care.

  11. Reservation 1473705541
    I made a reservation for 2 adults and 4 children through the BOOKING.COM’s booking system on 20/04/2017. Total to pay: 1050,00 Euro for 7 nights.
    The same booking mistakenly reported 2 adults and 2 children and I contacted the rent taker to confirm that the children were 4 and not 2. Following a written reply through Mr BOOKING.COM by the rent taker “Ok, there are no problems,” I called to the aforementioned to confirm the willingness to welcome the 4 children. He confirmed the availability without any hint of any extra charge.
    On 15/07/2017, the nightmare starts: the house, which from the description appears to be a self contained property, is actually located within a small area which includes a small building and two cottages inside the garden. The pool is in the garden but it does not appear to be fenced and no specific regulation was ever given to us (as described in the notice the swimming pool is for exclusive use).
    The house was very dirty, unprepared beds, damp towels in the chest of drawers, cleaning supplies (scope, buckets and rags) scattered between home and garden. A large amount of dust and cobwebs at the windows. Vases in the garden stuffed with cigarette butts.
    The wi-fi was not working, the washer did not work (flooding the floor at first commissioning), the kids’ bunk beds had no protection and the house was infested with mosquitoes. (42 bites the following day on my 7 year-old child)
    Despite comments made by the person in charge, no action has been taken to at least comply with the description of the ad on BOOKING.COM.
    The first evening, without notice, the rent taker appeared personally at the veranda of the house and sat in the table in front of the entrance with the following additional and absolutely unexpected costs:
    • 15 euro / day per child for a total of 210 euros per week
    • 80 euro transfer from Palermo which is mentioned on the ad to be free.
    Upon request for explanations for the additional child charge the rent taker repeated that the reservation was made for 2 children and not 4, not reminding of the clarification call and the message sent via the BOOKING.COM site some time before.
    The following morning, the rent taker appears again within the property without notice and is once again reported by the guests:
    • wifi not active
    • poor cleaning of the property
    • Infested mosquito home (we asked for fans to hunt mosquitoes, without success)
    • No operation of the washing machine (which does not centrifuge, flooding the bathroom when in operation, this request is not taken into account by the person)
    The house taker, after long negotiations agrees to bill one child only instead of two (105 instead of 210 euros per week), for the rest of the requests there is no will to improve the situation.
    The third day, a gentleman entered the property while guests are in the pool and presents himself, only after explicit request, as the owner of the home. He complained of the noise caused by the children in the water and informing us that from 14.30 to 17.30 the children must observe the silence because he and the other guests who should occupy cottages in the garden the following day cannot rest and might complain. The pool is announced to be an “Exclusive swimming pool”. We were replied that what is written does not count, only his word should be taken into account. The so called landlord also forbid us to receive any friends in his property (although he rent taker saw that our friends were accompanied with children…). He said the area was monitored by cameras in case we tried to cheat. He concluded saying that if we were not happy we could move out and he would generously reimburse all the non-used nights.
    Bearing in mind that the accommodation does not reflect the features described on the BOOKING.COM site and we are no longer safe since at least three times the rent taker and the so called landlord have entered the property without notice and without any minimum respect for privacy (we should remember that we were two women with 4 girls); Considering also that the rent taker gave his word that he would refund the nights not taken advantage of, we decided to leave the house as soon as possible to find with the girls accommodation for the night.
    The situation has created great stress and tension for both us and the girls.
    We left belongings and food and when we wanted to get back to collect them the so called landlord replied these were of poor value and we should stop bothering them for that.
    Following the bad experience and before issuing an absolutely negative review, we would like BOOKING.COM to take an active part in resolving the conflict, claiming first that the description of the property does not absolutely reflect the reality of the conflict.

  12. kieran o neill Reply

    After many years of booking with you cannot believe what I have encountered. Booked one in a hotel in London for tomorrow which I my birthday on the no prepayment free cancelation policy but must be cancelled by Friday . No problem with that as I honor and was still planning to travel. Now on Friday looking up a cheep place for Warsaw in September,already had as booking like the above , no money taken and cancelled for free , booked another place same policy ,,you state which I screened shot the slightly more expensive no prepayment and free cancellation before September 1st , (don’t worry you wont be charged anything yet so booked it. Was 109 euros. Went to check my account to see if London hotel had pre took the amount for my London visit which they had every right to do under the terms of the agreement but to my shock I have this 115.64 euros debited from account that was a mystery to me as hotel in London 68euros ,called my bank who told me tho was Warsaw hotel who pre took the money that I needed to London, have no fund to pay for hotel in London, cannot travel as was due to sail and coach to London , now will lose travel ticket, tried to call you 3times called my bank emailed you and hotel in Warsaw nothing as much. Birthday ruined and plan to take legal action against you as even though you are a 3rd party you are responsible for my bookings. Thanks for ruining my birthday.

  13. Kathy Shubert Reply

    I booked my hotel stay at Country Inn and Suites by Carlson in Alexandria Mn on Booking.Com. One tells me I pay at the hotel, hotel staff tells me they cant give me a receipt as I paid through I confirmed my rate at $54 a note, I was charged $90 a night and cant pay the bill that they are charging me $90 a night.

    I spoke to manager at the hotel, she stated I had paid and could not give a receipt. Booking says you pay the hotel. I wont be using these services again!

  14. I am desperately trying to change the dates of my hotel stay in Seattle and cannot find a way to contact anyone on your described to do so. Please advise by giving me a text address or WORKING phone number in the U.S. to resolve this issue.

  15. The properties in do not show the most recent evaluation comments from customers. I have given feedback on the Grant Plaza in a China Town San Fran for example and my comments along with others which are negative are not shown when searching for a new stay. Pictures of the rooms are nothing like that for this property. Is working for the property owner or the customer, in both cases it should be reflecting the actuate and up to date information.

  16. Booked the Hotel Mildom in Kazakhstan in JULY through this sad and pathetic company called and was advised that NO Payment would be taken before we arrived in SEPTEMBER.

    TWO Days Later the Hotel had taken the FULL Payment from my Credit Card, this was followed 3 days later by second attempt to take another FULL Payment by Hotel Mildom from my CC which was thankfully ‘referred’ by my CC and eventually dropped.

    In view of this my Reservation was cancelled by who advised me that I should get a FULL refund while if nothing was forthcoming in 7 days then they would get involved and make the refund.

    7 days came and went while two emails remained unanswered or even acknowledged.

    I then contacted and found myself talking to their office in the USA who promised to ‘investigate’ and get back to me. That ‘get back to me’ never happened, so I used the Hotel Complaint Number for Trip Advisor as are a supplier to them and a few ‘complaints’ might just make them sit up and take a bit of notice before their business through Social Media gets hammered for BAD SERVICE.

    A result has been promised in a Conference Call between Trip Advisor, and myself for tomorrow.
    I won’t be holding my breath but will post the result on here……

    Meanwhile the Telephone Number for Hotel Complaints on Trip Advisor is: 0800 098 8460.

  17. Carlos Armando Reply

    This companies sucks. We made reservation for a hotel in Rome which was presented to us as 5-star hotel. When my family checked in, they were told that not only it was not a 5-star but more like 2-star. The price of $190 charged by booking was way over what the hotel room was going for, per the hotel manager. I have told everyone to stay away from this company which not only does business by defrauding people but does not even have a live customer service number. Everyone should be on the alert.

  18. It is very hard to contact your customer service. Nobody answered! I was on the phone for almost an hour so that i can talk to a representative about the booking that was mistaken and i didn’t notice that there is charge for cancellation. I am requesting and even begging to waive the charges because the travel is still very far from now. I hope will consider my request because i do not have enough money to pay.

  19. Margaret Wray Reply

    I have been trying since 3rd July to get my property registered on WITH NO SUCCESS! I am waiting for an email to enable me to put my B & B property online and to GO LIVE with my advert. I did speak to an advisor on Tuesday night the 5th July, but inspite of repeated phone calls…no one has come back to me either by email or phone. A very poor and bad response from

  20. Pankaj Golecha Reply

    Even after several reminders the amount not refunded for a booking that was cancelled well in advance with a free cancellation. The hotel charged the credit card with an assurance that the amount would be refunded. No response from…….please beware of the portal and its hotels…..

  21. Raymond Smith Reply

    I booked a hotel with a non cancellation policy, but due to a serious operation needing to be done,could not fulfil the booking. Despite trying to negotiate with Wingate by Wyndham management,(who did not at any time acknowledge my wifes health situation), but were more intent on maintaining their policy, I am now out of pocket. did not represent me well enough as the prime contact I had with the hotel. I will not use them again. In future I will deal direct with hotels.

  22. We made booking (confirmed) but after 10 hours arrived at hotel, we found out that they never received any confirmation. All surrounding hotels were fully booked. So we stayed in car. When hotel reception contacted after 1 hour of wait on phone, support was offering to send fax confirmation but there wasn’t any room available.
    We can’t talk to anybody, we can’t get any compensation, etc.
    I would highly discourage family, friends, and online surveys to stay away from……..

  23. Manfred Akstinat Reply

    I’ve booked THE HERON COURT BOUTIQUE HOTEL/DARESSALAAM in March 2016. This hotel is neither 4* nor 2* at all and most of the details mentioned at are not correct!This hotel is far over-prized,has no English-speaking reception, no beach access, dirty bath rooms, no restaurant, no buffet, details of location are incorrect, many booking problems etc.

  24. I have been emailing your office for a few days now with NO response!! This is extremely poor service and not what one would have expected from
    Very quick to take your money but not so quick to reply when you have a query!!

  25. Chee Chuan Chai Reply

    I have booked 4 rooms at Cititel, Penang for 2N stay from 3 April and again on 6 April. As per booking vouchers payment will normally be taken by the hotel during our stay. However I just received message that payment of RM918.80 has been made through my credit card. Please advise

  26. Eleni Michael Reply

    I made a reservation on 1 of march 2016.THe same day i cancelled the reservation.I am still waiting to return my money 264 euro.So dissappointed .Don’t ever again trust booking.I have called them many times i have also sent emails.The only thing they say is just wait.

  27. eileen cairns Reply

    I have emailed you several times, no response. I tried to cancel my booking which was advertised with free cancellation but no response. My account has now been debited by £260 for a break I could no longer commit to. Rest assured I will pursue this. Please have the common decency of a response and please help me get my money back.

    • Jean -Yves Reply

      My friend and I had a reservation at Guest-House Zaninovia in Split. Upon arrival in the evening, apartment was still used by the previous guest. The room was nothing what the owner advertised on The owner offered us a different room asking us to pay for the room in cash. The owner told us he wanted to avoid paying commission to Booking. We cancelled the reservation at 20:47 (one hour after arriving). Regardless the prompt cancellation, the owner charged our credit card full amount of831.17 EUR. We contacted several times without any response. We are very disappointed in Booking since we are long-term loyal customers. We still have hope will investigate our case to our satisfaction.

  28. Abhijit dey Reply

    I would like to visit Chennai between Aug 23 and Aug 27 2015. I have short listed two hotels which are Savera and Residency Hotels for a double bedded room.
    My only concern is whether my girl friend who is a local lady can stay with me in the hotel for those days? Or any of your suggestion? My prime reason for my visit is to spend some time together.

  29. I placed a complaint with the Customer Service per my booking 391458378 exactly a month ago. As for now I have received no legible respond despite my multiple requests. If I am not answered in the next few hours I will be forced to place an official complaint with the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets

  30. peggy Olsen Reply

    Tried to make a reservation at Hotel Corpus Christi Bayfront. Did not get a reservation number so not sure it went through. Cannot seem to sign into my account.

  31. DONNA RAMOS Reply

    I accidently booked a room twenty mins. ago and realized my mistake. I called to cancel and was told by Ian that I will receive a email verifying this as of now I have no email. Is this good customer service? Where I from this is not how we operate!! Please cancel my reservation #880519998. Also I was not told of a cancellation policy being that I just reserved twenty min. ago. I DON’T expect to pay a fee. I originally was not booking through your site but you took over my reservation.. I sas on the Sands Regency web site and was quoted a $41 nightly rate and then you bullied your way in and decided to charge me $95 for the night. What is wrong with this picture??? I personally do not understand why you are allowed to do this has anyone ever sued you? I am sorry but I just had to vent. I don’t expect any charged billed to my cc. Or there will be big trouble. Take care of ME! Sincerely, Donna Ramos

  32. i shall definitely not use again. i feel defrauded! booked rooms and was assured by you i could cancel for free within 24 hours. for free. one hour later i had to cancel that particular booking but failed. You have deducted the money from my card. You have deducted almost $400 dollars as cancellation fees!! You cannot be trusted. I feel really bad about this, and totally disgusted by your untruthfulness.

  33. Joyce Karlsson Reply

    I want to register my hotel with and would like to know more about the procedures. Please send me an e-mail

  34. I had a booking (19138277r) that was not cancelled per my phone conversation with customer service on August 9, 2012. This booking was cancelled due to a death in the family, thus shortening our stay. I have communicated with The Mooring’s hotel.
    Please properly handle this cancellation as requested nearly one month ago.

  35. mukesh gupta Reply

    I did a booking via than check the hotel’s website. Wont believe, I found it cheaper on the hotel’s website.

  36. giuseppe leone Reply

    what a unprofessional company, customer service does not reply. will never use this company again..

  37. I just had that number call me to WTF i’m in the UK and my holiday is booked for Gran Canaria through Obviously didn’t answer but did google search and found this with same number +31207153335

  38. I was trying to make a booking on Everything was perfect, but the payment stage I am asked to again make the booking from start. I was trying to use my credit card. Why is this happening? I would have booked from other travel portals, but this particular hotel am trying to book is only available on your site. Please ask your technical department to fix the flaw. It would deprive people like us of good hotels. Thank You

  39. Petr Blahusek Reply

    The fact that Czech phone customer service is not working was really disappointing for me. Especially when I needed a fast help with my booking which has been canceled after all.

  40. I am very dissappointed with the way in which my issue has been handled regarding a dispute with Design a-partments Cologne and I would like to speak to someone in head office – an email address would be welcomed.

  41. Hi We have a new hotel International Chain opening soon in Erbil, I would like to know about your procedure to get our 4 star Hotel registred with
    Please send me the tel nbr and email address for the person concerned.

    Thank you

    • Joyce Karlsson Reply

      I would also like this information as i’m opening a hotel in the caribbean.

  42. doan nguyen Reply

    I’m a manager of 2 star La Suisse hotel in Nha Trang – Viet Nam.
    I would like to registrate my hotel to
    Could you please let me know what will i do something now ?.
    I looking forward to hearing from you.

    • customerhelp Reply

      please reach the customer support and they shall guide you on the procedures

  43. I am a owner of a 4 star Hotel In Tirana-Albania(Europe).My hotel is named Mondial. I like to registrate my hotel to Booking .com but till now haven`t started anything. I did put application online, but got no reply.

      • I’ve just receieved a calling from +31207153335. Wondering who called me from this number, I typed it on Google and according found comments on some forum it’s in the Netherlands…
        Why the Hell they called me?
        Thank you

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