Contact BMW: Customer service, phone for BMW cars

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Contact BMW: Find below customer service details of BMW Group, including phone and address. You can reach the below contacts for queries on BMW cars, prices, service center locations, latest releases or other questions. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on BMW services.

BMW Head Office
BMW Group
Petuelring 130 Munich,
D-80788 Germany

BMW Customer Service (USA)
Phone: 1-800-831-1117
Phone: +1-800-332-4269 (roadside assistance)
Email: [email protected]

International Contacts
Below are numbers of BMW offices worldwide. You can reach these numbers for  queries on BMW products, service center locations or other questions.

Argentina: +54-11-55 55-61 00
Australia: 133 BMW (133 269)
Austria: 0800-21 55 55
Bangladesh: +880-2-988 5171
Belgium: 0800-1 66 33
Brazil: 0800-707 3578
Canada: +1-800-567-2691
China: 400 800 6666
Czech Rep: 844 269 835
Denmark: +45-70 156 156
Finland: +358-9-613 741
France: 0-810-BMW-810
Germany: 0180-232 42 52
Greece: +30-210-9118000
Hong Kong: +852-31 29 90 00
India: +91-124-4566-600
Indonesia: +62-21-2992300
Italy: 800-778-783
Japan: +81-(0)3-6259-8000
Malaysia: 1 800 88 3000
Mexico: +52 (55) 91 40 87 00
Netherlands: 0800-099 22 34
New Zealand: +64-9-573-69 99
Philippines: +63-2-403-6461
Portugal: 808 200 807
Romania: +40-213 0415 11
Russia: +7495-795 29 00
Singapore: +65-63 19 01 00
S. Africa: 0800 600 555
Spain: +34-902 357 902
Sweden: 020-21 00 00
Switzerland: 0844 250 250
Thailand: +66 2305 8888
UAE: +971-2-558 80 00
UK: 0800-325 600


Locate BMW Dealers
Click here to locate BMW dealers in your country. Dealer locations can be found in all major countries across the world. Reach a local dealer to enquire on new BMW models, prices, service center locations or other questions.

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To download owner manual for your BMW car click here.

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About Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW)
BMWBayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) was founded in the year 1917. The company, founded as Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG (BFW), initially built engines for military aircraft until before the end of the first world war. BMW is today the leading manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles worldwide that focus entirely on the premium car segment. The BMW Group presently distributes BMW, MINI, Husqvarna Motorcycles and Rolls-Royce motor vehicles worldwide.

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, the BMW Group employs some 95,453 people around the world (as of 2010 ). The German automobile manufacturer has research and development centers in Germany, USA, Austria, Japan and China. It has some 17 production facilities in six countries. The BMW Group has global sales network in more than 140 countries. Further, it has assembly facilites in Indonesia (Jakarta), Russia (Kaliningrad), Egypt (Cairo), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Thailand (Rayong) and India (Chennai).

In 2010, the BMW Group sold 1.46 million cars and more than 110,000 motorcycles worldwide. The BMW Group has been ranked industry leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for the last seven years.

The BMW series/models as of 2011 include BMW 1 Series (3 door) BMW 1 series (5 door), BMW 1 Series Coupe, BMW 1 Series Convertible, BMW ActiveE, BMW 3 Series Sedan, BMW ActiveHybrid 3, BMW 3 Series Touring, BMW 3 Series Coupe, BMW 3 Series Convertible, BMW 5 Series Sedan, BMW ActiveHybrid 5, BMW 5 Series Touring, BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, BMW 6 Series Coupe, 6 Series Gran Coupe, 6 Series Convertible, 7 Series, ActiveHybrid 7, X1, X3, X5, X6, BMW Individual models, BMW Security Vehicles, Z4 Roadster, M Coupe, M3 Sedan, M3 Coupe, M3 Convertible, M5 Sedan, X5 M, X6 M, BMW ActiveHybrid 6, ActiveHybrid 5 and ActiveHybrid 7.

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  1. Linda Smith Reply

    Ok. I called customer service to appeal a decision BMW made to NOT replace my black convertible top that has while streaks across it and is only a year old. The white streaks are caused by wear and tear they said. Really? My advisor at the local BMW dealership where I bought my $50,000 car said BMW used to have a conditioner for convertible tops, but they discontinued it. So why was it discontinued? It doesn’t work????? How am I supposed to know a conditioner has to be applied to the convertible top. This is my first convertible. It’s nowhere in the owner’s guide. Response from my service manager: oh, someone told me to do that. So, I called BMW customer service and ALLEN told me I can’t appeal any decisions. I asked to speak to his supervisor – nope – can’t do that either. I don’t have an issue that can be elevated to a supervisor. Really? The decisions are final. Who makes the decisions. The manufacturer. May I have the manufacturers number. No, they don’t speak to people. So, I have a $50,000 car that has less than 25,000 miles and the convertible top is a year old because they’ve already had one recall on it……but…..I can’t talk to anyone or appeal the decision. But, ALLEN was happy to file a complaint and someone would review it. My best friend has an Audi convertible – black top – 3 years old. No white streaks on her black convertible top. Oh, BTW, my car is garaged. I guess the “wear and tear” is caused by putting the top down on gorgeous sunny days? Last BMW. This one has definitely been a lemon. Had to replace trim pieces because they were turning BLUE!

  2. Lance Knepscheld Reply

    Good day,

    In January 2018, I decided to buy a BMW R1200 GSA motocycle. I approached the dealer regarding placing an order for the 2018 model. I was told, the 2018 model was not coming to South Africa. The only option available to me, was to purchase a new 2017 model. I enquired on numerous occasions regarding the 2018 model, and was assured by the dealership, the 2018 GSA was not coming to South Africa. Four months after purchasing the motorcycle, the 2018 model arrived in South Africa. I approached the dealer for clarification, and was told there was nothing they could do. BMW SA have said the same. I feel I was lied to just to get my signature to buy the now “outdated” model. I asked the dealer to take the 2017 model back, and I would sign for a new 2018. They refuse. This in my view, is very bad business practice from BMW SA. I was lied to, and now BMW refuse to remedy the situation. I would like help with this please. I originally wanted the 2018, but was told I could only get the 2017. Something does not seem right!


    I have spent last 5 days trying to arrange a regular service for my BMW series 1 (bought in December 2016 in one of the EU countries) at a BMW Dealership in Szczecin, Poland (BMW Bonkowscy).

    Firstly, the local dealership and service agents in Poland can barely speak English or German (which is unheard of for such a brand to be employing people who cannot speak even one foreign language).

    Secondly, I have called them three times in five days and they (BMW Bonkowscy SZCZECIN) have been promising somebody will call me back to arrange the date when the vehicle will be serviced. However, that has never happened.

    So I was wondering if you ever scrutinized the work of your world-dealerships and what should I do with my car which needs to be serviced (regular service period after 18 months, which is covered by BMW 5 years inclusive service) and, obviously, the dealership in Szczecin, Poland does not want to service it, even though they are required to do so.

    Thank you for contacting me back regarding this issue.

  4. I have a BMW that has been in the service for more than 3 weeks now in Egypt and whenever i call the customer service, they say that they still did not identify the problem.

    The car was already in the service a month ago and supposedly, everything was fixed, but as soon as i hit the highway, there was a problem with the oil tank and the engine stopped suddenly.

    What should i do? And who is responsible for identifying such problem?

    The car description is as follows,
    Model: BMW 320
    Year: 2008
    Mileage: 120k

    Please reply as soon as possible as i’ve been waiting around to know what is the problem, but the engineers in Egypt have no clue yet.

  5. jarutha scott Reply

    I am sending this letter to you because I am sadly disappointed in the structural make up of my vehicle and I am not sure who to send the email to. I had the grand opportunity to visit the BMW Showroom and museum in Munich today, 26 June, and I spoke with a gentleman named Matt about an issue that I am having with my car (2012, 335i convertible, hard top). Upon returning home I must have all of the weather stripping replaced around the top because it leaks. I wash my car bi-weekly and I use BMW car cleaning products. I live in Jacksonville, Florida, but not near the ocean. I thought this was a peculiar incident because I also own a 2003 Honda Accord with 170,000 miles and I have had no major problems with this car. My BMW has 70,000, the warranty has expired, and I follow the maintenance schedule; nevertheless, I have had problem after problem with it.

    I’ve had to have the seatbelt replaced because the latching system broke, the coolant reservoir replaced because it was leaking, gasket replaced because it was leaking twice, and the car rim cracked.

    I truly love my car and it is the ultimate driving machine and a driving experience that parallels to no other. I enjoy my car every time I get behind the wheel. I planned to purchase another, but my experience, repair wise, has been less than stellar, it is truly Bleeding My Wallet.

    Thank you for your time and attention,

  6. Nada Abdellatif Reply

    Dear BMW,
    My name is Nada Abdellatif from Cairo, Egypt.
    Your reputation in the car industry has not been questionable for as long as I can personally remember. However, i have encountered a life-threatening experience whilst aboard my 2017 BMW X1 1500cc, and in stationary mode.
    To vividly explain the situation, an irresponsible reckless 25 year-old was speeding at 160 km/h (Hyundai Elantra) and massively impacted the rear of my car. And may I mention again, the car was in stationary mode in the right-most lane (the slow lane) and the engine was working as I was sitting in the AC with my mother. For more clarification, my seatbelt was fastened (the driver’s seat) and my mother’s seatbelt was not (the passenger’s seat). Because of this massive impact, the car with all its weight jumped forward and impacted another car parked in-front of me (Chevrolet Optra). As a result, my seatbelt fastened me to my seat and managed to save me from massive injuries. However, my mother’s whole body hit the front glass and managed to break the glass and create a hole behind the middle mirror with her head. She suffered from amnesia for more than a week.
    The purpose behind this email is that after all what I have previously explained not one airbag has functioned. Not one airbag amongst the numerous airbags in the car have opened to reduce the risk of my mother of getting an injury. The car underwent both rear and front impacts and no airbags were opened.
    I am aware of the recall that happened because of problems with the car’s airbags and I sent the car to the BMW agency here in Cairo. The agency was also aware of this recall and informed me that the problem has been fixed and no worries should be put into consideration. After what happened and after the near death experience, I have no trust in my agency as it is responsible for what happened. All I want is an explanation for what happened and an explanation for why the airbags did not open. And I am personally asking for your advice and for the steps that should be taken. The main reason for me choosing this car is its safety system. How could this be the reason of the probable death of me and my mother? And again, the car was parked. Which is why, even after repairing the car, I cannot trust in driving it again and I cannot trust my country’s BMW agency. And because I have chosen your company for that safety reason I am requesting urgent advice. Either demanding a new safe car from your company or firing a lawsuit against it for not satisfying my safety.
    Thank you in advance and I am sure that your company will be willing to help.

  7. Miguel Morales Reply

    My name is Miguel Morales, I am 62 years old and I am writing to you from Bogotá, Colombia, South America.

    I own a BMW brand vehicle with the following characteristics and mileage:

    Model: 320i – E90
    Year: 2012
    VIN: WBAPG5101CF059594
    Kilometers: 46722 km

    In this vehicle BMW, with only 46 thousand and 7 hundred kilometers, recently showed the lighting of the light of the warning light that indicates “Transmission Faulty”, represented with the figure of a yellow gear. According with the Driver’s manual, in this case, the recommendation is to take the car immediately to be reviewed by an authorized workshop and representative of the BMW brand in Colombia.

    The car was taken to AUTOGERMANA SAS in Bogota, for diagnosis and revision. The diagnosis given by AUTOGERMANA SAS, was that the car has a wear failure that requires the change of the following part:

    – Reference Code: 24007594621
    – Description: AUTOMATIC AT-CHANGE EH (Automatic Transmission Assembly)
    – Total cost part: Col $ 33,414,296 (EURO $ 9,546) plus 19% taxes
    – Total cost-plus labor: Col $ 34,067,416 (EURO $ 9,733) plus 19% taxes

    It is very important to say that this car has been driven only by the owner, a professional engineer who is 62 years old, in the urban environment and on well-maintained roads and highways in the city of Bogota.

    Respected gentlemen representatives of BMW: as an user and fan of the BMW brand, I would like your answers to the following questions:

    1. Is this the true quality that the brand BMW sells to users, world wide or this quality is only for Latin-America?
    2. Is the AT CHANGE AUTOMATIC EH or BMW Automatic Transmission Assembly, Reference Code: 24007594621 used in many models of BMW cars, designed for only 48,000 km?
    3. What guarantee of factory, (in kilometers, months or years,) has the AT CHANGE AUTOMATIC EH or Automatic Transmission Assembly installed in the BMW cars?
    4. As the owner of a BMW car, should I have in my budget 9,733 EUROs for every 48,000 kms of car use?

    If your answer to this last question is positive, it is better to evaluate the purchase of a vehicle of another brand that does not represent paying for a service as expensive as the value of the car every 48,000 kilometers.
    Thank you for your attention. We hope for clarity in this matter and a proposal for a solution to our problem.

  8. Manoharan Paranjothy Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I write this e-mail to express my grave concern over the quality of a brand new BMW X1 vehicle delivered to me on the 9th June 2017 by Quill Automobiles Malaysia.Today which is day four, I had the misfortune of having the vehicle breakdown on me at the Quill BMW showroom car park area.. This does not augur well for my confidence in your brand nor does it do your reputation as a premium car manufacturer any good.

    While at Quill automobiles today my car refused to start with warning signs on the dashboard stating vehicle stabilization failure. I notified the sales agent who promptly called a technician who tried to reset the car battery but this did not work. I have had to leave the vehicle which is being towed to the nearest workshop.

    I have owned BMW’s since 1993 and this is the first incident which has severely damaged my confidence in the brand. Clearly quality has declined over the years to make way for vehicle sales volume leaving customers like me in this situation. I really have no confidence to drive this vehicle again fearing this may happen at an awkward location. As a company what can you do to reassure me that I have not made a wrong decision to purchase your brand.

    It was brand loyalty that brought me back to you having owned E90 323i, F30 320d and E36 – 318 in the past. My family own the 218i and a F30 320i as well. I am wondering if my brand loyalty has been misplaced? I would like to hear your views preferably from a senior member of your team. I am a member of Malaysian Medical Association and wish to highlight to the association that this has happened and as doctors we need to reconsider associating ourselves with the BMW brand – clearly reliability is in question.

    I appreciate your prompt feedback to this incident. I also wish to note the poor quality of after sales service from BMW Malaysia.

  9. Muhammad Siddique VIN # WBAFR9C59BC270029 Reply

    I have BMW 2011 model 550i,on Wednesday Mar 22,2017 I wanted to go with family and when started the car, soon after my son at the back seat shouted about smoke, I turned engine off, everybody out and saw a big spark coming from under the right back door where there is light plate, it took me some time to extinguish it. If I was a few seconds late it could have devastating. WE all including my family were really horrified.
    I got it towed to PFAFF BMW got it fixed, however my family was so much horrified that they decided not to sit in the car and I had to immediately buy a new Toyota car.
    It was a safety issue and was not expected from a 2011 BMW 550i with only 74500KM on it.
    BMW must investigate considering it a safety issue. It is not a malfunction issue, it is issue of life and death as my fuel tank was full of fuel.

  10. ahmad aldebeh Reply

    I have an issue with customer service in Saudi Arabia.

    My car have an issue with engine and they refuse to receive the car unless I signed agreement that I will not complain if they delaying the repairing because the car will be in queue for more than 15 days.

    Since I visit the shop until now I can’t drive the car and I don’t have car for used please help me to fixed this issue or give me a contact number who can help me on that.

  11. Brad Huestis Reply

    I ordered a 428i xDrive convertible with a sport package, performance tires and a top speed of 150 mph. It was delivered without performance tires and a top speed of 130 mph. When my wife and I arrived at Autohaus Heermann und Rhein GmbH to pick up our new BMW on June 5, 2015, Mr. Cumiskey and his staff knew that they were delivering an auto with inferior “all-season” wheels and a lower top speed than promised. They corrected the Purchase Order dated June 5, 2015 with a new Purchase Order dated April 6, 2015; they annotated the delivery Statement writing, “Vehicle ordered with wrong wheels & will be driven till new one arrives”; and they executed a Free Loaner Rental Agreement for the 428i xDrive convertible delivered with the wrong tires and lower top speed. Now BMW and Mr. Cumiskey are offering me the opportunity to buy the tires from them for 622 €. How now BMW now believe that offing me a 200 € discount on tires that I already ordered and paid for is reasonable? It’s not reasonable, it’s insulting.

  12. Tatenda Zishumba Reply

    I have a BMW 318i 1998 version which I am extremely attached to. I am a Zimbabwean citizen and due to the economic challenges the country is facing I am having challenges in maintaining the vehicle. Since I love BMW so much I could not sell it and decided to park and preserve it in case i may be able to service it fully. I love the car so much because to me, a BMW is the definition of driving! Any possible assistance in parts or any kind would be a life changer for me.

    Please keep it up BMW, you are the best and will always be.

  13. Shih Li-Chao Reply

    I have a BMW520I for 4 years, I was very satisfied of the car performance and capability . I also satisfied for BMW representative car maintenance shop service. But , I was quite surprised and unbelieved today about the shop service when I returned my car for 80,000km routine maintenance. I could not believe a German famous car company doesn’t have SOP to follow in each car maintenance shop. It is really against my cognition of German mentality.
    I am disappointed very much about BMW Taiwanese maintenance service manner. There are no SOP to follow but depends on each shop itself . How come BMW is . I doubt if I shall buy BMW again for my next car.

  14. I AM USING A BMW 320D right from 2011 as a second car and done 52000 kms. This vehicle had breakdowns frequently right from failure of AXLE on the high way, failure of hydraulic steering, damage of OEM tyres 6 times, failure of hydraulic hoses, Failure of timing chain, Failure of suspention (shock absorber) which was replaced again failed, now Steering and suspension failed again ! with all the periodical paid maintenance promptly This can only happen in a country like INDIA

  15. Ms. Anika Grower,

    Right from the beginning I have been facing frequent problem with this card, which you may verify from your records.
    However I am listing it down for your ready reference. Date of purchase of vehicle was April 2011

    1. Within one year 3 tyres were damaged and were to be replaced with appropriate depreciated value under insurance
    I made representation that the OEM tyres were of not good quality or there is some thing wrong with the vehicle

    2. When I was driving from Bangalore, within the city on the ring road, the vehicle broke down due to failure of LF suspension
    and the entire wheel assembly came out. It was un believable of this happening in a car like BMW.

    NAVNEET MOTORS, Bangalore, were contacted and they repaired the vehicle under insurance coverage which took almost 30 days

    3. Failure of timing chair – happens rarely unless the vehicle runs above 100,000 kms which costed Rs.

    4. At this stage I demanded a replacement of the car which was deferred as per discussions / correspondence had with BMW

    5. Before the flood when the vehicle was used in rainwater in Chennai, the power steering failed. This was also replaced under insurance
    with efforts of Mr. Nirmal of Khun BMW Chennai but this process took almost 50 days (delay)

    6. Immediately on the next day, I found an oil leakage from LF suspension which was reported over phone and was advised
    to bring the vehicle conveniently to attend and I was told that the shock absorber is to be replaced which will cost Rs.75,000/=
    and it was not repairable ! This was not done as this is very expensive and vehicle was used sparingly after that.

    7. Within 54000 km and 5 years, 6 tyres were replaced due to damages (not worn out) and was replaced with depreciated value

    Ever since I purchased this car, I have been facing frequent problem like damaging the tyres, Power steering failure, Suspension damage,
    Now in 5 years time replacement of both the front suspension, Failure of LF shock absorber, Now failure of both Front suspension
    out of which LF was replaced During July 2013.

    I am in the process of upgrading the car 5 series but now I may have to re-consider this with this kind of experience with this car.
    Due to temporary crisis I am unable to upgrade immediately which might take couple of months more.
    I am serious about exchanging the car in a good condition and cannot dispose at this condition as discussed with Mr. Nirmal.

    Believe it I was person responsible for introducing atlas 20 of my friends in “SHIPPING CIRCLE” out of which 6 of them purchased BMW.
    List can be provided if required.

    Attached is the current budget for repair of this car now Rs.1,94,000/= which I not only cannot afford and its going too much

    May I therefore request you to kindly re-consider bearing this cost by BMW or covering it by insurance.

    Also request you to kindly get this expedited as almost 10% of the time this car was with BMW service station in its 5 years life.

    Any further details or specific information required in the above statement can be furnished immediately upon hearing from you,

    Appreciate your swift actin.

    At BMW India no one attends phone calls at 0124 4566 600 – This is happening only in India and not with any other country. This car run 53000 km BMW says that parts fails due to usual wear & tear which cannot happen with any other cars in the world, even a BAJAJ AUTO RICKSHAW !


  16. Willie Scheepers Reply

    In Nov 2013 I bought a F30 320D. Within the 1st week I complained about a rattle in the dash. BMW could in 2 years time not solved this problem. In Nov 2015 they convinced me that the 2014 and newer models were upgrade and doesn’t suffer from rattles. I (stupid idiot) bought a brand new one. Within the 1ste 2 weeks I had a car with a rattle(could have kept the old one,it would have been much cheaper. Although I’ve told them on purchasing the vehicle that if the vehicle rattles I would not allow them to work on an new vehicle and they would have to replace it,they asked me to let them try once to fix the problem. The car was handed to BMW Port Elizabeth where it spend a couple of days. The rattle was corrected,but returned within 2 months. Now they insist to try an fix it again as I am afraid that I am going down the same road as with the first F30. I have also been told in no uncertain terms that as far as rattles are concerned BMW is only responsible to try and solve it for 2 years. After that they have no responsibility towards me. This was never made known to me during the purchase. My frustration at this stage is that I am stuck with a vehicle that has rattles and is showing the exact same signs of rattles to come as I had in the first vehicle and BMW totally ignoring my request to either give me another vehicle of equal value or refund me(which I would prefer as the way I feel now I don’t want to see a BMW again). According to them they want to restore my trust in the BMW product. How can they restore trust if they don’t trust their own product enough to take it back,fix it and sell it with confidence to someone else. The way I feel now is that they will be wasting my time for the 2 years coming and then opt out as nobody at BMW is prepared to give me anything in writing of which way we are going. My previous experience included fraud and gross incompetence(anybody questioning this is free to phone me for evidence on 0836297664). In an effort to opt out I have ask the dealer to just sell the vehicle as a demo from their floor and I am still waiting for a response. My advise to anybody considering buying a BMW please be very careful,they will promise you a lot of things but you might end up like me and you might sit with a car that irritates the hell out of you or you might loose R50000.00 in 2weeks to 4 months time. So please be careful and exploit other options!! Better be safe than sorry.

  17. Thaer Salah Reply

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I have a MBW X6 2014 Model which I bought it from Dubai showroom on 01/01/2014 (31st Dec’13 )

    I just want to inform you that I am very disappointed and Unhappy for my car which I have paid for it around 285,000 AED Plus Bank’s interest to buy a German’s car NOT US car !!

    When I decided to buy a car I bought a BMW car because I was looking for the quality , power and strong car that’s why I went to BMW showroom . I was not aware that the car has been made in US , Maybe the car’s engine is Germany but other than this are US material which cannot be compared to the Germany parts quality at all !!!

    When the salesman showed me the car in the catalogue and in the computer he told me that the color is MID NIGHT BLUE but I bought the car the color was really disappointed and not as per the photos at all !!!!

    Also after few months they have replaced the small box inside the car and the lighter is still not working , the interior leather is very bad in terms of quality and even the paint inside and outside is not as per expectation especially the plastic part in the car !! there are so many things in the car which really surprised me. This is kind of cheating customers and will impact your reputation as an international leading company !!

    Finally I wrote this letter to your company to inform you that you have lost so many customers and you will lose more also if Germany’s cars will be keep making it in US . I personally planning to sell my car at any cost now and I am not recommending any of my friends to buy BMW .

    If you provide me with your e mail I can send you photos of my car where you can see all what I am taking about on the above.

  18. I purchased a brand new BMW X1 in October 2011. September 2014 I replaced my tyres with the same make, same size of the original tyres that, I bought the car with (Pirelli 225/50 R17 Run flat)and then the nightmare started. My car started pulling to the left and I took it in for wheel alignment at tiger wheel and tyres and they told me to take the car to BMW to replace the bush. I took my car to Auto Bavaria Midrand and told them that, my car has new wheels, wheel alignment has been done but, the car pulls to the left and the wheel alignment people says that, a bush needs to be replaced for it to stop pulling to the left. Auto Bavaria checked the car and told me that, there is nothing wrong with the bush and they also did the wheel alignment which also did not help because when I drove the car it was still pulling to the left. I went back to Auto Bavaria and told them that my car’s still pulling to the left, they kept the car with them for 2days and told me that, they have called the specialist in wheel alignment to check it out. Third day I got my car back and it was still pulling to the left, I went again told Auto Bavaria and told them that, my car was still pulling to the left I was told that, that’s the best they could do for me and also informed me that, I was supposed to have replaced my tyres with a different make of tyres from the cars original tyres and was also told that, all the first X1’s have this problem and only the recent one’s don’t have this problem. Mind you BMW did not tell the public or should I say they kept this to themselves and sold problematic cars to the public.

    I have been a loyal client of BMW and this is my third car but, this……….???? Please, please, please do something I need help I am not enjoying my car and I am not getting any help from BMW.

  19. AJ Cronning Reply

    I have come to the conclusion that BMW is shipping their scrapmetal motorcycles to SA. I bought a BMW 1150RT. The vibration on the bike was so bad that the inside of the exhaust fell to pieces. All relevant nuts and bolts had to be glued in. Secondly the vibration is so bad that the speedometer needle fell off. Thirdly. I cannot ride my bike for more than 100 kms without my hands going numb from the vibration. Fouthly. The headlight globe had to be replaced twice within 60000 kms due to this vibration. Our local BMW dealers laugh at me and tell me that the vibration is a charactaristic of the bike.As far as I am concerned this is a motor problem. I spend my Sunday rides free wheeling in neutral most of the time, because that is the only time I do not feel any vibration. Is there anyone out there that can advise me what to do.

  20. Manuel ricardez Reply

    I do not know who to contact any more ! I Hope you can help

    I am in Cancun Mexico, I got an X5 last year (First experience with BMW). Last November I got into a small car accident, the damage was not a lot, but the air basgs opened. The car was transfer by the insurance company to the BMW Dealer here in Cancun (Farrera Peninsula SA de CV)mid December (almost two to three weeks after the ccident), the cost of the damages has been authorized by the insurance company since then, but the agency said they havn´t receive all the parts. Today 1 1/2 months after they got the car at the BMW, they told me they are missing the air bags and some other parts, which are coming “by boat” from Germany !!!! (A boat !! This is unacceptable from a company like BMW, a big insult to my inteligence )They havn´t even started to repair the car. Honestly dealing with BMW has been a nightmare. The serial number of the car is L808281 if it helps.

    I hope you will be able to help !


  21. Hasaan Khawar Reply


    I ordered a BMW 3.16 Sedan from Pakistan – BMW Dealership (Islamabad) a few months ago. After payment of initial deposit, I was informed that I would get my care delivered in mid-October. Upon my follow-up now, the Dealership has informed me (verbally), without any written response, that they have made an error in my LC for shipment and the ‘pro forma invoice was wrong’. Due to this, I’ll now get my car in mid-December. I’m quite disturbed as why I should be the one suffering from this delay due to errors on part of BMW dealership.

    What is more frustrating is that I have not been informed on this formally and this has only come up after my repeated follow up with the dealership for about 10 days.

    I hope you’ll be able to resolve this quickly.


  22. Jane Pilkington Reply

    This email has been sent to BMW Customer Service and my dealership. Does anyone else have issues with X3 3.0L DIESEL AUTO M SPORT? Specifically Torque Converter or Gearbox?

    Hi BMW Customer Services,

    I would like to register a complaint with BMW as to the length of time it is taking to resolve the issues with my car which is 9 months old and has 15K miles on the clock.

    • The car had been running lumpy and a grating noise could be heard so I booked it in, at Lloyds BMW Colne on 15 March 2013, for its first service which was a little early but I was concerned. Lloyds were asked to investigate the noise I was experiencing at the same time as servicing the car.
    • The car was serviced and returned to my home but on driving it for the first time on 18/3/13 the noise I had reported was very apparent and it hadn’t been fixed so the car was returned to the garage on 19/3/13
    • Lloyds have been investigating the problem ever since and originally felt that it could be a gearbox issue. Lloyds then entered into a slow and laborious dialogue with BMW Technical who felt that the symptoms pointed to a Torque convertor issue.
    • I attended Lloyds BMW last Wednesday 27/3/13 and was advised that they had all the parts in stock for fixing the Torque Convertor and that it would take a day to complete the work but that they were still waiting for final approval from BMW Technical to proceed.
    • The work has commenced on my car today 2/4/13 and in the process of fixing the Torque Convertor issue they have now found metal filings in the gearbox oil and have had to go back to BMW Technical to get the work approved to replace the gearbox; the gearbox is clearly faulty.
    • The request to replace the gearbox was processed today 2/4/13 and gear boxes are on 10 days back order.

    As I am sure you can appreciate I am now beyond frustrated at the length of time it has taken to get to the root cause of the problem and it looks as though Lloyds could have my car for a further two weeks if you can’t get a new gearbox to them quickly as the back order time frames are currently showing 10 days for this part.

    I have been a BMW customer for many years and would have expected that a luxury manufacturer, such as yourselves, offered a better level of service, particularly when the vehicle is so new with so few miles and under full warranty. I am hugely disappointed and would strongly suggest that BMW review their protocols and policies for sanctioning warranty work. Ultimately I am not only a customer but a repeat customer and if you put no store in that type of customer perhaps I should consider moving to another manufacturer next time I change my vehicle?

    I do hope that this complaint finds its way to the desk of a senior member of staff who works within your warranty/technical department and I look forward to receiving a call from them as to why I have been so seriously inconvenienced

    • David Mckee Reply

      I am having similar problems but with a Motor bike. I am dealing with BMW Vienna directly but I feel they are not listening to my issues..
      I bought a NEW R1200GS Water Cooled bike in October 2013 and made some observations (Complaints) when I drove it on the first day. The dealer smiled and did not really pay attention.
      I guess they had my money and why would a NEW bike have any problems We are BMW afterall… Right?

      And thats the attitude I am still getting till this day.

      I visited a small BMW showroom a couple of weeks ago and mentioned one of the issues to the sales man and he laughed. Saying that there has been a RECAL for the problem and I should have had the parts replaced under warranty… Can you imagine my disgust on hearing this…?
      I then started talking to him about the breaking problems and he told me it is a known issue but BMW is not responding to it as there is not enough of us complaining.. lol…
      So its a case of someone has to be injured or killed before they sit up and take notice..

      Ask the family of this British Motorcycle Journalist how they feel about BMW..?

      I do not want my wife and kids fighting my case because they did not want to pay attention to a fault I knew existed.
      I have to say I have lost a lot of confidence in BMW… I always rode HONDA and Yamaha for over 30 years and was always happy with their products.
      BMW have really made me think about selling this and going back to the superior brands….

      What do we have to do to make them listen… ?

  23. Hi As there is NO assistance from BMW South Africa I am pleading with every BMW complaints center until it can get to BMW German.

    Dear Reader

    On 10 November 2011, I purchased a BMW 740I from BMW JSN Motors. The vehicle was financed through BMW finance and the cost is as follows, note that I also traded in my BMW X5.

    Purchase Price of BMW 740I – R563 500.00
    Deposit paid by me – R 50 000.00
    Difference – R513 500.00

    Still owing on X5 – R315 000.00
    JSN Offered – R210 000.00
    Difference – R105 000.00

    The vehicle contract was R750 000.00 less the discount and the deposit is
    R620 166.12 (Principal Amount)

    On the day I fetched the vehicle (10/11/2011), I reported to the salesman that the vehicle had a couple of issues. He (Alan King) advised me to keep the vehicle for a few more days to see if the problems persisted. Alan King supposedly had made arrangements for the vehicle to booked in on the 21 November 2011. This, however, was not the case, when we took the vehicle to be booked in, we realised that no bookings were made and Alan King no longer worked at JSN motors. Nevertheless, JSN vowed to have the vehicle booked in the following day.

    The problems reported were as follows:

    • After pressing the start/stop button to start the car, it literally takes up to 5 minutes to start (the engine swings continuously). This created a loud noise from the engine.
    • The windscreen had a chip
    • The tyres squeaked without pressing the brakes
    • The aircon vents did not work
    • When driving it sounded like the doors were opened (noisy inside the vehicle)

    On the 21 November 2011 at 07:20, the vehicle was taken to JSN motors as the problems persisted. During the course of Monday, my wife received two telephone calls from Kevin Govinden informing her that the car will not be ready today, however, will be ready for collection on Tuesday. On Tuesday, my wife received one telephone call whilst she was in meeting from Kevin. He left a voice message saying that the car will not be ready today but will be ready tomorrow. My wife called Kevin when she came out her meeting which was approximately 15h30, Kevin told her the same thing. She then relayed her disappointment in having to wait yet another day to get the car. She asked Kevin if he would be able to fetch her from Sandton on Wednesday and Kevin agreed. She asked him if he could provide feedback first thing Wednesday morning and he agreed to this too.

    On Wednesday morning, my wife called Kevin to find out what has been done on the car and what was still outstanding. She was assured by Kevin that he would find out and call her back. One hour later, she called him back and he had forgotten. He then went to find out the progress and called her after another hour went by. He told her that they are sorting out the brakes, they need to get the tyre out first. Everything else on the job card was done except the brakes and the airvent. The airvent would be sorted out another day as this had to be ordered and delivered. My wife asked Kevin again if he was sure that everything else on the job card was completed and he assured her that it was.

    Kevin called my wife again in the middle of the day saying that the technicians are having problems with getting the tyre out, they left JSN at 12h00 and will be back at 13h00 as they had to get more tools. Kevin called again after 14h00 saying that the technicians have arrived (this was 2 hours later) but he does not think the car will be ready today. My wife informed him that she needed the car and explained that we have kids and they need to be dropped off for school and picked up and this was really causing us a lot of unnecessary inconvenience.

    My wife then called me frustrated that the car was still not ready. I then fetched her and we both came over to JSN, we got there at 15h20. Kevin then came to us at 15h35 and I went down to the Workshop with him. I told him that if he can get us a courtesy vehicle then it shouldn’t be a problem but we needed a vehicle. He then went to talk to other customers, leaving us standing at reception with no idea what was going on. At 15h55, he tells us that he will speak to his manager about the car. At 16h10 he informs me that there are no courtesy vehicles and he cannot help us.

    I then asked him to please get my vehicle out of the Workshop, I will take it now. I explained to him that I did not have a vehicle and I needed a vehicle, if he could not provide me with a courtesy vehicle then I would need my vehicle. I then waited till after 17h00 and my car was still not out the Workshop, I then left JSN Motors.

    I sent the GM: JSN an email wherein I informed him of what had transpired, he apologised and undertook to resolve the matter. I was then contacted by two individuals from JSN Motors, Grant and Michael King. Michael King informed me on 8 December 2011, that JSN Motors would cancel the agreement, however, I had to pay in a shortfall amount of R 75 993.86.

    I then requested the reason as to why I need to pay in this amount, NO feedback was given by either Stavros (MD of JSN) nor Mr King. Due to lack of response from JSN motors, attorneys were appointed by myself, prior to their appoint I personally sent through an email to BMW finance informing them of this decision.

    My lawyers have also sent through letters to both JSN Motors and BMW Finance, and they both have not come back.

    I have recently (01 March 2012) received a mail from BMW Finance stating that if I don’t take the vehicle back, they will auction the vehicle off at its current value R375 500.00 and I will be liable for the outstanding monies.

    This to me is a form of black mail, and threat that if I don’t take possession of an un-roadworthy vehicle they will sell it and I must pay in the difference. JSN motors and BMW Finance, in my opinion have no consideration for the client, have no consideration for the law and disregard the consumer act.

    I have pleaded with them on many occasions to resolve this matter amicably, and to see if we can come to some sort of agreement, but neither party is willing.

    In the meanwhile, I am being inconvenienced having only one vehicle to use and to transport 3 kids to school and 2 adults to work. I am still paying for insurance and the tracker on a vehicle that I don’t have. To top it off, I am paying lawyers’ fees. And my name in terms of my credit worthiness is being dragged through the mud. I have NEVER missed a payment on ANY account and now this

    And today BMW says that I now need to pay them R168 567.65 for a vehicle that I don’t have.

  24. I have purchased a BMW 320i used car first registered in UK in July 2008. I need to have a second ignition key just in case the one I have gets lost or mislaid.
    What should I do?

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