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Contact Barnes & Noble: Find below customer service details of Barnes & Noble, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for complaints or queries on Barnes & Noble stores, products, store locations, cancellation / refund, online shopping, NOOK products  or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Barnes & Noble products and services.

Barnes & Noble Head Office
Barnes & Noble, Inc.
122 Fifth Avenue,
New York, New York 10011,
Phone: (212) 633-3300

Barnes & Noble Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-THE-BOOK
Phone: 1-800-843-2665
Phone: 201-559-3882 (international customers)

Email Support
General: [email protected]
Online Orders: [email protected]
Membership: [email protected]

Barnes & Nobles Store Locations
Click here to locate a Barnes & Noble store nearest to your address. You can look up for stores by city, state or zip code. In addition to that, visitors can also look for special events in any location.

Order Status
Click here to check the state of your order made through Barnes & Noble.

Gift Cards
Looking for gift cards? Click here to purchase gift cards for all special ocassions. While the printed cards can be delivered to mailbox, Barnes & Noble’s eGift cards can be delivered to any inbox with a click. Barnes & Noble gift cards are redeemable both in stores and website.

About Barnes & Noble, Inc.
barnes-n-nobleBarnes & Noble was founded by Charles Barnes in the year 1873. It was later acquired by Leonard Riggio in 1960. Today, it is the largest bookseller in the United States with more than 700 retail bookstores and 636 college bookstores serving more than 4.6 million students (as of 2011). Barnes & Noble is also the second-largest retailer of magazines in America, carrying about 5,500 magazine titles and nearly 1,000 newspaper titles. The company’s e-commerce site features more than 2 million titles. Barnes & Noble currently has some 40 million customers and sells 1 million book titles every year. Headquartered in New York, US, the company as of April, 2011 employs 35,000 people.

In 2009, Barnes & Noble launched the world’s largest eBookstore and also introduced NOOK, the first Android-based eBook Reader. The later years it came out with innovative products such as NOOK Color, NOOK Simple Touch and NOOK Tablet. Besides books, magazines and ebooks, the Barnes & Noble website sells toys & games, music, DVD and Blu-ray, video games, and more. Further, the B&N Marketplace offers millions of new and used items from a network of trusted sellers at discounted prices. And through its Sterling Publishing subsidiary, the company publishes over 500 titles annually.

Some of the products that can be purchased on the Barnes & Noble website include books, textbooks, magazines, toys & games, DVDs, gifts, electronics (cameras, camcorders, headphones, media players, gadgets, digital picture frames..), and NOOK products such as NOOK Tablet, NOOK Simple Touch and Nook Color. Purchases can be made online through MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Visa, Diners Club, JCB, PayPal and Barnes & Noble gift cards. Payment can also be made by phone. Simple select the “Pay by Phone” button during checkout. Barnes & Noble issues a refund of original form of payment for items returned within 14 days (terms apply). Items however must be returned in their original condition. Note that Nookbooks cannot be canceled or refunded. Visit the website or speak with a Barnes & Noble customer service representative for more details.

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  1. Kim Jacobs Reply

    I just spent over 45 minutes waiting on customer assistance after being told that my wait would be 3 minutes. All I wanted was help downloading one purchased nook book. What I got was the loss of my entire library! I was told my case was being expedited and so it would only take a few days to get my library back. Really! I’m so disappointed with Barnes and Noble, I’m ready to go elsewhere for my e-reading. I understood when you had all the problems recently and waited for systems to come back, but my experience trying to get help downloading one book was frustrating and I’m very upset that the “fix” I was told to pursue caused me to lose my whole library for an unknown number of days. I have little confidence that you’ll be able to fix this with any speed.

  2. Debra Kelly Reply

    Something to consider for Barnes and Noble. Since USPS is overburdened with voting ballots why not select UPS ground or Fed ex or Lasership as the shipping couriers until USPS can handle the extra workload. This will ensure a higher percentage of packages received as opposed to lost or shoved aside for weeks or months while they play catch up with voting ballots

  3. I went to purchase a book and noticed the author’s name they credited to writing the book was not actually the real author’s name. I tried to inform them of that and was given a “So, what of it?”

    I know the author of this book rather well, and it is called Angels at the Eastport Bridge. They credited it to on e Peter MacIntyre who wouldn’t write anything like this, when the author is simply named “MacIntyre” whose real name is Robert MacIntyre. I am not sure who gets the sale of this book, so I have decided to go elsewhere.

  4. Shelley Casion Reply

    When I went to into my. library my password did not work. I changed the password and it still did not work. Could you please help me fix this so I can read my books?

  5. I had a breach on my account in December, and it was a constant uphill battle to get the charge overturned and the address it was shipped to banned from the site. Recently, books that I have not viewed have been showing up in my browsing history, despite multiple password changes. This, understandably, makes me very concerned and I try to contact customer service. I’m punted around the departments like a football before I speak to a very unresponsive and rude sales audit associate who takes nothing I say seriously and just repeats the same thing over and over, completely ignoring my concerns. All of this after I was so excited to get a membership with you people is such a disappointment and it will take a lot of fixing and cajoling to get me to not cancel my membership this year. I love Barnes and Noble. I don’t ask for monetary gifts or anything of the like to fix this. Literally all I want is for my account, and the accounts of all others who once trusted you with our payment information, to be secured. Two-step security, login IP tracking, anything that will let us know that our account is safe, and if anyone who we don’t know is trying to use our accounts before we all make the move to solely buying books from Amazon.

  6. Eleanor Eimer Reply

    I returned a nook to Barnes and Noble via UPS ground on January 11, 2019. Records show they received it at the warehouse on a January 14, 2019. I am still waiting for a refund on January 29, 2019.

  7. Shirley. Blankenship Reply

    They want. To up date my nook. I get to my screen name and password. I already change password can go into Barnes and Noble it will. Work. Will Not take my pass word on the nook. Why.

  8. I purchased the 4 dvd set of Back to the Future. When it arrived, in the sealed mailing envelope, there were no DVD’s – none. There was the cardboard tri-fold with no dvd’s and no plastic on it.

    I have spent 4 days trying to find a customer service email to contact. If I just send the item back – they’ll think I kept the DVD’s but there were none in the pack.

  9. I made an on-line purchase. The books were received but I did not get an invoice. Three (3) separate charges were charged to my business credit card. Although I had a listing of all the books received with dollar amounts (which I got off the website) of course I could not reconcile these amount to the charges on my credit card. The first person I talked to was in a Chat environment and he could not help me at all–he referred me to customer service. I thought the purpose of Chat was to supplement ways to get to customer service. So I called. The first person I talked to said they don’t issues invoices anymore! The supervisor I talked to told me she could provide them to me in 2 weeks. Why would anyone buy anything from Barnes and Noble again. I should have ordered all of the books from Amazon who are “together” business wise.

  10. Donald Ray Johndrow Reply

    I googled the book Access 2016 for Dummies, and the typical band of providers and prices came up. B&N offered the book for under $17, so I went to the store near Lakeline Mall in Austin, TX. I took the book to the counter and asked for a price check; the answer was $29.99. I showed the cashier the internet posting; then she asked me if I were a B&N member (I am, but inactive). She looked up my phone, said I was not and sent me off to buy it from Amazon. When I got home, I clicked on the B&N offer, and nowhere does it give any limitations on the price. Not cool. If a $13+ savings were available, she could have signed me up as a future regular customer.

  11. So much for B and N contacting me about not supporting first edition nooks anymore. Supposedly they sent out emails to let everyone know about this decision except that I didn’t get one. When I tried to order a book is when I found out and someone was supposed to contact me within 5 days. Never heard from anyone. So I have a perfectly good nook that I can no longer use. You won’t be seeing much business from me anymore. I will finish using my gift cards and tell my children to stop buying them.

  12. They are a joke. They have charged me twice for an e-book purchase. They took the one downloaded e-book. I have been back and forth with these idiots for a week. I started a dispute with my credit card. As i now understand, this is the only way to get my money back.
    They will not, or refuse to check and see if i have been charged twice. They are useless. They might as well close their customer service department down.
    Stay with Kindle. I am so sorry i purchased from them in the first place. It will not happen again, of that I can assure you!

  13. I purchased a book online last week and its saying it won’t be here for another 3 weeks… I would have paid another more trustworthy site the extra money to receive this book in a timely fashion. now that its to late to do that, i have attempted to email both the seller and barnes and noble and am getting nowhere. I will never order from Barnes and Noble again after this headache. This was supposed to be a gift for my mother that is going into surgery in a few days and now Im down money and will not be able to give this to her all because i tried to save a few dollars. Thanks.

  14. Savannah Crowley Reply

    I purchased a record online on 9/19 and its been a little over 4 month and my order has not been shipped. Everyone at B&N are a complete joke!

  15. Steve Greve Reply

    Augusta, Maine… attitudes toward customer service in this store are combative and rude! Wish we could cash our cards in for purchases at a store that values customers! Shame!

  16. Denise Parrinello Reply

    Good morning,
    Went to the Barnes and Noble store on 12/22/27 to purchase a toy that I? saw online for 41.00 it was a Batman toy that was for my grandson. I? wish I? would have gotten the name of the gentleman at the register very unprofessional as it was the last one and it was only 20 dollar offf the regular price so instead of making a sale he said we can’t honor the online price. Well it did not say that but if you pay 25 to join our membership we can honor it that defeats the purpurse. It was very rude and believe me will never step foot in the store again they only reason I? went there was to purchase the item. I? just got back from a funeral and it’s been hard and to be treated like that is not the way. This is the holiday season and we should all be helping one another not make it about money. Truly understanding it was the last one and they could have done something. Very poor customer service. Been working in customer service 35 years I? world have been fired fir that thank you and have a great day
    Happy Holiday

  17. Dylan Kemlo Reply

    Really poor service Barnes and Noble. I purchased a book from your store via my paypal account on the 27.09.2017, order number – 4047396173, and to date have not received it. This follows numerous emails to Justin in your customer services department and a telephone call yesterday, 10/11/2017 to this same department where the lady on th eother side just kept saying `Ok’ to everything I said and then promised at the end of the call that she would send me an update via email but still nothing received. This is really poor service as this was a birthday gift for my wife and was due to arrive on the 25/10/2017. I am very surprised at how I am having to be the person who continually follows up with Barnes and Noble with no answers forthcoming?

  18. It just happened to me again; I tried to place an order online & I did every step but when I got to “place your order” nothing happened. I tried & tried. Then I deleted the order.

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