Contact of Asiana Airlines customer service

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Contact Asiana Airlines: Find below customer service details of Asiana Airlines, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, lost baggage, frequent flier program, offers or other queries.

Head Office
Asiana Town,
No 47 Osae-Dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul,
157-713, South Korea

Customer Service
Phone: 1588-8180 or 82-2-2669-8000 (South Korea)
Email: [email protected]

International Support
Phone: 61-2-9260-4300 (Australia)
Phone: 86-10-8451-0101 (China)
Phone: 33-1-81-80-0940 (France)
Phone: 49-69-9210-190 (Germany)
Phone: 91-124-4690813 (India)
Phone: 90-212-256-4144 (Turkey)
Phone: 66-2-016-6500 (Thailand)
Phone: 34-932-596-573 (Spain)
Phone: 44-845-602-9900 (UK)
Phone: +1-800-227-4262 (US)

Frequent Flier Program: Asiana Club
Flight Status/Schedule:  Website
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

About Asiana Airlines
With a philosophy of providing maximum customer satisfaction through best safety and service, Asian Airlines has gained global stature. Asiana Airlines and Korean Air are South Korea’s two major airlines that have their headquarters in Seoul. Asiana Airlines has its international hub at Incheon International airport and is associated with Star Alliance, carrying passengers and cargo to over 90 destinations around the globe. Wholly owned by the Asiana Airlines Co., Ltd, Asiana Airlines was started in 1988 and is committed to sustainable growth through ethical corporate social responsibility. This can be seen in all that they do – be it human resource management, quality control, ethics, or the service and products they dispense.

The Star Alliance member operates all flights from its main hubs at Gimpo International Airport and Incheon International Airport. It has codeshare agreements with big names such as Air Canada, Air China, EgyptAir, Etihad Airways, EVA Air, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines and United Airlines. As for the major destinatiins, the network includes Australia, China, Russia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, US and the UK. Within South Korea, it connects Cheongju, Daegu, Gwangju, Jinju, and Seoul.

Asiana Airlines strives hard to make each travel an unforgettable experience for the traveller, from the welcome smile, the quality of in-flight meals or the novelty of its services – all geared towards treating the passenger with consideration and kindness. Of highest priority on Asiana Airlines is safety and security and they take utmost care to ensure that all safety stipulations laid down by law are adhered to, to provide the highest level of safety and security to passengers and employees.
The airline’s website provides comprehensive information about ticketing, baggage allowance, check in information, flight status and any other question that the traveller might have. Check in is possible online or in the airport through kiosk check in or counter check in.

There are four category of travel available on offer – economy basic, economy flexi, business class and first class, each one providing comfortable seating with extra leg room and delectable Korean meals specially designed and prepared by the Institute of Korean Royal cuisine. Frequent flyers on Asiana Airlines can become privileged members of the Asiana Club and earn mileage each time they travel Asiana or its affiliate airlines. The accumulated miles can be exchanged for tickets or upgrades. New members of Asiana club become silver members and with additional accumulation of miles, can move on to become Gold, Diamond, Diamond Plus or Platinum members, each bestowing greater comforts and benefits. Members enjoy free additional baggage allowance, priority boarding, exclusive check-in counter, lounge tickets and much more. The miles can be used for upgrades, new flights or shopping.

All passengers can avail of the extensive inflight entertainment option in a number of languages and genres to suit travellers of all ages and genders, making the journey by Asiana Airlines as enjoyable as the destination. If you are flying with Asiana Airlines for first time, you can head to the official website or smartphone app to see flight schedule or to make a reservation. Booking can be done using major credit cards. You can sign into your account to view or manage booking, check flight status or perform web check-in. The baggage restrictions and specificaions are published on the website. It differs according to the route. Most regions, Economy fliers are allowed one carry-on with 10kg weight and two checked with 23kg each.  For more information or queries on reservation, refund, cancellation, lost baggage, or others, reach the Asiana Airlines customer service.

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  1. Having difficult linking family members account on Asiana Club. We originally signed up in South Korea but now live in Australia. It does not seem to recognize my Korean membership number. I tried to call the Australia customer service number but I received a message saying they are closed at 5:30. However it was 4:45pm when I called. And it’s not 5:30pm in S. Korea either. So frustrating!

  2. I miss the airplane being inside of it with the kind and beautiful women! The primary flight was the most fun and I fell head over heels for the economy class (felt like business first class) flight no. OZ201 /02APR19 from LAX boarding time 11:30 gate 154! I fully understand if she has a role model whom she decides to live her life like, someone who just devotes all her time and professional energy to making air travelers happy. I guess my favorite moment was when, at the end of the returning flight (which was really, really fast) they played a UNICEF commercial and nobody donated and all the super hot flight attendants were walking down the aisle with the donation bags like bras conveying the message that, “hey if you save your cash you can fly with us again!” I know what it is like to be different but I love different and I’m so thankful to have had the experience to fly with such great and beautiful people!

  3. Hello,

    When I first reserved my ticket, I set my seating arrangement to be 27H, an aisle seat during my second flight. However, when I login to check in for my flight today, my seating has suddenly been changed to 16J, a middle seat. And now 27H has been taken. I am very upset by this. Is it possible to get my original seat back?

  4. Robert Cottingham Reply

    I need to travel from Tokyo to London on Monday
    My passport has been lost
    Do you accept an emergency travel document? I am a British citizen. I have contacted the British Embassy in Tokyo and they are going to print an emergency document for travel to Japan to London

  5. Anne Villar Reply

    I loved Asiana and how the staffs are — very friendly; however, there is one minor issue which affected me and not only me but this is for the future generations. May I suggest a feedback? Can you please, please, please put English subtitles on ALL your movies? Because as a deaf person, I couldn’t enjoy my long flight (from San Francisco to South Korea). Please add an option of English subtitles to all movies, even American movies. I noticed that subtitles are only available for Korean and japanese people. Don’t forget that you might have deaf person on your flight.

  6. Andrew Tan Reply

    Look forward to your precious consideration to provide me with the email address of your Asiana Airlines.

    I need to write in with the request to buy an orange backpack from your airlines for my grandson who had lost his today in Singapore and a I cannot attach a photo in this feedback and request for your reference.

    Please help and Warmest Regards.

    Andrew Tan/Singapore

  7. Asiana Airline has the most inadequate website. Not only was I not able to purchase my ticket on their website, but Asiana Airline will also make sure that you can not use your mileage for upgrade. Once you leave a comment on their customer service webiste, it is read by a robot. They will try to accommodate you by an automated response and once you call their customer service line, they ask you for your membership number. Once you put in your number, their automated response is that you have exceeded your time and will hang up on you. Absolutely the worst website and customer service!

  8. Hi,

    How can I get a message of thanks to a cabin crew member who helped me with my daughter when travelling from Seoul to LHR on July 29th?


  9. Amphawan Osothsilp Reply

    I was charged US$97 for the box of korean cup noodles I checked in.I traveled with my daughter ICN -BKK on July 26,2018 flight OZ 741 .The weights altogether is only 26 kgs. I was unfair charged by check in staff.I want my money back.

  10. I have question about excess baggage. My ticket allows to have one checked baggage up to 23 kg. If I want to have one more 23 kg baggage, how much should I pay? Because in the policy, it says USD 100 per excess baggage (up to 23 kg), but there is another excess weight baggage. Does it mean I have to pay USD 110 for having another baggage+ excess weight baggage?

  11. Sung Chang Reply

    I was most impressed with a stewardess on my flight recently and I would like to send a personal thank you note. I only know her last name and I was wondering if you could find her full name and where I could send the card. I was on flight OZ202 from Incheon to Los Angeles, July 3rd. Her last name was Paik. Thank you.

  12. Simon Lane Reply

    I would like to make a special meal request for a flight that I have booked with Asiana. I noticed that there is a phone number provided for these kinds of requests, but it is not toll-free (I’m calling from Japan). Is there another way to make my request without having to pay?

    • yep – you can’t do it on the website. And when I phoned, the diet order didn’t work. And when I repeated the order in person to the attendant at the check-in desk, she was able to fix only one leg of my trip and said I would have to get back on the phone to fix the rest of my trip.

  13. Janifer Yeo Tan Reply

    19 Oct 2017
    I was most appalled by the attitude of an Asiana female ground staff near the check in area of Asiana Flight check in counter at Incheon Airport. She wore the tag of a Manager (name: S.Y.Choi).

    When I approached her for help. She would not even look at our air tickets but waved me and my family off like we were nothing and told us in a ‘cannot be bothered tone’ to go get your ticket from the check in machine before you deposit your bags at the counter. I asked her if I could check in at the counter since we were traveling business class, she looked at me then turned away ignoring my question altogether and walked off.

    I managed to check in through the machine for my family except mine. I had to approach her again and this time she looked irritated at me and said ‘go to the counter and check in’!

    What a shame for Asiana!!! The other staff at the check in counter who served us was not only pretty but also extremely helpful and polite!!!

    I hope this old and rude manager of yours could be re trained on her basic manners. With such bad attitude, how do you expect her to be a role model for the rest of her team ???

    I took a picture of her. If you need verification I can send it to you.

  14. I want to thank Ms. Kim Mihye! I appreciate her effort on finiding my phone that I left on the plane. She even accompanied me back on the plane to look for the phone. When we cant find the phone, she called all her contacts and eventually found it secured by her colleague.

    Thanks again!

  15. No one answers the phone in Paris either. I have a delayed flight from Seoul to Paris so I couldn’t take my connection flight. The customer service at Asiana airlines misslpalced the hotel and shuttle so I had to wait on this freezing rainy weather 1h 30 minutes . Finally when I arrived to the hotel the meal was not booked. I was told to keep the receipt and send it to Asiana airlines to reimburse but I can’t find any email to send my receipt. Please provide information how to do so. My bag is also lost and it has been two days since I am waiting and there is no information available. Please return my bag.

  16. Joanna Eunice Parungao Reply

    This is about the 12 hour delayed flight OZ 522 from Heathrow London to Incheon. It was supposed to be on July 15, 8:50PM and was delayed to July 16 10:00AM!

    The Asiana person in Heathrow Terminal 2 was Mr. M.S Koo. He said I find my hotel on my own (they should be the ones making arrangements), and Asiana will refund. All I have to do is present the receipts in Asiana Philippine office and the reimbursement will be deposited in my bank account.

    Unfortunately, Ms Lida Tan, OZ manager Philippines said they are not aware of the delay in Heathrow and it will take time for them to contact UK Asiana. I was flabbergasted when she said there is a chance Asiana won’t refund my expenses! This is horrible!! In the first place, Asiana had a contract with me regarding my flight schedule, and it THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to make arrangements for my accommodations for that 12 hours and they should reassure me they will reimburse. I did not even check-in in a fancy hotel!! Someone in Asiana please coordinate with Ms. Lida Tan, OZ manager Philippines and reimburse my expenses. This delay already made me miss work that Monday. This is such a big HASSLE!

    • Yosy Namara Reply

      About 50+ people were impacted by 11+ hours delay from Manila to Seattle via Incheon. Because of the error on Asiana side, we were not only 1+ hour delay to depart from Manila to Incheon, but also that the direct flight from Incheon to Seattle is no longer available.

      These 50+ people, myself included, had to be re-routed to LAX to wait there and switched to Delta Airlines that will make us arrive in Seattle 11+ hours after.

      I have been travelling extensively in the past three weeks and having graveyard shifts in Manila. This delay exhausted me physically and mentally. When I inquired to Asiana about what they can do to make it right for us, the duty manager Ms. Min Kyunghee based in Manila basically said there is nothing that they could do. Although there are multiple direct flights from other airlines internationally from Incheon to Seattle, they simply cannot accommodate it because it is a higher price for them. There is no refund, no upgrade.

      If you like budget airlines and don’t mind potential 8+ hours delay, I would say this is your choice of airline, otherwise if you’re in a hurry or need comfort, please choose Eva Air or Delta instead.

  17. Lileth Encarnacion Reply

    Hello I am very disappointed after waiting over 25 minutes on hold for my turn I got hung up twice because for some odd reason the person on the other line could not hear me. They had no patience to at least a minute to figure out why they can’t hear me. Now I would like somebody to call me and contact me regarding the reason why I am calling . You will have my email address so I need you to email me when you can call me and I will give my phone number.

  18. My flight is on 22 May 0240 SIN to Incheon. I have special diet requirements but I can’t find anywhere in your website that enables me to book arrangements for my diet. Who/How am I supposed to contact for this requirement? Your SG office is closed for the weekend already. Please help or should I be packing my own meal to go on board?

  19. Angel Angelov Reply

    Hello, i have missing luggage. Yesterday I arrived in Inchon, and it’s very urgent to recieve my luggage. Carrier flight number is FB449/OZ562/21JAN. Please, no I am begging you, do whatever is possible to recieve my luggage. My name is Angel Angelov and I am in Lamer Hotel in Busan. Contact with me as soon as possible!!!!! We already fill the report for missing luggage in INCHON’S airport…

  20. Prasan Arora Reply

    Horrible experience flying on Asiana airlines. Flew from Sfo-ICN-Del on Oct 28th. Airline managed to lose my check-in bag(oz317309). Contact no. given by airlines staff to check status of complaint doesn’t work. Can anyone from airline staff respond back with status of my lost baggage.

  21. Maria Loida Yumul Sevilla Reply

    I booked a round trip ticket Manila to san Francisco, USA through CheapOAir and I have a booking confirmation and E-ticket Number. When do I receive my official E-ticket? Thanks.

  22. Graham Ives Reply

    You guys have not sent our piece of luggage from San Francisco to Seoul!! Our flight number was 0Z211. We flew into Seoul (ICN) airport on Thursday, August 25. Please contact us and send us our bag!

  23. Why does nobody answer the phones in London. I have problems with the website and need help. I have tried ringing all morning and get an automated reply followed by an engaged tone. I have tried all three numbers with the same effect!

  24. Rodante Pinpin Reply

    Our last travel with Asiana on Oct 24, 2015 was not pretty. We are 4 travelers who had 5 checked in luggage but upon reaching our final destination in Clark Airport Philippines none of our luggage showed up. The next day exactly after 24 hours we received our 4 luggage but unfortunately the last missing luggage haven’t been found and it’s been 21 days now but we haven’t received any email from the airlines. I wonder if they will compensate me for lost luggage.

  25. Fred Young Reply

    I was on flt.OZ235 last June 11, seated at 15C and had a pleasant voyage. The flt. crew were just wonderful. I have been flying with Asiana for a good decade now and never had a negative experience with my travel. Keep up the good work guys and thank you.

  26. I purchased a Business class ticket from Hawaii to Thailand. I need to know the baggage limitations. How many bags am I allowed? Also, what is the weight of each bag that I can carry? Also need to know the charge for extra baggage. I would like to bring 3 bags and would need to know the extra charge.

  27. I flied to south korea (incheon airort) on 3rd july 2012 and came back to india on 2nd Oct 2012. During my returning to India (indra gandhi airport) on 2nd oct, i forgot my samsung ear phones on my seat . My flight no. was OZ 767 and no. was 40 J (departure time 20:10). Is there any way that i can get my earphones. I am again flying to south korea probably on 17th oct 2012. i can collect it from india or korea if possible. i know its very difficult to find a earphone from flight after 1 week. but still if u can find pl. revert on this mail id.

  28. How can i claim my missing mileage because i got an error while i tried to do that. Please check for me.

  29. Stanley Muzimkhulu Radebe Reply

    How can I redeem my miles when I cannot contact you via email. All other Star Alliance members would credit my miles within at least a month. I have flown on your airline in March already and there is still nothing that indicates this. My South African Airways voyager number: 28138580

  30. Attn webmaster Asiana airlines … how about sorting out your website.

    I can’t book a flight from HKG to FRA return .. sort your damn shit out brother

  31. My parents were supposed to leave Manila on April 7, 2012 on flight 777 to LAX but they did not board the plane. I am extremely worried. I called my family in Manila and my cousin dropped them off at the Manila on April 7. No one has heard from them and it has been 24 hours. What should I do?

  32. I left for mistake my business card pocket in flight OZ1045 from Gimpo Seoul to Haneda Tokyo. Please contact me if you can find it. Its leather made, brown color. Inside you can find my telephone number and adress in Tokyo on my business cards. Thanks a lot.

  33. Allan Hoffman Reply

    I spent most of the day yesterday, January 21, in the Asiana Business Lounge in Incheon airport before my 18:45 flight on OZ 0272 to Seattle. I accidently left my computer “mouse” there in the lounge; I know I left it there and not on the plane because I did not use my laptop during the flight. It is in a small black bag, about 5cm wide x 8 cm long x 3cm high in dimensions. I believe I have an address sticker on it. I am a Star Alliance Gold flyer (1K 3 million mile flyer, mostly with United) and I had a SEA-ICN round trip business class ticket on Asiana. Allan Hoffman.

  34. Asiana should have a customer equiry email link on their website , sort of like what most other reputable airline websites have

  35. Asiana website doesn’t allow me to book HKG – FRA return
    How can I determine if fully lie flat seats are available on those flights

  36. asiana is rejecting my flight miles to be accounted in my carrier airline which is also a staralliance member, i d like to email my boarding card but i cant reach any e-mail address pls send me address where i can submit my boarding

    • please ring up the customer support and they shall sort the matter out

  37. Asiana Airlines Flight – 741
    Seoul ICN – BKK 06:20 (18:20)
    Airline Reservation ID #: CLFQ3M
    Please Confirm: Requested Isle Seat.

    Reason: Because of bilateral knee surgery, I need to get up and move around on a constant basis. Also, prostate problems requier me to use the restroom facilities on a normal basis. If you are unable to provide this service, I will just cancel my trip and take the financial loss.

    Thank You

  38. nasma parker Reply

    what is the e-mail address of asiana airlines as i need my miles to be send to my SAA Voyager acc and it now 3 months since ago i flew ASIANA

    • please send me your e-mail address. The website does not work. I am flying asiana from tianjin to sydney on january 28th. I must change my
      reservation from tianjin to beijing. The flight continues fom seoul to sydney. I must change the flight date from january 28th to start on january 27th. The flight on january 28th from seoul is unchanged (asiana flight 601)..the flight from tianjin(asiana flight 328) must change to beijing

  39. Wong Ho Kwan Kenneth Reply

    What’s the correct phone number to the London office? I want to call the office to help change my ticket date from 22/6 to 25/8, this is urgent!!! But the phone number on this webpage doesn’t work!!! Can the airline please contact me through my email?

  40. I would really like to thank Asiana flight attentand staff that serviced me during my flight Ft# OZ 702 May 21st from Manila to Seoul Korea.The Head Flt Attentant was very professional and took the extra time to approach me as a Star Alliance 1-K customer and asked me if everything was OK. This is the first time since I have been flying on Star Alliance flights. SUPER SERVICE FOR HER AND HER STAFF ON THAT FLIGHT.

  41. How do you email them? – the number for London gets cut off after it rings a few times

    • Frank Concilus Reply

      A regular Asian customer, I would like to congratulate Ms. B.H. Cha on her extraordinary customer service toward various passengers on OZ 162 from Incheon to Hiroshima on June 5, 2011. Ms. Cha interacted in a professional and affable manner with the Korean, Japanese, and, in my case, American passengers. I sincerely recommend her to Asiana as an exemplary flight attendant. I teach for the Univ. of Maryland in Japan and Korea and have been very impressed by Asiana in general and Ms. Cha in particular!
      Frank Concilus

      • AMIT TAGRA Reply

        What’s the correct phone number to the INDIA office? I want to call the office to help change my ticket date from 30/7 to 30/9, this is urgent!!! But the phone number on this webpage doesn’t work!!! Can the airline please contact me through my email?

    • My wife is traveling on OZ602 Sydney/Seoul on 07/10/11 This is the third time flying with Asiana. The arrangements for overnight stop is Seoul is chaotic and on one occasion my wife had to make her own hotel arrangements.Will it happen again this time or will you be better organised? She is a wheelchair assistance passenger B.Richardson

      • if stop over is over 8hrs airline usually provides accoodation..but call the support and make sure they have an advance hotel booked

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