Air India New York Office (Phone, Address)

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Contact Air India  in New York : Find below phone and address of Air India office in New York

570 Lexington Avenue,
15th Floor,New York NY 10022

Email:[email protected]

Resv 212-407-1365
Sales: 212-407-1390/1360/1418/1445


Address:Terminal 4,A Concourse, 4th floor, Room 462- 045,I JFK Intl.
Airport, Jamaica, NY 11430

[email protected]

Airport Manager-JFK

About Air India / Indian Airlines
Based in Mumbai, Indian Airlines is a state owned major airline that is managed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. In the year 2005, Indian Airlines was rebranded as Indian. The airline operates closely with Air India. The airline started its operation on 1 August 1953. For more details on Indian Airlines visit the link here Contact Indian Airlines. For booking tickets online visit the website at

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  1. Trying to change a booking for my mom. Called about 12 times. They keep transferring me to ticket agent where no one answers the phone. The worst experience and the worst airline.

  2. I am trying to change my reservation on a business class ticket. I was on call to customer service for 4 hours and yet no response. First a representative answered and she said she has to transfer me to another department and after 2 hours, the call gets disconnected automatically. I pleaded to her the second time saying that I have 2 small kids and cannot stay on the call forever but there is ZERO empathy towards their customers.

    I am now not sure how to change my reservation.

    • Exact same situation for me too Haritha. When things go wrong with them, everything goes wrong, and there is no way they help you. No phones that work, no emails that get responded to.

  3. Customer service is horrible. been waiting for 30 minutes on hold and still no one answers. Regret booking with Air India . HORRIBLE SERVICE

  4. Bhasin Renu Reply

    The AI customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. I had paid for a business class seat from Kolkata to SFO. On The first leg of the flight from Kolkata to Delhi, I was put on an economy plane… had no business class seats as they changed the aircraft. No refund on it since the month of Feb inspite if repeated calls, emails.
    That was not the end of the experience. The food service, the indifferent staff and the lack of interest of the employees is sickening. I will NEVER fly on this airline again and would advise others not to as well.


    I travelled to India and paid for special seats for me and my wife, when I reached air port they did not gave me a seat, as the booking person did not attach to PNR, I am trying to get a refund have been unsuccesful inspite of several contacts, I sent them a copy of a ticket they want a boarding pass and called new york office they never call back. finally I decided to post it. I hope it helps

    Kailash Makhija

  6. My sister passed away and I had to cancel my existing travel reservations to get an emergency ticket to India from Newark. When I called customer service to cancel they told me if I send them her death certificate any time I should be able to get a full refund back. In India you don’t get death certificates instantly. Takes 10 days! I sent it to them as soon as I received it. Now I haven’t heard anything from them. All they told me was I was too late giving them the death certificate. Nothing can be done now.
    I will never travel or book air India again in my life. I will pay more for other airlines, AI customer service is the worse I have ever seen

  7. Ashutosh Bhalerao Reply

    I regret having asked my daughter to travel by AI -she had a disgusting experience – @JFK for not having a hard copy of ticket she had to plead for help – staff was very arrogant and rude – treatment was humiliating – sitting in india I tried to call AirIndia staff @ JFK for help but none of the phones would respond – good thing is – staff was going overboard with courtsies when dealing with white passengers – Air India needs to introduce their Airport staff to “politeness” they don’t seem to know the meaning of this word – A I advertisements are misleading – actually they are rude and unhelpful

  8. This is the worst air line in the world ! Being an Indian I am ashamed that this belongs to our country !! Staff is rude and inefficient as their managers and Bosses! They should all be fired !

  9. Indrani Basu Reply

    I am trying to change travel date on my existing booking on line. It is not going through. I sent an email 3 days ago to for help as suggested by the customer service. No reply yet. Please help me, time is running out. Thanks.

  10. Hari Pulijal Reply

    I traveled by Air India from Mumbai to Newark on August 12. The baggage was held up in Mumbai, and it finally arrived today (August 20). No communication was possible with Air India. When I placed a call, the message asked to leave a voice mail, but the mail box was full. What kind of customer service is this? I understand the delay in sending the baggage, but not communicating the status is appalling. No compensation was given to purchase any personal items. I had another three days of stay at the port of arrival before I travelled to my hometown in Virginia. Give me one good reason why I should travel by Air India again. You guys work so hard to bring the standards down. With bad service, no customer care, most TV monitors and lights not working on board, clogged toilets etc., why would I ever want to travel by your airline?

  11. We had to book our ticket from Delhi to Newark. They gave us ticket from Delhi to Mumbai and from Mumbai to Newark. Time we had 3 hours to catch our flight from Mumbai to Newark. But when we got our boarding pass, the lady said she cannot check our luggage to Newark directly and we will have to pick our luggage at Mumbai airport. She said we have three hours and is plenty enough and we will be transferred to International terminal internally. But that was not the case we had to take 15 mins bus ride from domestic terminal to international terminal. Cannot trust air India.

  12. I want to know if the AI flight from JFK to Delhi is opertaing daily.


  13. Srikant Vuddagiri Reply


    I would like to know the office timings of the Air India, NY office.
    570 Lexington Avenue,
    15th Floor,New York NY 10022

    is it open on Saturday?

  14. I would like to carry extra baggage. Could I know how much extra weight I can carry?

  15. Simanto Singh Reply

    I have a domestic ticket booked using FF miles. I have payment of around Rs. 700 pending as the taxes are not covered in miles. My PNR is jdjwm. Can I make a payment calling New York office or send cashiers check. But I only have till Nov3 9 AM. I was holding the phone for an hour but could not get through.

  16. can i pay through cashier’s check if I extended my mom’s ticket from October 10 th to November 29th 2011. I am sending a cashier’s check for 125 dollars today, please let me know

    • yes you should be able the customer support once and enquire on the same..

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