Contact Air France: Customer service, phone of Air France

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Contact Air France: Find below customer care details of Air France, including phone and address. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on services of Air France. Reach the contact below for new booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Air France.

Air France Head Office
45, rue de Paris
95 747 Roissy CDG Cedex
Phone: 01 41 56 78 00
Fax : 01 41 56 70 29

Air France Customer Care
France: 36 54 or 01 41 56 78 00
UK: 0871 66 33 777
Hong Kong: (852) 25 01 94 33
India:1800 1800 033
USA: (1) 800 237 27 47
Canada : (1) 800 375 8723
Germany: 01 80 5 830 830
China: (86) 4008 808 808
Italy: 848 88 44 66

Online Support
If you have booked your ticket online and would like to enquire on your reservation call:
Frace: 09 69 39 01 04
USA: 1-800-99AFWEB (1-800-992-3932)
Email: [email protected]

Customer ServiceBy Post
Air France – Europe
Service Client, TSA 21235
75564 Paris CEDEX 12, France

0871 66 33 777
0810 033 033 (Metropolitan France)

Customer Relations

Phone: +33 (0)9 69 39 10 30
Fax: +33(0)3 44 14 44 79

Phone: 1 800 992 3932.

Baggage Assistance
Phone: 0825 775 775 (France)
Phone: (+33) 01 55 69 84 68 (if calling from abroad)
You can contact the airport Baggage Assistance Service  at 0970 808 816
To track your lost baggage online click here

For ticket purchased on, call 36 54 or dial 09 69 39 01 04

Air France Cargo
Tel: 0 820 057 057 (24/7)

Telephone: +33(0)1 56 93 32 28
E-mail: [email protected]

Flying Blue
Phone: 3272
Phone: + 33 1 58 68 68 68 (international)
Fax: + 33 1 58 68 68 00

You can check-in online 30 hours before your scheduled flight time. You need to provide your electronic ticket number and the details of the passenger travelling. You can get your boarding pass on email or SMS.

Baggage Information
Hand baggage: You are allowed 1 standard baggage item with following dimensions:
55 cm (l) x 35 cm (w) x 25 cm (h) – including pockets, wheels, and handles. Those flying on Premium class have additional benefits.

Checked Baggage: You are allowed to transport 1 baggage item weighing up to 23 kg if you are flying within France. For flying between Europe, you can carry 2 baggage items weighing up to 32 kg. Passengers flying Africa and Asia can carry at least 3 baggage. Visit the website for more details according to your travel class.

Flying Blue Information
Flying Blue is a frequent flyer programme founded by Air France and KLM. Flying Blue has a network of over 900 destinations, more than 18,000 daily flights and over 100 partners worldwide. You earn a wide range of special benefits and privileges when you fly with AIR FRANCE, KLM, Aircalin, Air Europa, Kenya Airways, Tarom or any of our other SkyTeam partners. Flying Blue contains four membership levels – Ivory (Basic level), Silver (SkyTeam Elite level), Gold (SkyTeam Elite in USA and Mexico, Elite Plus elsewhere) and Platinum (SkyTeam Elite Plus level).

About Air France
air-france-airlineAir France was founded in the year 1933 and is one of the world’s largest airlines. As the official French carrier, Air France operates from its main hub at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport and Amsterdam-Schiphol, and has about 1,500 daily flights serving 183 destinations in 98 countries. In the year 2004 Air France and KLM merged as one giving rise to the largest European air transport group. Together, Air France and KLM carried 71.4 million passengers in 2009-2010. Their joint frequent flyer program, Flying Blue, is the biggest in Europe.  Air France currently has over 60,000 employees worldwide.

In the year 2000, Air France, Aeromexico, Delta and Korean set up the SkyTeam Alliance which is the second-ranking global alliance. SkyTeam together has over 13,000 daily flights to 898 worldwide destinations.It’s thirteen members include Air France, KLM, Aeroflot, Aeromexico, Air Europa, Alitalia, China Southern Airlines, CSA Czech Airlines, Delta, Kenya Airways, Korean, Tarom and Vietnam Airlines.

Air France’s subsidiaries include Regional, Britair, CityJet, Transavia France, Servair, Air France Consulting, BlueLink, Sodexi, CRMA. Visit the website for more details.

Air France Destinations
Air France destinations include Beijing, Dubai, Frankfurt, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Geneva, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Rome, Tokyo, Barcelona, Seattle, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Rio de Janeiro, Zurich, Istanbul, London, Mauritius, Boston, Seoul, Washington DC and Stockholm.

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  1. To whom it may concern. My name is Nikolay Mozhenkov 03.07.1984. On the 10th of January I decided to buy a ticket from Barcelona to Cancun, and bought a ticket with company AirFrance. I had no luggage before my trip and I had only my IPAD and papers for work, my 2 telephones, my medication with me, which I need to take 3 times a day, and also I made some small tax free shopping in the evening. (Tax free, you can get in the last EU airport, but you have to show what you bought). I arrived at the airport at the right time, got my boarding pass, and went to my Gate. I worked and waited till all the passengers went to the plane (so I was the last one, who entered the plane). At the gate the AirFrance ladyworker told me that there is no space in the plane and I cannot take my small bag with all my personal important stuff with me. I explained her that is for me unacceptable to give my bag to the luggage and have it only in Cancun in 17 hours. She told me that I can speak with the captain on the plane, but she putted a tag on my bag. I went to the plane with my bag, and before entering the plane, the captain told me again that there is no space for my bag. I explained him my situation, but he told me that the lady made her decision and putted a tag on my bag, and that it is in the system and He can’t do anything about it. He gave me a paper bag to take the most important belongings with me (I was very confused, and I only took my IPAD for work, my telephones, and papers for work). After I entered a plane, I saw several empty space, there my bag could easily fit. So I asked a lady on the plane, to take my bag with me, and showed her those several empty space, which I photographed. She went to the captain but the answer was no, again. After we took off, I realised that I forgot my medication, which I will need to take in 6 hours, and in 12 hours. (And that I need my tax free items to present in Paris). I am in Paris now. At the desk, I asked for manager from AirFrance, they told me, there is nothing that manager can do…. I need my medication. What should I do?

  2. Hagit jackson Reply

    Our flight from Paris to JFK was cancelled. We got a message in the middle of the night, few hours before departure, telling us that news.
    We sent demand for compensation on line, 6 times, never got any response. We tried to call- no answer.
    This is outrageous. This is disrespectful!!
    No answer, not once anyone respond.
    Shame on you Air France!!

  3. I was arriving home on a 10+ hour flight, misplaced my phone, and had the absolute worst customer service experience from your rude staff.

    I will be posting my story on your social media account pages:

    Within 2 minutes of stepping off the plane (right after exiting the tunnel leading off the plane), I realized my phone was left in the pocket of the seat in front of me. Me or one of your staff could have very easily went to my seat and grabbed it in a span of 30 seconds and ended this whole issue before it began.

    But I was told I would not be allowed back on the plane to search and they did not have someone available to help me, and so I should speak to the manager at baggage claim where I was told they have a process for dealing with my situation. I calmly listened even though I knew I would be walking away from my best chance to retrieve my phone, but I did not want to be difficult and trusted the Air France “system.”

    I arrived at baggage claim and waited 20 minutes at a window next to a blue door with a phone next to it. The first question your manager asked me (as did the attendant who told me to go to baggage claim) was whether I was in business or economy class, which makes me believe that had I been business class your staff would have been more responsive from the beginning. He then told me there was nothing he could do and that I would have to file a claim. He then closed the window and walked away with no further explanation.

    At this moment I instantly regretted listening to the AF staff in the first place and knew I should have stayed at the exit of the plane demanding better service. British Airways, Lufthansa and other airlines have a person specifically designated to go and retrieve lost items with sensitive information immediately. Why does Air France not do the same?

    As instructed, I posted a listing for my lost phone on the Air France website, yet here I am almost one month later and not a single follow up from the black hole that they call a system. Though I was upset with myself for misplacing the phone, I was equally upset to discover that a worldwide airline has absolutely no policy in place for such a situation, which very possibly occurs on a daily basis.

    My family and I have been flying Air France for 10+ years, with my parents often flying business class. From now on I will now be taking my, my fiancee’s, and my family’s business to British Airways since they have better staff training.

    This is not the first incident my family has dealt with regarding your rude staff, but we have overlooked it simply because we assumed all companies have a few bad employees. We no longer feel this way because there is a pattern and we cannot help but feel ignored and disregarded for reasons I cannot understand.

  4. So frustrated! All of the french numbers above are not friendly if called from a mobile phone – other than 0141567800 – which does get answered and then transferred for 30 minutes to the sales desk …. I have been unsuccessfully trying to reach a sales agent for Air France for over an hour to change a ticket! I cannot use the online option to change the ticket myself as the country destination has changed and the system advises me to contact this extremely unhelpful helpdesk!

  5. Ellen Walton Reply

    My flight from Barcelona to Paris on 5/27 was delayed; leaving my Paris to Boston flight unavailable; by the time I arrived in Paris, going through passport and gates, I found the Air France desk; I was soaking wet from nerves, red face. The agent, Julliard Roman (or Romano) was so so helpful. Let me sit and gave me a glass of water; apparently, my next flight would be on 5/28. He gave me a cosmetic bag and coupons for a hotel and food. Helped me find the bus to the hotel; let me call my daughter in the US. He was so kind; I never had that happen to me and he took care of me like I was his mother. I appreciate him. He works in Terminal E; by the way, the guards down in the passport area were so kind to me also, I needed help and they directed me to the ladies’ room and the terminal where I met this wonderful Julliard. I hope I have his name right

  6. Jessica Stemmet Reply

    My parents flew with Air France to visit me in France and then back to SA again and both flights were awful. Coming to France both their flights were delayed and they could not help my father (who suffers with neuropathy) with a seat with more leg room, the food was apparently awful. Going back to SA they were driven to the plane and had to climb steps, which is very hard for my father with his chronic pain. Once again awful food to top it off a tv screen that did not work. I have heard many complaints which is why I personally only fly KLM and they will do the same from now on. Very disappointing when one is spending this amount of money!!

  7. Cliff Morley Reply

    I have just had my first…and last…. experience with Air France.
    It started on the 7th February with a flight London – Paris Johannesburg. In fact this proved excellent….because of snow in Paris I was transferred to British Airways. I never thought I would speak good of British Airways – they were superb!!!

    Returning from Johannesburg on the 5th March…where do I start….the check in procedure in Johannesburg was disgraceful and disorganized. I was travelling Premier Economy. The seat 82A was the most uncomfortable airline seat I have ever (40 years!!!!) sat in. The TV was faulty (even after “resetting”!) the reclining was a a disgrace. The food (if you could call it that) was awful! Thank God I had something at the airport.
    The change over at Paris was ok, but again the boarding procedure (30 mins late!!) was a complete farce. The people at the gate had no idea.
    Major airlines need to take heed of how smaller airlines work….the AF cabin policy is a complete joke. It seems you can take on anything as long as you can carry it…never mind size and weight!
    Boarding the AF aircraft is also a complete joke…..its best just to push in, whatever class you are flying, get your decent sized baggage into the overhead locker, sit down, shut up and watch the anarchy in the ailes!!! Why don’t Air France board – first class, business class, premier class and then economy FROM THE REAR of the aircraft. It would save time and effort.

    So that was my experience…made even worse by the fact…when I received an email dated 6th March, asking me for comments on my flight. I tried, I promise, I tried….but was informed “to no longer take the survey!!” I ONLY ARRIVED ON THE 6TH!!!! – Hence this email!!

    Sorry Air France, you really need to do better – I was expecting better things from the French national airline.

    Never again!!

    Have a nice day.

    * There was one positive note….Air France and its partners managed to get my two in-hold bags from George (South Africa) to London, undamaged and on-time!! Well done!!

  8. Stephen Hale Reply

    re: Accessibilty Problems on Air France flights

    Dear Air France Customer Service ,

    My wife and I flew Air France round trip from Boston to Paris (CDG)
    for 3 weeks, this August 2017. Cost : $1,600. The following problems
    are important and unacceptable :

    1. Upon landing at CDG, my wife (who booked a wheelchair and assistance) was not met with a wheelchair
    or attendant. We waited for 25 minutes (after the entire plane had emptied)
    for the Wheelchair/Assistant. Which finally arrived after we walked up the ‘gang plank’.
    Proceeding through Customs and Security was smooth and efficient.
    Our problem was at the baggage claim carousel. We waited over 2 hours
    (with 12 other passengers) until we all decided to give up and file a ‘lost luggage’ claim.
    We did that. The problem was the handicap assistant abandoned us after 60 minutes;
    and departed with the wheelchair ! He checked his smartphone and
    announced “I have to go”, delivered my wife to a lounge seat and left. No luggage; no wheelchair !
    I walked around until I could find a spare wheelchair which I commandeered.
    We departed CDG with our host (who had been patiently waiting). This is outrageous treatment by Air France after an otherwise smooth flight from Boston.

    2. On returning to Boston at Logan airport once again we were astonished
    by Air France’s disregard for our request of a wheelchair and assistant. ( I had added a small fee
    for us to sit at the front of the coach class section to make deplaning easier and smoother.)
    There was no wheelchair or assistant !

    Good service from an airline consists of more than two servings of food and stylish uniforms!
    My wife was so appalled that she leaned on me and we wobbled off the aircraft. Our stewardess
    reprimanded us and summoned her head stewardess, who more aggressively demanded we wait until the
    entire plane had emptied! At that point we were sick of Air France’s negligence and de-planed.

    I swore to never fly Air France again; and to let our feelings be known !

    It’s important for you to understand this formal complaint because if this had happened
    once with Air France, we would say ‘bad luck’. Since it happened a 2nd time on the return leg
    it’s clearly a handicap accessibility policy problem within Air France Airlines.

    Unhappy Air France customers

  9. Heard a very bad experience with your service after l was denied boarding due to an error of misread visa information which resulted in me being stuck in Bucharest. The ground team was very unhelpful and yet it was their fault after doing thorough investigation of my visa requirements. I was shocked that such an airline with high reputation would give such poor service and fail to do proper visa checks for passengers.all they wanted was for me to purchase a new ticket without solving the problem. It seemed more of a money game not trying to ensure the passenger is assisted or mistake rectified. Effortless time trying to get the main hub in Paris to get involved and assist. Very pathetic service from a so called major airline

  10. Hi,

    I have submitted an online form; ref Id – 8251039001. Is it possible for you to act on this and let us know the feedback. When I submitted the form it said need 10 days to respond. Could you please check this and send me an email asap?


  11. Good Morning,

    I want to write and say thank you for the excellent customer service I received while trying to get my ticket issued in Paris. I was on a flight to Africa and there was an issue with my ticket. I was helped by Miss Chrystel Dolmen and she stayed with me until my problem was resolved. Her kindness and understanding of the issue helped me make my flight. She even escorted us through screening so we did not miss our flight. Because of the extra customer service care she provided, my fiance and I had a fabulous trip. I want to thank her and the other supervisors who assisted in helping us get on our flight and fixing our issue.

    Thank you Chrystel! And thank you Air France!

  12. Mats Winroth Reply

    Hi. I have now been waiting for my luggage more than a week and Air France must be the worst airline when it comes to customer service. You have to do everything yourself and they have terrible routines for contacting partner airlines etc. Especially avoid CDG airport! They can’t get your luggage on even if you have more than an hour there.

  13. We are really sorry to write about this but we have no other option. The incident took place on 6, January, 2013. I, my brother, and my mother as well as six other people had got lots of hardships and obstacles on our way to get on the board of AF2561. My family together with two other families got this wonderful chance to travel to Paris due to Orange Armenia Company because we were the 1000th subscribers who activated mobile numbers. Our trip to Paris should have lasted for three days, from 6 to 9 January and all of us had thoroughly planned our every single minute while being in Paris. Having passed all the structures within the territory of Zvartnoc airport, i.e. passport, ticket and baggage control zones, we were literally prohibited to get on the board. Imagine having your tickets with the seat numbers and not to be allowed to get on. The representatives of Air France in Armenia after keeping silence for twenty (!) minutes, while all the other passengers got on the board, started giving senseless and mindless explanations of the situation we appeared in. Real nonsense, believe my word! We were told that there are ranges of privilege categories within economy class zone, that situations like this (when person cannot get on the aircraft having his ticket) are absolutely normal, that it happens a lot. Is this the way your company is working? I believe the answer is no. In the end three of us – the first family – got on, and I must tell you the way it happened. One of your workers gave them a plastic bag with, as they told them, a tablecloth to take with them and give it to a person who would wait for them at Charle de Gaulle airport. Actually, apart from the above mentioned table cloth there were golden ring and 5-6 cigarette packs as it proved to be already in Paris. Imagine, what could have happened if they were stopped and inspected after landing in Paris? Isnt this smuggling? Then the fourth of us, i.e. me, got on. Already on the board a girl felt bad and together with her two family members they got off the plane. Thus three other people had a chance to fly to Paris. The second family got on the plane but they appeared in Paris without their baggage because nobody here cared to put it on the plane. Is it normal, is this the way it should be?

    In the end, my brother and mother stayed in Armenia and I flew without them. They were told that they would arrive to Paris through Moscow and would be given compensation. And they really got that compensation. For me it was really terrifying not to know what is going on, where they are. Believe my word, January 6 was one of the worst days of my life. Actually, my mother and brother arrived on 7 January and we passed two days in Paris.
    We are very dissatisfied with the service and with the inhumane attitude of your working staff in Armenia. The situation is really serious .

  14. jez reynard Reply

    This airline left my bike in Paris, then repeatedly told me it will be on the next flight , would arrive, all so far bullshit, I haven’t seen it. Customer services, have offered an apology but done nothing, find another air line, this one has shambolic service.

  15. Recently travelled with Air France and had an excellent experience. The stewards were very kind and sensitive. I will surely fly again with Air France.

  16. Hello ,
    We are leaving from Lyon to Paris this Thursday and then from Paris to Athens next day (Friday)..
    Our flight (Lyon-Paris) is scheduled for Thursday night(21:00). We are wondering if it is possible to travel to Paris using the morning flight instead of the night flight ? Who shall we contact ?
    Thanks in advance..

  17. Alok Singla Reply

    Dear Air-France customer services ,
    I have booked my ticket for the first time through Air France. My return ticket is on January 30, 2011 from Delhi to Chicago. My father is severely ill and I am not in a situation to leave him alone. He is a patient of Nasopharyngeal carcinoma and currently fighting from terminal illness. In such a situation, I have genuine request to waive the change fees of 250 USD for the extension of the time validity of my return ticket (0578732339560) up to one year.

  18. To whom it may concern,

    I have made a rezervation with the 7TD97X reference number for the ticket from Istanbul to Ottawa on 23th Jan 2012, but I am not able to buy this ticket. First I made a reservation for 22th January 2012, but I didn’t buy this ticket because of that I didn’t reach someone who is responsible for. So I missed out my interview on the 23th January. Please help me to buy this ticket with the ref no 7TD97X or give me phone number / email address to overcome this issue.

    Yours sincerely

    • customer help Reply

      if you call the reservation desk..they shall help you complete the booking

  19. I flew in AF192 on Sunday(18 Dec 2011) from Paris to Bangalore and lost my check-in bag. The super responsible AIRFRANCE staff at Bangalore airport said i will get information on my bag within 3hrs and finished the formalities and got rid of me from his desk. Until this moment i didnot received any message on my baggage.

  20. I require someone to help me with regard to my pets flying with me in the hold of the aircraft from Johannesburg South Africa to Conakry Guinea. Air France Staff at JNB are rather useless and could only tell me that i cannot have my 2 small dogs fly out of SA, Air France website clearly states one can take pets in the hold of the aircraft. Please could someone deal with this immediately as i have spent 2 weeks now trying to sort it out. I require pricing before purchasing tickets. Thank you

  21. I can not get anyone to answer an inquiry regarding carrying on a walker and consideration to waiving a second bag filled with medical supplies for humanitarian work in Bulgaria. Please advise!

  22. What help can Air France render for someone who bought a ticket on line and has to change its flight because the spouse is on emergency in the hospital.She paid for changing the first time because doctor considered the spouse would be discharged. There was another development that did not allow the doctor to discharge the spouse but on approaching Air France again ,I was told to go and pay $313 again. Does that mean that Air France cannot help at the time of Emergency. Please I need help at this time.

  23. Please advise with whom I may be in contact for media tickets. We are covering the story of Christmas in Paris this year and would like to enquire about ticket prices to Paris from Johannesburg departing 20 December and returning 5 January. thank you.

    • there are no special fares for media people..visit the website to check if any discounts or promotions..

  24. georges zeitoun Reply

    I need my correct mail to be forwarded to flying blue.
    The mail they have of me is WRONG.
    It is important because I need my access code to flying blue.
    Thank you for your help

  25. Please help me find an email address in the US or Paris to send my complaints. I have a huge text that doesn’t fit in the space of “contact us” page. I emailed them and I got a response from air france in africa, which is not what I want. I asked an email for the US or EU. I don’t want to call, I will loose my patience. thank you

    • here is a link through which you could reach Air France head office with your suggestions or complaints..if you still dont receive a response then call them and escalate your complaint with senior authorities..

  26. S. D. CHOUBEY Reply

    I have had one harrowing experience with Air France :
    I have travelled by flight no AF 455 from Sao Paulo to Paris on 16 July, 2011 and connecting flight no AF 225 from Paris to New Delhi on July 17, 2011. On reaching Delhi when I didn’t find my check in baggage at the belt, contacted the baggage service personnel, (mis)handling dozens of airlines including that of Air France. One Ms Seema told me that your baggage has not been loaded at Paris and may arrive tomorrow. She had given me a form stating: fill it up and we will inform you when to collect your baggage. I told her that I have to go to Vadodara by this afternoon flight, have single accommodation at Delhi and key of the same is inside my baggage, make arrangement for my night stay, as it is not possible to break open the lock at this hour of the night; neither any technician will be available at 02.00 AM. She ignored the plea regarding my vulnerable situation. I asked her to call incharge of Air Franc operations at the airport, if you are unable to provide me hotel accommodation for the night. She replied that there is no Air France official at the airport. On my insistence to talk his superior, she called one Mr K P Kashyap and briefed him about my demand. Mr Kashyap flatly refuse for any relief, without hearing anything from me. I asked him to take me to his superior or give me their phone no, but no avail. I asked him to give me Air France’s local office address so that I can visit in the morning, or give me email address so that I can lodge complain. But he refused for anything. They did not give me the reference no / file no to track the luggage online as well. There were 5-6 employees on the counter and at this juncture they virtually started misbehaving me. Later they all dispersed leaving me stranded at the counter. I contacted one Mr Yogesh, official of airport management company GMR and narrated the situation. He called Mr Kashyap and told for my help. Mr Kashyap didn’t heed to his appeal also. Than Mr Yogesh arranged me 2 phone nos. of Air France officials (9818180255 & 9971166454) I tried on both the numbers repeatedly, but got no response. I have already reached Vadodara but till date I have not received any communication from Air France or their agent regarding my baggage.

  27. Klaudija Hernjak Reply

    Good afternoon!
    Sadly,I need to share my complain.A week ago I came to Europe from Florida,and what happened with me its just no sense.
    My flight from Atlanta was late,so I missed my next one from Paris to Belgrade.They put me on”wait list” for the next flight,I was waiting there,and at the end of course the plane was full!(we were 5of us on that list)
    After they sent me from Paris to Franfurt-when I was there they found out.that I don’t have flight ticket to Belgrade at all!Lufthansa didn’t want to let me go.I was looking for someone from Air France-but it was too late,so I couldn’t find anyone!I was waiting until 5 o”clock in the morning-I spent whole night at the airport in Frankfurt!I had my next flight at 11:00 a.m.!so at the end I arrived 24hours later to Serbia,than I was supposed to! I came to visit my family after 8 months-and that situation gave me really hard time.

  28. Claudia Andersen Reply

    Existe um endereço de email da Air France no Aeroporto internacional de Copenhaguen?

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