Contact Air China: Find below customer care details of Air China, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Air China. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on services of Air China.

Air China Customer Care
Phone: 4008-100-999

Air China Reservation
Phone: 4008-986-999

Phone: (+86-10)59036666

Phone: 10100999

Phoenix Miles Contact
Phone: (+86)4006-100-666
Email: [email protected]

By Post
Beijing international post office
PO BOX:100071-666 PR China 100071

Beijing Office (China)
Xidan Civil Aviation Building: No.15
Chang’an West Street, Beijing
Phone: 4008-100-999

Shanghai Office
Room 307, Kerry Center, 1515
Nanjing West Road, Shanghai 200040
Phone: 4008100999

Los Angeles (USA)
2131 E Maple Ave, El Segundo,
CA 90245, U.S.A.
Phone: +1-800-882-8122

New York
AIR CHINA Ltd.(New York) Empire State Building 350 Fifth Avenue,
Suite 6905 New York, NY 10118
Phone: 1-212-371-9898

London (UK)
41 Grosvenor Gardens
London SWIW OBP, Great Britain
Phone: 44-20-77440800

Flight Status
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Baggage Information
Carry-on Baggage: For First and Business Class, up to two pieces of baggage are allowed per passenger. For Economy Class, only one piece of baggage is allowed per passenger. Each piece of carry-on baggage must not exceed the maximum dimensions of 55cm.

Checked Baggage: Each adult or child passenger is allowed to check in up to 20 kg of baggage for free. Business Class passengers can carry up to 40 kg. Passengers flying to US, Canada and Brazil can check in up to two pieces of baggage with weight of 23kg each. Business Class passengers can carry two bags with 32 kg each.

Lost Baggage
To trace lost baggage click here

Phoenix Miles
Phoenix Miles is Air China’s frequent flyer program. You can earn miles every time you fly with Air China or its partners, including during when booking hotels, hiring car and others. To enroll right now click here

About Air China
air-chinaAir China was founded in the year 1988 and is one of the world’s largest airlines with its headquarters in Beijing. It operates from its main hubs at Beijing Capital International Airport; Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport; and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Air China covers over 243 routes in 28 countries providing more than 6.000 weekly flights.

In the year 2007, Air China joined Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline alliance. The same year the airline’s frequent passengers club crossed 6 million. Air China has been listed among the World Top 500 Brands 2007. The Air China brand has also been named as one of “China’s Top Ten International Brands” by the Financial Times of Great Britain.

Air China’s destinations include London, Paris, Munich, Milan, Rome, Athens, Madrid, Moscow, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Kuwait, Dubai, Karachi, Delhi, Kathmandu, Lasa, Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Rangoon, Chengdu, Kunming, Xiamen, Nanning, Hong Kong, Seoul, Osaka, Fukuoka, Taibei, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Sendai, Sapporo, Hiroshima, Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and more.


  1. Maxeen Cavell Du plessis Reply

    I need to change my flight due to death in the family. I need an email address to find out what I am able to do about this. I am in South Africa at the moment. This is urgent.

  2. I would like to share my biggest travel disaster I ever had. It happened last week on a flight from Shenyang to Munich via Beijing and beside the bad weather it was mainly Air China who i blame for it.

    Original booking
    1. June 12th. CA1626 21:25 SHE to PEK
    2. June 13th. CA961 02:00 PEK to MUC

    1. I received an information in the afternoon of June 12th that my flight CA1626 21:25 was cancelled due to bad weather.

    2. My flight could be rebooked to an earlier flight CA1636 19:40. Unfortunately only economy was available.

    3. CA1636 had delay but there was no proper communication about how long and even the plane did not start in Beijing to Shenyang. I waited for more than 6 hours without any communication!

    4. When entering the plane at almost 1:30AM in the night it was already clear that it would be very tough to catch the flight in Beijing. But there was still hope that CA961 also has delay or would even wait.
    But there was anyway no other option than to take the flight. Rebooking was not possible anymore.

    5. 2 Business seats remain empty even it was not possible for me to book them before. As i originally booked and paid business class i asked the responsible manager on the flight to change seat also with the idea i could leave the flight quickly and keep the chance for catching the next flight. She told me to wait until the doors are closed and then they would arrange it accordingly.

    6. Nothing happened and after the start i stayed awake to be able to be reseated. Nothing happened and i called the purser to ask again. She told me her manager does not know about it and it would not be possible. Very disappointing as i spoke to the lady before and she seemed she wanted to help me. Even I had the original business class booking which was cancelled.

    7. Flight CA1636 landed at 3:30AM in Beijing. Of course CA961 was already gone and the real disaster started.

    8. All people who missed their flight were collected and told to wait. It was totally unclear what would be next.

    9. I checked the next options to Munich myself. (I) The next best option would have been with Swiss/LH to Zurich at 6:40AM and 1h later to Munich. I would have arrived around noon and only missed half a day in the office.
    (II) second best option was LH direct flight to Munich at 12:35

    10. But rumors said we will be rebooked to Air China at 2PM via Frankfurt to Munich. 12h later than the original flight, via Frankfurt, even earlier and better connection have been available. No hotel or compensation was offered proactively.

    11. As i had very important business meetings i wanted to get as soon as possible to Munich and I went to the Air China international ticket counter.
    The ticket counter was closed and there was not even opening hours shown. Unbelivable, I was at one of the biggest Airports flying with the most important Airline there, many people missed their flight and the counter was closed.

    12. I called the hotline to ask for the rebooking. They confirmed the rebooking to Air China 2PM via Frankfurt, telling me that this is already the best option for me. I was getting angry as it was definetly not the best option for me but for Air China. They could not help with an earlier booking and addressed me to the counter at the airport, i was standing infront, which was still closed.

    13. After 2h waiting, still with no sleep, the counter opened. The Zurich option was gone as it was already 6:30AM. With some argumentation i was finally rebooked to LH 12:35PM flight but confirmation needed to be given by LH counter which did not open before 7:30AM. Still no sleep.

    14. After confirming with LH i needed to get my bags out of the Air China booking. Why is it not possible to manage that my luggage with existing luggage tags to Munich cannot be rearranged??? I needed to get the luggage out. Manually!!

    15. The Duty manager said it will take around 1h and i need to wait at gate D50.

    16. There is no single sign for D50 but finally i found the right spot. No seats are available for waiting and you need to wait a long time.
    After 1,5 hours i received my first luggage, after 3h the second one and after 4h at 11:15AM!!!! shortly before i missed my next flight i finally received the 3rd luggage. Of course i could not relax the whole time and not sleep as i was expecting the luggage anytime. Meanwhile I called several hotlines, went back to the duty manager, asked some staff for support but nothing helped. I needed to stay awake and wait.

    17. I took the luggage and checked in again at LH counter. Needed to hurry to catch the flight. Still no sleep. I was lucky to finally sit in LH business class and i sweard never to fly with Air China again and will also recommend it to my colleagues and associates.

    18. I arrived Munich around 6PM, 12 h later than planned.

  3. Jane Friedl Reply

    Good Morning,

    I have just recently returned from China and would like to inform you of a matter of great concern to me… I have traveled through the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Thailand and have NEVER had anything like the experience in China. First of all when I checked in at Guangzhou on March 27th, it took 4 different people to locate my reservation without any explanation. I was shuffled to 3 different areas and finally received my boarding pass and was able to check my suitcase. I realize that traveling in foreign countries can have inconveniences but I didn’t realize how disturbing until I got to my home in Southern California later that evening.

    Upon receiving my suitcase, I noticed that the lock was not locked, it was attached to the zipper, and the zipper was open about 5 inches. Upon opening my suitcase I realized that my personal belongings had not just been gone through, but items were missing. I had very carefully packed my suitcase so that items I had purchased were not broken and so my dirty clothing was separated from my clean clothing. The inside of my suitcase looked as if a bomb had exploded inside. Nothing was the way that I had packed; my belongings that were folded were thrown into the suitcase, the gift items that I had carefully packed had been unwrapped and thrown into my suitcase, and several items that I had purchased were missing completely. I did find a paper that informed me that my suitcase had been checked, but most of the information was written in Chinese. Needless to say, this did not make the situation seem any less invasive.

    I understand that my suitcase may be searched and I have absolutely no problem with that, but this was unacceptable, I felt violated and exposed as a tourist and an American. I am deeply saddened that my amazing experience in China had to end on such a negative note. The friends that I visited in China have invited me back and I will likely be visiting them again in the future but I will not be using Air China as my airline of choice. This incident has left me with a VERY bad impression that will not be changed anytime soon.

    My hope is that this routine of ripping through baggage is changed and that others will not have this negative experience.


    Jane Doran Friedl

  4. Hello! I have been trying to book a trip from Vancouver To Dubai and i see the price of USD 585 but every time I try to purchase it the price jumps. That has happened multiple times and for multiple dates as i have a flexible return. Kindly advise.

  5. Emilie Lao Reply

    I booked a flight from hongkong to LA on 17 Jun. The original flight plan was 1030hrs from HK to Beijing, then 1500hrs from Beijing to LA. And I just received last min notification at 0100hrs telling me my flight time to Beijing changed from 1030hrs to 1100hrs without any reason. The interval time for my connecting flight was only 1 hr, I was worried about if I could get on the 1500hrs flight on time. Therefore I went to ask the boarding gate counter staff at HKIA if there would be any arrangement for this kind of situation, I was told that I have to communicate with the flight counter staff at Beijing airport…

    As expected, my flight from HKIA only arrived Beijing at 1445hrs, i rushed out to the gate, there was a staff holding a A4 paper with LAX CA987 and gathering the ones just got off the plane. Since I didn’t see any apologies and nothing from the staff. He just kind of rushing us to gather at one point, there was a little hope risen in my heart “oh they do have staff there waiting for us and would escort us to the flight, the flight must be waiting for us!”. There was another old couple together with me, when the staff started lead us to go, he told me in Chinese that “you are already late for the flight, we will change your flight to later tonight” in Chinese. I thought the old couple was informed before me, I found out later not, as they asked me what was happening afterwards, and I explained to them in English. They were shocked as well. Not only there as no advance notice, but the staff was not apologizing at all, and not knowing the exact next flight time neither. Understand there’s flight delay issue happening all the time, you might not be able to control, however please put yourself into our shoes, it’s a delay of 6 hrs!! What could we do in the airport for 6 hrs. For me it’s like wasting the whole day….
    We were escorted the the staff to the counter for rescheduling our flight time, there were 2 female staff at the counter, same – not showing any sympathy, not smiling, they didn’t even look at u.
    All in all, as a well star allian flight company, you didn’t do anything but just offer to reschedule the flight time, this is quite disappointing.

  6. Rosemarie Calunod Woehl Reply

    Dear Sir,

    We flew last March 25,2017 flight no. CA 179 from Beijing to Philippines. Unfortunately, our 2 DUO Phantom 4 Lithium flight batteries were removed from our check in luggage. Would it be possible for us to pick it up in our return flight on May 6, 2017. We would be in flight no.CA 180 and 931. Though, we had a very limited time for a transfer for our further destinations. We would appreciate much if you could guide us where we can pick it up. Thank you very much.

  7. Huilin Proctor Reply

    Ref: MHY82P – return tickets from Guangzhou -Beijing – London on 27th Oct – due to an accidental injury, my husband Richard Proctor is advised to return early to Beijing. Therefore please cancel the first leg of our trip from Guangzhou to Beijing. We confirm that we will board flight CA 855 from Beijing to London on 27th October as scheduled. Please confirm.

  8. marie charvet Reply

    Departure : 20th august
    Flight NO.: CZ3251 CHINA SOUTHERN AIRLINE Departure City: GUILIN [ 16:30 ] Arrival city: SHANGHAI [ 18:35 ]

    The price was 2120 cny and I wanted to pay with credit card.
    After several trials made by the employee of Guilin Air China agency, it appeared that the terminal would not accept my credit card. Therefore I went to withdraw some cash and paid by cash.

    But it appears that my bank account has been debited of the amount of 2120 cny. Therefore I paid these tickets twice.

  9. Yadvinder S bhullar Reply

    I had bought ticketfrom Ghai travel in India, for our journey to los angles and back. E-ticket no are99953463665969 &5970. It had a validity period of six months ie upto 12 Dec 11. Due to certain developments in the family my wife and son need to travel after 15 Dec 11. Customer care has confirmed that ticket can be revalidated but the same will be done by the travel agency from where we had bought the ticket. Travel Agecy in India when contacted, say that they do not have access to enhance the validty beyound 12 Dec 11. Please let me know, how & from where I can get the ticket revalidated for travel beyound 12 Dec 11. Please accord priority.

  10. Nicola Cowan Reply

    My daughter’s and neice’s bags have been lost. They are in Rome with no luggage.
    My daughter, Marnie Cowan, flight reference is ZGXH26. On 17 July they missed AC965 out of Beijing to Frankfurt because of a delay in Shanghai and were then put on CA939 direct to Rome on 18 July. Their bags have been missing since that time and no-one seems to be doing anything about it. Can you please help. Also my daughter’s mobile charger was in her lost luggage so her mobile phone has run out of battery so she can’t be contacted.

    Nicola Cowan

    • please call the Air China customer care for queries on baggage..

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