America’s Got Talent: Audition, casting and contact info

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If you are often complimented on a particular talent of yours, be it singing, juggling, or magic, and you want to take it to the next level, there is a no bigger platform than America’s Got Talent. You will need to figure out the process for the auditions and get started. Here is a simple guide that can help you put the entire process into perspective. 

 Preparing for the audition 

It is always a good idea to start with knowing the eligibility criteria of the show. First and foremost, you must be a citizen or a legal resident of the United States. You can audition for the show even if you have an employment authorization card or you are legally in the United States at the time of your audition. Age is no bar, but if you are under eighteen, you need to have a parent or a guardian who can sign up on your behalf and fill out the necessary paperwork. You can go through other eligibility criteria here.

 Register on AGT website 

Once you know that you are eligible, you can start by registering on the AGT’s official website. Even if you have registered once in any of the previous seasons, you will have to register again. Also, opt for the text alert, which is going to keep you updated about the upcoming auditions. While registering, make sure to choose the right category for your act. You can go for singer, magician, or variety/other category option if your act does not fall in any of the predefined choices. You will be called for an open call audition. If you are performing in a group, only one person needs to register. You can follow @AGTAuditions on any of the social media platforms to stay updated about the latest audition information.

 Submit video audition 

If it is not possible for you to be at the open call audition venue, you have an option to submit a video. The auditions, unlike The Voice, are not open throughout the year. AGT works on a deadline, and you need to submit your video before the stipulated date. Videos that are submitted should not be longer than two minutes and make sure the editing is levelled at a minimum because the judges would want to see the real you. A strict no-no to auto-tune and before sending the video, make sure the audio is alright. You can send a video even if you are attending an open audition because that helps judges to know you better.

On the day of audition 

Though it is not mandatory to register for America’s Got Talent’s auditions beforehand, you can do so to stay updated about the dates and other information. Completing your paperwork beforehand can help you save time. If your friend or family is accompanying you for the auditions, make sure to fill their paperwork as well. On the day of the audition, keep the photo ID handy. The auditions are typically held in the time frame of 8 am to 7 pm. The lines can be very long, and you have to keep in mind that it is an all-day commitment. Prepare accordingly.

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