Contact Vodafone – Delhi : Find below customer care details of Vodafone in Delhi, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for new connection, complaints, feedback or other queries on Vodafone services in Chennai.

Vodafone – Delhi

Vodafone Phone Support 24×7
To contact Vodafone customer care in Delhi call +91 9811098110 from any phone or dial 111 from your Vodafone mobile.

+91 98116 99317 / +91 9811090001

[email protected]

Vodafone Essar Mobile Services Limited,
C 48, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II,
New Delhi 110 020
Fax: 9811098114 / 9811000009


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Vodafone Store
To find your nearest Vodafone store sms PINCODE <SPACE> PINCODE OF THE AREA to 111 (toll free).

Vodafone 3G
For queries on 3G call 116.

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About Vodafone
Vodafone Essar was founded in the year 1994 and is the second largest mobile phone operator after Airtel. Headquartered in Mumbai, Vodafone has its operations across the country with over 130.92 million customers. Vodafone currently has equity interests in over 30 countries across five continents. Read More

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  1. Ashish Reply

    Hi Vodafone Team ,

    Thank you so much for the services , i have decided to port out from your network.

    I appreciate the kind of harassment , loss of time and opportunity i had to bear because of your service.

    I run a very small company and we also print bill on daily basis for our client and if they want a change in address than we know how long it take us to do that change of address on bill but my request was rejected straight away by your customer support team on Saturday 28th of October 2017.

    Than after when i decided to port out from your network because of the great help from your support team and i made a port request your executive called me and assured that in 72 hours i will definitely get E-mail copy of my bill via mail along with the updated address but here those 72 hours are also over and no update from your team ; however a very good follow up on payment is there.

    Just one small question , when your team was incapable of providing me the bill with updated address why the hell i was promised for that and you made me wait 3 more days ? I would have moved out with some responsible service provider and would have saved some time.

    You actually have no value for the customers , their loss of time.

    Thank You for Your Services and Mis commitments.


  2. prashant kumar Reply

    This complaint is regarding my Vodafone no 9811987393. I migrated this no on 1st April 2013. I got a call from Vodafone 20th march regarding prepaid to postpaid migration. They offered me 149 rental plan – 600 min local and national and 300 msgs local and national. I agreed for that plan , your vodafone guy came and collected my documents and i paid 250 rs security amount for my postpaid connection. On 1st april my no got activated from prepaid to postpaid but these guys activated 249 rental plan instead off 149 rental. This is a crime. They cheated me. I marked my complain on 3rd april but these guys blocked my outgoing then after some time they blocked my incoming too. But after many efforts my incoming and outgoing is working now , i went many times to south ex store regarding my problem, these guys said they were help less. But i want to know what should i do now. I am really fed up with Vodafone services.

  3. imran Reply

    I have just purchased a vodafone postpaid data card for 2000 from vodafone. The data card includes 3GB data for 3 months for free after that i have to pay charges. Bill for the previous month is 1074.52 Rupees but i have asked through customer care that how much data i have used till date, they keep saying me 400 mb data left only. I have called customer care several times on 19 feb and few times before also they always tell me that I have few mb data left. It is very confusing. Speaking to customer care executives also there is no clarity.

  4. sachin Reply

    I am Vodafone postpaid customer. I am facing problems making outgoing calls with my cell. Plus there is no support from customer care. I have been trying hard calling the numbers. It keeps failing. I was a customer of Idea for 4 years before joining Vodafone. Previously I never faced any issues.

  5. Pankaj Tyagi Reply

    With reference to the last Bill (No. 0168085549), generated for 24 Oct – 23 Nov 2012 period, Vodafone has sent me a fully manipulated & fake bill. The bill shows the cheating, harassing and illegal attitude of Vodafone. Vodafone has fully trained their employees to mis-commit, lie, cheat and exploit the customers. They keep customers on hold for more than an hour and if they see that customer is still here, they disconnect the call..

    Here are few (from the bunch) instances to prove every word in my above statement.
    1. My phone was stolen on 27th October 2012, I called the Vodafone Care and informed them to block my number and issue a duplicate SIM. They promised to deliver the duplicated SIM at my address latest by 28th October 2012. Days went on and so is my call to Vodafone care, but duplicate SIM never reached my address. Each time when I call Vodafone, a new lie & readymade excuse was served to me.
    On 02nd November 2012, I requested to permanently disconnect my number as Vodafone failed to provide me a duplicate SIM. On 02nd November 2012 at 19:30 hours, I received a call from Vodafone Retention Department that my number will be permanently disconnected in 1 hour.

    In the bill, generated for 24 Oct – 23 Nov 2012 period, Vodafone the charged me full rental from 24.10.2012 to 23.11.2012, despite the fact that the number was permanently disconnected on 02nd November 2012.
    Now they are lying that no permanent disconnection request is reflecting in Vodafone System… So Cheap and exploiting..

    2. For the Period 24th Sep – 23rd Oct 2012, the billed amount was Rs. 569.78 with due date 12th Nov 2012. On 11th Nov 2012, I logged- in in my Vodafone account and made the payment of Rs. 773.84 (Total Billed + Unbilled Amount). Online Payment receipt attached for your reference.

    3. I requested for permanent disconnection of my number because Vodafone deliberately & repeatedly failed in providing me the duplicate SIM and kept on making fake promises and lie statements.
    On my number 8745002575, there is no incoming or out going call after 27th Oct 2012, date when I requested to block my SIM. Also, I never received any duplicate SIM for my number.

    On 15th Nov 2012, I have informed the matter by email to the Vodafone Nodal officer but no response is received till date or may be they deliberately didn’t respond. According to Vodafone, only their system is true and authentic in the whole world and nothing else. They have erased my complaint from their system and deliberately manipulating the information.

    Even after so many call to report the concern to customer care, I have never received a single call from Vodafone..

  6. Ehsan Ahmad Reply

    I am a vodafone prepaid using your services last three years.but right now i am in Jaipur from six month. due to not using the number, your service provider has blocked my number.

  7. kamra Reply

    Vodaphone customer care service is the worst of all .Despite payment of bill well in time they are sending irritating calls when i make a call.There is no separate no. for making complaints.there is no scope for talking to their Representative to tell our grievance at their No.111 which only is meant for their business promotion schemes.Their slogan “We are happy to help you” is just a hoax.In practice this company is not interested to talk or listen to customers problems.
    Please help me in stopping theses irritating messages every time i make a call.
    Kamra J R

  8. Sandeep Bhardwaj Reply

    my vodafone no. xx is not getting coverage and switched off when i call from another no. while phone is switched on. plz resolve my problem ASAP

  9. Johny Reply

    Vodafone is offering crappy service. No one is picking the calls. one of the worst companies…

  10. smriti Reply

    Seriously, they do not know how to handle complaints. From my no.every week Rs.11 is deducted and i had called so many times asking customer care to solve my problem but they are unable to sort it out. They also speak so unprofessionally and dont have any idea about their own services.

    • roychaudhury Reply

      I have exactly the same problem.I am charged for STD charges which I have never made.The bills come after the due date.I cannot talk to a person to tell my problems.I am fed up with Vodaphone

  11. Anurag Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I am vodafone prepaid customer mob. +91 99***908. I am facing problem to operate the internet with my cell phone since last one week and no support from customer care. Now customercare no. also not connecting with my cell phone.
    Please help to me to start my internet.
    Mob. details are given below.
    Samsung-Galaxy Fit-GT 5670.

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