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Toyota India Head Office
Toyota Automobile Company Ltd,
Sana Plaza, 21/14A, MG Road
Bangalore – 560 001
Phone: 080-66553300
Phone: 080-66292929

Toyota Customer Care
Toll Free: 1800 425 0001
Phone: 080-66293001
Email: [email protected]
Find above Toyota customer care numbers where you can make enquiries on new cars, rates or repairs

Toyota Roadside Assistance
If you need assistance on the road call any time. Includes onsite support, round the clock availability, taxi and medical arrangement. This facility is applicable to vehicles bought only after April 2010
Phone: 1800-102-5001
Phone: 0124-235-5001

Toyota Dealer/Service Center
To locate a Toyota dealer or service center click here. You can reach a Toyota dealer for new purchase of cars, warranties or queries on Toyota services. Some major states where an office can be found is Andhra, Arunachal, Assam, Bihar, Goa, Delhi, Gujarat, Himachal, Karnataka, Mumbai, Orissa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and more.

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About Toyota
toyota-logoToyota Kirloskar Motor was established in India in the year 1997. It is a joint venture between Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota and Kirloskar Group. Currently said to be the seventh largest car manufacturer in India, Toyota employs some 5,000 people and has more than 150 dealerships in 96 cities. In addition, it has two manufacturing plants located in Karnataka. In 2011, Toyota’s Prius won the Ista Green Award in the NDTV Car & Bike Awards. In addition, Toyota was also recognised as ‘Most Eco-Friendly’ and ‘Best Brand Awards 2011’ by Auto India. Toyota models in India include Etios Liva, Etios, Innova, Corolla Altis, Fortuner, Camry, Prius, LC Prado and Land Cruises 200. Visit the website for updated models.

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  1. Santanu Ghosh Reply

    I am a Toyota Customer for 8 Years however when in last 1 months I realized that Toyota India is completely a different comp than Toyota Global. My question to Mr SHEKAR VISWANATHAN (CEO Toyota India) is do you ever read to TQM or aware of the term “Quality”.
    It is been 1 month, my car is with DSK Toyota. The dashboard and CD player is damaged by the service center however there is no resolution provided to me so far. I am not even sure whether the car is even father damaged. During last 1 month I have registered at least 20 complaint, called up Toyota customer care for 30 times, every time they promised me that someone Sr from Toyota will call me and will help me to resolve the issue, so far I have not received any call from them or any resolution. After being a loyal customer of Toyota for 8 years where I spent at least INR 5 lacs just for service of the car, I never expect such response from Toyota.

    Last compliant no : TCM0916200338

    Think twice before you purchase any Toyota Vehicle

  2. P.K Sharma Reply

    Sir, I bought Toyota Corolla Altis D-4DJ on 31/1/2016 from Globe Toyota Mohali. I find a lot of difficulty in climbing a simple Steep Road, as there is some smell observed from the Car which I thought was from the tyres. On 25/6/16 I was travelling from Chandigarh to Simla and there was some Traffic on the road. On travelling about 10 Kms on the hilly road I observed some smell and fumes from the Car Engine. The Car Dealer advised on the Phone to come back and didnot provide any Road assistance, On reaching Globe Mohali workshop, the technician told us that since we apply hand Brake and press Clutch quite often, so the Clutch Plates got heatup. It is very SHOCKING as this is a new Car and I have covered only 7000 Kms. I have been driving all types of Cars in the last 30 years but has never faced any such Problem. As the Dealer is not ready to divulge anything so it is requested to attend to the complaint and do the needful. How can Clutch Plates of a new Car be affected like this? Are the Clutch Plates of this Car not able to sustain such little Pressure or it is just this Particular Piece which is affected.

  3. amit kumar Reply

    Ref to My vehicle no DL-8C-AL-9546 we purchase from Uttam Toyata Noida, as the time of buying they gave a lot assurance for best services, but they are very lenient/casual and worst service provider.

    Actually I stay in Delhi and my office is in NOIDA and I was getting better price in Delhi but just because of service I decided to go with Uttam Toyata but it was wrong decision for me. Please see examples:-

    1).When I have given them for first servicing and when received the car that time my car was very untidy but I accepted after one day I got call from uttam toyata about feedback that time I told them abt same and they assured that we will take care and when ever you want u can send for re washing. After few days called them regarding same but no one responded even they least bother to pick up my phone also,trust me I called over cell more 10 times and they picked one time and assured me to call back after checking but they dint respond, that time I ignored bcs wasing/cleaning is not a big deal but again some one should respond.

    2) unfortunately I got broken my back glass and I send my person to uttam service centre and they refused to accept same day and said that pls contact us on Wednesday before Wednesday we can’t do any thing, then I sent them again on Monday that time they told me that it will take three days time. Then I called Uttam toyata sales person that boss is it possible to minimise processing time ? Actually I need car by tomorrow, that time assured me that sir give 10 minutes I will let you know but since yesterday I called him more than 10 times but he dint respond.

    So do you think is this right way of dealing with customer ??????? When they need rating that time they used call very politely and ask for good rating and giving assurance and after that forgot every thing.

    When called customer to make a complain and after complain every one is calling me and even I m getting call “ sir please send car I will give you back same day” so please explain now how they assuring me to give same day.

    Need Explanation.

  4. Dr. S. Nikhil Gupta Reply

    Toyota tollfree helpline appears to be eye wash for the common public. They do not have any command over their distribution channels like show rooms of Kangra_HP. It is really unfortunate and one should avoid filing complaint to them.

  5. Dr. S. Nikhil Gupta Reply

    I have complained against Dealer,Silver moon Toyota, Kangra_HP. Why that complaint has not been put online? Inquire the facts and let the whole world know about the functioning of poor functioning and cheating tactic of Toyota and its people who try to hide the facts from General Public. I will share recordings/papers to the social sites also in the coming days.

    Already I sent one recording to your helpline, on Friday noon (18004250001) who also take time to react unless recordings are placed in evidence.


  6. shanavas Reply

    I am having Etios from July 2012
    There was shortage of AC cooling. In April 2015, I went to service center and they confirmed GAS was empty,
    hence they refilled it. After a month again when I felt the cooling coming down, I went to service center
    it was just one month before the warranty period expiring. But as per them, there is no leakage in the AC system.
    But in November 2015 they confirmed Gas is empty due to leakage. Here few points to be noted down…

    1. Gas will not become empty within this short period in any model/ Company. Which model car need to fill the Gas 2 times in 3 years?
    2. When service team found that Gas is empty for first time, the car was inside warranty period.
    3. Even after a month, I felt cooling is getting down, they told no leakage found anywhere in a checkup of just 20 minutes.
    4. In November 2015- Out of warranty period, when they confirmed the leakage, It took around 34 hours to give the exact reason.

    It is very clear that, AC system have a known issue in warranty period.I made somany complaint for this, and asked for escalation but all the tickets got closed I guess.
    So I need a positive action from your end ASAP.

  7. Sunil Gurao Reply


    I had earlier written on my complaint but sorry to say I have not received any feedback from Toyota.

    just to re-iterate, I had purchased Toyota Innova Type 3 2012-13 from Toyota U Trust Dealer Millenium Toyota Mira Road on 27th July 2015. before selecting the vehicle we had indicated the problem in Clutch to the Marketing Person Awanish Tripathy – 9167770046. As my Brother is a Automobile Engineer, the issue was correctly explained to Awanish who had confirmed to us that when you take the delivery the issue will be resolved.

    The vehicle was delivered on 27th July, with confirmation from the dealer Millennium Toyota that the problem of Clutch has been resolved.

    While driving the vehicle on two occasions the vehicle stopped on the road, once it stopped near Orlem Malad hence i had taken the vehicle to Lakozy Toyota and explained them the issue faced, their engineer, took the vehicle along with me for test drive and informed me that there is a problem with the clutch and I need to spend approx 14 K to fix the new clutch.

    He also gave the invoice for the estimated cost, with the same invoice I went to Millenium Toyota as I had taken a certified vehicle, the GM – Mr. Gangadhar 9167770173 checked the Invoice checked with his team and informed me that he need to check with his technical team and if need be with the Toyota Team. While discussing with Him I also explained him about the other issue with the Jack as the Jack provided was not that of Innnova.

    Mr. Gangadhar called me on the second day and informs me that the clutch is ok and there is no issue with the Clutch. I was furious when he told me that I had taken the Invoice from Toyota Lakozy on demand.

    I have the following questions for which I need immediate answers as Post the delivery on 27th of July till today I have not driven the vehicle for not more than 300 KM’s, because of worry that the vehicle may break down on mid way. We are Toyota customers, I had a Toyota Qualis which has never given us such issues.

    Recently when we were touring with family I had to keep the Innova ad move around with Qualis.

    1. What is the meaning of Toyota Certified Vehicles
    2. Is there any escalation Matrix
    3. Has Customer Feedback given any importance in Toyota.
    4. How do and who will resolve my issues.

    Expecting revert on my second complaint



  8. Sunil Ghodekar Pune Reply

    I have purchased ETIOS LIVA – MH 14 DA 8412 on 11th Jan 2012 from Sharayu Toyota,Bhosari.
    The first servicing of the Vehicle was done on 11th Jan 2013, I am facing the problem of leakage on floor,

    1) There was Leakage below Driver Seat and near about 1cm water gathered – i given the vehicle for checking and they found the bush below the body was missing so water gathered from ground entrance.

    2) In the Month of June again i observed water leakage at back left side floor,again i given vehicle for checking they applied some sealant from downside of body and given assurance of there wont be chance of leakage again.

    3) again after in July i observed same problem again water on floor near about 1 cm again i given for checking they said they checked and nothing found,they make it dried and given my vehicle back with assurance.

    4) Today in the morning i just checked my vehicle,and got shocked when i seen again there is water on floor same place back left side of the vehicle and its near about 1 cm. I am scared…if this will happen again and again and the water doesn’t removed or carpet doesn’t dried then may be the body will get damaged due to stain.

  9. shubesh tyagi Reply

    It’s a hot summer Monday morning; i get ready to go to work after a hectic weekend, as usual in a hurry glance at the newspaper which predicts a soaring 45 degrees in Delhi. I think about it during breakfast and foresee how difficult it’s going to be today with high temperatures and lots of important pending work to do. Then i give it a second thought and realise that i have an air-conditioned office and have worked hard to pamper myself with a new Toyota Altis to take care of my travelling. With a high i leave for work just to find that i was completely wrong with my latter finding and had a worst day full of suffering and harassment thereafter.

    I get stuck in a huge traffic jam at DND fly way which is normal and takes me about 20 minutes to reach kalindi colony end. Just before I could manage to pull out of it I find my cars accelerator not working. Surprised I restart my car to find that it does not move an inch. Within no time there is a huge traffic build up behind me and by the time it sinks in that there is something gravely wrong with my car, I become the centre of abuses and filth by public. Two police men come to my help just when the verbal dual gets converted to pushing and shoving. I don’t blame the public, they all were going to work like me and were getting late as usual, it’s just that they can’t believe a new car obstructing their way.

    After the unexpected generous help by two police men, I get my car pulled to a corner in front of kalindi colony gate no.2 and take a deep breath with a sense of relief thinking that at least am out of the mess. Without delay I call Gulbeer (844737985) from Galaxy Toyota and tell him details of my problems. He responds quickly and after initial checking gives me the contact number of Toyota customer services (18004250001). At 9:47 I call on the no. where again they apologise for my inconvenience and direct me to another no 18001025001. I talk with Anusha on the last given no, where she again regrets for the inconvenience and finally registers my complaint (complain no 36021). It’s approximately 10:05 am and they tell me that i shall be assisted in maximum 60 minutes.

    I request them to expedite the process and reason it with informing them that both of their service stations at Okhla are just 15-20 mins drive from the place am stuck at and also tell them being a doctor my presence is urgently warranted at my workplace. I also place a request of service car just in case my car needs time to get repaired. They promise me that they will do whatever they can to insure faster recovery of my vehicle and re apologise for my inconvenience.
    Now starts the time of waiting and apologetic call. To be precise i wait for next 1 hour 40 minutes till the arrival of pickup truck at 11:45. After shifting the car in the truck we leave for service station, now to my amusement the driver of tow truck is new and has no idea where the service station is. We limp through 1 block to other in Okhla E Block and after lots of persuasion he gives up and calls the service station and finds it in block B. All this time i sweat it out to realise why is it recommended not to venture out in 45 degrees Celsius.

    At last we Reach service station just before 12 pm where am again greeted by immense apologies by Mr Harsh who makes me comfortable with much required conditioned room and water and may be apologise again. He calls for an engineer who checks my car and finds faulty excel as the cause of my troubles. On detailed questioning on how and why a new cars excel needs to replace or the reason behind it just stopping in middle of road, am told that there was a fault in excel of some series of cars which would be eventually replaced whenever they come for servicing.

    Shocked and astonished with the response i ask them again why I or any one with these faulty cars was priory not informed about it. Why did you wait for hell to break loose on me or anyone else? I would have more than complied with company’s directives and readily sent my car for required changes.
    To add on I was sent back in a car without ac, to make me realise pathetic nature of services by Toyota and yes I was given an advanced apology about that too!!!

    Now that’s my detailed story of the horrendously horrible experience I had with my brand new Toyota Altis on 20-5-13, which has left a very bad impression on me for the company and made me realise that though a company can have a highest standards of time management and winner of many new innovation awards globally but in Indian scenario they can’t even stand a simple test of coordination and the “chalta hai” attitude creeps in to a level so deep that they forget the basics of management and marketing where customer satisfaction has been kept as a priority worldwide.

  10. LIBIN JOHN Reply

    I Bought a TOYOTA ETIOS car on June 2012 from NIPPON TOYOTA COCHIN SHOWROOM (KERALA STATE).After 2months our car was hit on the road divider.After that we gave the car for repairing to the same showroom.they took 2 and half months for repairing the car.Because they told that the parts are not available in india.we paid rs389000 for repairing.Then again the radiator of the car was having problem on november 2012.We approached the same showroom for repair.but they sent our car to another showroom TOYOTA KOTTAYAM BRANCH (KERALA STATE).Initially,they told us to pay estimate coast rs45000 for repair. After one month they called us and told it will take 223000rs for repair and also they will not provide guarantee or warranty too.They are telling the problem occurred because of the extra fixation of a horn in the car. Only we used the car for 2 months, rest of the time it was in the showroom(till now itself)
    TOYOTA MEANS QUALITY is it ? We now don’t believe this.After reading the above statements what will you do for us? Do you believe that fixing a horn can cause complaint in radiator?

  11. Rajiv Simhasan Reply

    My family bought a Etios VD model on listening to me,as i convinced them Toyota cars are quite efficient .Its been just 7 months and the vehicle is on its second service for 10000kms. There was a small accident where the front bumper slightly had a dent ,so we took the vehicle to the service station and then we were told to leave the vehicle for them to take a look.

    They called us the after 2 days and told that they have to replace the radiator and condensor parts,my father was not convinced with this and we were told to pay for that,luckily we had a insurance of toyota and got around 50 percent claim on Rs.34000.

    We were asked to take it back,they told everything is perfect and you wont face anymore problem.Just when we were driving back home from SHODHA TOYOTA HUBLI, noticed the indicator saying that the engine is being overheated(got to know the symbol after checking it on the manual provided).
    We’d gone about 15kms from city towards bagalkot and then I stopped the vehicle and called them up.They asked us to come back and let them have a look.They did some checking and the worst thing was they couldn’t find the problem.Almost they took a week to fix the bumper and condensor,still they asked us to leave the vehicle again for some days and they let their experts have a look at it.

    We took a bus back,Everyone was worried as this was the first family car,and its hasn’t been a year we bought it.I called them tomorrow to know what was he problem now,they were like still the search for the problem is going on sir,we will let you know asap.N when i called for the next time,they told that we suspect the problem is with the coolant as its not going through all the engine compartments.They never called me back to whats the progress with the problem,i gave their my email-id as they told they will be sending pictures of every processes you’re car gets to,they never did.Now when i call them, i was told the engine block has a small opening in its head and the amount to repair is going to around a one lac.We are worried about the car service seriously.I’m completely pissed off and my dad is thinking of going to consumers forum.

    Now its been exactly 15days to today,our car is off the road and my dad gets to take the bus everyday.I had never ever thought that toyota had this kinda service,I myself a mechanical engineer student in bangalore.I visited you plant in bidadi and proposed my dad to go for toyota.
    pls. Contact the people responsible for the service station,SHODHA TOYOTA HUBLI and let us know soon.Need your response regarding this.our car number is KA29M7518.Do maintian your Q service tag,just claiming never justifies it.
    Rajiv simhasan

  12. Shyamji S Raj Reply

    I write this letter to express my extreme disappointment with your service at your authorized service centre.I became the owner of a Innova car on 10-07-2012 from Nippon Toyota, Kottayam, Kerala. On 23-01-2013 the car met with an accident and suddenly I consulted the authorized dealer, Nippon Toyota, Kottayam. The manager told me that they would make delivery of the vehicle on 23-02-2013 to me after servicing . I contacted the manager on 22-02-2013. He told me that the vehicle was not ready for delivery. But he did’t informed me the next date of delivery. When I asked , he told me that I would be informed once the vehicle is ready for delivery. It took more than one month to get the vehicle repaired. I got the vehicle only on 28-02-2013. I was totally disappointed with the quality of service you have provided. The painting was not perfect and still there are scratches on the door and bonnet. It will take another 10 days to get my vehicle repainted. Basically I am a driver and this vehicle is the only source of income to my family. I am survived with my parents, wife, sister and her husband. My mother and brother in law are cancer patients. I was jobless for more than one month. Now you can imagine the depth of the economic loss sustained by me. Whom should I approach to make good the loss. In order to avoid this kind of miseries either you make available the components in the open market or you ensure speedy and quality service to your customers.

  13. Preetha Reply

    I purchased a new Etios at the show room near Kathipara in Alandur, Chennai. Believing the words of your representatives there , I bought it. They also promised me of good service but it was and is not up to the expectation. Sadly, the bottom portion of the car always hits the speed breaker and there is some weird noise from the engine. The service center is least bothered to help me fix the problem. My car no is TN09 BQ 8095.

  14. Ameya Reply

    This is with regard to the servicing of my car Toyota Corolla Altis on 3/13/2012, invoice no TAX12-08030

    1. The brace pads and liners were replaced. I do my servicing every 10,000 km as recommended by Toyota. Brake pads generally wear out within 20,000 km. I don’t understand why they were not checked and recommended by them, this resulted in the damage of the disc and its replacement cost 20,000 INR . Toyota does claim lowest cost of maintenance and my very 3rd servicing for this small negligence costed me 20,000 INR.

    2. The brace liners were examined by another Toyota servicing in-charge out of this state who told me that the scratches on the disc are not deep and are normal marks of wear out. He said it only needs polishing and can be used. This procedure just incurs 2000 INR and not 20,000. I do have the liners and the pads which don’t show the exposure of any sharp screws which can score the disc deep.

    3. The car servicing dint receive any 3M finish and wax coating of the dash board which was done in my earlier 2 servicing. On complaining I was recommended to come back to complete the job.

    4. Now my car is 31,000 km and has noise on braking in my left front liners, perhaps now the pads in the front are worn-out. I feel they need to have more professional attitude and should know when to change the pads to prevent the scoring of the liners. It’s just 1000km now after servicing and again another complain.

    On going through the details I feel Toyota servicing is just like any other local servicing.

  15. Rajakumar Reply

    This is to inform you that you have won a  BRAND NEW TOYOTA FORTUNER JEEP  and a cash prize of ( 500,000 00 POUND ). The Jeep comes with a special TOYOTA INSURANCE Cover for one whole year that is till the next promotion in 2013. It also comes with a one year warranty and FREE repairs at any TOYOTA AUTOMOBILES depot or service station worldwide. Your Batch No: 515944052/106 and Winning No: 1144 make you as one of the lucky winner in our Charity bonanza and you are advice to keep the information of your winning confidential. Is it scam?

  16. Dr Arun Kumar Singh Reply

    I bought a new Toyota Corolla 1.8G car on 24.10.12 from Sunny Toyota, Agra….and only after 10 days I found that the Car was getting started ….I notified this trouble during the first Inspection service on 03.11.12 and was told it has been taken care of. But to my utter surprise, my car did not start in the next night when I needed it the most as had to go to attend an emergency call from the hospital.
    I informed this on the Toyota customer assistance “[email protected]” and called “080-6629- 3001” A few hours later some service personnel appeared from Sunny Toyota, Agra and took the vehicle along with telling me that I shall be informed about this once their supervisor examines the car. I was then, informed that their is some problem with the a connection in main cable of “Immobilizer ECU” and the same will be replaced after they procure it….. now it is going to be more than 10 days that my “Vehicle(car UP 80 CF 7860) is off the road” and lying with the dealers service station.
    I am not being contacted or informed either from the “Toyota Kirloskar Motors (TKM)” or from my dealer Sunny Toyota, Agra so when can I get my car fixed properly and will be able to drive it. I disposed my old car after the purchase of this new Toyota Corolla and facing great difficulty in pursuing my work. I am a neurosurgeon and had to run for attending life threatening emergencies in awkward hours.
    Most surprising fact is that my subsequent e-mails regarding progress in the matter being sent to “[email protected]” are now being quarantined and returned back to me.

  17. kapil khera Reply

    I am writing this mail as I feel being a customer, what kind of issues are being faced at your service centre in Noida Sector 63.

    Please find below a little brief of the incident happened with me.

    I have an Etios Liva Car Number DL 9CAE 0264. I had met with a small accident due to which my car’s rear bumper, side door with both side rear view glasses were broken. I took my car to your service centre at around 12 PM on 3/9/12 in Noida Sector 63 for getting the same repaired. At your service centre, I met Mr. Rohit Verma, who asked me to wait as there were already two- three people waiting before me to get the documentation and survey done for their vehicle. After about half an hour of wait, I briefed my case to Mr. Rohit Verma and he inspected the vehicle and told me to let me know about the survey by the same day evening. After I came back from the service centre, I called Mr. Rohit Verma at around 4 PM to check the status, but I was informed that the survey is not done as yet but he will call me as soon as the same is done, then about waited for more than 2 hours I again called him at around 6.30 PM and asked about the same, this time I was told that the survey is already done and I will get to know the approval by next day 11 AM. To my surprise I was not even informed when the survey was being done and after I followed up then only the information was provided to me. Still I thought may be because of rush the same was not done and I waited for the approval to come.

    Next day morning, I did not receive any call from Mr. Verma and I again called him at around 11.30 AM, this time also I was told that the approval hasn’t come as yet. After waiting for another two hours, I again called Mr. Verma and I was replied that the approval hasn’t come as yet and as he is alone today and occupied with too much of work that’s the reason the delay is happening. I thought it might be a genuine reason and requested him to inform me the moment approval comes. After waited for another three hours I called up Mr. Verma again at 5.00 PM this time I was told the approval has come and the surveyor has only approved the bumper and you need to pay for rest of the damages. I was shocked to hear this and went to your service centre and approached Mr. Verma, again after waited for almost half an hour Mr. Verma came to meet me and told me about the approval, when I asked on what basis the claim has been rejected for other parts he just gave me a simple answer that the surveyor was not convinced. When I asked that when the survey was being done, why I was not informed that time and why I did not receive any call from the surveyors, he had no answer to that and told me he can’t help it. When I asked me to provide me the written explanation on the claim rejection he forwarded the case to his colleague and washed his hands from it. I felt as if I am a bagger and begging to Toyota. I felt humiliated and asked the other gentleman to provide me the written explanation on the following :

    Q1. When the car entered the showroom and the job card was created, I did not receive any call from Toyota service advisor on any update why ?

    Q2. When the survey was being done why I was not informed that time ?

    Q3 Why I was not provided with the Surveyor number ?

    Q4. If Mr. Verma is too busy and cannot handle work load then some alternative should be provided to the customer, I was not provided with the same why?

    Q5. I wanted to meet somebody senior in the service centre, I was told that he is not available and gave me a number and told me to call today afternoon (i.e. on 5th September 2012)

    The other gentleman also assured me to provide the complete information but he also did not gave a reply on any of the above queries.

    I asked them to give me my car back and give me written application, first my car took more than one hour to come out then I was only provided with the gate pass and the bill copy which was generated for my car was not given to me purposely. I think there is something very fishy going there which they wanted to hide and just gave me my car.

    I would request your intervention in the above matter and provide me with the answers to my above queries. On the insurance front I will take up this matter with Iffco Tokyo and IRDA on the things are being done by the surveyors.

    For information I asked for a feedback form, generally the same should be given to me while coming out of your service centre but nobody gave me the same and I had to asked for it. My comments on the same is as under “ Useless Service, Unethical Practice” and specifically I have written, If I do not receive the call from the MDs office or CSD, I will assume that the company feel in above principals”.

    Kapil Khera

  18. shoorvir singh Reply

    I have purchased the liva from solan himachal, one problem i am facing is that during rainy reason the rain water comes into the car from non driver side ,through lower front area and whole floor of the car is filled with water. Just within a year of purchase toyota liva has shown this manufactring fault which the solan staff has unsuccessfully tried to remove. Please improve your services.

  19. Anil Daga Reply

    I want to buy Toyota etios G in exchange for my Zen estilo 2007 LXI model 55000Kms . What price can you offer for this deal

    • arun Reply

      pls dont buy am suffering from buying the same car through infinium ahmedabad. horrible service by toyota

  20. brijesh kumar Reply

    I purchased a toyota liva 31 dasy ago. I thought that toyota is such a great company in the world and it has awesome technology when compared with others. Sadly, i am very disappointed after purchasing this car. Its suspension is very bad and makes noise while driving. Further the engine and tyre performs badly on highways. The car’s mileage is not at all reaching 13 kmpl according to my observation. Not worth the money.

  21. santonic Reply

    Customer Service I had to Face at Toyota

    We just bought a Toyota Innova from Patiala, but our experience of buying a Toyota product was totally different from what I had heard about Toyota Customer Care before. My car was scheduled to be delivered on 16th of July and my day started with a call from Mr. Parminder Bhatia at 7:30 in the morning and I was called at least 8 times by different persons from the office just to inquire whether I was coming to take delivery or not. I had confirmed on my very first call that I was coming and keep everything ready, but even after my complaining they kept on calling again and again.

    Once I reached the dealership, everything there was totally unorganised, AC was not working, there was no body to attend us. I asked for the sales person Mr.Amrit Singh (who called me the maximum number of times) but he came to us only 10 minutes and told to sit us on a sofa and asked would we like to have tea or coffee. When asked for coffee we were told that the coffee making machine is out of order and tea is the only option, he was looking puzzled all the time. The sofa set was torn and the centre glass table was also shaky and it could fell on anybody anytime. Even the circular tables they are using are shaky due to which a complete cup of tea fell on the clothes of my sister.

    We have got a Ford Fiesta and were planning to change it with Altis so I asked about the features of Altis from the reception girl but there was no response. I enquired at least 4 times for Altis even then nobody turned up. When I asked reception girl to see the sales manager I was told that he is here but she will have to inquire if he is free enough to talk to you and after that there was no response. And when I asked Mr.Amrit Singh about this he told me that as he was our salesperson so no one else will tell you about Altis and I am busy in getting our documents ready. So, even after asking for 4 times and sitting there for more than 4 hours we were told anything about Altis. I want to ask is this the Toyota way of handling your customers.

    It was mentioned on tables and office walls that you give delivery in 45 minutes but you took more than 4 hours for the same. The sales person did not knew that whether he has to accept Cheque or Cash for insurance and wasted at least 90 minutes on getting it done.

    The way we were treated was really pathetic. Condition of the Dealership office was a clear indication that Toyota is having no checks on its dealerships and is only concerned about its sales figures. Otherwise no dealership can be in such a bad condition as it was at Patiala.

    The pain I had to suffer during the delivery of Innova has forced me to change my decision of buying an Altis.

    Toyota seriously needs to check the working of its dealerships in India because if Patiala was so bad it may be so at other places also.

    I must say Innova is excellent product and engineers are giving their best, but your Customer service is very bad. I wont think again to buy any Toyota product just because of your bad Customer service.

  22. Aradhana Datt Reply

    We bought Etios in Jan, driven 1440 kms till date, only to discover the following:
    – mileage is not above 10km/litre
    – plastic parts fit externally on windows, below the wipers have already faded and become white
    – there is loud sound over the tiniest bump on the road
    – chrome fit on the door panels has become loose and dropped

    The car dealer m/s MGF Toyota, Gurgaon, Haryana acknowledged that the plastic batch fitted in few units is faulty, Toyota is “researching” on the loud jerk sound, which alledgedly is the shocker, there is a mileage testing equipment to be made available to test the mileage that can wary from 10kms to promised 16 kms/litre.

    Uncertainity, poor quality, eargerness to cover up the “exchange of damaged parts under warranty” which are not actually damaged but faulty by the manufacturer, such service from a trusted name. No documentation is made of the complaint regarding mileage, “shocker” noise, paint and part quality.

    I have read the previous replies from Toyota – “try talking to higher authorities” which somehow seems the Indian way of resigning to fate or name throwing, and not following commitment, quality assurance route and due diligence procedure.
    – agitated customer.

  23. Deepak Nehru. Reply

    I purchased new Toyota ETOIS in India through UTTAM TOYATA Dealer in New Delhi . I was having other options for buying car, but I opted Toyota only because of Japanese technology & quality product. But I was disappointed with the quality of accessories used. Changes like only one wiper, door and roof top rubbers are missing making it cost effective to sustain in India market. But having Toyota brand image with you then these small things will not make much difference in terms of cost to the customer.

    The most disappointing thing for me is roof rubber on both sides which is missing, you have given space in between but rubber pads are missing which give place for dirt and other stuff to store. Only with vacuum you can remove it.

    I try to convey it to my dealer but his sales person informed me that it has been manufactured like this and we don’t have any accessories.

  24. Prabhakar Gp Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I happen to be a proud owner of your royally branded FORTUNER from the Toyota stablers. I also own many other vehicles … The Lancer Mitsubishi, Honda City, Honda CRV, A BMW , Scorpio etc.

    I purchased this Fortuner bearing registration no KA 20 P 8555 less than a year ago. On usage of just about 23000 kilometers I faced a problem of poor pickup and very poor performance. On delivering the same for Service to your service outlet at Mangalore M/s United Toyota, I was told that the clutch plates, pressure plates etc have to be replaced, and that I have to pay for it.

    I am not a first time user of SUVs and 4WD vehicles. I am surprised that at 23000 kilometers the clutch system has given way. IS THIS THE FAMOUS TOYOTA QUALITY ? OR IS THIS THE QUALITY OF SERVICE BEING PROVIDED TO YOUR FLAGSHIP BRAND?

    Yes on reading the forums, I came across many similar complaints and extremely poor product quality as well as poor support by TOYOTA.

    Is it true that Toyota is cheating the Indian population by providing sub standard vehicles to Indians in the market?

    Again associated with the pride of India Kirloskars, it is absolutely shameful; that such poor quality products are being delivered.

    We are not interested in paying for such rubbish. Even a 2 lakh Maruti runs over 2 lakh kms before a clutch change. None of the other branded vehicles I use have any such problem. Even Tatas replace the parts free of cost within the first three years for their SUVs. If it is a manufacturing problem or poor setting by your service centers in the last one year, why should I be penalized.

    I expect to be delivered my vehicle with no cost to me as this is not a poor usage or wear and tear problem. If I cannot use the vehicle costing over 22 lakhs for at least 3 lakh kilometers before I envisage such problems there is something very seriously wrong about the TOYOTA brand.

    I request the Chief of service of Toyota India to please attend to this issue immediately and deliver me my vehicle in full working condition immediately.
    I refuse to be blackmailed by such poor support.

    Please revert to me immediately with all repairs done at your cost and serviced properly.

    Prabhakar Gp

    • yogendra rawat Reply

      The Toyota dealers and service centers are just there to extract as much money as possible from the clients…. every time i gave my car for normal servicing my bill is always in excess of 15000 and everytime they have something or the other to be replaced…a few days back I met with an accident near Mumbai and I made a mistake of taking my car to the toyota service station at Pune…while handing over the car to the service engineer I was informed that it will take 3 days to prepare the estimates and 6000 will be charged to prepare the estimates and that 300 will be charged per day as a parking fee, if we decide to against repairing the car. First, they took 5 days to give the estimates and that’s too after I called them and the estimates given were EXORBITANTLY high (nearly 6.5 lakhs, i still cant believe just for body damage how can it be so much) so obviously I couldn’t have accepted that…but today when I sent someone to get the car they started asking the parking charges since the 1st day…..this is cheating…it was you them delayed in giving the quotation so how can they charge for parking charges…now i have made up my mind that it was my last Toyota car….

  25. Pronab Kumar Das Reply

    Dear Toyota,

    I, Pronab Kumar Das, purchased a Toyota Etios V (Chassis No: MBJB29BTX00033367, Engine No: 2NRV045534) on 13/03/2012 from Durgapur in West Bengal. All was good from booking to before delivery. The sales manager behaves very well. During the delivery time, the mechanic came to illustrate the functions of various switches. The mechanic wants to start up the car for the mentioned purpose but he could not succeed in 6 to 7 times. After 15 min, it was revealed that the fuel is insufficient. Then I told to the sales man for fuel. After 35 to 40 minutes, the mechanic came with a little fuel (Approx. 250ml) & poured in to the tank. Due to this misbehaviour I came to the nearby fuel station with the car.

    After one month, one service madam called me for first free servicing and as per her advice the date was fixed on 21/04/2012 at 9:30AM. On the due date I trembled at traffic in the NH-2 & reached Durgapur Showroom at 9:50AM (As per gate pass slip time). After that I went to the service dept. for servicing. One service adviser told me for waits up to 12:00 noon for unavailable of mechanics. On enquiry it was revealed that all the mechanics went to the training programme. Then I have to wait up to 2:00 PM. After servicing I came back home at 7:30PM. Four number wheel mark guard has been installed in the servicing centre.

    At around 8:15PM, I went to my garage for clean the dust in the body & noticed that right side back portion of the body gets down with small pressure & the other side not behaves like that. Then I told the problem to the service man. The service man came to my house on 23/04/2012 & told me that this is a real problem of the body & advice to go in the Durgapur service centre.

    Now, with all above, the question arises:

    And finally, I need your immediate response in this matter.

  26. shajan Reply

    I am in USA. I have plan to go to Kerala on may 15 th. Can I buy a etios vxd within that time. Is it possible to buy this car with in a month? Please let me know..

  27. nazirahmed Reply

    I just recently bought a toyota etios in late december and serviced it on 12/03/2012 at nanavati motors PVT. LTD.
    and today 24/03/2012 i went on a trip and the fan mill got jamed making the car’s temperature very hot due to which i could not use my a/c
    i chose toyota because its a very nice company of cars but this was unexpected of the vehicle..this really depressed me.

  28. Prabhjot Singh Reply

    I purchased Innova Petrol V model from Bombay. Now i want to register that vechile in Gurgaon Haryana, & there the authourity needs the certificate from Toyota Company that the vechile is Euro 3, kindly help on this because i have approached many times your authorized dealers in Delhi & Mumbai they are not ready to help us.

  29. Pradeep Reply

    According to new budget in India the price for car will increase. It is clear that it will be with effect from April 1st and the cost will be the revised as per the new budget. My doubt is if I get the car before 31st of March can they charge me the new price?

  30. c. k jain Reply

    We purchased the Toyota Fortuner from Thirty Six Toyota, Faridabad, Haryana under the name of M/s Jain Trading Company Registration no- HR 51 AM 5751 Engine number- 1KD6736168 thru Invoice no- 110000160 dt 21-03-2011.
    We have also purchased the metallic accessories from the showroom with the Quality assurance & Guarantee of 1 year for any kind of issues related to the Quality of material . But before the completion of 1 year we found that all of the accessories & monogram of TOYOTA got rusted. For this we have complained the showroom regarding the Quality issues & the assurance they made while selling the products. when we complained for this fault * low standard Quality product supplied by them they told us that they given warranty for 6 months only. They diverted from the commitment they made.
    On 15-03-2011 we got the call from Thirty Six Toyota by Mr. Harpal Singh for the complaints we filled to them. We have taken our car to them for the faults to be rectified for which they have taken the Car in the basement for repairs. After 2 hours they brought the Car back & on checking we found that they made the scratches on Backside Bumper.
    And now they are denying from the fact that the scratches has been made by their employee or any service person. We dont have any scratches on the car & even Mr. Harpal Singh told us to sign the Job Sheet after making the scratches on our car for which we denied as their was no any scratch when we handed the car to them.
    We told them to rectify these issues at free of cost as the fault has been made on their hand & we are not responsible for any such things.
    We request you to please look at this matter ASAP.

  31. Srinavasa Reply

    Purchased a new Toyota Innova from Ravindo Toyota, Bangalore. I have a minor problem. When I was driving my card a huge smoke came out from the exhaust and my car applied auto break.

  32. D.Sesu Raj Reply

    Respected sir,
    I have purchased Toyota Ethiyosliva model veichle no
    TN37 BU0491 on 8th December 2011. After using my car I have found
    some problem in mileage. I request the dealer to fix, but got no response.

  33. Ashrief Reply

    Dear Sir

    I am looking for a Service Center (Franchise) in Khammam (Andhra Pradesh). Could you please let me know the required procedure. Please do the needful.

    Thanks & Regards


  34. Prakash.S Reply

    Dear Sir,
    We faced same clutch wearing Problem within a month after First service conducted at Harsha, Poonthamalli, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.Yesterday also our vehicle broke down at 2am. After towing the vehichle to nearest service center, I was told the clutch had a problem as the drive pressed the same while driving. Replacement would cost approx Rs 10,000. Seriously, how can the cluth wear out within 6000 km of driving? Is the company fixing low quality clutch plates? I have challenged their demand of replacing clutch.

  35. ARVIND NANDA Reply

    On Dec. 2nd, I left from Delhi at 4.30 AM by Car to Varanasi and reached there at 5.20 PM, perfect. But, on my return from Varanasi to Allahabad on Dec. 4th, I started getting Missing problem in the car. At around 7.30 PM, I called your toll-free number to get the details of your dealer in Allahabad. They gave me the mobile number of Rajender Moter. I got the address but the way it was provided, that is another story.

    Anyway, on Dec. 5th, I send my car to your Rajendra Motors. After checking, they reported Spark Plug problem, so, all 4 Spark plugs were changed, which took apx. 4 hours to get it done. Anyway, returning from your dealer, just after 7 km, it again started giving similar problem.

    So, car was again sent to your dealer on Dec. 6th at 1 PM. This time, they decided to change complete assembly of Fuel Filter. After changing it, the problem remains continued. Then they again diagnosed and advise me that one of the Ignition Coil is in problem. Then they opened it and found it was having cut at its tip.

    Now, the time was 6.30 PM of Dec. 6th and my car was remain in the same condition as I bought on Dec. 5th and as such your dealer had no Ignition Coil with them. They checked at Varanasi and Kanpur and at those places, it was not available.

    So, my car was returned with an advise either to wait for 4 days to get part arranged from Delhi or I may continue my journey back to my home town at Delhi in the same condition of the car and get it rectified at Delhi.

    So, I have no option but started my journey back to Delhi from Allahabad in the same missing condition on Dec. 7th morning at 7 AM and could able to reach back to Delhi at around 10 PM, after 15 hours, which should not be more that 10 hours and apx. 80 ltrs of Petrol consumed whereas normally, it require apx. 60 ltrs only.

    On Dec. 8th, the Car was sent to Galaxy Toyota at Delhi. When they opened Ignition Coil, they told me that it got damaged due to mis-handling at Allahabad. Although the part is under warranty, but they can not extend the same because it had opened at Allahabad. I told Galaxy Toyota to get it changed against payment. So, it was done and my car now running normally.

    Now, with all above, the question arises :


    And finally, I need your immediate response in this matter.

  36. Rajesh Reply

    Toyota promises fast services but I doubt..they have very slow servicing of vehichles..

  37. ramesh Reply

    i have booked a innova long back and the delivery is pending for a long time..whom do I contact?

  38. Arora Reply

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am writing from Surat I have purchased Toyota Innova 5 years back and I am regularly sending my car for Service at your Dealer workshop. Since last Two Services your Dealer is not completing the problems (faults) that are given in writing. They promised to visit my place and fix it, but nothing is being done.

  39. Dr.Uday Rao Reply

    We had a petrol Toyota Innova which 6yr old. It met with an accident a month back. They said the repair cost comes up to 5.75lakh Iinsurance company says it’s total loss with engine damage.
    I would like to know if we can get a diseal engine fitted in the car? If so how much will be the cost?

  40. Puneet Reply

    Dear Toyota
    I was resisting the urge for last 1 month to write my bitter experiences with GALAXY MOTI NAGAR but today I felt enough is enough…I am compelled to write about totally unprofessional attitude of the personnels there esp 3T team.. I had my issues with the shoddy repairs and poor 1st service but they were minor so I ignored. However your accessories team especially Mr Varun and Mr YAMIN have been a total disaster in their dealings with me and I have decided to put it in record.

    The details are:
    I had purchased Toyota Etios about 3 months ago and had parking sensors installed at your center. About 2 weeks ago I got the rear bumper changed as it had been slightly damaged at your workshop. At the time I requested the workshop person to re-install the sensors while putting the new bumper but he refused saying it had to be done by the accessories team.I went to Mr Varun who told me that since it was late in the evening, I should come in daytime…I went again after two days and after waiting for 1 hour for the same thing I was told that the worker was too busy so he will send the person at my home instead!! …when nobody came for 10 days, I again went to the workshop today on Oct 28 and again I was told the same story that there is no fitter in the showroom so a person will be sent at home through Mr YAMIN who kept on saying that it will be done in next few hours …After waiting for 6 hours at home, I was told in the evening on phone by a very arrogant YAMIN that there were other commitments today so will be done the next day when they get time…I fail to understand that if someone can get sensors installed within few minutes at the showroom in a new car, what prevents them from doing it for an old customer who is come thrice there for a minor refitting…I don’t know of any other center which insists that refitting will be done at home rather than there itself…IF IT IS ABOUT MONEY AND FLEECING THEN BETTER SAY IT…WHY PRETEND? On top of it, the customer is being treated as it is my fault that I bought the vehicle from Galaxy Toyota. This attitude is so disgusting that I have decided not to ever visit the Galaxy Moti Nagar again inspite of it being at walking distance to my residence. I must say that I have owned many other cars but this kind of attitude is an extremely bad advertisement for brand Toyota on which you spend crores in advertising…
    Disgustfully yours

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      Puneet, did you call the customer service and place a complaint? You could have the complaint escalated, so right action could be taken.

  41. Yoshowant Purohit Reply

    I have booked a Liva on 20th Sep 11 from Grace Toyota at Delhi and was told that the delivery would be on 3rd October. However, on 1st Oct, they informed that my choice of colour is not available and it would be delivered on 05th Oct. Again on 05th Oct, I was told that the vehicle is on transit and it was confirmed by even the Sales Manager that I would get it on 11th Oct. But, even till today, the 13th Oct, they are unable to deliver the car. They are now trying to avoid me. I am fed up with such a kind of service from Toyota right at the very beginning.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      please call 1800 425 0001 and place a complaint..or try talking to higher authorities

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      try different its festive season now you can get good deals..

  42. SANJAY Reply

    Sir, I have received mail that I have won Toyoto Award 2011. Please check and confirm it is true or fake. If it is fake, why these people are cheating customers giving your name as you are a very reputed firm in India. I am copying both mail below:-
    Congratulation once again for your good fortune With much clarification and humility we the entire members of Toyota Company hereby want to inform you, that your information has been received regarding your winning valued $422,500.US DOLLARS

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      such mails are fake..sent mostly by scammers from Africa..they use names of reputed firms so people believe..

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