Contact State Bank of India: Find below customer care phone of State Bank of India across the country. You can contact the phone below for new accounts, loans, deposits or other queries on State Bank of India products.

SBI Customer Care Phone

The below numbers are toll free from BSNL and MTNL

1    Punjab & Chandigarh    9779162211
2    Haryana    9996372211
3    West Uttar pradesh & Uttarakhand    9760202211
4    West Bengal – Kolkata city    9748422211
5    Rest of West Bengal(except Kolkata city),Sikkim & Andaman & Nicobar Islands    9933202211
6    Maharashtra – Mumbai and Navi Mumbai City    9987552211
7    Goa and Maharashtra except mumbai & Navi Mumbai City    9730012211
8    Madhya pradesh and Chattishgarh    9893282211
9    Karnataka    9731932211
10    Tamil Nadu – Chennai city    9790942211
11    Rest of Tamil nadu Except Chennai & Pondichery    9791912211
12    Delhi and national Capital Region    9958802211
13    Kerala & Lakshadweep    9995392211
14    Gujarat,Daman,Diu,Dadra & Nagar Haveli    9724342211
15    Andhra Pradesh    9959192211
16    UP East    9793502211
17    Orissa    9777452211
18    Bihar & jharkhand    9955982211
19    Assam    9957052211
20    Rajasthan    9799332211
21     Himachal Pradesh    9805092211
22    Jammu & Kashmir    9797532211
23    Arunachal Pradesh,Tripura,Mizoram,Manipur,Nagaland & Meghalaya    9862552211

State Bank of India Domestic Call Centre: Call 24×7 on 1800 11 22 11 & 1800 425 3800

State Bank of India Local Number (Anywhere in India): 99 87 55 22 11

About State Bank of India

State Bank of India began its operations in 1 July 1955. It apparently is the largest state-owned banking and financial services company in India. The State Bank Group, with over 16,000 branches, has the largest banking branch network in India. Its also considered as the best bank even abroad, having around 130 branches overseas. For more details click here.

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  1. Surendra Reply

    I’m SBI account holder from SBI, Dhalwala, Tehri Garhwal. Today I get call from SBI Dhalwala saying my new cheque book is here. I have not recently requested for any cheque book. Wonder who did, and why this has happened. It could be a problem if it reaches wrong hands.

  2. pramod kumar Reply

    Dear sir/madam i am serving in Army and having a DSP account No 30728416646, at main branch Shimla (HP). i have processed a demand for issue of cheque book at Shimla branch on 14 Nov 2012 and not received the same till date. may i kindly know the reason for delay as i am in urgent need of cheque book.

  3. Umesh Reply

    WORST Bank EVER. No body is responsive. I had bad experiences multiple times and still am having one right now. This employees just get paid for doing nothing.

  4. Solanki Reply

    I just want my account payslips on my email id.. right now i am working on ship and i have NRI account with State Bank Of India. so if it is possible then please forward me all the procedures.

  5. mohsin Reply

    i want talk with customer care officer about education loan..i am from gujrat…

  6. gaurav Reply

    I want some loan.i have agriculture land and commercial land. so plz tell me about the procedure..of taking urgent loan.

  7. kishore Reply

    very weird…every day 5 to 8 rupees is debited from my SBI account..what can be the reason?

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