Contact SriLankan Airlines – Malaysia: Find below customer care details of SriLankan Airlines in Malaysia, including telephone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on SriLankan Airlines.

City Office
SriLankan Airlines Ltd,
Unit 15.01, 15th Floor, Menara Multi Purpose,
No.8, Jalan Munshi Abdullah,
50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Telephone: +603 77243155
Email: [email protected]


Cargo Office
SriLankan Airlines Ltd,
M/s AVS GSA Services (M) Sdn Bhd.
No 3, Jalan Subang 6, Taman Perindustrian Subang,
USJ 1, 47600 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Phone: +603 80223333


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About SriLankan Airlines
SriLankan Airlines was founded in the year 1979 and is the national carrier of Sri Lanka. The airline operates from its main hub at Bandaranaike International Airport (Colombo) and flies to about 51 destinations. Read More

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  1. Graham Jackson Reply

    Well – it’s now September 2016 and nothing has changed.


    Not good for an international airline that has such great customer service on board!
    Come on SriLankan, up your game and have someone available at your call centre in KL (airport and/or city)!

  2. dato' chia yoon moi Reply

    I have been trying to call the Sri Lankan Airline office in KL several times over several days. The phone was never picked up by anybody except for a recording. Having pressed the right button, the line gets cut off. Everytime. There must be something wrong with the Airline. Or nobody is working there.

  3. Daniel R L Christopher Reply

    Nobody seems to be answering the calls at Srilankan Airlines office in KL. I tried 10 numbers and they just keep on ringing. Is there any secret number we should call. Observe others too have experience the same problem.

  4. Ismail Mohd Noh Reply

    Dear sir, I have booked and already made payment for flight UL315 from Kuala Lumpur to Colombo and connecting flight UL263 to Dammam. Ref No. L4L64B. This is for 8 Nov 2012. The problem is I did not managed to print the ticket as my printer was out of order. Please re-send the ticket to my email address. Thanks

  5. Irfan Ahmed Channa Reply


    I am travelling on a round trip from Kuala Lumpur on 10th November 2012 to Karachi return on 15th December 2012.
    I have made online booking through Cheaptickets (website).

    I have made online booking using 3rd party Credit Card, I read on your terms and conditions for online bookings and I need to obtain consent from credit card holder/airlines prior to travelling on this flight and for the same, request your guidance for the procedure to follow and all necessary requirements to be fulfilled prior to travelling.

    Awaiting your urgent response.

  6. Chandrasekhar Reply

    The Sri Lanka Airline online booking is the most difficult to book on line and least customer friendly . I have been trying to book for the past 1 hour and it keeps spewing one or the other issues . First of all my card is UAE credit card and it wont accept without a ZIP code. How is it that this field is still kept like this when it is well known that there are still quite a few countries which do not use ZIP codes of which UAE is one of it .Secondly it says that I have to give the name while giving credit card details “as on my credit card”. My credit card has initials instead of my first name since it quite long. When I press “Book ” button, it says it cannot book for Third parties in less than 7 days . Mine is not a third party card. It is my own except the names are shortened version on the card for which I am not responsible.Least progressive approach of the airline . There is no one to speak to at this time of the night … not that the phone number is going to be responding from what I observe from the remarks elsewhere on this forum. This seems to be the only airline with tickets available at this heavy season and even it with only two seats left. I do not know where to turn.

  7. Oi Lin Taylor Reply

    Sri lankan airlines, Kuala lumpur need to be responsible to published their new telephone number if they have changed addresses and phone contact. We called over25 times with a ringing tone but no reply. In the end, my husband had to go to the airline office, only to find out it has moved.
    When he finally arrived to the right place, hot, irritated , approached the person who claims to be the sales manager, ( badly dressed)he was more interested to go to lunch.He certainly do not represent the airlines appropriately and his customer service is non existent .

  8. Allan Hwong Reply

    How come the phonelines both in the KL office and Sepang do not have people to attend? Is it that the phone number listed are wrong? I read from one of the Sri Lankan Airline Magazine how the Chairman and the CEO dream of making this Airline one of the global player but with this kind of reception, I wonder if it can exist another month or two.

  9. Thilak de Silva Reply

    No body seems to be answering the calls at Sri Lankan Airlines office in KL. I tried 4 numbers and they just keep on ringing. Is there any secret number we should call. Observe others too have experience the same problem.

    • Shaikh Aijaz Reply

      I have also been trying to call them for a long time and nobody answered. Finally I got thru to their country manager who has given the new number as the old numbers have changed
      Their new no. is +603 20701979.

  10. ibrahim Reply

    Kindly advise me if i need to sign any consent for payment via credit card for 3rd party traveler.if yes, where do i go to do that. i bought the ticket online for my daughter and i will not be flying with her. why no one seem to answer the phone at malaysia reservation office.

  11. amy Reply

    I’m having a hard time contacting them as well. Have been trying for hours now. sighh

  12. Dilruba Dony Reply

    I have bought the ticket via my brother credit card. i had some inquiry. I have tired to contact all Contact number including near to KLCC office and Airport office and few more number. None of them received the call. I had tried for whole day. My flight at 23rd June. I need help. my flight reference-F8JUPJ.

  13. soheil Reply

    what is the working time of srilankan airways office in kuala lumpur?
    i have been calling since three days ago but no one is answering .
    i have bought ticket by credit card , and i have got some questions.

  14. osman Reply

    i want to buy a ticket from Kuala Lumpur on 10 June 2012 and Return on 28 July 2012. where should i go to, i mean the travel agency?

  15. Ajmal Reply

    What is the point in leaving those 3 contact numbers and not answering them at all. You call this customer service?

  16. suhaida Reply

    I just now bought a ticket from your website, departing on 5th may 2012 and returning on 30th may 2012. I want to change the return date to 29th. My booking rerefence is G5IME6. What shall i do?

  17. ahmed Reply

    I want to buy a ticket from. Where should I go to buy? I don’t want to buy it online..thnx

  18. ker Reply

    I am surprised, I called the customer care several times but no response at all. How do you expect fliers to take your airline with such sort of service.

  19. Alvin Sanjeev Reply

    I will be travelling to Sir Lanka next week. Am I allowed to bring fresh fruits on board the flight as this is for the Fruit Expo in Colombo. (Mangosteen, Dragon Fruit & Rambutan)
    Await your quick reply

  20. janadoon Reply

    Please could you tell me the bussiness hours of Srilankan Airlines office in Malaysia?

  21. Baig Mohammad Rahim Reply

    my seat is confirm to KL to Colombo to Karachi on 09 Jan 2012.
    i have visa of Thailand. kindly tell me if i would like to go Bangkok – Colombo – Karachi? what would be the charges?

  22. Prame Kumari Reply

    To the good office concern, I wish to know more about sri lanka as i will be travelling there for 2 weeks rom 15th Dec to 31Dec.

    I have heard a lot and want to make the most in seeing this beautiful country

    Should i come to your good office to get all this info .Please advice

    Thank You
    Ms Prame

    • Tan Reply

      I am travelling to Doha with my 2 boys on 29 Mar. Our transit time to Doha will be 8 hrs 40 mins. Are we entitled to the Night Stop service and complimentary meals?
      Thank you.

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