Contact SriLankan Airlines – UK: Find below customer care details of SriLankan Airlines in UK, including telephone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on SriLankan Airlines.

Customer Care
00 94 19733 5500
00 94 19733 3344

SriLankan Airlines Ltd.,
Central House, 3 Lampton Road, Hounslow TW3 1HY,
United Kingdom.
+44 208 538 2014 (Airport office)
+44 208 538 2001 (Reservations & Ticketing)


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About SriLankan Airlines
SriLankan Airlines was founded in the year 1979 and is the national carrier of Sri Lanka. The airline operates from its main hub at Bandaranaike International Airport (Colombo) and flies to about 51 destinations. Read More

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  1. Glynis Smith Reply

    Please advise on your refund policy
    Due to travel on 9 March but on 12 December my husband was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia so unable to travel due to treatment
    Travel agent has refused to refund flight cost as it was within the 70 days cancellation period
    This is in fact not the case
    Please advise whether it is in fact yourselves refusing my refund or barefoot travel
    I can ill afford to lose £750 when the matter is completely out of my hands
    Please advise

  2. Lids Reply

    Your Airline has just lost not one, but two pieces of our luggage! Shocking how this can happen when they have priority business class tags on both suitcases. I’ve been informed that the baggage never left Heathrow, so we are in Thailand without our luggage for 5 days. We work in Thailand and go to the UK once a year to buy essentials like calpol medication for our kids and other things you can’t buy in Thailand. Not to mention that all our children’s Christmas presents and a bible given to my husband by his late mother were in the cases. I had no confidence in the guy that was checking us in. He seemed to be getting confused and had poor customer service skills. We think he put the wrong baggage tags on our cases. All the calls I’m making go through to Sri Lanka after I’ve been made to hold and cut off several times a day. The staff try to be helpful, but no real action has been taken. Can no- one go back through the system and see which tags were placed on the cases, as the missing two don’t run in sequence to the rest of the tags(not sure if this matters, maybe I’m clutching at straws) we are expecting you to come back in 21 days and say the luggage is missing and the search is off. That’s what usually happens when you have no trace of luggage that has passed through your system.

  3. Karen Reply

    We. Fly today and for two frigging days been trying to get hold of customer service, and still can’t contact them, the web page is crap you can’t book your seats and site doesn’t work correctly not looking forward to this flight at all.

  4. Bahmini Ranjan Reply

    My parents have traveled from Sri Lanka with the wheel chair assistance on the 9th of October. Their flight landed at 8.10 . Me and my husband were at the airport waiting and it was 10.10 when they came out. They told me that when they were in Colombo the staff was very helpful and took them in the wheelchair and make sure there were comfortable and then they left. But when they landed in Heathrow, they were told to wait for the wheelchair assistants to come and after a while only one person came with the wheel chair and there was another couple where the man could not walk at all. So the man was taken in that wheelchair an they were still waiting and then someone took them in a buggy and dropped in the in the middle telling them someone else will be coming to collect them. They were waiting and waiting and at the end they decided to walk to collect the bags and there was a man who offered to help if they pay him some money. They have agreed to pay and he pushed the trolley and they followed him walking. They mentioned that there was a representative from Sri Lankan airlines who was not very helpful. When they asked about the service he told them that this is not Sri Lanka. You have more people in Sri Lanka and we don’t have enough people to do things. My father is 81 and can’t walk property and my mother is 74. They were very disappointed with the services they had. Could you please clarify this situation and give us an explanation. Is this the way all the wheel chair passengers get treated?

  5. jaafar Reply

    I am sending you this mail to make you aware of the situation that occurred on April 14th 2016 (around 00:15), between me and Airport Security in Gate number 6, in The Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport.

    As i was making transit through Sri Lanka from Kuala Lumpur, on my way to transit through Rome, so i can come to my final destination Belgrade (Serbia), security guards stopped me and was asking me for my final destination ticket. I provided them with my Package ticket which i booked Online, where there can see my final destination and all transits. During my boarding on flight to Rome, in Gate number 6, i got surprised when they told me that i dont have ticket at all, and that they suspect that all my documents are fake. They were rude with me, impolite and very aggressive. They didnt want to provide me even one glass of water. Asking me for my expired Schengen Visa from 2014, suggesting that im Syrian refugee. All questions was not connected with my flight, as they was about my staying in Sweden from 2014 to 2015. The questions was also about my religion, and all my previous trips and life in general. At the end when i missed the flight and they found out in the system that i have ticket and that they was wrong, they tried to fix the situation.

    They told me that there is problem, because my bag was on the flight to Belgium. Their excuse was that instead to Belgrade (BEG), by their sistem mistake the bag was registered on the flight to Belgium (BELG). There is one letter difference. At the end, i spent all night on the Airport without any information or solution. I needed medical help, nobody provided me anything. I didnt had no dress, no clothes or anything to provide me human conditions. They wanted me to buy new ticket with my own money. When i refused their suggestion, they came up with new solution. They would send me to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Qatar, but again i must pay my flight from that location to my final destination, Serbia. After some time, i realised that there was no choice and i must accept what they suggest, and i told them to book the first flight to some of that locations. It was Abu Dhabi, on April 15h 2016 (18:05), and i payed the rest of my flight from Abu Dhabi to Belgrade – 470 euros.

    Very unhappy flier.

  6. Michael Rochester Reply

    We are considering traveling Business Class return LHR>CMB>LHR for our next trip to Sri Lanka in December. It appears that you fly from LHR T3 but the Lounge is in T4 across the other side of the runway. Question: If I have this correct, how might we enjoy the Lounge and then still get to our departure gate?

  7. Julie Garner Reply

    I bought goods on a Sri Lankan Airways flight in April 2014 they didn’t work and I returned them straight away – As of today Nov 2015 I still do not have a refund. They are absolutely horrendous to deal with – don’t believe a word the say – despite making a seat booking we were moved supposedly for infants – got inflight and the seats were occupied by adults who obviously were known to the flight crew.
    Broken entertainment systems seemed to be the norm – don’t do to it!

  8. sajjad Reply

    Does Srilankan airlines AirLanka give Hotel accomodation to passengers in transit from Saudi Arabia to Bangalore for more than 7 hours.

  9. vlax Reply

    My mom has come to uk from srilanka last month. It is her first travel with srilankan airlines. She wants to change her travel date while returning to srilanka. Kindly tell us if this is possible?

  10. dhanesh Reply

    My family is travelling on 27-11-12 from London Heathrow to Trivandrum Kerala, India. They will reach Colombo on 28-11-12 at 1315 hrs and their connecting flight to Trivandrum is only on 29-11-12 at 0730 hrs. Would you be providing free accomodation to them during their transit period at Colombo airport or they have to look for some other alternative? Looking forward to get an immediate reply in this regard

  11. Sarah Collins Reply

    You are so unhelpful. All very polite, but absolutely nothing gets done.
    Finally we finished jumping through all the hoops to request a refund. On 5th September. To the ‘bookings’ email address and the online request. I have phoned Sri Lanka, London and the 0330 number, but have no idea when, if and how much refund we can expect and it is now 27th September.

  12. John Parham Reply

    On a recent flight from London to Colombo, our baggage was delayed by 32 hours, necessitating us to purchase toiletries and clothes to cover short term needs. Can you please advise me as to how to claim for these expenses.

  13. Mr SW Lovelock Reply

    I made a booking some months ago on flight no UL 504 to Columbo on 20th July 12 unfortunately I’ve mislaid confirmation & booking confirmation so am unable to log on to your site to make an amendment.
    Could you please help with my log in details
    Steve Lovelock

  14. les Reply

    i am in need of an INCAD form…i am due to travel in May 2012. I need to have it filled by my GP so I would like it sent to my home address.

  15. vijayanarasimhan Reply

    I have already traveled from India to UK with my wife . On our return journey from London we want to break our journey and visit Colombo for 3 nights and 4 days.I am leaving UK on 30th September 2011 night and will be landing at Colombo on 1st Oct.Please let whether you can organize the tour and also the change in ticket.If so please give us the break up.The sight seeing tour is for two persons along with 3 star accommodation.Please mail me the break up regarding charges for the Ticket change, accommodation , sight seeing etc if any to my e-mail at the earliest.I will provide you my Ticket details after hearing from you.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      please call the customer care for the same..they should arrange it for you…To save money I suggest you book the tickets from the website directly..and there is visa on arrival for can manage your own hotel and travel..which could save you more money..

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