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Sony Ericsson India Customer Care
Phone: 1800 11 1800 (Toll free)
Phone: +91 (011) 39011111

Email Support
[email protected]

Head Office (India)
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Pvt. Ltd.,
Building 9A,10th Floor, DLF Cybercity, Sector 25-A,
Gurgaon (Delhi,NCR), Haryana-122002.
Phone: +91-124-4625055

Service Center
To locate nearest Sony Ericsson service center at your city click here

Sony Ericsson Customer Service (US/UK)
Phone: 1 866 766 9374 (US Toll Free)
Phone: 08705 237 237 (UK)

Sony Ericsson Downloads
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Manage Phone
To access the online Sony Ericsson account click here. You can synchronise your phone data with the website and can access it any time you need it.

Locate Dealer
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About Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson was founded in the year 2001. It was a joint venture between Sony and Ericsson. Headquartered in London, UK, the mobile manufacturing company employs over 8000 people worldwide. Sony Ericsson models include Aino, Aspen, C510, C901, C903, Cedar, Ducati Phone, Elm, J132, Jalou, K660i, Mix Walkman, Naite, Satio, Sony Ericsson txt, Spiro, T707, T715, Vivaz, W205, W508, W705, W902, W995, Xperia active, Xperia arc, Xperia neo, Xperia neo V, Xperia Play, Xperia pro, Xperia Pureness, Xperia ray, Xperia X10, Xperia X8, Yari, Zylo and more. Read More

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  1. Kunal Gurnani Reply

    I gave my cell phone on Saturday 14th June, 2014 and informing them that I have done all the updating process and still the problem was not solved. 16th morning I got a call from service center stating that my phone is been repaired. I went to collect my phone and within a span of 10 mins, my battery reduced from a level of 25% to 9%. I immediately went back to the center and informed them. After handing over my phone for a good 30 minutes, I was informed that my phone is absolutely fine and the engineer used his word “CUSTOMER JHOOTH BOL RAHA HAI”. That has really pissed off my mind till then and when I back fired him for using such words, he said Sony Xperia has notified us that in such cases customer has to take back his phone and come after 24hrs to launch the issue again. Only after using a cell phone for 24hrs, then only we shall take forward your issue.
    Now today on 17th June, I again received a call from service center and they said that my phone is working fine. I visited and again the phone battery started draining soon. When I showed the engineer again, he said your phone is tested ok and we will not do any further repairing on your phone. I am still facing the issue and my phone is contionously on charging. I have taken the screenshot of the battery.

    Kunal Gurnani
    +91 9768016966

  2. Deepak Kumar Shukla Reply

    Dear Sir / Madam, I have purchased Sony Xperia M Dual from The Mobile Store, I got this handset on 13-01-2014 at evening, After 10 or 12 hours of starting my mobile asked for password while i have not set any password. for this problem i have submitted my mobile to Service Center at Janakpuri for rectification. But service engg. was unable to solve this problem and then they send it for replacement on same day. But after regular followup i am not getting any proper answer from service center, Please help on this issue.

  3. Sachin Reply

    I purchased a new sony xperia. My set’s display got broken and i have submitted same to service centre (Pacetel Systems Pvt. Ltd.), B-35/2, First Floor, Guru Nanak Pura, Lakshmi Nagar, Opp V3S Mall Near Nirman Vihar Metro Station, Delhi-110092.

    My Ticket ID:13011600328
    Date: 10 Jan, 2013
    Model No: sony Ericsson ST21i

    I called the customer service several times for status of the repair. They are not responding properly. I need my set urgently.

  4. dr verma Reply

    Sony Xperia Tipo is a bad product. They sold me a defective product. Now they wont even replace. I think Samsung is better. It is almost 20 days now that the phone is in service center for repair. Wasted money, that’s all. Have not used the cell a single day.

  5. Jitendra Nayak Reply

    I submit my Mobile Model: Sony Ericsson Vivaz on 25 Aug 2012 for Screen Change to Branch :Maninagar, Ahmedabad and till today i am not getting my rectified mobile back. When i contact the service center they reply that they are not able to obtain the parts for replacement. They just gave Sony Ericsson customer care no. for further enquiry. I also called several times but their reply is same “Your mobile was obsolete now, so we also dont know when we will get parts. Parts was ordered & will come from Chennai. If you want your mobile back then you can take”. My order no. is SE31220212279 & my ticked id 93865669.

  6. anubhav parsheera Reply

    so my phone’s been with sony center , kamla nagar for a month now.. and they havent even begun repairing it.. one of the most repulsive customer care services i’ve ever experienced , and i’m not just talking my experience specifically with phones , customer care in general..but i do have to hand it to you guys for atleast coming up with different excuses everytime , even if they contradict past excuses , a vivid imagination is something you don’t lack.

    Just because my phone’s still in warranty period and i dont have to pay for the repair , doesn’t mean you have to work like you’re not being paid.. i’m sure you get salaries. Your phone needs parts that are to arrive from chennai’ is what the lady on the counter said .. went after a week , she said the parts had arrived and it would be done in 2-3 days.. after 3 days , my parts had not arrived i guess cos they were no longer there .. presently , my parts are yet to arrive .. so my question is , what do you guys smoke in the back office when you’re pretending to work? word of advice to others like me out there , 1 sony center day= 15 normal human days , so when they tell you to come after 2 days , they mean it metaphorically.. read between the lines..also, since most of them are unable to count past 5 , this is the system currently being used.

  7. pramod k m Reply

    I lost my 14000 rupees by purchasing a Sony Ericsson xperia mini. A useless mobile handset. Still i am in warranty period. If Sony Ericsson is reputed company you should replace this handset for me. The service person told me that my phone’s problem can be resolved by installing touch calibration software. But the problem remains even after installing this software.

  8. saurabh Reply

    I had purchased a sony xperia p in the month of june , and by mistake got its screen damaged just after one week of purchase.I had given it for service at the service center and since that date my phone is transferring from one service center to other. Its almost three months passed and no solutions in hand.
    Firstly I gave the same to vikas marg , new delhi service center, and they said it will be get swapped with the new one. After few days they said we have ordered the parts and will take time. But they returned back the same saying they had no response from chennai head office and cant help. Then I gave it to bhajanpura, new delhi service center and was informed that it will go to chennai for repair and they kept the set with them for around 20 days , and after that returned the same giving the same reasons as given by vikas marg sevice center. Meanwhile I had also mailed and contacted to customer care but as usual no response and no solutions . Just received a mail from one of your senior executive mr rakshit mahajan, and after that he is also non responsive.
    Presently its with chennai again as informed to me by the shitij telecom SONY AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTRE Shop No. 115 GF AKD Tower Sector-14- Gurgaon,(Job No:W112091801093) since september 19th.

    We have been making number of calls to the customer care to track the location and situation of my phone , but the executive there have no information every time just providing with a reference number.

    This is a real nuisance , and such a poor service that sony is providing the company should not have launched the model if the parts are not available in case for repair. They are just fooling customers and degrading there name and fame.

    I think I should not have invested such a big amount for a sony mobile they don’t worth it.

  9. ramesh Reply

    Suggestions : Think twice before buying sony mobile phones because they are purchasing their parts from Chinese market for very low price. There is no guaranty of its products and sony is just minting money like anything. If you do not have faith on my words then please visit the complaint section of Sony where grieved customers have given their comments. I suffered after purchasing sony x10i a year back and now mother board is damaged and sony has no solution. My money of Rs 22,000 is gone.

    I purchased my phone on 20 July 2011 and within 9 months it had problems like automatic re-start while talking, automatic re-start while charging etc.

    I gave to the Service Center RT Outcourcing Service Ltd Janakpuri, UG-14, Suneja Tower-II District Center Janak Puri, PH: 011-45272737 on JUL 15 2012 for repair and they said there is a software problem and after doing some fixes returned the same to me next day saying it was perfectly working now. After a week the phone again started giving same problem and again visited the same center..this time they said warranty is also finished and now on a fee they can attend my complaint. It seems that when it was on warranty they did not do anything and when warranty is over they started checking its problem.

    On August 16 I again re-visited them and handed over the set for repair. After inspecting they said there is a problem in mother board and it requires to be sent to their Chennai office for repairing …this will cost you about 3000 Rs. I handed over the phone and till Septemer 14 there is no response from their end. When I called up they are saying it is still under repair and stuffs. Then again i called several times but with no success. I have been having a really bad experience dealing with Sony Ericsson’s Support from past 30 days.

    The problem is not that they have took 30 days but the real problem is that they never give a exact date when the mobile phone will be fixed. They have already missed their 2 due dates when they promised to repair my mobile and give it back to me.

    They don’t provide email or phone of any high official to talk to.
    I have not spend Rs.22000 for phone to use it for 5 months and get it fixed by someone have no knowledge of what they are doing.

    Here are the details:
    SERVICE CENTER: RT Outsourcing Service Ltd Janakpuri, UG-14, Suneja Tower-II District Center Janak Puri, PH: 011-45272737
    WORK ORDER NUMBER: SE31278013931
    CREATED ON : AUGL 16 2012 5:46 PM

  10. Rahul Reply

    i purchased Sony Ericsson XPeria mini ST51i. I could not Find Memory card option Inside phone. And the Will hang while using the internet Plz. help me

  11. ajay Reply

    Don’t go for any sony ericsson handset, you will be wasting your money..bought a sony ericsson satio a few months ago and have not used it properly even for 2 months. It is now dead and repair also is impossible.

  12. yash Reply

    i have bought xperia s and the phone is restarting again and again..
    Please help me.

  13. surbhi Reply

    I am using sony ericsson w8 e16i from last 10 months. There are some problems with my handset. I went to customer care but was not satisfied with their service. I got a speaker but after using it for 3-4 times one of the speaker stopped working. I took it to the nearest service center where they took it and kept for 1-2 weeks and returned to me by saying now they are working. When i used them in my home i found there was no difference. After about a month i again went there and gave my speakers, they kept it for a month and didnt inform me about it. When after a month i went there they returned to me by saying they have replaced it but there was no change and they returned the same speakers. I am highly dissatisfied with this type of service. I expected a lot from Sony’s products but all in vain.

    • Jyotheeswar Reply

      My best suggestion not to buy sony mobile, past 1.5 month my mobile is there in service center only till now problem not solved, they told they changed Mother board but IMEI number is same, how come IMEI number is same when it has been changed it, go for Samsung or HTC mobile for smart phones.

      • vignesh Reply

        i have been through the same…a month over and i’ve yet to receive my phone.

  14. Tarandeep singh Reply

    I have a Sony Ericsson model no C 510. The problem is it is not showing display after it recently fell down.

  15. Shiva Reply

    I have bought a Neo V through eBay on Jan 30th or so. (They have given New Product with Manufacturer Warranty)

    When ever I click a pic with Neo V, there will be some bluish/ greenish shade over the photo I have taken. Check with the image provided. This was from March itself.DSC_0217.JPG

    I am living in Banaglore,India. I have tried to resolve this by approaching Service people here. Later I happen to know that they have much less knowledge regarding this.

    They are trying some stupid steps like factory reset/ updating etc which are irrelevant at this point, as itseems the problem is hardware related/ something more.

    Ofcourse I had obliged for their words for 4 times, but it is in vain as expected.

    At last, I was lil serious at them, then they said that we need to change the mother board , & for this I need to wait for morethan 2 weeks itseems.

    I was really afraid listening that as I cant bear such change in the system, with my 4 months old Neo V.

    Plz suggest me the correct approach.

    When ever I tried to connect my Neo V to my PC, it prompts me to update it to ICS.

    Unfortunately, it would show an error when ever I tried for the same. Actually, I was very much impessed by ICS after I glanced it at my bro’s Nexus. I am very much waiting for this update. Plz tell me the way.

  16. Lekshmi Nair Reply

    I had purchased a Sony Ericcson Spiro(Product Serial No: 358599041230193) in Oct 2011, from Reliance Digital (Bill no C7464 #0045 Dated 22/10/11), Koramangala Branch, Bangalore.

    From the second month itself, i started getting problems with the phone. I started getting the message ‘Out of Memory’ very often while trying to send messages.I had consulted the service center in Jan 2012 itself. They told me that this was the problem with this particular model and that nothing can be done to rectify it.

    I was told to keep my phone memory empty and to format my phone once. I formatted my cell and also emptied my phone memory. My phone worked fine for a month.
    Even after keeping the phone memory empty, the problem re-occurred by Feb. 2012. Now my phone memory is completely empty, but still I am getting the same error message. Due to which I am finding it very difficult to send messages due to which I am facing a lot of difficulties. And moreover my phone ‘hangs’ very often.

    Is there a permanent solution to this problem other than just keep on formatting the cell?
    I request you to kindly look into the problem and offer a solution. It may kindly be noted that the phone is just few months old(just 6 months).

    I have posted my complaints several times on Sony Xperia Contact Center, Ticket: 92788448, 92910894, 92925687.
    Only the first time, I got a reply from someone asking me to format my cell and take it to the service center for repair. After that, for all my complaints I have got only Auto replies.

    I tried calling the customer support (39011111 or 1800 3000 2800). They are asking me to take it service center again. There, in service center, i get the same response that this is the problem with the model.
    Is there a permanent solution to this problem? Or is changing the phone itself, the permanent solution?

    I am very disappointed with the kind of experience i had with the phone.
    I mainly use the phone for messaging other than making calls and listening to music, i.e. the basic, necessary functions of any mobile. I rarely use the other functions of the phone. Since I am not crazy about high end gizmos, I, basically, wanted a phone which would have a long life. So I had gone with the ‘Sony Brand Name’ and bought this cell. This being my first salary purchase, it had lot of emotions attached.
    And now I am not even able to send sms. I am forced to get a new mobile within 6 months of buying ‘Spiro’.

    I am truly unsatisfied with this experience.

  17. tausif attar Reply

    hii i have a problem with my sony erricson xperia x10 mini pls help me

  18. Wasim Reply

    i have W8(anroid) always restart or switch off when in use..tried the service centers, but no use..not yet fixed

  19. Benjamin Reply

    I have a sony ericssion Zylo, I accidentally broke the cover panel. As there is no proper dealer in my State, Kindly inform me where I can get one on online sale. Your prompt reply is eagerly awaited.

  20. deepak Upadhyay Reply

    I purchased SONY ERRICSON mobile instrument MT11i from Shakti Electronics on 18 Dec 2011 vide receipt no 161/8047.

    2. The said Instrument started giving problems within 3rd month of use and was delivered for repairs on 19th Mar 2012 to Asian Infotech Vaishali Gzb, vide complaint no SES124002913.

    3. The problem reported was that the Instrument have MIC Problem and it was made known to me that the problem was with the Mother Board.

    4. The Instrument was repaired and delivered back on 30th Mar2012 but it again started giving exactly the same problem in addition to Slow processing problem the next day. And was delivered back on 6th April 2012 vide complaint No SE312AST10105.

    5. I had made regular calls to the said Service Center and Mr Prakash from Excel India on appointed days and time but never received any proper response and above it, he was made fun of.

    Now Can you please help me to replace my instrument.

  21. somya Reply

    i bought the phone and within a week the camera started getting forced close….and in two months the camera was all gone. now its with the service center for more than a week as they say the camera parts are not just waiting for it. such a waste of money….!!

  22. samarth jain Reply

    I had given my Sony Ericsson model W8(e16i) ( IME no. 357737042327714) to your gwalior service Center on 22 feb 2012. Till date the mobile phone has not been repaired , I have called your helpline also and no help extended. Service Center has not given me response. they assured me that the set will be awaliable in 15 days but its more than a month i have not got my set – Preview. Now what to do ?? Will you please look into this.

  23. khan Reply

    Dear Customer Care, I have Sony Ericsson Xperia 10 neo, but I do not know where is the file Manager. and how i can install Outlook or check my out look address. how i can record the sound, or during calling. also it map is not displaying.

    Could you please help me?

    Thanks and regards

  24. binay Reply

    Dont buy sony ericsson cell phone. The after sale service is worse.All its product these days are of sub standard. Take my words.Mostly the experia and vivaz pro phone has a touch screen problem and these are very costly for repair and the warranty is only a month after repair. And if your phone is under warranty they will fix the problem temporarily.

    • Anand Reply

      I agree totally…my Xperia is out within 3 months of purchase and no one is there to help…

  25. Sanjay kumar Reply

    I want to purchase a xperia x8. I want to know if its a good phone or not? Its android software can be upgraded or not?

    • binay Reply

      dont buy any smart phone from sony. they are totally wastage of money. Go for samsung android phone,take my words.

  26. Ankit Reply

    I purchased sony Txt Pro in January – 2012, from Infeabeam online shop.
    Its working very slow, gets hanged often.
    It shows notification when receiving msg but when I go to inbox to read it dosent show, & the msgs I sent before it shows as new msgs recieved .
    When I recieve or dial calls it doesnt shows in Call History.
    I am just fed up with this handset, Please help me out. I dont have money & time to waste.
    It is really a cheap moblie handset & waste of money.

  27. Girish Nayakar Reply

    Currently i am having sony erricsson Xperia X8 with 2.1 Andriod Version. Now i want to update the software for available higher versions. Please provide the inputs & available higher software deatils.


  28. neelam Reply

    i’m really frustrated with my piece of sony ericsson spiro model name w100i 355510046448071 and have brought it from shree krishna mobile sales and services bhilwara,rajasthan..not even a year passed but i have repaired it for about 3-4 times…problem is it shows “out of memory” dialogue when i want to write a new msg..

    • LEKSHMI NAIR Reply

      I have the same problem with my sony ericsson spiro (35859904-123019-3SVN-11) brought from from Reliance Digital (Bill no C7464 #0045 Dated 22/10/11), Koramangala Branch, Bangalore.

  29. amar Reply

    Sir I m having Xperia mini pro, sk17i. I tried to connect to internet but it failed. I called Reliance customer care, they told me that mobile phone modem is not configured.They asked to be reinstall software and try again. But with my phone I got no cd and pc suite.

  30. Dharm Reply

    Sir I have a sony ericsson mobile(cedar.model-j108i). Sir,how can I make a video call?

  31. viswa Reply

    i have a sony ericsson xperia mini,i am unable to hear when other person speaks when i am on a phone call

  32. binuraj p Reply

    I bought w 595 in 2009. now when I charge my phone, it displays that the follwing
    “serious error, stop charging,stop using your phone, contact sonyericsson customer care” since I am in bandipur away on border please help me what might be problem in my phone?

  33. mohit Reply

    sir I have purchased w8 walkman phone on 13 feb..but the battery capacity doesnt last for more than 4 hrs..i have checked all the settings..
    is there any camera zoom in w8 ?? can I update the phone to 2.3 android ?? can I transfer the application(installed from android market) to memory card ??

  34. Neetika Sharma Reply

    I purchased sony ericsson K15i txt pro on 16.8.2011. and was facing few problems. and then major problems of cell getting hung at times. and finally it stopped working. and I gave it for servicing on 24.10.2011. The dealer gave it back in the end of DECEMBER saying that it has been repaired but it dint work properly after that also. So, again the next day, I gave it back. He again sent it for repairing ( this is what he said) and returned back in the month of January. BUT still, its not working properly..I am not at all satisfied with the mobile piece, nor with the SERVICES. Please let me know the right way to deal with this.

  35. shraddha Reply

    hello sir , i had purchased new cell sony ericcson w8, many application is nt working and touch is nt gud and da worst part is now charger is nt working :@ i am not satisfied with this cell and yor service ..reply as soon as possible

  36. R K Soni Reply

    Sir, I purchased a SONY Mobile SPIRO (W 100 i) from Bhawani Electronics Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh ) India vide Bill No 38341 Dt 10/08/2011 its IMEI NO is 35551004-303924-6 .I am facing two problems for the last three months.
    (1) it often switches off automatically and takes 05 to 07 minutes to restart.
    (2) when I try to create a message, I get the alert ” out of memory” and am unable to create massage.
    I visited the service center thrice but they could not solve the problem. They simply told that “this is a common problem in this model and we cant help you”
    I am not able to use my mobile because of this issue. Please do the needful to resolve the issue. Thanking You sir.

  37. Venkatesan Reply

    I have purchased Sony Ericsson s302 model in 2009. I am not able to download any software at this time. Dont know what happened.

  38. Anurag Reply

    Sony Ericsson Contact Center, Ticket: 92224893

    Sorry to say, but issue is still pending at your end….Long Pending Issue

    Kindly speak to me at xx or share your contact no.


  39. anil Reply

    Sir,i have SE k790i,recently i got a problem when i opened the applications on my phone it shows operation failed,i cant accss applications,games so can u suggest me how to fix this problem,i also format my mem slot but no use.

  40. Hardik patel Reply

    Please give me contact detail of sony ericssion authorised service centre gandhidham

  41. len Reply

    Lost Sony Ericsson Mobile W100i with IMEI-357085043146513. Kindly trace the whereabouts and with which SIM no. it is currently used with. Thanks!

  42. anil jodhani Reply

    I purchased your sony erricsson w20 zylo model from bapunagar max mobile shop at ahmedabad (gujrat)…now am facing various problems such as:
    1 – in june month hands free problem..
    2 – june month again memory card problem….
    3- october month there is a display belt problem….
    4 – 17 dec their is a audio problem with hands free, other capacity / charging mother board replaced with IEMI no : xx
    5 – now today 17-jan 2012 my mobile is automatically switching off..

  43. patel prerak Reply

    I had a problem with the Joy stick & camera of my Sony-Ericsson K750 so i gave it to near sony ericsson authorised service center. they repaired my mobile only joy stick but camera was not repaired. so after 1 week i again gave mobile to that sony ericsson authorised service center to repair my camera but after that when i received my mobile the key pad does not work properly..

    Again i gave it to the sony ericsson authorised service center to repair keypad & joy stick but even after 15 days i did not get my mobile.. the owner of that sony ericsson authorised service center is not giving me proper response about my mobile.. i am very disappointed with that sony ericsson authorised service center’s service…i am facing lots of problem without my mobile..

  44. Nirav Patel Reply

    I have a Sony Ericcson Aspen – (M1i). It’s touch screen is broken, so am required to fix the same. Please provide me cost for it.

  45. FAIZAL SA Reply

    I want a sony ericsson walkman (W700i)phone.Please help me for buying the phone

  46. Jitender Reply

    I have Sony Ericssion mobile Xperia x8 , which i am using since last 2 am facing a problem with the handset..when the network phone shows switched off to those calling my number..

  47. saneesh v p Reply

    Me having sonyerricsson C902 model phone. Its display glass got damaged before one month and i went to several service centers in kerala,india to change that glass. Now am in UAE

  48. P.K.Vij Reply

    I had given my Sony Ericsson model W760i ( IME no 354799026905132) to your Lajpat nagar service Center ( GTB Services ) on 31st Aug 11. Till date the mobile phone has not been repaired , I have called your helpline also and no help extended. Service Center has not given workorder no but Work order – Preview. Now what to do ?? Will you please look into this.

  49. murtuza Reply

    i wanted a touch pannel of (Xperia 2) and some other spare parts of sony ericsson from bilaspur ASP..but the service center person isnt giving any positive responce from last 1.5 months… and no body is there in service center for attending the customer…

    • niraj kumar Reply

      sir I purchased your sony erricsson txt pro in 16/01/2012 IMEI NO;-xx.but after two days power is not working.

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