Contact Singapore Airlines – Jakarta: Find below customer care details of Singapore Airlines in Jakarta, Indonesia, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for booking a new ticket, cancellations, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other services of Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines  – Jakarta

City Office

8th Floor Menara Kadin Indonesia
Jalan H R Rasuna Said
Block X-5 Kav 2 and 3
Jakarta 12950

Phone     +62 21 52997888 (Reservations)
+62 21 5507130-32 (Airport)

Fax     +62 21 57903886-87 (Reservations & Ticketing)

Email     [email protected]

Baggage Office

Baggage Services
(Baggage Tracing/Lost and Found)
Ground Floor, Arrival Hall
Terminal 2D,
Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
Cengkareng, Jakarta

+62 21 550 0809
+62 21 550 0818

Fax:     +62 21 550 7244

Internet Helpline
Phone     +62 21 52997888

Call Centre 24/7 (Singapore)

Phone +65 6223 8888
Fax +65 6786 6947

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About Singapore Airlines

With one of the world’s youngest fleet, Singapore Airlines is a leading travel brand in South East Asia and South Asia, operating from its main hub at Singapore Changi Airport. Founded as Malayan Airways in the year 1947, later changing its name to Singapore Airlines in 1972, the airline was in 2010 ranked 27th on Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies. Singapore Airlines currently flies to about 99 destinations in 39 countries. The airline was the first in the world to operate an international commercial flight across the Pacific Ocean Read More.

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  1. Ardy Reply


    I bought e-ticket online ( lowest fare ) from Jakarta and I need to change my flight , but I can not change online ( easier ) and I must contact it’s Office to change it. but after I called more than 10 times ( about 2 hours ) to Jakarta Office +622152997888, the line is always busy ( ????? ). it should be Customer Service to pick the phone up or can I get another phone number ?

    Thank you

  2. Dr Johnny Tan Reply

    It is super frustrating calling SQ Jakarta. Kept on hold for so long then line was cut off. Restart to queue & put on hold for so long until I need to give up to go for meeting. This is NOT the service level I would have expected from SQ. Horrible Horrible Horrible. No other words to describe

    • Jerry Reply

      True to my experience. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. Zero star.
      But there is a trick to overcome the frustration. Simply ask for FIRST class or BUSINESS Class line and somebody will pick up the phone in no time.

  3. Auliasary Reply

    I try to call the call center for two times, and need to wait for more than 10 minutes and got disconnected.
    SQ you really need to improve your call center performances in Jakarta.

  4. sunardi wong Reply

    Why it is so darn difficult to call Singapore office both at the airport and the reservation ??? Goodness me…

    We always have to call singapore airline office from jakarta if we would like to do some enquiries. Its a lot faster.

    i hope SQ can add more staffs to answer local enquiries from Jakarta in the future.

  5. David Reply

    Call center Singapore Airlines in Jakarta is verry bad, i call SQ center just hold and hold.

    I want more information for my booked number. How i get information if i call SQ center can’t

  6. Mariza Reply

    Dear SQ,

    Your customer service center in Jakarta is so bad. I had been trying to call since 12 pm until this 5 pm and still unable to fix my re-booking problem. Please fix this immediately.


  7. Silvia marthalena Reply

    I booked flight to London and when I put my krisflyer number it says it’s expired. Does krisflyer can be expired if I haven’t use it for a long time? My krisflyer number is 8126480636. Can It be extended? Thank you

  8. Vijay Reply

    Really it is ridiculous holding so long time just to make some queries of my booking.
    They should close the office if they cannot handle this kind of situation

  9. Liana Reply

    I have been trying to call the reservation number as the above to check on my booking ticket (with few queries) only to find that i had to spent almost an hour for zero result and just listening to the automatic service dumbly until it terminated the line automatically because of the long waiting without a chance to talk to the person in charge or operator yet, and it happened in my various calls. It is a very bad service and unexpected for such a big reliable company like SIA. I’d like to call the Singapore office but since it is an international call, I am very much in doubt of a fast service from the call. Please review again your services quality especially for Jakarta office.

  10. Martina Reply

    I have tried to contact this number 5299.7888 several times, but always put on hold for more than 10 minutes. My father wants to redeem his kris flyer point, can he transfer the point with ticket for someone else. What is the procedure & how ?

  11. Xu Liu Reply

    • On 16 November 2012, at about 7 pm, my wife and I made a booking on Singapore Airline Website. The booking number is 48 UC2J.
    • After reached ‘payment’ stage and submitted payment, your website stopped responding. The process was terminated without any message. We checked our email, there was no email results sent to us by Singapore Airline.
    • We went back to Singapore Airline Website and made another booking as the earlier booking clearly failed to go through. The new booking number is 491TDK. This time is was a success because we got booking confirmation from your Website.
    • Then we went back to check our emails and we found there are 2 bookings. 48UC2J and 49TDK.
    • We then went back to Singapore Airline Website and cancelled the first booking (48UC2J) but we were charged 250 SGD cancellation fee + about $100 credit card charge by the bank. We are requesting Singapore Airline to refund all these $300 SGD to us.
    • The reason? We can’t make mistake by booking two flights for the same persons on the same flight date. A person can’t be on two flight on the same day! This happened because Singapore Airline Website not responded to our payment submission.
    • So we are now requesting the airline to pay back the $250 SGD cancellation fee and around $100 fee charged by our bank (the use of credit card fee).

    At the time of writing, we have not received refund of the tickets either but that may come through with time.

    • arum octaviani Reply

      Hi, I want to know what you got from singapore Irlines. Did they give u refund?
      I am requesting for a refund as they charged me by mistake for my baggage. I have heard nothing from them.

      If you did get the refund, how long did u have to wait?

  12. Burkin, Terry Reply

    Yesterday (8 Nov) I got an an SMS text informing me that OnLine Check was open for my Singapore Airlines flight Jakarta-Manila (via Singapore) for 10 November. I went online and went through the process of providing Traveller Details only to be told at the end that Online CheckIn for the flight was not yet available. I thus assumed I was not yet checked in.
    Later yesterday I found out that my trip from Jakarta to Manila need not now take place until later in the month so today (9 Nov) I called the Singapore Jakarta office to change my flight. After going through all the menus and listened to all yours ads about how great the new seats are etc etc etc and being told first that that I was in a queue then later that you were very busy and even later thanking me for holding etc etc the call was finally terminated by your automatic service. This happened twice. Two long calls for no reason and no result. After your office closed at 5.00pm I then tried to call your office at Jakarta airport but neither number appears to be working.
    Finally in desperation I called your Singapore office (an international call) and after 5 minutes of messages telling me about how lovely it is to travel to China and Bandung and to be Well Travelled You Should Travel Well and how flat the First class seats can go I got an operator who spent another 17 minutes either talking or putting me on hold (a 22 minute international call) ONLY TO BE told finally that he cannot change the booking BECAUSE I HAVE ALREADY CHECKED IN (NO I HAVEN’T ACCORDING TO THE MESSAGE ON LINE YESTERDAY) and the only way I can change is to go to the airport in person in Jakarta. THIS IS NOT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. far I have paid goodness knows how much for several long phone calls including one long international call with no result. Now I face the prospect of a 3 hour round trip drive to Jakarta Int’l airport (yes it takes that long) and I cannot even ascertain if the office there will even be open when I get there.

  13. Sulistio Budi Darmono Reply

    Hi, I tried to phone you but I have to wait and wait for nothing in the end. It was very tiresome. I am a KrisFlyer elite silver member. Now I am about to go to Mumbai by SQ. How can I use my mileage to buy or increase my ticket status. Thank you

  14. Iwan setiawan kusnandar Reply

    Saya in gin tau mengenai krisFlier . Jika saya berangkat dengan istri Dan 2 anak , bagaimana mengenai point krisFliernya.
    Apa masuk ke member krisFlier saya atau masing masing penumpang, karena anak saya usianya Masih 8 Dan 10 tahun.


  15. Vera Reply

    Dear Singapore Airlines,

    I was flying to seoul on Wednesday 18april, but I forgot to give my KF number. Please help what should I do now? Thanks.


  16. Antonius Reply

    I use my credit card for my wife’s booking ticket on line. Should I come to the airport to show my credit card ? or I just need to give a copy of my credit card to my wife. Because I already tick the option that declare the card holder is not on this travel.

    Information from a person in customer care/ticketing at the airport, when my wife called mentioned that I need to go to SQ office Jakarta to fill out some form – what form, otherwise the boarding pass will not be issued – if this is true, then there should not be an option if the card holder is on the travel or not.

  17. Ali Reza Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to make a reservation for five (5) persond from Jakarta to Hanoi (Vietnam)

    3 (three) persons will depart on 27 April and return on 29 April 2012
    2 (two) persons will depart on 27 April and return on 30 April 2012
    Would you please let us know and make a reservation on it? I have tried to call your office but it seem difficult to reach it.

    Thank you so much and wait for your prompt response.

  18. Ayu Riana Reply

    Dear Sir/madam,
    I have plan to go to cape town from Jakarta on July this year . But at that time I’ll be 32 weeks pregnant. What should I do? Can I still take the flight? What should I prepare?
    Please reply soon.

  19. rob Reply

    unfortunately wanted to book my flight through internet booking and suddenly after i pressed to pay, the system seems down, and i already completed inputting the necessary information of my credit card. for this matter i tried to call the Singapore Airlines Jakarta, but ohhh…. my God it tooks a day from 8am – 4pm to connect it to your telephone system who has a lot of advertisement..better to have automatically handled by operator than leaving the caller into hopeless waiting..

  20. Agit Reply

    Dear SQ,

    i try to call SQ cust service several times today, but they told that the cust service still busy and I should have to wait. I just want to ask about SQ booking online. I can’t make my booking using Mandiri Visa and Mastercard. The info is “the issuing bank has decline the transaction”. I think it will be depend on amount on credit card and I don’t have problem with both my cc amount. please help me with this problem.

    thank you

  21. suharto Reply

    Dear Madam/Sir,

    I forgot my PIN of my Krisflyer. I tried to make a new one, unfortunately failed. It is advised to contact local Singapore Airline.
    Would it be possible to contact trough emali?
    My Kriesflyer number: xx

    Thank you

  22. Aaron Reply

    Hi, I was taking a business class flight from Shanghai to Singapore and I left my canadian Iphone4 in the lounge in Shanghai and they would not open the plane door to let me go get it. They said they would get it to my hotel here in Jakarta but have not. Please call me and let me know where it is as soon as possible.

  23. Mary Reply

    My daughter has booked me a flight online and i noticed she has put my wrong passport nr, how do i amend it?

  24. sari Reply

    Dear sir,
    My name is sari. Due to important family matter (to see a doctor in SGH), we would like to know if we can reschedule our flight.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      please call the customer support and they shall guide you on the process..

  25. Ricardo Tapilatu Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have a round trip ticket from Birmingham US to Jakarta on Dec 1 and fly back on Jan 11. I have been asked to do a quick survey in Papua Barat Province in late December. Given the limited survey time and unreliable domestic flight between Jakarta and Papua Barat, I would like to change my fly back from Jakarta to Birmingham on Jan 11st to Jan 17th, 18th or 19th. Pls let me know which date that would have available seat. Thank you and I really appreciate your response.

    Best, Ricardo Tapilatu

  26. Bela Desai Reply

    I would like to know if i can upgrade my economy class ticket to business class, what will be the extra charges. As my ticket is for 30th October 2011, Jakarta to mumbai.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      if there are available seats then you can..please contact the Singapore Airlines reservation desk..

  27. rita Reply

    If we have been issued a ticket and the name in the ticket is not the same as that in the passport..cant we amend the ticket name?

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      of course it can be done..but only the agency that booked your ticket can..please reach them asap

  28. Geissendoerfer Reply

    I want touse my miles and book a ticket online. However, it is necessary to have a credit card. All credit cards from Indonesia do not have a dollar account. So how to pay. I m living in Medan, so is it possible to pay in Indo. Rp in the silk air office Medan. Pls let me know.

    • CCC - Sam Reply would be to get the ticket from the closest office..that should not be very complicated..

  29. Lambot - toth Reply

    I flew with Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa with my children in July 2011 for the first time (4th-5th and 21-22nd), from Jakarta To Brussels.
    I first created Krysflyer numbers, in tour loyalty program but as I haven’t received your cards yet I could not scan them at the check in before flying.
    Could you please tell me how to do to add the miles of those first fliers on our Krysflyer accounts.

  30. Lydia Lim Reply

    I have sq corporate account. But my ID was blocked. How can i get my account back? Thank you

  31. Ferry Faried Reply

    Dear Sir,

    Me and my family (4 persons) will go to Los Angeles together on 16 August 2011. How to do check-in on line in the same time since all of us having different air ticket number? Pls advice.


  32. Likumahwa Reply

    Dear all,

    My e-ticket status is “OPEN”, should it change to “OK”. Note itinerary with status: “TICKETED” is in hand.

    Thank you

  33. nikolas Reply

    Dear mr,

    My name is nikolas. My e ticket number is 618 3761363243. I want to change my flight from 9 may to 7 may today. My father is sick so I have to go back as soon as possible.

    If possible, I want to change to the earlist flight available from male to jakarta

    Please respond fast. I have call sq center 5 times and had no results. They asked me to hold and hold. It costs me more than 100 dollar to call.


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