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SilkAir – Singapore

371 Beach Road
#17-08 Keypoint
Singapore 199597
Tel (65) 6223 8888
Ticketing Fax (65) 6221 2221


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SilkAir Customer Care
Tel : (65) 6223 8888 (24 Hours)

About SilkAir
SilkAir was founded in the year 1989 as Tradewinds. The airline is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines and operates to over 30 destinations. SilkAir operates from its main hub at Singapore Changi Airport. Read More

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  1. bruce macgregor Reply

    The worst booking service i have ever seen…including budget went to private travel agents to buy silkair ticket..they also said many people here in cebu have same problem with you..then tried to get friend to book me . ticket on your new.service… cairns.singapore..he was quoted $ 3000 way..what a ripoff

  2. Iris Chua Reply

    Dear Sir
    My family & I were on Monday 23.6.15 SilkAir maiden flight from Spore 7am to Sanya, Hainan Island. When the plane was refused landing due to typhoon and was forced to divert its course and landed in Haikou airport instead. We were not allowed to disembark by the authorities and were left in the runway for 3 solid hours. I must compliment on the calmness & wisdom of the Captain & co pilot in managing the situation in such a short span of time multi tasking in all areas, including calming the passengers most of whom are elderly n I believe some have medical conditions. I was running a fever n flu without proper medication. We were left with little food. The crews were profession enough to help calm the passengers by serving water, juices, nuts n balance of buns. I believed the stewardesses may have not had their breakfast too. Thank God, everything turned out alright though was scary for us. Please rely my thankfulness to the whole crew who had gone out of their way to help and served us.
    Iris Chua

  3. jan hu Reply

    I am wrting in to express my unhappiness with the ticketing department over at Kuching side. Firstly i have wrote an email 2 weeks ago with regards to the change of name on my air ticket and requested a waive of USD$20 cos of the misleading booking system you have on the website. Till date, i never get any reply. I finally called, the person on the phone said she can’t help me cos she just returned from leave. Without getting my case right, she told me straight that she will re-issue my air ticket if i were to pay the penalty. I told her i am not going to pay cos i don’t think is a mistake of mine. She told be to call the higher authority in Singapore then. Firstly, i am not interested if she is no leave or just return, i will think that as a customer service, you get the customer story right first before anything. Next, she asked me to call higer authority in Singapore and later said called KL. May I know who is the hgher authority in SG? she can’t even provide me with any detail. Anyway I called Singapore hotline, they are the one who transfer my call to kuching(her).

    I am sad to know that a prestigious airline under the name of singapore airline provide such a poor customer service. Is my first experience with silkair and i am totally disappointed with this ‘throwing around’ game. I will like to write a formal complaint letter. May i have the email whereby i can do this.

  4. kagaya Reply

    I made a big mistake on my friend’s name during the booking. Basically only the surname is correct, but other detail such as passport number, expiry date and etc are all correct. Can I request for change of name or name correction?

  5. Preetha Reply

    May I know when I book a ticket for my relative in India using my credit card, whether my relative has to show the authorisation letter at the Airport when she check in.

  6. Mdm Ong Reply

    I had a very bad experience booking my reservation on line. First I started with Singapore Airline website. The system was so slow to the point, I had to quite. Then I tried Silk Air. It is slow but I had managed to complete seat selection and credit card info. Then it suddenly kicked me out, saying that time limit exceeded . I started again, only to see that my seat selection was still there, I suspected something maybe wrong. I did not want to double book in case the previous transaction had taken place. I called Silk Air, put on waiting for too long. I then called my credit card bank. I was answered right away. They checked and said nothing had been charged. But I wasted more than an hour since 6am in the morning. I am really upset at the service. I will never invest in Singapore Airline stocks.

  7. Myo Myo Han Reply

    Hi ,

    I wrote the feedback on 25 Sep 2012 for refund. We called so many times your customer servies about this issue. I went your silkair office ( key ponit ) on 26 sep 12. I talked to your staff ( Lina) about these refund and have not received refund and due of my credit card bill is 04 Oct 12. I would like to get refund as soon as possible before my bill due date. She said to me that silkair has been refunded on 28 Aug 12 and will investigate with banks and call me back as soon as possible. Until now nobody contact me.
    Actually I have high expectation on your company . I believe that your service will be best. That why I chose your airline. Now I noticed your service is very very bad and treat to me very bad . I called so many times your customer service . Firstly they talked to me that I have to wait one week . After one week I have to wait two to four weeks for procession. After next four week , they said I have to wait next one more week. Please be understand and promtly your action is required. If your customer service and your head office staff is working , I will not be suffer like that. I called your customer service , I have to explain everythings at every times. Nobody recorded this case. I am very supervised your service and your service is very very poor . Please take action as soon as possible.

    Reference Ticket NO: 7CJP2G

    Ph .NO 91804272


    Myo Myo Han

  8. Saw Kalya Reply

    I’d like to change the traveling date of my 1year ticket. Now I’m in Malaysia for shopping. But I can’t apply the Re-entry Visa for entering into Singapore. That’s why I must go back directly to my home town , Myanmar, from KL. So pls kindly consideration for me. Here is my data. Name: Saw Kalya Aung. Date of Birth: 21st Feb, 1976. Passport No. : M675478, Ticket No: 6292101802576 2, Booking Reference: L34ZD8, Flight : MI0518 E. I’d like to change the last date and afternoon time of my 1 year ticket.

  9. Ramesh.V.Chintalapalli Reply

    So far no reply to my comments and complaint on the Ground Check in staff in Changi airport
    T-2 with regard to inordinate delay of 9 hrs. Flight MI-424 on 19th April 2012 from Singapore to Bangalore

  10. Chintalapalli.V.Ramesh Reply

    I have to share this horrible experience I had with silkair while travelling back to Bangalore on 19th April’12 on flight no.MI 424. From Singapore to Bangalore. On that particular day we vacated our hotel by 10 am to reach Changi airport in time to board the flight no MI 424 to Bangalore departing at 15:10 local Singapore time, to our Surprise as we reached the airport we learnt that the flight is delayed by 9 hrs with no information to me or to my travel agent. Me and my wife are senior citizens with some medical problems like Diabetes arthritis and Low back problems. The ground staff were very arrogant and rude they did not listen to our problems, we requested to be accomated in the Transit hotel so that we can relax but they totally turned it down and with lot of request they provided stay in Sats lounge, here we had spend about 11 hrs just sitting. At this juncture to my surprise I found some of my Bangalore friend a group of 13 members they were provided accommodation in the Transit hotel,why this discriminatory attitude of the ground staff. Another surprise was as we finally boarded the Flight we got a letter from the crew stating that due to enormous delay the airline was ready to provide hotel accommodation again we were denied the facility again a discriminatory policy. We had to spend almost 11 hrs. Sitting in the lounge we were really tired, it took us almost 2 days to recover after we reached Bangalore. One appreciable thing was the crew and other attendants in the flight were courteous. I need a suitable explanation for the irresponsible and discriminatory attitude of the ground staff (check in staff).
    My seat numbers was 5 C & 5 B. Flight no.MI 424 date 19th April’12.

  11. Va Vath Reply

    I have been calling SilkAir office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia every day for a week now. Nobody picks the phone. Why is this happening?

  12. Ang Keng Reply

    Mishandled Baggage

    I lodged my cliams (Silk Air) but the offer of compensaiton is unacceptable and I find it difficult to get in touch with the ground service staff ( Unanswered Call) , there is also no email availabte for ease of communication, i am very disappointed. Would appreciate the ground service staff to provide me with an emial or direct contact so that i could follow-up accordingly. (Claim Ref: 16-09/11) Regards….KS

  13. Kristi H. Reply

    I left my camera on the plane yesterday. Is there any way I can get it back? The flight was from Siam Reap to Singapore, and the flight number is MI 617

  14. Sanjay Reply

    I was travelling by MI 488 on 18/12/11 from Singapore to Kolkata and on reaching Kolkata airport I found that my five baggages were not recovered. Please look into this matter immediately

  15. Octavia Reply

    I’m french and I will fly soon with your company and visit your nice country.
    My best friend had booked yesterday our tickets (for 4 people) and she has done a little mistake for my name.
    So, I would like to change it please.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      you will have to place a request for change in name at local office or just ring the phone numbers..

  16. wong sau chee Reply

    I have bought 2 tickets using my brother’s master card from Singapore to Surabaya, do you require him to verify at your office? We are both working and unable to do so? Can he authorise it through email? Kindly help me to proceed.
    Wong sau chee

  17. melissa Reply

    Im looking for a marketing manager for SilkAir as well.


  18. Erica Reply

    Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms In Charge

    Hi. I’m Erica. I just wanted to know if there’s an email address for a more personal email direct to the marketing manager for Silk Air. Because I just want to request something, I’m definitely here not to complain anything. Silk Air is already great and amazing. So yea. I’ll be looking forward for the reply :) Thank you so much.

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