Consumer Court/Forum in Rajasthan: Find below contact details of Consumer Court/Forum in Rajasthan, including phone, email and address. You can reach the contact for consumer complaints, consumer rights, appeal, petitions, case status, addresses or other information.

Rajasthan Office
Rajasthan State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission,
Handloom Haveli, Ashok Marg, C-Scheme 1st Floor,
JAIPUR- 302 001

Phone: 0141 2371837 / 2360316
Fax: 2372237
E-mail: [email protected]

Head Office Contact
Phone: 011 23712459, 23712109 (Delhi)

District Forums
For a list of district consumer forums in Rajasthan with details of phone and address click here. You can reach the contact for new complaints or related information.

How to place a consumer complaint?
Locate a district forum here and file a complaint against the company/service provider you think has scammed, tricked or victimised you. As you place a complaint, you are also required to provide supporting documents, whether it is a cash memo, receipt or agreement. Along with this you also need to give a minimal fee.

About Consumer Court/Forum
National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission was established in the year 1988. It was set up to provide speedy redressal to consumer disputes. The Commission is headed by a sitting or retired Judge of the Supreme Court of India. Currently there are about 604 District Forums and 34 State Commissions. Read More

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  1. Anushka prabhu Reply


    I the undersign Mrs. Anushkar Prabhu had booked tour for Rajastan for 9 night and 10 days from Mr. Surendra Singh Shekhawat of M/s Indian Desert Tours. Earlier tour was proposed for 30 persons. However, due to unavoidable circumstances 20 persons dropped down and tour was conducted finally with 10 persons from Mr. Surendra Singh Shekhawat.

    When we reached Jaipur, Mr Surendra asked for security deposit of Rs. 75,000 which was transferred to his account. In exchange, Mr. Surendra gave a post dated cheque of Rs. 75,000/- drawn on SBI Account. However, the said however cheque was bounced with the reason “Funds insufficient”. The intimation of cheque was received by me on 10.11.2017. Since then, I am persuing with MR. SURENDRA SINGH SHEKHAWAT TO PAY ME BACK MY DEPOSITED AMOUNT OF rS. 75,000. However, HE NEGLECTS TO PAY. H IS NOW EVEN NOT RESPONDING TO PHONE CALL.

    I am afraid that whether such type of tour agents are spreaded all over Rajasthan ??? If this is so, it will be dangerous to take people for Rajasthan Tour.

    I hope matter has been amply clarified. I am expecting co-operation from your end for recovery of my deposit amount of Rs. 75,000/-. I would also suggest to ban such agent who are affecting fame of tourism in country.

    Mrs. Anushkar Prabhu

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