Contact Qatar Airways – Chennai: Find below customer care details of Qatar Airways in  Chennai, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways –Chennai

Hameedia Centre
Qatar Airways,
Old number 14, New Number 43
Ground floor, Haddows Road,
Chennai, P.O.Box;600 006
Tamil Nadu, India

Town Office Tel: +91 44 42896000

Airport Office Tel: +91 44 22561113/4

Qatar Airways Customer Care
+974 4420 3015

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About Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways was founded in the year 1993 and is the national carrier of Qatar. It is one of five airlines that has been awarded 5 star rating by Skytrax. It operates to over 100 destinations with its main hub at Doha International Airport. Qatar Airways has become one of the fastest growing carriers in the world. The airline, headquartered in Doha, has over 20,000 employees. Read More


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  1. Ananth Reply

    I am planning to book one Economy Class ticket from Chennai to Bucharest & Back for travel in November. I am a senior citizen; 73 years old. I wish to reserve a seat in any of the front rows or any other row that has extra leg room. My travel agent tells me that I can do this only at the airport, while checking in. Please let me know if I can block any such seats now, while booking the ticket.

  2. Ramnishad Reply

    What is the permitted luggage for the check in and carry on baggage ? We travel from chennai to columbus on Sep 6th. Will the Expressjet from houston to columbus allow 45 Kg per person for check in baggage and 6 kg for carry on baggage. Is this a limit one or will they make extra luggage for this ? please let me know by mail.

  3. Jayamurugan Reply

    My wife and daughter travelling from Chennai to Rochester via Washington .
    Will Qatar airways allow to check-in the two baggage’s ” all the way to Rochester”?
    Do My wife need to re-check in the two checked in luggage’s at Washington airport
    Jay .

  4. Guru Reply

    I am a biotechnology researcher and I am going to travel from Oslo, Norway to Chennai, India on 20th April (Oslo-Doha QR954, Doha-Chennai QR 276) . The transit time at Doha is more than 20 hrs. I need accommodation till I board the flight to chennai. I heard that a passenger can avail complimentary stay during transit if the transit time is more than 8 hrs. Hence, kindly let me know what I should do to avail complimentary stay at Doha from Friday 23.40 to Saturday 20.05

  5. Radhika Reply

    I have return ticket to Canada-edmonton on Aug 28 in QR277 flight. I would like to take a ticket for my husband too along with me to Canada. Its an unexpected situation that he is joining with me. We are flexible on dates but we need tickets togther not in seperate flights. Please advice whether any possibility to post or pre-pone my ticket and book a new one for my husband so that we travel together to Canada (Edmonton) from Chennai. Thank you.

  6. Aneesh Reply

    I have booked a Business class ticket from Chennai to London on 10th of Jun, 2012 Regarding cargo luggage as per ticket the allowable 30kg and hand luggage 15 kg
    my present weight shows 40 kg in cargo and 15 kg hand luggage apart from laptop.
    kindly let me know whether i can take extra kg if so what is the cost. wat would be the coct for extra weight.
    chennai to doha QR-277 – doha to London QR11

  7. SHANKAR Reply

    Regarding cargo luggage as per ticket the allowable 23kg and hand luggage 7 kg
    my present weight shows 26 kg in cargo and 8 kg hand luggage apart from laptop.
    kindly let me know whether i can take extra kg if so what is the cost. i am travelling to belgium by qatar airways
    chennai to doha qr-277 – doha to belgium qr 941

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