Pizza Hut New Zealand Contact: Find below customer service details of Pizza Hut restaurant in New Zealand, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for Pizza Hut locations, online order, take-out, discounts/deals or home delivery in New Zealand.

Order Home Delivery (New Zealand)
Phone: 0800 83 83 83
Call the above number to order Pizza Hut’s pizzas or pastas in New Zealand

Head Office (New Zealand)
Pizza Hut
Level 3, Building 8
Central Park
666 Great South Rd
Penrose Auckland
New Zealand
Phone: 09 5258700

Order Pizza Online
To order Pizza Hut pizza online click here. You can have it delivered to your address or even pick your order at nearest store.

Pizza Hut Locations
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About Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut was founded by brothers Dan and Frank Carney in the year 1958. Pizza Hut is today the world’s largest pizza restaurant company. Currently, Pizza Hut has over 7,500 restaurants in the US and over 5,600 restaurants in 97 countries.

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  1. Laura Reply

    we ordered from papakura Pizza Hut delivery when our pizzas finally arrived an hour later the delivery man didn’t have our 3 sides he only had our cold soggy oil dripping pizzas . He explained he will go back and get the sides it will be another 20mins! When we rung to talk to the manager he pretended that the phone service was cutting out and he could not hear us. He was extremely rude on the phone and did not seem to care that there was things wrong! Still waiting to be compensated for what we did not receive!!!
    So overall disgusting pizza horrible service from both delivery man and manager defanatly will not be going back and will recommend others not to as well because this is not the first time Papakura Pizza Hut has had terrible service!

  2. Kimberly Nieborak Reply

    I ordered a pizza from Royal Oak Pizza Hut. I had just moved and it was stressful and after two glasses of wine decided for the first time under my young son’s friend’s recommendation to order Pizza Hut. I ordered a delivery meal. I payed with a credit card….so far …so goood…..
    I then was given a time on the receipt to pick it up. I then spent further time trying to find a number to contact the store as I had ordered a delivery deal with hungry children circling around me.
    When I finally spoke to somebody and explained the situation and then was handed to a manager to re- explain it.Apparently there was no driver so I had to pick it up. I stated that unless I had a chrystal ball I would not have known this until after I had paid and even then the situation was very ambiguous as to order a delivery and then be given a pick up time is unusual to say the least . I was then instructed another time to pick it up. I again stated that why I had ordered delivery was because I had had 2 glasses of wine and didn’t think it sensible to drive as well as having a house full of children.
    I was pretty perplexed by now and when I was told I would be re-embursed as the delivery had to be cancelled I was flummoxed. How were you going to do so when you stated the delivery hadn’t come up yet and you therefore had no phone number as such? From experience I know if you leave something like this long enough you just cut your losses as it takes more time and energy than it’s worth. I wasn’t having any of this. I’m a single mum who works full time and this type of thing is a luxury for us!!!!
    They manually took my number and said that they would ring me and reverse it as soon as the order comes through. No such luck. I’m still waiting. I then decided to go with Dominoes and no such problem.
    I want my money back and for this to be rectified as soon as possible or you will be hearing a lot more from me!!!!!
    I have a screen shot of the reciept if anybody feels the need to argue the toss.

  3. Suzanne Reply

    Last night, approx 6.20pm at the Westgate Store, West Auckland, I placed a counter order (thin Hawaiian) and was told 15-20 mins. I waited 30 minutes! I saw a thin pizza get cut up and put in the warming cabinet but a name was never called. When people who had ordered 10 mins after me were receiving their pizzas, I asked at the counter – to be given the pizza that had been in the warmer for 15 mins and had never been called. I was aware of the huge number of large orders going out so assumed I was after them. So very disappointed with the ineffectiveness of their systems and the wasting of my time (when I was meant to be elsewhere).

  4. Jessica Reply

    I am absolutely disgusted with the Upper Hutt store. I wanted a delivery and was advised that I could not pay in cash, I had to pay via credit card over the phone when I made the order. I explained that I have cash and they offer a service in which to follow so the man who claimed to be the manager said hell take my order and I can pay cash if I pay an extra $2 on top of the delivery charge which I refused because I should not have to pay extra just because they say so. There was absolutely no fine print or Ts and Cs advising that I would need to pay extra so when I explained to him again that he was not honoring the service that they are supposed to provide and I would not pay extra he then said I was quote “just being an idiot woman who is just being unreasonable”. This is SEXIST and I want something done about this terrible service from upper Hutt store and some kind of compensation. I am appalled!

  5. Lorraine cleaver. Reply

    Don’t like the service or the pizzas from Papakura pizza hut half the pizza’s we get taste nothing like the lovely ones we used to get from Takanini one.Very hard to understand them when we ring up.Pizzas have only half the ingredients that should be on them.Would go there and complain but the staff look like they couldn’t care less so what would be the use.Very disappointing and will have to look elsewhere for pizzas from now on.

  6. Yasmin Tall Reply

    I ordered from Pizza Hut Sydenham tonight, the order said it would be delivered at 7.40pm but didn’t arrive until around 8.10pm. After opening the 2 pizzas to find they were dry and barely warm and the side of chips were stone cold, overcooked, burnt and dry.

    I am very disappointed with my order. After ringing to complain all the person said was that next time I would get a discount and he would write it down.

    Very poor service and not happy with the food, I know it maybe a busy Friday but I do expect more from a fast food place.

  7. Susan Wilson Reply

    Disgusting Service from Great North Road, Henderson. Pizzas ordered online at 5pm for 6.30 pm delivery. My daughter had 6 little friends here to celebrate her birthday. It arrived 25 minutes late. When I phoned the store manager to enquire where it was she told me that the driver got stuck in traffic. Interesting as it is a Sunday night and my store is 7 minutes away. She then told me they only had one driver employed. I was offered a free side with my next order! (really)! When the pizzas FINALLY arrived, they were very hot, moist and fresh, clearly they hadn’t been sitting in a van for over 25 minutes. Bad service and bad management of my complaint from the manager. I would like the area manager for this store to ensure better practices are followed. I am not likely to be a repeat customer.

  8. Barbara Smith Reply

    Last night as we settled in to watch the rugby I ordered two meatlover pizzas and a bottle of pepsi to be delivered (this was at 7.35). Delivery time was to be 8.16pm which was fine. The pizzas arrived cold at about 9.00pm. On checking them we saw that they had no cheese at all on them! and the meat was sparse!! The delivery boy had left so we paused the rugby (feeling very cross!) drove to Pizza Hutt Porirua, asked for our money back, which after a discussion was given and promised never to buy from your store again. The service was appalling, the food disgusting and we felt very frustrated at having no dinner. Not impressed at all – Porirua you have let the brand down!!

  9. Doug Gale Reply

    Hey there, my wife and I decided to get our usual pizza order from our local Hut last night, but unfortunately after the awfull rubbish we were delivered have been left rather dissatisfied. Not only were we short changed by $10 after nearly having our door knocked in, our pizza’s were dry and with hardly any topping. I feel that this really is not conducive with your usual high standards and am seriously considering not using our local restaurant again! I would like to say though that our wings were great!

  10. Claudia Reply

    Hi there, after having Pizza Hut last night, my husband was disposing of the boxes and while flattening them with his foot one of the white 3-spike plastic thingees in one of the boxes embedded itself all the way up his foot through 2 pairs of socks and a pair of crocks……we thought we should tell you about this as it might happen to other people. My husband never even thought about the spikey thing in the boxes and we surely did not think that they would not break. Maybe a warning should be put on the box as it could save someone else to have to go through a painful experience.
    Regards, Claudia

  11. Brian Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam. Last night my wife and I Took dinner at Pizza Hut Rotorua on passing through. We dined in. The service was really ordinary, the selection of pizzas offered was small, the dessert bar was pathetic and no hot drinks were available. The whole restaurant along with the building, staff, menus, and food looked past their best-buy date. It almost looked like your franchise is in the final throws of going broke. I would rate our dining experience at around 3-1/2 to 4 out of 10. when our children were younger (around 15 years ago) Pizza Hut was the birthday treat. My – how the standards have slipped. We will not be back.

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