Pizza Hut Malaysia Contact: Find below customer service details of Pizza Hut restaurant in Malaysia, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for Pizza Hut locations, online order, take-out, discounts/deals or home delivery in Malaysia.

Order Home Delivery (Malaysia)
Phone: 1-300-88-2525
Call the above number to order Pizza Hut’s pizzas or pastas in Malaysia

Pizza Hut Head Office (Malaysia)
Pizza Hut Restaurants Sdn Bhd
Level 20, Wisma KFC,
No. 17, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Phone: 603 2026 3388
Fax: 603 2026 8333

Order Pizza Online
To order Pizza Hut pizza online click here. You can have it delivered to your address or even pick your order at nearest store.

Pizza Hut Locations (Malaysia)
To locate a Pizza Hut nearest to your street click here.

About Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut was founded by brothers Dan and Frank Carney in the year 1958. Pizza Hut is today the world’s largest pizza restaurant company. Currently, Pizza Hut has over 7,500 restaurants in the US and over 5,600 restaurants in 97 countries.

Pizza Hut menu of pizzas, pastas and appetisers in Malaysia  include seafood marinara (spaghetti), primavera penne, aromatic thai spaghetti, seafood lasagna pasta, meatball bolognese, creamy carbonara, spicy arrabbiata, prawn olio, super supreme pizza, thai food pizza, hawaiian supreme, island supreme, chicken supreme pizza, garlic bread, cheese-baked meatballs, garden fresh salad, smoked deli wings, spicy wings, honey bbq wings and tempura king prawns. Read More

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  1. thiru Reply

    My name is Thiru. On 15.8.2015 @9.50pm. I went to pizza hut meru raya branch in front of mydin to buy a personal pizza, the counter girl refuse to take my order saying the pizza no stock. But only left regular and large pizza’s. What is happening nw? Or only this personal pizza is sold only to chinese and indian’s?? I need an explaination before i post in my facebook. My number is 0125186254

  2. Wani Reply

    Today i went to pizza hut outlet in prangin mall penang. I had a very bad experience. There’s only 2 staff and one is new and did not know how to take order and was very rude. After few minutes i saw there’s two malay employees who are doing nothing but just sitting down at other table and doing their paper work. We feel very disappointed with your service and need to wait long time to order or call someone to serve us.

  3. muzummil Reply

    I am currently in genting. Everyday they are closing the outlet at 11:00 pm whereas the official time is 12:00 am. Your staff regrets all the customers visiting after 11:00 pm. “We have a special cleaning task at 11:00 ” is their daily excuse. Please look into the matter as daily I have been regretted daily by ur staff. Of you need I can give you time mark pictures. The manager ran off afterwe asked the front desk guy to call him. Our time yesterday was 11:05 and today it was 11:15 pm.

  4. Farahdilla binti Zan Non Reply

    On 13th July 2012, I have visited Pizza Hut in Giant Bayan Baru and was surprised with very good service from staff name Nor Azami. he was attentive and very helpful. He explain every promotion and fulfilled all my request. after my disastrous visit to Pizza Hut Queensbay Mall i shy away from any outlet and only order via delivery service but i will definitely go to Pizza Hut Giant Bayan Baru now for their good service.

  5. Gordie Reply

    @ Aanchal buxani

    At Pizza Hut in Australia the staff are paid AUD$16.50 an hour. In Malaysian Ringghit that is RM48 per hour.The service is wonderful.

    What does the Pizza Hut pay its workers in Malaysia? I suspect about RM3-RM4 per hour. So before you go on about the terrible service, think about the terrible salaries these people get. The government seems reluctant to increase the minimum salary and you Malaysians all carry on and complain about too many foreign workers. Well these foreign workers and young kampung kids work hard for crap money doing all the work you Malaysian think youre too good to touch.
    And remember, if you want 5 star service then dont eat in a pizza joint.

  6. Aanchal buxani Reply

    Hi there,
    Today i went to the pizza hut outlet in tesco and the service given was really terrible. Firstly, when we were given a table to sit on, it wasnt cleaned and when calling the waitress twice or thrice there was no action taken. Secondly the garlic bread was given too cold. Mushroom soup wasnt made well aswell. Lastly when it comes to take away, we asked for the pizza to be taken away. The lady comes to us with a paper packet on the table for us to do ourselves. In any pizzahut around the world the pizza is usually taken away by the staff themselves and given in the box. Whwn we asked for the box, the staff said the boxes are over, and within a second she brought the box to our table meaning we had to pack it ourselves. Kindly look up onto these matters.

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