Philips Singapore Contact: Find below customer service details of Philips Electronics in Singapore, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on Philips products whether TVs, monitors, DVD players, mobile phones, mp3 players, or other consumer products in Singapore.

Customer Service (Singapore)
General: +65 6882 3999
PC Products: +65 6735 9100
Bluetooth Headsets: +65 6560 1296

Customer Service Location
620A Lorong 1 Toa Payoh
TP4 Building Level 1 – Consumer Service
Singapore 319762

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About Philips
Philips was founded by Anton and Gerard Philips in the year 1891. Philips, which is today a leading electronics company, had sales of EUR 22.3 billion in 2010. Philips Electronics in Singapore was established in the year 1951. Currently, the company employs some 2,800 people and is said to be one of the pioneer investors in the country. The Philips Innovation Campus (PIC) which was set up in the year 2000 is one of the company’s largest product development centers outside the Netherlands. The campus has some 700 engineers and designers.  Read More

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  1. Lawrence Reply

    I’ve sent in my faulty Steam Iron GC9642/60 for repair as the steam is not coming out. I was told that it will take 1 day if the spare part is available else 3 to 5 days.

    I’ve tried calling the customer care at 68823999, and all that they can tell me is they are waiting for the spare part and promise to report it in their system for someone to call me. I’ve called 3 times getting the same answer! On the third time I realized that their system do not have records of me calling them!!!!!

    I need my steam iron urgently for some ironing.

    Anyone can help with a contact number?


  2. Mervyn Reply

    I bought a blender from you, it started to fail within a month of usage. I then brought it to your service centre, and after a week, your technicians said there was no issue, and told me to take it back.

    I insisted that there is a burning smell that emits from the machine, and it would turn itself off intermittently. Reluctantly they took it back and said that the motor would be changed. 3 weeks later, I have not had a single update from the staff here in Singapore.

    I have called +65 6882 3999 which is your outsourced call centre, people are prompt and helpful there, but the only thing they could do was to escalate my complaint to the Singapore office which obviously is not doing anything, and do not understand the concept of customer service.

    This is a complete joke, and officially, my blender has been in your service centre, longer than it has been with me.

    Fancy building in Toa Payoh, Apple computers for front line customer service but with zero accountability.

    To anyone that is contemplating buying a Philips product, please do yourself a favour and look elsewhere. This company does not seem to be able to fix their own product problems.

  3. Andrew Go Reply

    Disappointment Purchasing and Using Philip Products – July 2013

    I bought one set of air play speakers (Model DS9800W/10) and (Serial Number: AJ1A1207004249) in March 2012 and items were sent in for repair on October 2012.

    Unfortunately, it was fauty again this year and the Customer Service Officer quoted $600+ for reparing fees as the warranty had expired.

    I was very disappointed with the quotation as it was the same problem when i sent in for repair last year. I could purchase a brand new set of other brands air play speaker with this amount of repair fees. This is not acceptable.

    Is there a standard quality control for all Philips products in Singapore? Why is the item purchased easily faulty?

    I will have reservations to buy products from Philips again.

  4. SF LIM Reply

    Your staff Ms Nurul called me 2 days ago in response to my letter dated 23 November 2012 about the faulty Microsystem player. CD door remains up and will not come down and the CD lens skips playing 10 seconds or so. It was purchased new on 24.12.2012 at S$189.00. The quality of the CD player is seriously lacking and unacceptable, I have emailed the model number and serial number. Ms Nurul asked me to copy my email to [email protected]. There is a real problem with the Phillips email address. I called Ms Nurul at 68823965 twice. No response each time. Are you people in operation? Lim

  5. John Tan Reply

    If you need to contact Philips then give them a call on 6882 3999. Their service staff will be able to answer all your questions.

  6. Eddy Tan Reply

    I am trying to purchase a Phillips Lumea Professional hair remover.
    Please advise me where I can buy it in Singapore or Malaysia.

  7. chan Reply

    I called customer care during office hrs numerous times,but no response.This is quite unacceptable for an international company like Philips.I need to clarify regarding my newly purchsed airfryer.Is the basket supposed to be non stick? My food, egg fish fillets seem to stick to the basket. As a result,it breaks as i try to remove after cooking.Please advise!!!

  8. anly Reply

    I bought a electric single milk pump at singapore now the motor can’t function when I try to pump milk.. can I send it to malaysia service center for service ?

  9. Helen Lim Reply

    This is to confirm that your man will be coming to my house on Thursday 19 Jan 2012 between 2pm and 3 pm to repair my coffee machine as confirmed by your staff, Ms Angela on Monday, 16 Jan 2012 at around 2.25pm over the telephone. Please ensure that your man calls me first on my handphone as instructed before arriving. As conveyed to Ms Angela, need the coffee machine for the coming chinese new year. For your information, I had just bought the machine half year and it has broken down twice and caused great inconvenience.

  10. Andrew Leong Reply

    I had recently purchased 10 Philips Ceiling Lights (operated with electronic ballasts w/o any starter) in Nov 2011 from your appointed retailer at 515 Balestier Road, Singapore 329851 and had my electrician installed them at my residence. The “flicker free” lights apparently are manufactured by Philips’s Shenzhen factory in China. The models & the corresponding prices are appended below:-

    Philip Model No. Fluorescent tube Unit Price Each Qty Amount
    30327 TL5C 40W SGD85 4 SGD340
    30304 TL5C 32W SGD60 2 SGD120
    30054 TL5C 22W SGD50 4 SGD200
    Total”- SGD660

    However, when I surfed the Philips websites (both global and Singapore) diligently to gather information on
    a) the recommended retail price and
    b) the individual specification of the lights,

    I am unable to gather any information on these models. The retailer had also assured me that the covers are made of acrylic material (NOT PLASTICS) and that the cover will not turn yellow over time. I was further assured that the fluorescent tubes, though very much smaller than the conventional ones, are freely available at supermarkets and outlets in Singapore.

    Since I am unable to gather any information on the Philip Models given above, and am uncertain whether they are genuine Philips products, I will appreciate very much if you could provide me URGENTLY with information pertaining to a) and b) above on their recommended retail prices and product specification pertaining to the above models since I am unable to download any information from the Philips website.

    I have also checked around in supermarkets and electrical shops but apparently not able to see such fluorescent tubes available for sale.

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