Passport Office – Surat: Find below contact details of passport office in Surat , including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new passport, status, renewal or delivery of passport in  Surat.


Passport Office, Agricultural Product Market Committee (APMC) Building, 2nd floor,

New Sardar Market, Puna-Kumbhariya Road., At /Po- Dhumbhal, Surat 395010.



[email protected]



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  1. Nilesh Reply

    My file number su1077652880614, police verification completed before 30 days is still pending. Please update my passport status.


    I have application for passport 27/12/2012 but current status says Passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office,when wil i have police inquiry ?My file number is SUR060735683212

  3. vagish Reply

    my police verification is done 10 days ago but still status is pending police verification . !!!!

  4. Jayesh Patel Reply

    I applied for passport for self along with my wife and 2 daughters on 29th Feb 2012 with correct details of present address ( where I am staying since last 3 months) and previous address, where I have stayed for more than 5 years.
    Out of total 4, so far I have received new pass port of my wife and daughter, whereas status of my daughter’s pass port is ” dispatched”.
    When I personally enquired for status of my passport at office in Surat, I was told – police verification against my current address is pending, on enquiry at relevant Police station and commissioner office, I was told – no objection report was forwarded to passport office on 29th March 2012 – which I was told has not been received so far. I took the pain to get the same verification report again from PS and commissioner office, but as I understand because of some system limitation as on date status against my application shows “ Passport application is under review at regional passport office”. I would like to know the reasons – why my passport is not being issued till date, I have already booked my international business visit ticket in this month. File Number SU1060314227112.

  5. Raisa Reply

    hi ! I am from Gujarat and I want to making new passport. I am a married woman. I want to put my father’s name as second name instead my husband name, Is it possible ?

    • customer help Reply

      you need to provide necessary proof for same..visit the website for more details

  6. V A Dholakia Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I have applied for my passport in the month of Dec 11. All the formalities related to passport application and police inquiry has been completd. In the on line inquiry status, message “Application has been transferred to policy section, Please See the PRO” appears. Requested to inform how long time it will take to get the passport.


  7. Manish Reply

    Dear sir,

    This is to inform that I have applied for my passport on 30/01/12. ( SN: 12134 – 12012 )
    Police inquiry process was also finished on vapi 02/02/2012. Now that we want to go abroad for vacations soon by the first the week of May, can i know how long it will take to get the passport?

  8. parth kansara Reply

    i have not yet got my passport since i applied in february and i also checked my passport status online ,the answer i got was ” Your passport is expected to be dipatched on 21/03/2012. So i have not even got my passport.Can u give an update to me as soon as possible.

  9. Ranjita Saha Reply


    In the web site my passport status shows that police report is clear and passport is expected to be despatched by 5/04/2012.The problem is that I have to go for an urgent work on 31st march 2012 and will not be here.Please guide me what to do so that I can defer the passport delivery date by another 20 days?please reply soon it is very very urgent.

  10. Shahnawaz Reply

    what to do if i want to change my signature on passport that was issued before a year.

  11. Zulfin Imtiyaz Malik Reply

    This is to inform that I have applied for my daughters passport on 21st of Feb “12. Police inquiry process was also finished on 11th March. Now that we want to go abroad for vacations soon by the first the week of May, can i know how long it will take to get the passport? The passport status shows no information.
    Also let me know what to do if i want to get the Passport at the earliest before20th of April.

    Hope you do reply my query and do the needful.

    Thanking you

  12. harshad Reply

    I have applied for passport on date 24/01/2012, , and police inquiry also completed till 15/02/2012, but still my status shows that police reoprt has not beed received. so please reply regarding these.
    my file no-is B-001125,

  13. Himal Reply

    I am waiting for my daughter’s passport since long. the status says ur says application has been transfered to policy section – I met PRO 15 days back and he said – passport will come in next 10 days. but still I am waiting for passport.

  14. Dilip Reply

    I tried contacting the passport office,but nobody responded on both the numbers given.
    I have applied for my daughter and son’s passport. On checking the status I am asked to contact the office and submit the Birth and School leaving certificate, which I have already submitted with the application.

    • customer help Reply

      Mr. Dilip,
      Sometimes all the documents are not checked by the police and the passport office have no verification for the same. To speed up the matter, take the documents and meet the PR officer at the Passport office.

  15. ashesh c patel Reply

    Why my Status page showing the following?

    File Reference Number (SUR-Z000271-12) is either wrong or Information NOT available.

    I have passport application receipt dated 10/1/2012

    • shekhar Reply

      Actually Surat passport office and the staff discourages those application which were submitted at Post office or else other than passport office or thru agent. Actuall the agents are losers in Surat due to Post office extended services. Mr Kavde is sole responsible. he is careless person

  16. Dhaval Patel Reply

    I’ve applied for renewal of my son’s passport with file no. Z/946211/11 on date 2nd Dec, 11. His online application status shows that passport will be dispatched within one week, but strangely his police inquiry come from pal police station although he is minor. Is police inquiry needed in case of minor’s pp renewal?

  17. Pradyumankumar Lallubhai Patel Reply

    What is the validity Period of Police clearance certificate (PCC)issued by Passport office Surat?

  18. dipenkumar Reply

    I have application for passport 07/07/2011 but current status says application has been transfered to policy section. I dont know what is this please give me passport urgently.

  19. Ajay bhayani Reply

    I have application for passport 04/08/2011 but current status says application has been transfered to policy section. I dont know what is this please give me passport urgently.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      you need to wait till the entire process is completed..once the verifications are will get your passport

  20. anshu Reply

    I have a 1 year 6 months baby girl whose name in date of birth certificate abc but i want her name in passport xyz insted of abc. So please guide me on the procedure.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      the name of birth certifcate is used for firsr you got to get the name on the birth certificate could do this easily after consulting with the respective departments..

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