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Panasonic Head Office (Philippines)
Barrio Mapandan, Ortigas Ave,
Taytay, Rizal, Philippines
Phone: 63-2-635-2260/5
Fax: 63-2-284-2304

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About Panasonic
Panasonic was founded in the year 1928 and is today one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. Panasonic employs some 370,000 people worldwide. The Japanese company had net sales of 8.7 trillion yen in fiscal 2011. Headquartered at Osaka, Japan, Panasonic has over 203 overseas subsidiaries in 46 countries. Read More

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  1. Nick Manuel Reply


    In 2013, when we built our home in Makati, we wanted the best equipment fitted into our dream house. This, is of course, included the air-conditioning units. Based on consultation with different users and distributors, they recommended Panasonic Inverter air conditioning units. Although the units were slightly more expensive as compared to other brands, we did not hesitate to buy them and put them in our newly constructed house. We bought five (5) air-conditioning units from one of your authorized distributor, Gain Appliance Service Center in Mandaluyong. Details are as follows:
    No. of Units Indoor Unit Model Number Indoor Unit Model Number Remarks
    2 CS-S18NKQ CU-S18NKQ Good Condition
    2 CS-S12NKQ CU-S12NKQ Good Condition
    1 CS-PS9NKQ CU-PS9NKQ Defective

    Since we bought the units, they functioned well except for the CS-PS9NKQ/CU-PS9NKQ Since this unit (CS-PS9NKQ/CU-PS9NKQ) was installed, we used it only for around two weeks. We do not use this unit often because it is rarely used guest room. You can check the unit and you will see that it is like brand new. Despite being used rarely before the expiration of the warranty, Gain has replaced a part in the indoor unit and it took them a month before they were able to replace the defective part. They tested it and said that it was already working well. I remember signing the Job Order because at that time, the unit functioned as expected (i.e. cooling the small room). Although it was under warranty and free, I was disappointed by this specific unit because it was fairly new and needed part replacement.
    In January of this year, we had visitors from the US and we checked the aforementioned air conditioning unit. To our disappointment, it was malfunctioning even after Gain had installed the replacement part. I immediately called them to conduct the quarterly cleaning of the units and to check what was wrong with CS-PS9NKQ. The service men who initially checked the units said that they were not qualified to diagnose the defect and they would ask somebody to come to diagnose it. After a few days, someone from Gain came and checked the unit. He said that there was a defect in the Outdoor PCB (CU-PS9NKQ) and that the unit cannot be fixed in the next two weeks because of parts unavailability. I waited for months and made a follow-up request sometime in April or May this year. They said they would look for parts. We received a quotation saying that we need to pay more that P5,000 for the parts and labor.

    I was very disappointed for what had happened because:
    1. I need to spend more than P5,000 plus for a brand new and rarely used air conditioning unit.
    2. Your service provider took a long time to get back to us about unit repairs.
    3. I feel as though I was given a defective unit despite your high regard in quality and customer service.
    4. And most importantly, I bought the air conditioning unit at a considerable sum of money to serve comfort to our guests but instead it give us embarrassment and disappointment.
    Having said all of this, I want Panasonic to look into the matter and to demand replacement if things will not go swimmingly.

    Sincerely yours,
    Nick M. Manuel

  2. WILMS Reply

    One of your authorized Service center VIREX should be kicked out! Such LOUSY LOUSY service. It took us one week to have our aircon checked ( if it were not for our constant followups) and now more than a week has passed our split type aircon is still waiting to be serviced. They commit you a schedule but no one comes and when you call to complain, they will give so many excuses. PANASONIC PHILIPPINES Is this the kind of impression you want to leave with your customers??? Such an INEFFICIENT service! YOU MUST LOOK FOR A NEW SERVICE CENTER! After sales service is so important to maintain the trust of your customers!

  3. Dave Reply

    We purchased a Panasonic spli-type aircon last week and was guaranteed by the service center Panavision in Bacolod City that we will survey and install the air com on Monday as we are scheduled for a big activity on Thursday. We had to get a someone to report overtime just to wait but they never showed up. Instead they promised to do so the next day. Still the same problem happened. Yesterday, Wednesday, we were promised that they will install the zircon at 2pm. Our appointed OIC have to leave his work to oversee the installation but they never showed up. He called their office numerous times (as in more than 5 times) and finally they came past 4pm to do survey with the purpose of returning to install since we have an event the next day. At around 5pm, they called that they will come back tomorrow. So here we are today, we have a banquet event and an important conference tonight… and they are installing the zircon because they failed to carry out their promised schedule. Can you please do something about this? Service centers that you have authorized like this one is giving your company a bad name.

    By they way, they just billed us for accounts from 2013 and 2014 because they never send it to us in the past. Experiences like this makes us consider getting another brand of zircon.

    Thanks you for taking this matter seriously.

  4. Therese Estacio Reply

    I bought an upright freezer a year ago and I was able to use it only for a few weeks. I have brought it four times for repair. Until now it’s still in the authorized service center. The company should make sure that the service center has training and is knowledgeable. Otherwise your product will come out as disposable.

  5. Willy Receda Reply

    I need to purchase the inner plastic lid of my Panasonic 9.0kg inverter washing machine model NA-FS90X1 due to broken hinge.
    Please direct me where to order within Paranaque area.

    thank you.

  6. Melo Reply

    I had my Lumix camera ‘checked-up’ at TRONIX MASTER in Amoranto (Retiro) Branch recently. They were charging me 4500 to replace the LCD hinge. I declined and decided to just pull out my camera. When I went to their shop to get the unit, I was surprised to see that my LCD stopped working at all! Well, there’s still very very dark display but that won’t be of any use anymore. The only problem I had with it was the display switches to EVF when I twist the LCD. I got really frustrated and disappointed. They told me that it resulted from the ‘check-up’ that they did and they can’t do anything about it anymore. They had to open the unit and it ripped a certain wire inside. What’s worse is they asked me to pay 500 for ‘check-up’ fee. So you guys better be careful. Go to trusted repair centers. Don’t go to TRONIX MASTER for any repair service. I wasn’t the only client disappointed with them. There were 3 of us at that same moment complaining about their poor handling and service. Lesson learned the hard way. Too bad.

  7. shane Reply

    We bought a Panasonic Floor Mounted Airconditioner last May 30, 2013, unfortunately after a few months the unit is not cooling, we had it check by the service center here in legazpi city 3 times but still until now were experiencing the same problem. Hope you can attend to our problem since the said unit is used for business.

  8. Joseph Sy Reply

    I have a panasonic blu-ray home theater system model SC-BTT370 and i would to ask if possible to decode may home theater to make it multi region because some of my movies are not working with the would be appreciated if you could email the details of how to decode the machine so i can do it myself..

    waiting for your reply..

    thank you!

  9. Ma. Eufronita Marbella Reply

    I bought a 14.6 cu. Ft. Panasonic Inverter refrigerator model NR-BW415VNPH last year dated June 8, 2013. I invested on this unit since I have experience low electric consumption for a couple of months due to its inverter type. But after 6 mos. The LED light bulb got busted. Yes Panasonic was able to replace it. But last May 30, 2014 the unit bogged down eventually which I was using for only less than a year. The cooling system broke down and our food got spoiled! I reported the defect last May 30, 2014 on a Friday night immediately at SM Appliance center where I bought it to maximize its 1 year warranty since the problem happened before the warranty. They said they reported the incident the following day with reference #PPH-ASC-1405-006400.
    I even called up the Panasonic service center and relayed the info in their Facebook. They responded poorly and made no action about my concern right away. I emailed Panasonic Philippines on the weekend my refrigerator broke down. I demanded for a service unit to replace it while the inverter is in service. With no response, I decided to call the Panasonic Philippines the week after the refrigerator broke down from June 2-6, 2014 to report the problem again. They forwarded me to their outsourced service center. A service center repair man went to assess the refrigerator on June 8, 2014 but didn’t fix the problem. We called and followed up the service center consequently about the problem. By this time, we have a defective refrigerator that we cannot use for more than a week. With coercion, they decided to pick up our Panasonic Inverter ref last June 10 and gave me a service unit NO FROST type as replacement. During our call with the Panasonic Philippines, they assured us that everything is within the warranty and we are not going to pay for anything. Now, it has been about more than a month I haven’t use the Panasonic Inverter refrigerator I invested and after following up with Panasonic Philippines through phone, the inverter is still NOT AVAILABLE and reportedly not being repaired. The service unit, NO FROST refrigerator loaned to us does not even cool enough. It has been a month now!! Just 2 days ago a representative from the service center demanded that we pay for the repair! I am appalled and disappointed with the poor response being given by Panasonic Philippines because we were guaranteed that the warranty will be honored even after June 8 because the unit failed before the warranty’s due date!
    Perhaps the unit given to us was not really in good condition. For me, a Refrigerator is an investment. I know it cost a lot to purchase an inverter type, but I gambled on this product since in my experience, I trusted the quality of Panasonic products for so long, I am a loyal consumer. Our old ref National brand and our Panasonic TV lasted for about 10 years without any malfunction or whatsoever. As a frequent consumer of Panasonic products I am truly UNSATISFIED with the way things are going. The Panasonic Philippines’ service center SUCKS!!! You are trying to sell this product to the market without an assurance of quality service? What about our rights as consumers? Do I need to go to DTI to report the matter? What about your credibility? I demand for a brand new unit to replace the defective one as soon as possible remedy the inconvenience the defective unit has cost us.

  10. Jojo Reply

    I need to replace the freezer drawers of my Panasonic refrigerator model NR-BW464VSPH. Both drawers have cracks all over and are ripped in the corners. Can you direct me where I could purchase new ones. Preferably in the Quezon City area. Thanks.

  11. Stewart Reply

    I have always liked Panasonic, however, I am loosing confidence. Please know that I have
    purchased a refrigerator, microwave and VCR. I was disjointed when the VCR after
    one week of use was taken in for repair and was told they could not make the repairs,
    as it was a discontinued product.

    Kindly help.

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