Nokia Australia Contact: Find below customer service details of Nokia mobiles in Australia, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on Nokia phones, repair, service center location, technical support or complaints on Nokia phones in Australia.

Customer Service (Australia)
Phone: 1300 366 733

Nokia Head Office
Level 21, 1 Market St
Sydney, NSW 2000

Nokia Stores
Click here to locate a Nokia store nearest to your street in Australia. You can visit a local Nokia retail store to purchase Nokia smartphones or other products. Retail stores can be found in several cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, Perth, Tasmania, Victoria Central, among others. You can search by address or store name.

Service Center
To locate Nokia service center nearest to your street in Australia click here. You can visit these care centers to repair or recycle your mobile device. Nokia service centers in Australia can be found in several regions that include Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. You can also search by address, city name or postal code.

Nokia Applications
To download Nokia mobile applications, maps, games and more click here Nokia Ovi Store.

About Nokia
Nokia was founded in the year 1865. From being a riverside paper mill, Nokia grew over the years to become one of the leading telecommunications company. More than 1.3 billion people use Nokia phones worldwide. Nokia began operations in Australia in the year 1985. It is today one of the leading mobile manufacturer in the country. Nokia Australia is headquartered in Sydney and has over 6000 mobile retailers across the country.

Popular Nokia models that can be found across Nokia retail stores in Australia include Nokia 500, Nokia X1, X2, C2, N9, Nokia 700, Nokia X7, Nokia E6, Nokia E7, Nokia C5, Nokia C7, C6, Nokia 5250, X3-02, Nokia X6, Nokia X5, Nokia N8, Nokia E5, Nokia C3-00, Nokia 7230, 6700 slide, Nokia 2690, Nokia E72, E52, N97, Nokia 5233, E63, E71, E61 and N90. You can see more models on the Nokia website. You can also filter devices with design features such as fold, slide, twist, touch screen, full qwerty keyboard or through features such as Bluetooth, internet browser, email, 3G, music player, camera and video recorder. Accessories that can be purchased include Bluetooth headset, silicon cover, carrying case, battery, headset, minispeaker, adapter, hard cover, mobile charger and mobile holder. Read More

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  1. Jason Firmstone Reply

    I have tried to upgrade from Windows 8.1 to 10 on my Lumia 1520 about a dozen times over a few weeks using Wi-Fi at home network (full signal strength and good speed). The Lumia Upgrade Advisor App says my phone is suited for the upgrade (and well it should, being one of the better Nokia’s).

    Every time: It progresses through the: Install, I accept, then says it has to restart, it says ‘Goodby’, turns off, restarts, then 2 gears rotating appear with a progress bar below them. But this is where the problem starts, each time it moves to about 70% progress but always it ends up failing (as if it has timed out?) the screen goes black. I have to turn it back on and there is the usual message ‘Can’t update phone. Its probably a temporary problem. To try again, go to settings > Phone Update. (0x80073712)’.

    Maybe it’s a timeout setting?

    I have just had Telstra put a new SIM card in it, no change.
    I took it to a Nokia shop in Pitt Street Sydney, they were not sure of the problem.

    Also, the signal strength bars show no service (zero) most of the time now, when once I got 5 bars most places. I only get 5 bars at very limited places in Sydney like Wolli Creek and top of Jannali.
    It has not been dropped, only bumped inside the car?

  2. Jo Reply

    Customer service is poor, poor, poor! I bought a Nokia 8 in England 2 months ago because my other phone died, Rang office in Sydney because this new phone will not allow me to talk without it being on speakerphone…not ideal for privacy…and they say they can’t do anything about it because I didn’t buy the phone in Australia. Sprouted some gobblydook about different parts and voltages….excuse me? We travel all over the world and have no problems with different voltages for goodness sake. What a cop out!! Soooo NOT IMPRESSED!!!

  3. Ian Stewart Reply

    Good afternoon, I am looking for a simple mobile phone such as the 3110 that does not have a camera that I can use with an Optus pre-paid sim. Could you please advise me if you have a model without a camera and if so are there are any vendors in the Sydney area or Sutherland shire who would be able to supply if available. With regard, Ian.

  4. Philip Robinson Reply

    Is it not possible to speak to a human about my wife’s new Nokia 8. The user guide is totally inadequate . My wife brought the phone on the 14th September after drowning her Lumia 550 in a swimming pool . When we returned home she tried to send a group SMS to 5 friends with 4 photos attached . When she pressed the send icon she received a message saying ” To send this message , go to settings and change your group messaging setting to group MMS. I could not find anything resembling this in either the general settings or the SMS settings nor could I find any information about this in the user guide I downloaded .

  5. Ian Allan Reply

    I have just bought a Nokia E51(Android) to replace my Lumia 635.0 (Windows) Telstra helped with the changeover, however they could not transfer my photos, ringtones, or my telephone contact list, presumably because of the different OS. How do I move my photos, ringtones and my phone lists onto the new E51? In particular, the ringtone group included a cat Meowing, and was a wonderful feature. Can you send me instructions how I can get this Cat ringtone onto the E51 Please? I am not a mobile phone guru, so the instructions need to be simple. Please help. Many Thanks.

  6. Roger Dedrick Reply

    I bought a Lumia around 3 years ago and lately have had a lot of trouble with my screen on/off button not working. Can anyone throw any light on this for me please. I have had a brilliant run with my Nokia but my frustrations now are pushing me back to a Samsung.

  7. Robert Bevan Reply

    Nokia (used to) make a great, reliable and resilient Mobile ‘phone. Unfortunately, the past service has not been up to expectations. Now however, it is appalling; what the hell is in Microsoft’s mind that they buy such a great product/company and then stuff up the customer service so much! Went to the Nokia website/s to find a local service store, get referred to a Microsoft webpage on each occasion and cannot get any Nokia info. at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ms Poh Lim Reply

    I would be grateful for your help to unlock my 2c-01 Nokia mobile phone. The IMEI is 3597 7204 6414 075.

    If you can send me the restricted code, I should be able to unlock this phone.I have been using another Nokia in Spore but as it is only 2G I won’t be able to use it next year. Hence, the need to unlock my Nokia 2C-01 so that I can also use this phone in Singapore next year.

  9. Stephen Clifford Reply

    When I was in Brazil, I bought a Nokia N8 and used it there, now I have returned to Australia I have tried several sim cards form different telcos but the phone does not work in Australia, is there anything I can do to make it work here

  10. Raymond Chan Reply

    The service provided by Nokia (or is it Microsoft) is appalling to say the least. I called Nokia and someone tells me to call Microsoft. I called Microsoft and the call is channelled to a call centre. This is absolutely disgraceful !!

  11. Dr A.Rawling. Reply

    Hello. I sent you a small flip out (Nokia2330 Vodafone) phone – one of the type I love on 23/4 and have not heard via phone nor post. I have a photocopy of the postage, the letter it accompanied and the phone’s box – I love this type of phone but had purchased a new one over ANZAC day which I couldn’t get to work. Could you please send it back fixed or a replacement. THankyou

    PO Box 148
    Avalon Beach NSW 2107

  12. tina Reply

    PS – why is there no chat line? Why do I have to go to Sydney to talk to someone. Call helpline. I don’t have another 3 hours to waste. Give up AGAIN. Every time I try to tech-up the tech gets in the way.

  13. Geoff Reply

    I have been trying to call for assistance to buy a new back for my Nokia handset for three hours on and off. The call is answered and a recorded message waffles on about receiving no response then terminates. What a total crock of shit that is. Not only is your support service total shit you deceive the clients by playing a recorded message and terminate the calls. I am off to buy a Samsung..

  14. Paul Reply

    After reading all the whirlpool forum and these bad reports, I wanted to just purchase the parts to fix 2 of my own N9’s. to be told that Nokia will not sell parts, I have to pay $35 to sent my phone to a care dealer for them to asses the fault and then pay for the repair to be done if they deem it repairable. Not impressed that you can’t buy spare parts.

  15. Betty Chisholm Reply

    I wish to place on record my dissatisfaction with the service supplied by your staff in the Perth Office.
    From my introduction at the service counter to having my concerns addressed the level of service can only be described as abysmal.
    I took a virtually new phone into the service centre which is placed miles from anywhere and not open on a Saturday for those of us who work, to find out why my phone blanked out after trying to download update software and displayed the message “Contact Service Provider”. I was told it would need to have new software downloaded, so I needed to leave the phone. This same problem had happened to me with a previous Nokia purchased through Telstra, when I took it in they inserted two plugs into my phone from a laptop computer and within a short time, my phone was handed back to me. Simple, but your office need to keep the phone, when I questioned this due to previous experience, the fellow was somewhat taken back and said oh workshop is busy and if they do it, it will take two hours at least, time now means won’t be ready until around end of day anyway! Attitude, like it or lump it!
    I expected to be called, I was not, I followed up on Friday to be told I needed replacement phone. So can I come and get it? No we have to wait for next delivery – Tuesday, which is tomorrow, so can I come tomorrow? No, no idea if your phone will be in delivery!
    Nokia has a service centre and holds no stock?!? It is laughable, I do not have a sophisticated phone, the simplest in your range and you don’t even hold stocks in a major town.
    I waited for a phone call last week, None! Not even courtesy call, your replacement was not in the delivery. I suppose why change your modus operandi now, service at counter awful why would one expect the office staff to operate differently. I ring again this morning, telephone girl pleasant enough, checks on replacement, still no replacement, I express my dissatisfaction, ask to speak to Manager – music on line – Oh sorry, the Manager is in the toilet? I need to know this???? Who trains your staff? Receptionist, What I can do though is put this job through as “Accelerate” ! Heaven only knows what this means, but I take exception to be treated differently because I ask to speak to the Manager. All jobs should be labelled as Accelerate, not just when a customer complains.
    I might add here I was given a replacement phone, which after charging at home refused to work again, and for this I had to sign my life away via a two page Customer Acknowledgement Form. Oh that you took care of repairs as well as you guard your loan phones.

    • LINDA Reply

      sorry to hear.. my problem isnt as bad but my grandson went to use my dictionary yes the words in english but the answers are in an asian language.. rang up and was told it is for people who cant speak english.. dah i bought it in australia and only speak english.. how bloody ridiculous…..

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