Contact McDonald’s – Hong Kong: Find below customer service, phone of McDonald’s in Hong Kong. You can reach the below contact for McDonald’s home delivery of burgers, restaurants or take away in Hong Kong.

McDonald’s Home Delivery (Hong Kong)
Phone: 233822338

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About McDonald’s
McDonald’s Restaurants (Hong Kong) Ltd was established in 1975. Currently there are over 200 McDonald’s restaurants in Hong Kong. McDonald’s employs more than 10,000 in the country. McDonald’s Corporation was founded by Ray Kroc in the year 1954. McDonald’s has more than 32,000 restaurants serving more than 64 million people in 118 countries every day. It is today the largest hamburger fast food restaurant in the world.  Read More

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  1. Kesri Johnson Reply

    I am writing to ask why McDonalds Food in Hong Kong taste so bad. On more than five occasions I have passed through Hong Kong Airport and bought food at your restaurant and been disappointed every single time.

    First of all the Meat in the Hamburger do not appear to be 100% beef.

    Secondly the sauces used are different from typical restaurants sauces and has an awful taste.

    Thirdly the cheese is vomity bad.

    Fourthly the fries were tepid every time.

    And fifthly the Sausage and Hotcakes were poor quality and bad tasting, every time.

    On my last visit passing through on an in transit flight two weeks ago, the Cheeseburger and fries were so bad I dumped it, and went to Pop Eye Chicken next door, and ordered much more edible food.

    The Staff are nice and friendly, but I would like to know how McDonalds boldly make the claim that its product is consistent globally when quite clearly in two years of patronising your Hong Kong restaurant, McDonalds products there, has been consistently bad and a waste of money.

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