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West Bengal Office
West Bengal State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission,
Bhabani Bhavan,
(Ground Floor),
31, Belvedere Road, Alipore,
Kolkata – 700 027

Phone: 033 24790378 / 24799871-74
Fax: 24794916
E-mail: [email protected]

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Phone: 011 23712459, 23712109 (Delhi)

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  1. P K Das Reply

    On 30.5.17 my landline no. 033025553916 of BSNL went dead and I lodged a formal complaint vide docket no. 14170966102 for restoration of my telephone line. Since no action was forthcoming from BSNL Kolkata end I lodged an escalated complaint no. 4181305769 dt 7.6.17. Unfortunately till date no action has been taken by BSNL on my above complaint. Kindly direct BSNL to take immediate action to restore my telephone line and not charge rentals during the breakdown period.

  2. Asim Kumar Banerjee Reply

    This is Asim Kumar Banerjee (Retired Manager of SBI) from Bolpur Santiniketan. I will like to grab kind attention of the Consumers Forum. Hope the purpose of my complaint is fulfilled. Some organisations are there with no ethics. I am here to broadcast such a prevalent problem I am dealing with till date. After getting repeated calls from Samparka Matrimonial Centre (in Madhyamgram, Kolkata) of having preferred match in accordance with my daughters requirement, I registered with them (Reg. No. : 2849) on 7th March, 2017. As I already had a bitter experience with some other matrimonial services during my elder daughters marriage, I said Samparka Matrimony to mail me the details of their existing matches first in accordance with our requirement so that it can be judged whether they really have some matches or not. As per the conversation before registration they mailed me first on 1st March, 2017. And that mail was having some preferred matches without the grooms contact details. Hence without any hesitation, I made a payment of Rs. 2500 in cash on 7th March. After that I asked for the contact details of the grooms provided in the 1st mail. In lieu they mailed me on 13th March, 2017 with fully different set of groom details that were exempting our requisites. After this I though there must be some misunderstanding hence I called in their number to clear up the necessities. They admitted that they made some mistake. Then after, after making continuous communications from our side, they mailed us on 23rd March, 2017 but contrary to our expectation, it was again in vain. From then they started not to pick up the call. Hence I mailed them on 12th April to get in touch. After that also I didn’t receive any call. Again I mailed on 5th May, 2017, still I didn’t get any reply. In the mean time, I started again to communicate them from different number (my daughter’s number). They received the call and I mentioned in a straight forward way to give my money back, as I don’t want to continue with them anymore. They said they will communicate with the higher authority and let me know. I didn’t get any call. After few days me again communicated. They replied the same thing and after the second call this time, on 24th May, 2017 they mailed me with some groom details, but again it was not at all fulfilling the requirements. In the mean there was no communication. Neither they called nor I. On 12th June, 2017 they again mailed with some arbitrary groom references just to fulfill their formality. Henceforth I called them on the same day and mentioned again that I want to get my money back. Again they mentioned they will discuss with the authority and let me know by tomorrow. But today when I didn’t receive any call like the previous ones I made a call by 5:30 PM and they started misbehaving. But really I have lost patience. Hence I am herein and would hope that Consumers Forum will take up my case. I have the registration bill and all the mails as a proof.

  3. Arpital Reply

    I would like to inform you that on 20.06.2016 I had ordered Sweat Slim Belt on phone No. 0922 222 0016/ 0922 222 9393 after watching TV. I had received one pair of Swat Slim Belt on 21.06.2016 vide Bill No. 532 dt. 21.06.2016 for Rs.1900/- (material cost: Rs.1590/- + delivery charge Rs.299/)- in a box. (scan copy of bill of M/s. Shree Laxmi Enterprises, Shop No. 41, Durga Das Colony, Minawala, Vaishali Marg, Jaipur – 301020 and picture of packet showing the marketing company name & address as “Jain Enterprises, 54C, Nagar, New Sang Road, Jaipur is attached for your ready reference). Also the delivery boy has taken Rs.50/- as “Bakhshish” by force from me.
    At the time of wearing the belt one of the pair had been tear & torn. Informing the matter on the company’s customer care No. 0922000111 my harassment has began. After informing the matter they informed that the material will be changed. Asking the time period for changing of materials they disconnected the phone and after repeated ringing back they did not received the phone. I also ring back M/s. Shree Laxmi Enterprises Branch Mobile Customer care No. 8302046807 and customer care No. 8302046807 and also in their Kolkata office No. 8336954932 and they only told that the materials will be changed but at the time of asking the time period they immediately disconnected the phone and after repeated ring back they never attend the phone. One time they told that to contact the delivery boy who deliver the material. It is impossible for me to locate the delivery man as he one time came and deliver the materials.
    I think it is a fraud company as they are cheating with the customers like me. They always assured for exchange of materials but asking for time stipulation they switch off their mobile. They are advertising in TV in such a way that anybody can attract for the material and ordered quickly but after receiving the material we are disappointed that the quality is not up to the mark as they shown in TV and taking so much money which is very unjustified and cheating the customers really. As per the company version it is a elasticized material but it is so bad that it tear & torned at the time of wearing.
    I would request you to kindly look into the matter very seriously and take appropriate steps so that either I can replace the materials or refund the money immediately.
    Your early action in this matter will be highly appreciated.

  4. Piyali Banerjee Reply

    Sharing a very bitter experience that we have had with Voltas India Pvt. Ltd.

    We had purchased a 1 ton AC Split – model # 123LY-B, Bill # SL/SA/1617/00239, Bill Date 09.04.16, Amount Rs 27,600.00 – from a reputed Dealer called M/s Great Eastern Appliance Pvt. Ltd., Salt Lake Kolkata. After giving repeated reminders the AC is delivered & installed on 15-04.2016. On 21st of April we noticed that the AC is not working & cooling has not done. I called the Voltas customer care (25th April’2016) & lodge a complain against it (Complain No. 16042508068) center and a technician came around after two days (27th April’2016) giving repeated reminders to check. He told us that this is a case of ‘Leakage of AC Gas’. For our understanding, he explained that something has gone wrong at the time of installation. He also explained as the installation not done by there franchisee (SUNCON SERVICES) they are not ready to do so. The same has installed by NEO MICRO SYSTEM. After that have spoken with their branch manager Mr. Soumen Chakraborty (9681187452) Mr. Chakraborty confirmed to send his technician within a day, but he is failed to do so. In Every time he made us false commitment for self defense. We were not ready to accept this explanation and the remedy that had been suggested. We paid top price for a superior product. I did not choose to buy a budget brand where I am prepared to compromise on the viewing experience and product longevity. We always believed that Voltas as a brand always justifies the premium for a superior experience. But since this has happened my faith has been shaken. It is completely Voltas responsibility of the Product Failure and do a replacement/ repair job to my satisfaction at no cost. But even after so many phone calls today they are not at all cooperate & giving support to us. We have decided to take up this case legally now and approaching the Consumer Forum to get things sorted out with Voltas. I am lodging an online complaint here as well and would appreciate if some help can be obtained from any online consumer forum as well.

  5. atika jain Reply

    My name is atika jain.
    I have purchased a 1.5 ton split ac from pugalia refrigeration company.1st i was asked to pay 1500 by the shopkeeper for free installation with the bill.
    Then the people who came to install the machine asked me to pay for the pipeline and also the wire which should have come with the machine but was not found.They asked me to pay Rs.540 for a wire which would not cost more then 100 in the market but i still went ahead and paid for it.
    Now the wire had caught fire before 5 days because the installers have put the wrong wire which was very cheap and the machine doesn’t work anymore.
    It’s been 5 days i have filed a complaint and a person from the company comes today and tells me i have to pay for the wire and wiring again cause it’s none of their business.

  6. Kalyan Reply

    Balance of rs 40 to 50 is being deducted again and again in last 3 months from my aircel (kolkata circle ) mobile and I am not even notified for the deduction. After the deduction I am not even able to connect to any of the customer care executive !
    Kindly look into the same. I am repeatedly being cheated by this fraud company !!

  7. Akash Kumar Agarwal Reply

    Got Damaged 500 Note from Axis Bank ATM

    I had made a transaction in Axis Bank ATM at BE Block, Sector-2, Salt Lake on 04/02/2015 and got a completely damaged Rs. 500 note (a portion of the note was missing) from the ATM. I had even informed the Security Guard immediately after the transaction and had even displayed the note at the CCTV camera for proof. However, when I brought this to the concerned Branch of Axis Bank and asked them to exchange the note, they straight way rejected my claim stating that it cannot happen in their ATM. And even if I needed to get it exchanged, then I have to bear the cost of the CCTV footage which they will hire from their own recruited Security agency. They are not even willing to hear the Security Guard who was stationed at the ATM at that time. This is a horrible service from Axis Bank to their customer who owns a Salary account in their bank.

  8. Avishek Reply

    A very Good Afternoon

    My tikona id is : 1109557923

    I am receiving threatening calls stating a case has been filed against me cause of defaulting payment where as in my account I just checked it was 460.52/- which I paid off too and people are demanding Rs 2000/- from me stating it’s the demand of tikona

    Moreover my connection was discontinued since last 4 months and yet i received bills from tikona i have got no explanation why

    Kindly look into this issue as I am a very loyal patron to tikona and always have been and I have never defaulted a penny but hearing phone calls like this gives me a great grievance. It would be really satisfying if I can speak to you personally

    The numbers from which I am receiving calls are :- 09674727839 & 09871818801

    Kindly take action

    Thanking you


  9. Debaroti Bhattacharya Reply

    Sharing a very bitter experience that we have had with Sony India Pvt. Ltd.

    We had purchased a 46″ LED Sony TV – model # 46EX520, Bill # 10882, Bill Date 26.04.11, Amount Rs 99,900.00 – from a reputed Dealer called M/s Khosla Electronics, Kolkata. On 3rd of May we noticed a vertical red line along the right side of the TV screen. I called the Sony customer care centre and a technician came around in the evening to check. He told us that this is a case of ‘LCD Panel Suspect’. For our understanding, he explained that something has gone wrong with the panel and the whole TV screen needs to be changed at a cost of approximately Rs.30,000/-. He also explained that it’s a product failure and happens rarely and it’s my bad luck that it has happened with me. We were not ready to accept this explanation and the remedy that had been suggested. We are not ready to shell out Rs 30,000/- to repair a premium Sony product, especially when it’s a case of product failure and not accidental damage to the product. We paid top price for a superior product. I did not choose to buy a budget brand where I am prepared to compromise on the viewing experience and product longevity. We always believed that Sony as a brand always justifies the premium for a superior experience. But since this has happened my faith has been shaken. I wrote to their Service Head, Customer Care Head as well as to the Managing Director explaining the whole thing and expected them to own up the responsibility of the Product Failure and do a replacement/ repair job to my satisfaction at no cost. But even after so many mails and phone calls today they have written back to us saying they will not do anything and to get this done we have to pay Rs. 28,096/- I noticed on the net in different Consumer Forums there are several complaints about Sony TV Panel defect. We have decided to take up this case legally now and approaching the Consumer Forum to get things sorted out with Sony. I am lodging an online complaint here as well and would appreciate if some help can be obtained from any online consumer forum as well.

  10. Avik Roy Reply

    I have purchased a Samsung TV set (LED) on 14th July, 2012 with the price of 80,500 Rs. After a week I have detected a manufacturing defect on the TV screen (horizontal shadows on entire display screen and white spots like thumb). After seeing this I have contacted with the Samsung authorities and they have already replaced my TV Panel for 5 times within the last 10 months. Even after several changes TV set has still same defects more or less. I informed to Samsung that the particular TV Model has these defects and requested them to change the TV set and provide me another model that should be good one or refund me back. After that they are not responding properly and intentionally delaying time as the warranty of 1 year will be completed after 2 months.

  11. Pradipta D. Adhikari Reply

    My mob no is 8927851165.This is a reliance smart no.From this year I am facing a particular problem repeatedly.Earlier rel used to deduct 30 rs any time and they used to give explanation that I have somehow activated it.But from this year new tactics they have adopted.In every 15 days they are deducting my balance by rs 3 in the name of USSD service charge.
    1.I came to know that this deduction is done when a customer dial a number with star(*)other than any toll free number.I thought may be I have unknowingly pressed it.But there was no number in my dialed list.
    2. Again balance deducted on 15 th Feb 2013.Same explanation given by customer care representative.
    3. Again on 2nd March balance deducted for the same reason.
    4. Balance deducted on 24th March,2013 again.Reason same.
    5. on 14.04.2013 balance again deducted.
    6. on 19.04.2013 balance again deducted for the same reason.
    7. today on 23.04.2013 balance has been deducted at 10:39am. Reason same.

    I am feeling irritated and helpless.From second time I was very much aware of the deduction taking place.I kept a sharp eye on this matter.Each time there is no number in dialed list.So I came to conclusion this is Smart’s tricks to deceive the customers and profit more. 5 out of 7 times I argued with Customer Representative and they refunded my balance immediately .But now it’s too disgusting.And one more thing,when balance is deducted,surprisingly the whole day my line to customer care gets busy.So its almost impossible to contact customer care on the same day.

  12. Arun Reply

    I have been using Reliance Broadband connection (user id 375833415572( for over four years.. had emailed an application of transfer of plan from 800 kbps to 4 mbps(thunder 999 combo) stating that i was having trouble downloading files at 800 kbps and so i wanted to shift to 4 mbps. I received no confirmation from the company regarding receipt of my mail and was working out the transfer, i was surprised when i received the bill which stated that i was under the thunder 999 4 mbps plan and instantly called the customer care regarding the issue and that my connection was at the same speed as before and i was given a request no saying that the speed issue would be resolved within 24hrs (REQ NO 198909572 ON 25/02/13 AT 4.30PM). As i saw that there was no improvement with the speed after 24 hours as said i called back the customer care and this time i gave a service termination request stating them that i did not need the connection anymore as they had told me that they would not give me a waiver for slow speed and as a matter of fact i started emailing all the speed test reports done thrice a day to them as they had not proceeded with the termination till date and are now telling me that i will have to pay the entire amount

  13. Shaikh Reply

    I had a confirmed air ticket through Air India from CCU to JFK , but due to family illness I was at the Kolkata air port dated 22/01/2013 litle late means the flight was at 8.30 pm and I was there at 7.15pm but Air India did not allow me to get the boarding pass inspite of so many request and I went to Air India’s Kolkata city office which is located at CR Avenue, but they charged me Rs.17,580.00 for next flight (RLOC: AI ZC42M ticket No. 0982105670806 dt. 27/01/2013). I am seeking help to get my refund that Air India charged me wrongfully and the same flight was like two hours late and due to technical fault we were waiting five hours at JFK, New York.

  14. Mita Layek Reply

    I have purchased a Dell Laptop N5110, Service Tag No. 6CX5VQ1 from Supreme Pvt Ltd, Kolkata on May,19,2012. But from the very first day it’s having problem. When I call Dell Service centre I came to know that supreme has sold me a second hand/ Referred/ (already been replaced) which can’t be replaced anymore. This can be proved by the bill itself. At the time of purchasing I was not aware of the fraud.

    Now Supreme is denying the fact and after several attempt they neither could solve my problem nor replace it.

    I have the bill and service centre memo (repaired twice but problem persist). Literally I couldn’t use my laptop for a single day.
    I have no option other than register complain against supreme and Dell in consumer forum”

  15. Pranab Ganguly Reply

    I bought a Micromax Tab Infinity P275 on 24th December 2012 from SUPREME INFO RETAILS PVT. LTD. 35, CHITTARANJAN AVENUE, KOLKATA-700012. Phone-40113777.

    After i brought the tab to home I found that the Mini USB Port is not working. I took it to the above mentioned shop. They said they cannot help and i have to go to service center. I went to service center of Micromax at Gourab Electronics (Check Point Micromax) at 65 Bidhan Sarani, kolkata-700006, ph-64566665. There they said to change the USB port for Rs 300. After 10 days they returned me the tab. When I brought the tab back to my home I found the tab is heating up within 1 minute and also not functioning. When I went to service center they said they can’t help. So right now i am having a Tablet which I bought before 18 days and is not working. Shockingly it is within Warranty period but nobody is willing to help neither the shop from where i bought it nor the service center who are responsible for the circuit damage. So what i will do now?

  16. Souradeep Reply

    I live in kolkata-700047 area. I took a internet connection from REGENT PARK BROADBAND AND ALLIED SERVICES PVT. LTD.Initially,they claimed that they were a branch of ALLIANCE BROADBAND,which is a well known ISP of Kolkata. But, after taking the connection i saw that that the speed was not in par with that which ALLIANCE BROADBAND promised. I called them up immediately but they did not pay much attention to my complaints. They even took the monthly rental which did match with ALLIANCE BROADBAND’s plans.
    But,after a few days of this hassle i got to know that they are not connected to ALLIANCE BROADBAND in any way whatsoever. Although when i initially took the connection they said that it was ALLIANCE BROADBAND.Their plans are surprisingly SAME AS THAT OF ALLIANCE BROADBAND. Any newcomer will confuse them as the well known isp of kolkata.

    • Satyajit Das Reply

      I live at 26, South Road, Santoshpur, kolkata-700075 area. I took internet reconnection from WISH NET PVT. LTD through SATELLITE ELECTRONICS(18/C/6, KABI SUKANTA ROAD, KOL – 700 075). But, after taking the connection I saw that the speed was not as per with that which WISH NET PVT. LTD promised. I called them up immediately over phone but they did not pay much attention to my complaints. They even took the monthly rental from me. It was also promised through Wish Net customer service that their representative will come and will solve my problem but after several request they yet not came to me. So, sir please take some steps against WISH NET PVT. LTD by which I can get my proper service.

  17. Soni Reply

    I purchased a Samsung mobile having model no GT-E2232 on 10th May 2012. It offered one year warranty. I now have problem in my mobile and i visited three times in authorised service centre of Samsung at Esplaned metro station but they are not able to repair my mobile.

  18. chinmoy Reply

    I have purchased a computer motherboard on 03/07/12 and the computer shop provided me a warranty for 6 months but last i have faced some problem in the motherboard so when i went to the service centre they said that they provide warranty of 3 months and the service will be chargeable but i have the documents of 6 months warranty.

  19. Anand Kapoor Reply

    My phone 033-23355116 is not working since September last week. Complaint has been made on 9th October, 2012 and the docket number is 11643883682. I have been following regularly but there is no resolution so far.The icing on the cake is that they also have sent me the bill for this period and expect me to pay it after around 3 months of non service.

  20. Deepak Kumar Reply

    Subject: Deficiency in service by negligence in not registering my car, wrongly registering it on someone else’s name.

    This is regarding the mistake done by your dealer: Concord Hyundai, NH-6,
    Manashadanga, Jubilee Math, Via Bankra, Howrah-711403, West Bengal from whom I bought my car. My car been registered by this said dealer who mismanaged and made me undergo a lot of trouble in regards to my registration process which has not been done till date.

    I bought a car, a Hyundai EON ERA+ from your Concord Hyundai, Howrah on 17th June
    2012 bearing the Chasis No: MALA251ALCM057032 and an Engine No:
    G3HACM046667.I paid an amount of Rs. 3,50,000 for buying this car.

    To my extreme distress, the registration of my car has not been done till now by the said dealer who completely goofed up the entire process of my car registration. (One Mr. Anirbon Ghose(9674168901) was working with the registration issues of my car). I took my car insurance from Bharti AXA General Insurance Co.Ltd. However, I have not received my RC book from the dealer and when I received the insurance documents from Bharti AXA, I was shocked to find out that the car details which the insurance company has (My chassis No: MALA251ALCM057032, Engine no- G3HACM046667) are totally different from the car details that the dealer has wrongly in his records(My chassis no-MALA251ALCM07681D , Engine no: G3HACM063982).

    Clearly, since the car details existing in the insurance company’s records did not match with the car details given by the dealer, my entire process of registration got held up till date. I found out that in your company’s records, my car has got registered with some other owner’s name because of the blunder committed by your dealer by wrongly registering my car with someone else’s name(one Mr. Raja Das, Ph:9143076608).

    Unfortunately, the Bank from where I have taken the loan for the purchase of this car has been equally irresponsible and has not verified the documents thoroughly before approving the payment to the dealer. However, the reckless dealer is responsible for all this chaos and I am extremely
    shocked and disappointed with all this. Your company dealer too is very apathetic in his approach towards the whole issue and is not taking any responsibility on this regard even after 5 months of purchasing the car and I am still making rounds to his office.

  21. ARUN Reply

    I have purchased a flat in Kalipada Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 8, The flat have already being registered in my favour & mutation is also done. But certain work of the flat is yet to be completed by the promoter & are dili dallying to the same, but ultimately in vain. Kindly advise me whether I may knock the door of Consumer Forum and how?

  22. Devashis Das Reply

    Brand: “Priviledge Club” Purchased from : Bigbazar Future Value Retail Ltd., Esplanade Metropolitan Building, 7 J L Nehru Road, Kolkata – 700 013 Receipt No. : 0007385 Date & time of purchase : 28.07.2012 at 21:19 Goods were sold with label inscribed with “super fine cotton & new age blend”. No cotton was in the sold goods but those were very warm. Complaint made to [email protected]. Reply mail received giving reference Case No.: 122988 against my complaint with option given over phone to exchange. Goods were purchsed on discounted price during sale but I had to exchange on M.R.P. During purchase other companies were also giving sale but i went to Bigbazar as I accustomed with purchasing goods from them for last 7/8 years. I made further mail lodging my complaint again. They contacted over phone from no +912261190000 on 17th at 12.32 Hrs but did not show any urge to solve my complaint though I had given ample time with the notice to brought the matter to the consumer forum. Staff of their store are not well taught about the rights of the consumer. I felt I got cheated. I asked them whether all the products having labels of mis- declaration from their stores or not but no reply is received so far.

    I at this stage seek your help how these big companies are cheating the consumer without being bothered to solve the genuine problem of the consumer. I like to know wheter would I get suitable remedy towards the loss borne by me and tell me what to do.

  23. Sayantan Ghosh Reply

    This is regarding an order placed at: shopping.Indiatimes.Com, details are as follows:
    Order no. 3001446370
    Product: Sony MDR-XD200 headphone, item code: b930473, quantity: 2,

    On September 8, 2012, I was informed that the coupon carnival has been withdrawn, no other thing was mentioned and I replied to them that I am ready to pay rs. 269 (the discounted amount) at the time of delivery and if they have any other resolution, they should let me know. The coupon was valid till September 12, 2012 (the payment could not have processed if the coupon didn’t work when order was placed and I was charged as per their terms only. A case was created,case ID: 396007. I regularly kept mailing, yesterday, I was informed by Ajay Jain, a customer service executive that this order will be dispatched within 24 hours and I will receive the airway bill details, which I didn’t receive till date. They are making excuses by creating another case, case ID: 403497, the previous one deliberately closed without prior information/Conversation and stated as resolved. I wanted those items desperately, else usually I always order under cod services only. This item is not available anywhere else, so I made a payment to get this
    item(s). I feel cheated now, it has been a regular event of mailing indiatimes shopping customer care. There are several complaints against this online portal, which I came to know today only. They have a tendency of dragging the issue with new so called customer care executives, uses new names till the consumer is fed up following up with them.

  24. SOUVIK PAUL Reply

    I bought a 5day/4night travel voucher from Great India Travels via online. I made the payment as below. Since last 3 weeks, neither they respond the mails promptly nor book the resort as per my requirement. Their phone number never responded & I am tired of chasing them. Please advise how to move to the consumer court.

    • P Bakshi Reply

      have you got any relief by this time? i have bought a membership of Country Club Ltd very recently during a campaign presentation launched by the company. i did not understand their terms very correctly at that time. now i find i made a mistake and i wanted to cancel the membership. i offered to pay service charge or processing charge to get a refund of the membership fee i have paid. but the company is not agreeing. is there any way out through the Consumer Court? have you found any competent person or advocate in your case? kindly inform.

  25. Sunny Chowdhury Reply

    Hello, On 9th Aug, 2012 at around 5:17pm, my Axis Bank, Barrackpore Salary A/c was debited for some purchase of online recharge of mobile from Accelyst Solution, Mumbai of (1010*18 + 210*1= Rs. 18390) Rs.18390/, which was not done by me. I contacted my Branch’s Business development executive, Mr.Somnath Chakrabortyy, and was told my a/c was hacked and advised to immediately rush to the branch. I did so,and in the meanwhile my a/c was transformed from Rs.18471 to Rs.81. The bank then raised a CCRS complaint from their respective and told me to wait for 6-7 days for feedback. I want to know that if the bank doesn’t refund my hard-earned money. How can I get it back??

  26. Tapan Kumar Sur Reply

    Kindly be informed that I had purchased one Split AC, HITACHI Model 518 HSD, 1.5 tons from M/s Great Eastern Trading Co., B.T. Road (Near Sinthee More), Kolkata vide Bill No. C/14180/11-12 dated 10.03.12 and installed the AC on 26.03.12. Consequent upon procurement of the same, I have been coming across a lot of impediments & obstacles since last one month.

    As per Rule, I had lodged one complaint to HITACHI Customer Care (3532-4848) on 14.05.12 vide Complaint No. 1205140028. However, on expiry of ten (10) more days, one Technician visited my Residence and opined the reason as a leakage of gas and within a couple of days, the Technician did the relevant job.

    Hence, one month afterwards, the aforesaid impairments had again arisen. I had lodged another Complaint (No.12071000010) on 10.07.12. The Technician further paid me a visit and re-filled the gas.

    After a few days, the problem was once again found and accordingly, I had complained..

    Now, one Mr. Bikash, Responsible person of Kolkata Service Centre, called on me over telephone ( Mob:9331791848) that the aforesaid AC Machine is required to be taken to their Workshop for thorough repairing etc., to which I was not agreeable into.

    I am, above cent percent, definite/assured that the AC Machine is a defective one since its advent in my Residence.

    View above, I request you to replace me the above-mentioned defective Machine immediately before expiry of Warranty period.


    Tapan Kumar Sur

  27. Dr. Amit Kumar Saha Reply

    I have opened a account in STATE BANK OF INDIA; Branch-MOKDUMPUR(14547) on 14/07/2012. That time the bank people told me that i will get my ATM card and cheque book within 7 days. But its been 26 days and i did not get any thing till now.
    When I ask this to the bank people they made me wait for 15 days. Today when i spoke to the manager of that branch, he told you wait for 7 more days and see if you get it or not. and BEHAVIOR OF THAT BRANCH MANAGER IS HORRIBLE. HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO GIVE RESPECT AND HOW TO TALK.
    Then i called up SBI customer care they are also like “sir your card is delivered on 15/07/2012.” and then when i asked him then why it is taking so much of time?? it should take 3-4 days. Then they just disconnected the call.

  28. Ashutosh Chowdhury Reply

    Dear Sir
    I, Ashutosh Chowdhury, a senior Citizen, along with one of my friend had went on tour to USA with Thomas Cook (India) Limited of 19B Shakespeare Sarani. Kolkata 700071. As per the itinerary We were promised for cruise trip to Alaksa or if we do not want then we are entitled for a refund of Rs.50000 each which we have paid. But as we have not been issued visa for Canada mandatory for that trip. The trip was cancelled . Now when when we have claimed the refund they are blatantly refusing us on the pretext that all the arrangement have been made thus no refund would be given. We feel cheated by Thomas Cook.

  29. Nabanita Ghosh Javed Reply

    Vodafone 3G Device No: 9830019845 Docket No:429210745

    The above mentioned device [Sharing Dock R 101 with USB stick K-3770] was purchased from Vodafone Store, Park Street on 29 Jun 2012 to enjoy a ‘3G experience’. I was clearly informed that I should be able to get 6 Mbps at my residence central Kolkata. After several complaints a speed test by Vodafone network staff on 12 Jul gave 1.8 to 2.5 Mbps [Copy of test report is with me]. This is more or less the same speed I get on my humble BSNL broadband.

    So far Vodafone (a) has claimed the above speed comes under ‘good coverage’ and therefore declined to accept the device back and return my money (b) has raised a bill of Rs 702.25 for period 7 Jul to 17 Jul when the usage was a nominal 0.23 GB and Vodafone had not yet established the 3 G experience as their device was being tested.

    Perhaps my experience will serve as a lesson to others that the ‘3G experience’ promised by Vodafone is a farce and yet our regulatory authority permits them to function without any test of what they are offering to consumers.

  30. Avijit Das Reply

    I live in Duttapukur . So if there is a nearest Consumer Forum to which I can submit my complain around my location please contact in this Email ID.

  31. Piyush Kanodia Reply

    I had Bought Samsung Galaxy S I-9003 from Janata Stores during April 2011.It was working fine uptill September but hence after the touchpad stopped working . I visited my nearest service center and was asked by them to submit the handset as they will replace the touchpad . After 15 days with often visits they told me that there is no supply of touchpad (black) colour so we can give u an brown one n u can get it replaced later when we have it in stock . I decided to adjust and accepted an damaged and odd brown touchpad that to after 1 month of regular vists . After 2 months i revisted d service center n asked about replacing my damaged touch pad into a fresh black piece . They asked me to submit it , which i did and after 20 days they finaly gave me a proper repaired phone back(this happened in early December) . After that the phone was working smooth sumtimes it use to get switched off and it also use to format the memory card and showed that the memory card is damaged .But since early june the phone started creating havoc problems .It nearly became inpossible to use the phone as its touch pad was not working.It was almost six months of use after which the touch pad stops working , i find dis as a fault in the product as i used my phone very carefuly. I went to the shop from where i bought they gave an estimate of 7200 to get it repaired. It is very disgarceful to face such situation just because of using a phone of samsung . I feel cheeted . please look into the matter as the service center people are saying that you have to pay the charges to get it fixed which is very high . The company has returned the bill amount to few people woh are using this model and have warranty

  32. Shreyans Reply

    I bought a samsung company cell phone (Samsung galaxy ace GT-S5830) on 12th september 2011 & within this 10 months i have given my cell phone for servicing more then 6 times & within 3 months my cell phone battery ,charger, LCD & ear phone have been changed by the company & when ever I give my cell phone to company service center a new problem come up after I received. I have given my cell Phone again on 2nd july 2012 for “Auto heat & Auto Disconect “.

  33. Mumun Reply

    Respected Sir,
    I have a kitchen chimney of Faber company. For the maintenance of the same, I have an AMC with Avon Marketing who is authorised service Provider of Faber Co. My service contract no. is 005861. My complaints –
    1. The service provider never reminds me when the servicing is due. I have to call them each and every time for servicing.
    2. The service provider is always failing their dates on which they would be coming for servicing my chimney. Every time they fix a date for servicing, on the date of servicing they call me up and tell me that their technician is not available. Again I am given another date, on that day too the same thing happens. On the 3rd day maybe they send the technician for servicing. As a result, I am not able to go on with my other pending jobs.
    Hope you understand the situation. This is happening from August, 2011, when I got my AMC done.
    Would be extremely grateful if this issue could be settled at the earliest. Also please note that the same thing is happening with other relatives of mine who are owners of Faber chimneys.

  34. Souvik Das Reply

    I was cheated by TATA Docomo, Arbes Teleservices dealer.I buy a Tata Photon device at Rs 1200 on 16th June 2012.The dealer convinced me that my plan will be 500 unlimited download plan and the speed will be 3.1mbps. I am not able to log in and my speed is not upto the mark, it is just 10 kbps.I repeatedly complained against the company via complaint no 314365533 but they did not bother to entertain me.They are not responding at all.My bill is near about 562,I do not know what to do.

  35. Shyamal Reply

    I am from Salt Lake City Kol-91. I have mediclaim policy with New India Assurance Brabourne Rd and TPA Heritage Health Care Nicco House Hare St Kol. I want to take the help of Consumer Forum for their injustice about my present mediclaim. Where should I contact. Pls give their Phone no. also. Tks.

  36. soma choudhuri Reply

    Me and my husband bought a cooler on 19th of May’12(Bajaj cooler model no-Torque SL-no- 0412 ) from M/S Skytone Electronics located in 18, Lenin Sarani(East), Kanchrapara, north 24 Parganas. we asked for the user manual and guarantee card and they explained that both the things have been provided with the product and it is in the box.Coming back home to our surprise we found through the cage the capacitor was tied with a rope and it is only visible if seen properly through the cage. We fished for the user manual and the guarantee card but none was there. We then tried to contact but no one on the other side bothered to pick up the call. While we were trying after 4 days that is on 24th the water pump stopped working. We went to the shop and lodge saying the problem of the water pump and also about capacitor and asked for the user manual and guarantee card but they paid least attention to our words. After several visit atlast they recieved our complaint on 26th and the electrician from the company came and mended the problem today that is on 30th of May’12. Even after full payment (Rs-55000) was on the date of purchasing we got a product that was out of order. My question is that what steps should be taken to get the guarantee card and user manual and how to handle these companies that act with no ethics?

  37. Shyamali Ganguly Reply

    I was a credit card holder under standard chartered bank.The card was closed on 2006 through settlement decision.I paid the total amount 19500/- through three cheques of my savings account of Canara bank.But I lost the settlement letter and money receipt.Now the cibil report shows an outstanding amount 48978/-.I am victimized by SCB.I can not pay any more.


    I am a user of samsung gt-E2130, for few months the handset not working properly. I had visited service centers at Girish park-karuna management and near Minto park-sabsonic and near Howrah sandha bazar-mobile arena in kolkata. First two time the problem was in my phone after that regularly phone was hanged, set not opening properly, then i called samsung customer care service, they recommended that I go to the Sabsonic service center. They solved my problem with software update in my phone. Then again i faced the problem in my phone display white, again i visited at girish park, they solved it quickly by mother board change .After two days i found my phone is hanging on logo, they again served my phone. And now iam facing same problem problem .S

    Today I found no network when I have inserted my aircel sim, it works only on vodafone sim..Is
    this quality service? I need Samsung to replace my set.


    I have taken two new connection of AIRTEL on 31/03/2012 ,my id no is 3010056591.In last 28 days i face 10 days error in connectivity for which complain booked through email immediately because their complain no 03344448080 shows 24 hours route busy.their service is very poor , yesterday i recd a call from their office that we are unable to provide the service because our mens are nt interested to go in my apparatment, i do not know they are ready to come for new connection but for service they are acting . my tv is not working since last 3 days , but they have nt taken any action about the same.
    my request them to either resolve the problem or to refund my money but no response from their side which never expect from this type of reputed company.

  40. sandip roy Reply

    Sir, please help me to know if there is any protection law in favour of customer regarding “wooden furniture “

  41. saswata Reply


    I have purchased a flat in Ganguly Bagan kol-84. In the Agreement for Sale the developer has specified Vitrified tiles for the flooring . But during construction he has given ceramic tiles . When asked , the developer wanted more money for vitrified tiles . He has returned some amount @ Rs. 13 / sq. ft. as compensation. But I want vitrified tiles as it was specified in the agreement.

  42. Krishnendu Saha Reply

    I have a BSNL broad band connection. At the beginning of connection BSNL provided two connection one dedicated for Net connection and one land line.For Combo 500+ plan have 175 free call unit provided monthly but they have not provided that and placed 299 plan to my land line. But at the beginning they told that the land line is free incoming phone. I haven’t received and free unit also they changed for landlines also. After a notice of this concern We repeatedly reached Salkia(Satya Bala) office but they didn’t resolved it and sent bill with old format.

  43. ankan mondal Reply


    My airtel no is xx today. On 17April 2012 i have recharged an
    amount of Rs200 through online recharge system. At the last
    stage of the transaction it shows that my no does not get recharged due to
    server error but unfortunately rs 200 was deducted from my hdfc bank account.
    I called to airtel and they told me i need to call my bank. I am totally confused what to do.

    I tried this link to recharge my mobile

    I believe this is the official website of airtel. This kind of service is not at all expected.


    I bought a HP Gas and tried to book the gas as the gas cylinder was depleted.So I booked the gas by calling the HP Gas booking center.When I called them today,6.04.2012, I was told that the booking procedure is changed. So I asked them about it, they informed me to call in a particaular phone number and book the gas, then I tried to ask few things, before I can ask them something they immidiately banged the call on my face before I can ask them something.Then I book the gas
    according the instructions as per the I.V.R and again I called the HP Gas booking center in Kestopur and asked that what would be the procedure in order to change the address. They informed me in short and along with them I just tried to confirm that , before I could confirm anything the person in HP gas booking center just simply disconnected the call.
    I became very angry as because they really dont know the eticates to speak with a consumer.
    They are simply lazy pots, just try to avoid there jobs. Once again I called them up and just tried to reconfirm the procedure of changing the address of the residence, it is really shocking to hear, that instead of listening to my queries they just tried to shout at me. He just shouted on top of his voice saying that “I dont have time to speak to u so much Madam, I think that U r the only person in India who knows eticate and behaviour, I dont have any more time to waste by answering ur queries.” Is this the way they should speak when customers call the HP Gas Booking Center in KESTOPUR in KOLKATA to answer the queries of the customer. Its really tough time going on with the customers like me who are Service Women. We start to believing on the SERVICE of the renowned COMPANY’S LIKE HP GAS, and then when the peak time comes to provide proper and good and satisfactory service to the customers we really dont get that.

  45. rajani ballav dash Reply

    i have purchased a computer motherboard on 2010 and the computer shop provided me a warranty for 3 yrs but last i have faced some problem in the motherboard so when i went to the service centre they said me that they provide warranty of 2 yrs and the service will be chargable but i have the documents of 3 yrs so please help me what to do now

  46. biswarup roy Reply

    i bought a flat in rajarhaat but now the owners are demanding more money which was not mentioned in the contract earlier…so i ‘ll be highly grateful if you kindly look into this matter

    biswarup roy

  47. Sudipta Biswas Reply

    Sir i am Sudipta Biswas staying in Beleghata kolkata. I purchased a samsung split a.c from Great Eastern Kankurgachi in September 2011 and after installation when i started using the a.c it was not functioning it was not cooling the room. I informed Samsung Customer Care over the phone and their representative came and detected a gas leakage in the machine. After several request for a total change they only changed the indoor unit in November 2011 assuring me in the mail that they are confident about the defect in the indoor unit. But then it was already winter in kolkata so the machine could not be used. A few days back in 1st week of March a representative of samsung came for a service and detected the machine is again non-functioning and is not able to cool the room. I again sent a mail that since their machine is in a defective stage for last 7 months they must give me a full replacement or money refund. But Samsung send me mail with all fooling excuses that they need to take the machine to workshop for a thorough checkup and then only they can decide to replace or refund. I am fully upset mentally with Samsung and have faced a lot of harassment. Kindly help me in this regard and tell me what to do.

    • sukanya Reply

      I have the same problem with my samsung 2 ton AC which hasnt worked a single day in the past two years that i have bought it .. the kolkata service folks will first tell you gas leak, then they will come and take you unit to the workshop ( maybe even give you another unit as replacement for a few days) then they will say your voltage is not stable in your house but never accept that their unit is defective.. its a hoax and I have written to their CEO also ….

  48. Das Reply

    I live in Ultadanga. So if there is a nearest Consumer Forum to which I can submit my complain around my location please contact in this Email ID.

  49. bidyut Reply

    My son was selected at IIPM for BBA(H) course and as per their advice I have submitted a DD of Rs.30000/- for process of admission but I did not submit any other amount as they told me. Subsequently I know that they have no registration under AIcTE/UGC etc. Then I submitted a letter for cancellation of candidature as my son got admission in other approved college and I also submitted a letter for refund of Rs.30000/-. Since July, 2011 I have been pursuing but they did not take any action nor refund the said amount. My prayer to Consumer Forum is to take up the case and intimate me to send detail for process of the case.

  50. Dutta Reply

    Approaching consumer court first time. Hope the purpose of complaint is fulfilled. Some companies act with no ethics and it is important the government put them under scrutiny.


    I & Dibyajit Datta bought a Samsung Washing machine from ” KHOSLA ELECTRONIC PVT. LTD.( ADDRESS – TOBACCO HOUSE,1 & 2 ,OLD COURT HOUSE CORNER, NEAR LALBAZAR, KOLKATA-7000001,WEST BENGAL), ON DATED 19-08-2011.THE MODEL NUMBER IS : 9201EC,PRICE 8800 RUPEES.BILL NO. IS 2713.
    They delivered another model (no.9201EG).We informed them immediately, but still now they dont exchange the washing maching which we selected.Full payment was done on the same purchae date.

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