Kaspersky Canada – Contact: Find below customer service details of Kaspersky computer security company in Canada, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for technical support or queries on Kaspersky anti-virus download, installation, error, renewal or others.

Kaspersky Canada
15 Allstate Parkway, 6th Floor
Markham, Ontario, L3R 5B4

Tel: +1-905-415-4594
Toll Free: +1-866-295-8503

Email Customer Service
[email protected] (general)
[email protected] (vulnerability issues)

Kaspersky Online Store
To purchase Kaspersky products from its store online click here

Download Kaspersky
To download Kaspersky products online click here. Products include Kaskerspy Pure, Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac, Kaspersky Mobile Security, Kaspersky Small Office Security, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Workstations, Kaspersky Work Space Security, Kaspersky Enterprise Space, Kaspersky Security for Mail Server, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for File Server, Kaspersky Password Manager and Kaspersky KryptoStorage.

About Kaspersky Lab
Kaspersky Lab was founded in the year 1997 by Natalia Kaspersky and Eugene Kaspersky in Russia. It is a leading computer security company with engineers and offices worldwide. If you dint know, over 300 million people worldwide are protected by Kaspersky Lab products. Read More

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  1. Bev Reply

    Every time I open my computer a window pops up “Cannot guarantee authenticity of the domain to which encrypted connection is established” then below is a DISCONNECT tab or CONTINUE tab. As far as I know my ‘computer is protected’. What is going on?

  2. Deborah Barkhouse Reply

    I have had Kaspersky on my Windows 8 computer for the past few days. Every time I try to open my BMO or CIBC banking a Kaspersky window tells me that I am not protected. What is going on? I read on Kaspersky that Windows 8 may not be compatible with Kaspersky. How do I get my money refunded as I paid with a credit card? I had AVG professional for years and had no problem and for the past two years had Norton with no problems.

  3. Betty Campbell Reply

    On February 21st I renewed my Kaspersky for 2017 and suddenly I get pop-ups saying Kaspersky was corrupted. To make a long story short I tried several times to get help and then I was given a phone number to call, which I did. I decided to take the offer of having my computer cleaned entirely. Well, after 2 days my computer was completely on the fritz. I did receive a rebate for the $299.00 American I paid out to this company, but that is about all the positive note I can pass on. I could get into windows, but that is all. To add insult to injury, I paid $74.00 for the privilege of using Kaspersky, and then I findd out that I was charged for the $74.00, plus $101.00 American for the same thing. Finally I took my computer to a repair shop and there I paid $285 to get my machine in working order. I feel that Kaspersky must refund the $74.00+$101.00 American. I also had to get a new visa credit card as my old card was compromised. If you wish, I can send you my Visa statement when I receive it

  4. Jackie Hutchings Reply

    I have kaspersky total protection on my computer. I just downloaded kaspersky Anti-virus. I don’t see the total protection on my computer, just the anti virus. Where is it?

  5. jack sloan Reply

    Kaspersky has automatically re installed on my old Rogers account that I know longer use..Plus I don’t think I authorized it and I uninstalled it a long time ago..Price was $69.00..Am calling Visa to not pay this charge..

  6. Ethel Wahnon Reply

    I had Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 automatically renewed and the payment charged to my credit card, with no action required as per the email I received. Now it’s expired and I can’t get support to install the new product. Where can I get the instructions?


  7. Alberto Andrade Reply

    I have a Kaspersky pure 2.00 installed but I am worried. Last week, my computer caught: 1 Trojan, 1 unknown object; 6 vulnerable applications and 2676 banners. And, only yesterday, it caught: 4 unknown objects and 235 banners! What’s wrong?
    Also, I would like to know how to fix the vulnerability threats. Because, every time I make a scan, it shows 1 threat M.I.E: start page reset (not necessary to be fixed); 3 threats in the applications: Java (TM) Platform SE binary, QuickTime Player, and Winamp (recommended to be fixed). Thank you!

  8. Ronald Twohig Reply

    After many years of flawless Kapersky products and support, today, your internert security will not install and your support sucks. Can Norton do worse ?

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