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Customer Service/Support (UK)
Phone: +44-845-890-0079
Phone: +44-127-920-6906

HTC UK Head Office
HTC Europe Co., Ltd.
7th Floor, Thames Central
Hatfield Road, Slough
SL1 1QE, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1753218960
Fax: +44 (0) 1753218961/62

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  1. Lynn MacLennan Reply

    I have never received such bad customer service as I have with HTC. I send a phone away to be repaired on 25th June 2015 and despite many phone calls all made by me as HTC do not make contact to keep you informed about progress my phone has not even started to be repaired despite sending payment away 9 days ago. I find the staff very unhelpful and uncaring and will be telling everyone I know not to go near any HTC products. Phone not even 1 year old but they wanted £150 to repair.

  2. Justin Briggs Reply

    HTC have rendered my phone USELESS. I was told of an update and given the choice to install or not. I TRUSTED HTC and installed. Now to my horror I have found my screen automatically locks when not in use and – most of all – my T9 keyboard has gone!

    I cannot use the qwerty keyboard. I am fastest on T9. There was NO REASON to remove it or to remove the “No lock” function for the screen. It should be CUSTOMER CHOICE as to how they set their phone up. And any major changes like this should be FOREWARNED so the customer can choose to decline the update.

    I was not told what the update would do, I did not think that HTC would make such impinging, unilateral changes, and I was not advised what the changes would do.

  3. Paul Dye Reply

    I have currently got 4 HTC phones, all on contracts. Until now I have had no issues, however, now that I have had an issue with 1 of them I can see what a god forsaken bunch of complete clowns they are!
    If you get through to somebody they will probably hang up on you before they speak. If you do get to actually speak with somebody, they will more than likely be completely useless and unable to help with the simplest of tasks. The exception to this was a gentleman called Martin.
    I will never get another HTC phone no matter what happens.

  4. Simon Reply

    HTC customer service is just the worst ever..! The number you even dial for their head office is situated outside of the UK! I’ve had an issue with my HTC One s now for over 8 weeks, but every time I phone I have to explain the issue with the new agent. Their lack of communication is unbelievable.

  5. Steve Reply

    I am now having problems with my HTC Incredible S. Since ” Updating” the firmware as recommended by their message on my phone, it is now so slow it’s useless.

    I went to a local shop, where I know the guy is a techie and he showed me loads of posts on forums saying the same thing, I now have to pay £15 for him to try and install the previous firmware. I don’t have loads of apps on my phone and it’s not bloated.

    Customer call centre told me to do a factory reset, and that would fix it. I didn’t think it would as I’m a PC tech guy, but I did as they requested and it made NO difference. I did also email the customer service and tech people, and I have not had a reply back from Either of them.

    What with the bullshit phone support, and no replies from emails I just find this so incredibly arrogant. This is my first HTC purchase, but I can assure you it will be my LAST HTC purchase.

    I’m quite sure the very top man knows nothing about what’s going on with his or her company, and you can bet the shareholders don’t know anything either, otherwise they would jump ship.

  6. suresh Reply

    Hello Sir/Madam, I purchased one HTC Desire S mobile in UAE. I am facing so much problem with my mobile, every time battery is getting low and I want to know what is the reason. Very poor battery backup.

  7. neil page Reply

    I have got a new windows 8. Phone had it less than 3 weeks and the screen cracked. HTC will not believe the screen just cracked. I have had the phone checked independently and they denied the damage HTC claims it had. The support team basically called me a liar saying i must have damaged the phone. they will not believe that the phone has just got a weak screen. They now say my 24 warranty is not valid till i pay to have it fixed. I have never had HTC before and will never buy one again. This phone has not been out long so you can not buy screen protectors or phone protector from any stores. I feel really let down by HTC

  8. Steve Stevenson Reply

    Cannot believe what has happened to HTC but I can understand why the market share is falling like a stone (sorry being HTC brick) my family have been HTC all the way until now in fact a rough count shows we have had over 20 HTC phones over the years. This year some of us decided to “upgrade” to One X and/or One S what an unholy mistake, they are glamorous in the extreme and have all the potential technology that one could hope for but they have one very large problem – they don’t work. They have software and hardware problems rendering them totally unreliable and utterly useless a standard which is unfortunately perfectly matched by the support service. We have Desires and Desire HDs still going strong with never a day out of constant service, in one case 5 years, but we can’t get a ONE to run for more than a week. Not sure who we go to next but we know where it won’t be.

  9. George Mandaracas Reply

    I am not surprised by the already posted comments, how this company is still in business I just don’t know. Wildfire S 1st replaced after 3 months by orange. Faults persisted and after 6 months was told that it was now a HTC problem. Sent it to them.They booked it in under an incorrect serial number and lost it temporarily. Eventually Fixed but one week later completely unusable and locked. Sent it to them again. Returned to me as BER for liquid damage! It’s never in the 9 months I’ve had it been anywhere outside normal atmospheric conditions. if this product has liquid damage through condensation or atmospheric changes then the phone is clearly not fit for purpose. The repair centre has generally been hopeless and if I do not get an acceptable response to the pre trial letter I’m sending then legal action will most definitely follow. Sick to death with their shoddy behaviour.

  10. Rg Reply

    Whole family have HTC but last time. Absolute useless support by over zealous young phone geeks who completely mucked up my wife’s phone after a factory reset.
    Back to Samsung for us.

  11. kiril Reply

    I have the following problem: I have dropped off my HTC Sensation and my touchscreen has been damaged.I would like to change it with a new one by my self.I would like it to be an original one.How can you help me with this?
    Thank you!

  12. Patrick Wilenchik Reply

    After sending my wildfire back twice for failed repairs and receiving first repair with back missing
    and then the wrong one sent I did at last receive the correct back. Phone sent away again later for
    1 of the 2 faults still wrong so after numerous emails and much wasted time they want me to
    send it away again?? Was saving towards a sensation but now having had fingers badly burned
    I am getting a solicitor and hope to get some justice out of them.
    Don’t buy an htc , if it goes wrong oh dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ryan Llewellyn Reply

    I completely agree with all the above posts. HTC WRONGLY diagnosed the problem with my phone as water damaged, and after sending it to them for a diagnosis, my handset actually returned in worse condition!! I’ve had no joy what so ever with ‘customer’ care, they wont answer my questions, they don’t call me back with an update when they promise one. They just don’t give a damn about their customers. I too will be using Apple in the future, after years of avoiding them like the plague. TA-RA HTC one more customer lost.

  14. Mark Reply

    Hi I cracked the screen on my htc desire has there are two different sorts I phoned htc gave my model and serial number only to be told has I’m repairing it myself they wouldn’t tell me which one I needed has it was ” copyright ” so much for tech support apple here I come

  15. Brenda Stevenson Reply

    After Care at HTC just doesnt exist.
    My sons Christmas gift HTC was returned for repair. Came back to me 6 days later exactly as it went!!
    He’s never used it.
    Get the word out, maybe affected sales will make them act.

  16. abi Reply

    Hi there i too have been waitng 3 months maybe longer i have a phone that the charger does not fit, the customer service is awful you get told different things i still have a phone i cant use. so i shall be writing a big letter of complaint to htc..

  17. margaret boyd Reply

    HTC are the WORST company to deal with when it comes to after care , my son’s charger stopped working for no reason at all, i phoned and was told that a replacement would be sent.. HE’S STILL WAITING ALMOST SIX WEEKS LATER..Dont buy a HTC product because their after care staff dont give a damn about you.

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